Today I Give Up Trying 1237-1238

 Chapter 1237


        At those words, the whole room erupted!

        Can't be a man?

        Wouldn't that mean castrating Xiao Tingjun?

        This guy was crazy, he was actually planning to castrate the Jiangbei Co-Lord?

        This... He's just looking for death!


        Terrifyingly, without the slightest hesitation, the Grand Elder nodded vigorously.

        "No problem!"


        A single word, as if it was a thunderbolt, suddenly boomed in the minds of the crowd, causing them to almost piss themselves on the spot.


        The Grand Elder had actually agreed?

        A moment ago, he had decided to draw a clear line with the Xiao Clan, but now he was directly going to make an enemy of them?

        They couldn't believe that Lin Fan's words carried such weight!

        Even Yan Yutang and the Nalan Clan were scared to death of him, it was unbelievable.

        This guy, he was clearly a waste!

        And at that moment!

        Xiao Tingjun, who heard this, also had his scalp instantly tingling and was tense to the extreme.

        He hissed with incomparable indignation [58 novels] and said.

        "Grand Elder, have you gone mad? Aren't you afraid that the King of Blood Hell will descend in anger if you are harboring this pair of dogs and men like this?"

        "Let me tell you, our Xiao family is the spokesperson of the King of Blood Hell in Jiangbei, if you dare to touch a single hair on my head, I guarantee that the King of Blood Hell will uproot your Nalan family!"


        The Grand Elder sneered, his face full of disdain.

        "I think it is your Xiao family that will be uprooted, right?"

        Xiao Tingjun, this fool, had humiliated Lin Fan and his wife one after another, without realising that each time he humiliated them, he was pushing the Xiao Family into the abyss of doom.


        The moment these words were spoken, the crowd was stunned, all of them not understanding exactly what the Grand Elder meant by these words.

        At this time, the Eldest Elder had already taken a big step towards Xiao Tingjun.

        There was an impish smile on his face!

        The look in his eyes towards Xiao Tingjun was like looking at a dead man!

        Seeing this!

        Xiao Tingjun's eyes were instantly flooded with fear and anger, and he hissed like a madman, saying.

        "Grand Elder, how dare you!"

        But the Grand Elder was full of disdain, still maintaining his steady gait as he slowly approached towards Xiao Tingjun.


        This old man has gone mad!

        Xiao Tingjun directly became furious and yelled at Li Sang-hyuk who was not far away.

        "Li Sang-hyuk, call my father! Tell him to come and save me!"

        Upon hearing this, Lee Sang Hyuk, who was already on the verge of pissing himself in fear, fumbled for his mobile phone and became extremely nervous.

        Because he knew that if Xiao Tingjun was finished, then he was the one who would be unlucky next.


        "There's no need, I'm already here!"

        Just then, a majestic voice came violently from the entrance of the hotel, shaking the whole room.

        It caused everyone present to tremble.

        And then they all cast a stunned look at the doorway in unison.

        The next moment!

        The next moment, they saw a middle-aged man with grey hair, leading a group of people, walking eagerly through the door, his eyes as sharp as cold lightning, his face as gloomy as can be.

        It seemed that he was on the verge of fury!

        This man was the contemporary family head of the Xiao family, Xiao Youwei!


        Seeing Xiao Youwei arrive, Xiao Tingjun was practically on the verge of tears from excitement, and then was hysterical as he roared out.

        "Dad, help me kill this scumbag, how dare he beat me up like this!"

        The look in his eyes when he looked at Lin Fan was filled with thick resentment and hatred.

        Ever since he was a child, no one had dared to touch him.

        In the past, in the whole of Jiangbei, he had the wind and the rain at his disposal, and even in this Jiangnan, he was still running amok.

        But now he had been beaten up by a loser son-in-law, which caused his heart to swell with humiliation and anger, causing his reason to vanish into thin air, and he could not wait to cut Lin Fan and the two of them into pieces!

        Seeing this!

        That Wen Qian and Li Xianghe, who were originally terrified to the core, instantly felt like they had seen nine stars.

        Especially Wen Qian!

        At this time, a look of triumph was written all over his face as he laughed out loud.

        "Bai Yi, your time to die has come!"

