Today I Give Up Trying 1233-1234

 Chapter 1233


        Hearing this, everyone faintly froze, before all bursting out in wild laughter.

        "At this point in time, you still want to pretend to be something else? He's simply looking for death!"

        "This idiot, does he even know what kind of an existence he is facing?"

        "Daring to speak out in front of Elder Yan like this, this kid will probably die a good death!"

        Seeing this!

        Yan Yutang's face, too, snorted coldly, with a thick disdain on his face.

        "Kid, you have a big mouth, but in my eyes you're just an ant, if I want to kill you, it's just a snap of my fingers!"

        "Elder Yan, don't kill him! Just maim him, I want to torture him slowly!"

        Xiao Tingjun shouted with a fierce face.

        Yan Yutang nodded confidently before looking at Lin Fan once again.

        "Kid, now that my Xiao family wants you to be reduced to waste, what else do you have to say?"

        A touch of impatience immediately appeared on Lin Fan's face as he angrily rebuked.

        "If you speak one more word of nonsense, I will make you a waste for the rest of your life!"


        These words instantly spread throughout the entire hall, causing the brains of everyone present to completely roar, causing them to cry out in shock, as if they had seen a ghost!


        Arrogance to the extreme!

        At this moment, Yan Yutang's eyes wiped over with a fierce hostility as he shook his head in disbelief.

        "Young man who doesn't know how to live..."

        "If that's the case, then I'll show you what it means to be a mantis and not to know your own strength!"

        With an angry rebuke, Yan Yutang's body exploded into a terrifying cyclone, and he swept out like an arrow from a string.

        Seeing this!

        Wen Qian immediately let out a loud laugh and turned her head to look at Bai Yi with a sneer:

        "Bai Yi, here comes the retribution for you two dogs! Your husband will soon become a waste, and you will also become Young Master Xiao's plaything, hahaha!"

        Upon hearing these words, Bai Yi completely panicked and pleaded bitterly to Wen Qian, saying

        "Wen Qian, I beg you! Help Lin Fan plead for mercy, as long as you let Lin Fan go, let me do whatever you want!"

        She also knew that it was impossible for a sect master to have any chance of winning against a great sect master, and that Lin Fan would definitely die.

        At those words, Wen Qian laughed even louder, a strong look of contempt in her eyes.

        "Hahahaha, Bai Yi, I never thought you would have your day! But unfortunately, it's already too late!"

        "Lin Fan, that punk, dared to beat up Young Master Xiao, then he's destined to just die, no one can save him! You're all finished!"


        Just when everyone thought that this time, Lin Fan must not have a chance to live.

        The next scene caused all of them to split their liver and guts!


        Just as Yan Yutang was only five metres away from Lin Fan, a mere five metres away.

        He fell to the ground in fear and knelt down in front of Lin Fan!

        At the same time, his face was white, and his cloudy old eyes were filled with horror, as if he had seen a ghost.

        The trembling hand was also pointing at Lin Fan's chest at that moment, and he cried out in unbelievable fear: "You...

        "You... This can't be! This can't be!!!"


        Seeing this, the whole room was dumbfounded!

        What was going on?

        That Yan Yutang, who had been so confident and murderous, had actually fallen to the ground in fear the moment he was about to strike?

        They were not dreaming, were they?

        What exactly did Yan Yutang see?

        What could have caused a Grand Master to look so shocked that he could die?

        Little did they know that what Yan Yutang saw was a tattoo!

        A tattoo belonging to a demon king!

        Yan Yutang had never been so frightened as he was today, and his body trembled wildly and uncontrollably.

        Those terrified eyes were staring straight at Lin Fan, unable to even speak.

        This man was actually the King of Blood Prison!

        Just then, the corner of Lin Fan's mouth tugged as he laughed, "Do you still want to kill me?"

Chapter 1234


        Hearing these words, Yan Yutang only felt his heart going into cardiac arrest and almost pissed himself on the spot in shock.

        Kill you?

        You are the man known as the Devil King, the King of the Blood Prison, not to mention one of me, even if I were to add ten more Grand Masters, you would not be a match for you!

        I... How dare I make a fool of myself?

        Just think of that!

        Yan Yutang then knelt down towards Lin Fan under everyone's incredulous gaze, kowtowing towards him repeatedly with an appearance of being almost scared out of his wits.

        "Sir, it's my eyes that are blind, I don't know what I'm doing! Please be magnanimous and forgive me!"

        "In front of you, I'm only an ant, I... I deserve to die!"

        He said!

        He then hurriedly stretched out his hand and slapped down hard towards his cheek.

        This slap had directly cracked his face, so it was clear how terrified Yan Yutang was now.

        Slap, slap, slap!

        However, as if he didn't want to die, the slaps kept swinging left and right towards his cheeks in a fury.

        In an instant, it left one of his old faces, skin and flesh splitting open and dripping with blood.


        The moment they saw Yan Yutang fall to his knees like a dog, wailing for mercy, everyone present was dumbfounded.

        This... How was this possible?

        Didn't Yan Yutang say with utmost confidence that killing Lin Fan was as easy as a snap?

        But why did he just kneel down?

        Damn it, what the hell is going on!!!

        The moment everyone saw this scene, they all simply went crazy, their scalps tingling as they felt their hearts leak half a beat.

        A Grand Patriarch, giving a tiny Patriarch, kneeling down?

        An illusion!

        This was a fucking hallucination!

        Especially Xiao Tingjun!

        When he saw his family's patron saint, the old man who was always so majestic and domineering, kneel down in front of Lin Fan like a dog and beg for forgiveness, and even slap himself without regard for his face, he felt like his breathing was about to stop, like he was about to faint at any moment.

        It wasn't just him!

        Next to him, Wen Qian and Li Sang-hyuk were also completely petrified!

        At the back of their minds, there was a fierce sense of foreboding!

        "How could this be, Lin Fan had clearly injured Young Master Xiao and humiliated Elder Yan in public, why did Elder Yan instead take the initiative to kneel down and apologise?"

        Everyone's eyelids were jumping wildly, all of them didn't know what was going on and felt like their brains were about to explode.

        This scene in front of them was driving them crazy.

        What the hell was going on here!

        Right then and there!

        Xiao Tingjun was then disgraced to the extreme and roared at Yan Yutang like a madman, saying

        "Elder Yan, have you gone mad? He dared to injure me, and you even apologized to him?"

        "I order you, kill him immediately!"


        Unexpectedly, instead of doing as he was told, Yan Yutang was filled with a fierce face as he roared at Xiao Tingjun

        "Shut up! Little beast, how dare you be rude to him? You are simply looking for death!"

        "Even the entire Xiao family, not to mention you, can be destroyed in this man's eyes with a snap of his fingers! Kneel down and apologise immediately, or else you, and even the entire Xiao family, will be destroyed in ashes!"

        This is the King of Blood Prison!

        Your Xiao Clan is just one of his dogs, yet you don't know how to devour your master?

        That's like seeking death!


        The crowd's horror was overwhelming!

        Even the Xiao family was no match for this guy?

        How could this be possible!

        This guy is clearly a waste of a son-in-law!

        This is not true! They must have heard wrong!

        And instead of waking up after hearing Yan Yutang's warning, Xiao Tingjun was still unrepentant.

        His eyes, floating with a strong look of resentment, stared angrily at Yan Yutang: "You are dreaming!

        "You are dreaming! This scum dares to hurt me, I will definitely break him into pieces, and whoever dares to stop me will die!"

        "And you, Yan Yutang! How dare you betray my Xiao family, you old bastard?"

        "You, too, I will not let go!"