Today I Give Up Trying 1235-1236

 Chapter 1235


        Yan Yutang then sighed helplessly, Xiao Tingjun was too unruly and untamed, he had already shown himself to be so obvious, yet he was still stubborn.

        In that case, the Xiao family could be said to be beyond redemption.


        Just as the crowd's three views were exploding, a yell suddenly broke the silence!

        "Nalan Family, the Grand Elder has arrived!"


        The whole crowd was shocked!

        The Grand Elder of the Nalan Family?

        His position in the Nalan Family was just like Yan Yutang's position in the Xiao Family, he was above everyone.

        And most importantly, he was also Yan Yutang's senior brother and was far more powerful than Yan Yutang!

        Moreover, the Nalan family and the Xiao family had always had business relations, and the partnership had lasted for over a hundred years, so it could be said that they were a family of brothers.

        Therefore, the moment he heard the arrival of the Eldest Elder, a smug look clearly appeared on Xiao Tingjun's face as he sneered at Yan Yutang and said.

        "Yan Yutang, your senior brother is here, if he finds out that you dared to defend two petty thieves who stole the Blood Prison Queen's necklace, he will definitely not let you off!"


        The crowd's hearts were suddenly shocked.

        Then a sinister smile appeared on all their faces as they stared wistfully at Lin Fan and Yan Yutang.

        It turned out that the good show was only about to begin now!


        Outside the door, a sound of footsteps rang out at once!

        And then, the Nalan family members, led by the Grand Elder, were the ones who raised their steps into the engagement feast.

        As soon as they appeared, their domineering aura swept through the room like the autumn wind sweeping away the falling leaves.

        The crowd felt a chill in their hearts for no reason.

        After seeing the arrival of the Grand Elder and the others, the gazes of everyone present were filled with ridicule and playfulness.

        At this moment!

        The Grand Elder had just entered the room when he saw Yan Yutang kneeling in front of Lin Fan, and instantly realised that his junior brother had probably offended Mr. Lin.


        His face was fiercely gloomy as he angrily rebuked.

        "What's going on?"

        "Senior brother, I..." Yan Yutang was just about to explain.

        However, Xiao Tingjun was the first to interrupt, and added fuel to the fire.

        "Grand Elder, the two dogs, Bai Yi and Lin Fan, stole the Blood Prison Queen's Aquamarine Heart, and we intend to punish them severely."

        "But your senior brother, who had originally struck out at Lin Fan, somehow turned against us midway and betrayed our Xiao Clan, insisting on taking sides with these two petty thieves, a move that I believe is highly likely to incur the wrath of the Blood Prison."

        "So for the sake of the greater good of your two families and mine, I think they should be killed on the spot!"

        At this time, Xiao Tingjun had completely lost his senses, he only wanted to cut Lin Fan and the others into pieces.

        "Xiao Tingjun, you!"

        Yan Yutang was furious, he had never dreamed that he had worked for the Xiao family for many years, yet because of a single disobedience, Xiao Tingjun intended to put him to death.

        And at this time, Yan Yutang was also nervous to the extreme and immediately wanted to explain.

        This was because he was well aware of the fearfulness of his senior brother, and with his own strength he could not stop him at all, not to mention the fact that he had a host of powerful people from the Nalan family behind him.

        In that case, he feared that his senior brother, too, would make a big mistake!

        "Senior brother, listen to my explanation..."

        "That's enough!"

        The Grand Elder interrupted him directly and rudely, his face was gloomy, and then, with a single step, he was walking towards Yan Yutang.

        He was furious!

        The Grand Elder was completely furious!

        See this!

        Xiao Tingjun, Wen Qian, Li Sanghyuk and the others were simply overjoyed and could not wait to clap their hands.

        This was because they knew that after Yan Yutang was tidied up, then Lin Fan would be next.


        Yan Yutang was directly kicked out by the Eldest Elder, and his face instantly turned white as he threw up blood from his head.


        Before Xiao Tingjun and the others could feel happy, the next words of the Grand Elder caused their mood to sink to the bottom in an instant!

        Only to see the Grand Elder's eyes cracking with murderous rage as he stared deadly at Yan Yutang.

        "You ungrateful thing! How dare you strike at Mr. Lin?"