Chapter 1238

"Beating up two young masters one after another, I must say, you really found a madman who doesn't know how to live! I dare to assure you that after today, there will never be a person like Lin Fan in the whole of China again!"

        Wen Qian laughed coldly, those pretty eyes with a thick oligopoison, staring deadly at Bai Yi: "And you, too, will be the one to beat up Lin Fan.

        "And you, too, will become Young Master Xiao's plaything and be tortured to death by him, hahaha!"

        Lin Fan had humiliated Xiao Tingjun so much, and Xiao Tingjun would definitely settle this debt on Bai Yi, which meant that Bai Yi's fate would be even more miserable!

        At this time, Bai Yi's face was also white at the end of his appearance, seeing Xiao Youwei.

        A strong feeling of unease surfaced in her heart!

        Especially, when she felt Xiao Youwei's extremely strong killing aura, her body immediately tensed up to the extreme.

        And then!

        It was then that she hysterically yelled at Lin Fan.

        "Husband, run!"


        The crowd cast contemptuous glances, secretly mocking Bai Yi's naivety, could he still run now?

        Wen Qian and Li Sang-hyuk, at the same time, gloated and laughed, their smiles tinged with gloating and cruelty.

        From the moment Xiao Youwei appeared on the stage, Lin Fan and the two of them were destined to end up in only one place...

        That was death!

        "Lin Fan, you dog scum, try being arrogant again? With the Nalan family backing you up, you think you can touch me? In a moment, I want you to kneel in front of me like a dog!"

        Xiao Tingjun's face was hideous as he roared with extreme resentment.

        "Besides, I want you to watch me play with your wife! Torment your wife! Hahahaha!"



        No sooner had he said that than he received a heavy slap on the face.


        After seeing this scene, everyone present could not help but suck in a cold breath!

        Because they were shocked to discover that the person who had struck was Xiao Youwei!

        After Xiao Youwei arrived at the scene, he had actually given his own son a slap without saying a word?

        Wen Qian was confused!

        Li Xianghe was confused!

        Everyone in the room was dumbfounded!

        What the... What the hell is going on here?

        In an instant, all of them felt that their hearts had missed half a beat!

        "Dad, what are you..."

        And Xiao Tingjun was also covering his face, looking at his father with an incredulous expression, his heart fiercely feeling a sense of foreboding.

        Especially, when he saw Xiao Youwei's extremely gloomy face, with a look that was about to eat someone, he realized...

        Something bad was going on!

        "Shut up! You beast! You dare to hit on Miss Bai Yi, I think you're tired of living!"

        Xiao Youwei was so furious that he shouted at Xiao Tingjun.

        "I now order you to apologise to Miss Bai Yi immediately!"


        The crowd, completely furious!

        Apologise to Bai Yi?

        Did they hear wrong?

        The other party had clearly beaten Xiao Tingjun like this, but Xiao Youwei didn't react at all, and even ordered Xiao Tingjun to apologise to Bai Yi?

        It was an illusion!

        This must be a fucking hallucination!

        At this moment, everyone seemed to be dreaming and could not believe their ears.

        However, this was not all!

        Under the terrified-to-the-core gaze of the crowd, they only saw Xiao Youwei bowing deeply to Bai Yi and saying sincerely and fearfully.

        "Miss Bai Yi, it is my fault for not teaching my son properly and offending you! Please be generous, Miss Bai Yi, and let him off this time!"

        "Before I came here, I also prepared two billion dollars in cash, so please accept this compensation!"

        He said!

        He respectfully handed over a bank card!

        Two... Two billion?

        The whole audience went completely crazy!

        Xiao Tingjun had been beaten up, yet Xiao Youwei had asked him to apologise and even offered to pay out two billion dollars?

        Seeing this, everyone in the audience's eyes were about to glaze over!

        This, which part of the process had gone wrong?

        What had gone wrong to make such a dominant figure like Xiao Youwei so humble and modest?

        Even Xiao Tingjun, who was slightly stunned, then roared in extreme shame and anger, saying.

        "Dad, are you crazy? That trash husband of hers beat me up like this, and you're asking me to apologise to that bitch? That's never going to happen!"

        "Unless, of course, I die!"