Chapter 1236


        The crowd's expressions instantly changed, all stunned at this time!

        Lin... Mr. Lin?

        Had they misheard?

        The reason why the Grand Elder was lecturing Yan Yutang was not because Yan Yutang was defending Lin Fan, but because Yan Yutang had struck out at Lin Fan?

        That couldn't be!

        It couldn't be!

        Something must have gone wrong!

        With the status of the Grand Elder, how could he know a trash like Lin Fan?

        And how could he teach his own senior brother a lesson for his sake?

        However, the next scene was one that caused the incredulous crowd , to be completely emboldened.


        Only to see that Grand Elder, fiercely clasp his hands in a fist and bowed deeply to Lin Fan: "Mr. Lin, my senior brother is a great man.

        "Mr. Lin, my junior brother has offended many times, please forgive me, Mr. Lin!"

        "Please forgive me, Mr. Lin!"

        The Nalan family members behind them all clasped their fists in unison as well and bowed to Lin Fan.

        That look was respectful to the extreme!


        When everyone saw the Nalan family members bowing and saluting, all of them had been stunned silly.

        This... How could this be!

        You know, that was the Nalan family!

        They were a huge powerhouse in China, a wealthy consortium that could rival the country, and even when they faced the Xiao family, they were all in a superior posture.

        But now, they were treating this son-in-law of the Bai family with such respect?

        This was simply an illusion!

        At this moment, every one of them felt as if they were dreaming.

        Their hearts were terrified to the core!

        Could it be that there was some terrifying background on Lin Fan that they didn't know about?

        "No... Impossible! This can't be!"

        A flash of incredulous shock and anger surfaced on Xiao Tingjun's face, and instantly assumed that the reason the Grand Elder was so polite was because of Bai Yi's identity.

        "Eldest Elder, you've let them fool you! Bai Yi is nothing more than a slut who is as good as a man, she is not a Jiangnan Co-Master at all!"

        "A slut?


        Hearing Xiao Tingjun's ungrateful insult, the Grand Elder was on the verge of pissing himself on the spot.

        These idiots didn't know Lin Fan's true identity, and how could he not know?

        This brainless fool, how dare he say that the King of Blood Prison's woman was a slut that could be used by anyone?

        Damn it!

        This idiot Xiao Tingjun didn't even know that just those two words of his would be enough to wipe out the entire Xiao family!

        There was even the possibility that the whole of Jiangbei would be turned into a sea of corpses and blood!

        This was like seeking death to the extreme!


        The crowd was shocked to see.

        At this moment, the crowd was shocked to see that the Eldest Elder, at this point in time, was sincerely trying to clear his name.

        "Mr. Lin, our Nalan family and the Xiao family are only cooperating. What they have done has nothing to do with the Nalan Family!"

        Hearing these words, everyone present had their bodies tremble in fear.

        "I... Is this a mishearing? The Grand Elder is actually clearing his ties with the Xiao Family for this trash?"

        "This can't be! The Xiao Family and the Nalan Family, having worked together for a hundred years, how can they set aside their relationship because of a son-in-law?"

        They only felt their hearts pounding wildly, as if they were about to have a heart attack.

        However, what was even more frightening was yet to come!

        Seeing that Lin Fan was silent, the Eldest Elder burst into a cold sweat, thinking that Lin Fan still refused to give up, he immediately gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice.

        "Furthermore, from today onwards, our Nalan family will be completely cut off from the Xiao family!"


        The moment they heard these words, everyone was instantly struck by lightning and felt a chill go up from the bottom of their feet to the sky.

        The Nalan family was really planning to sever ties with the Xiao family!

        And for the sake of this pest, Lin Fan!

        This... What the hell was going on here?

        It wasn't just them!

        Wen Qian, Li Xianghe, Xiao Tingjun and the rest were all dumbfounded.

        A punk, scaring the crap out of Yan Yutang!

        Frightened the Nalan family!

        This, it was like a nightmare from heaven!

        The way they looked at Lin Fan was as if they had seen a ghost.

        What kind of terrifying background did this guy have?

        And at that very moment!

        Lin Fan laughed impetuously and looked at Xiao Tingjun.

        "If he wants my wife to sleep with him, then I want him to never be a man in his life!"