Today I Give Up Trying 1229-1230

 Chapter 1229


        A terrifying aura emerged, and several figures swept out in an instant in the midst of the crowd.

        Surprisingly, there were three sect masters!

        Ever since his leg was broken by Lin Fan last time, he had gathered the nearest Patriarchs from the Li family to rush to Jiang City.

        And now!

        He wanted to avenge his broken leg and completely cripple Lin Fan!

        When he saw the three men who were so aggressive, Bai Yi's face turned white and he felt the urge to turn around and run!

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan, however, patted her back with one hand, and then looked at the other three with an indifferent face.

        "Five meters in front of me is the limit, those who cross it... Death!!!"


        Lin Fan's words were filled with endless arrogance and domineering intent!

        It was as if he could break all these people in pieces if he wanted to!


        His words fell on the ears of the crowd, but they seemed comical and downright idiotic.

        Immediately, Wen Qian, Li Sang-hyuk, and everyone else in the crowd looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at an idiot, with utmost contempt and disdain.


        Li Sang-hyuk even laughed loudly, as if he had heard a big joke.

        "Lin Fan, do you really think you're invincible? You're only a clan master, and now I have three clan masters on my side, so killing you is as easy as a snap!"

        "How dare you talk so much now? You don't have to take a look at yourself! I advise you to get down on your knees and kowtow to me, and maybe I can even consider giving you a good time!"

        The others shook their heads with contempt on their faces, and they were contemptuous to the extreme.

        "So arrogant, don't be crippled in one glance!"

        "What are the chances of winning with one against three? Does this guy think he's a Grand Master? What a comical joke!"

        "Yo, that's really domineering! How dare you be so arrogant after stealing someone else's stuff, this cheek is really not ordinary thick skin!"

        A chorus of disdainful sneers rang out!

        And none of the people present believed that Lin Fan, this trash, could defeat three with one!


        In the face of the crowd's contempt and humiliation, Lin Fan only faintly said back.

        "I won't say the same thing twice!"


        These words completely enraged Li Sang-hyuk and the three sect masters, causing a thick killing spirit to appear on their faces.

        "Break his legs! But don't kill him, I want to personally cut him, in pieces!"

        Li Sang-hyuk's face was gloomy, his eyes glowing with a strong ruthlessness as he roared sternly!


        At this instant, the three sect masters swept out like fierce tigers, killing Lin Fan with ferocity!

        Seeing this!

        The faces of Wen Qian and Li Xianghe were both exhilarated to the extreme.

        It was as if they had already seen the scene of Lin Fan screaming in pain under the attack of those three sect masters.

        Everyone also laughed in contempt at the same time, who doesn't know how to make a mouthpiece?

        Thinking that a few arrogant words could scare off three sect masters?

        What an idiot!

        This kid... He's dead for sure!

        Twenty metres!

        Ten metres!

        Five metres!

        It was close!

        Just as everyone was about to clap their hands and celebrate Lin Fan's miserable state, the high emotions were, at this instant...

        was mercilessly extinguished!


        A Patriarch, falling helplessly to the ground, his eyes staring round, filled with shock and disbelief!

        The neck had been completely twisted and distorted, and it was clear from a glance that it had been pulled by a huge force.



        Everyone was horrified to see three corpses lying quietly at Lin Fan's feet, all in the same state of death, all dead in disbelief!

        The smiles on everyone's faces disappeared without a sound, and then turned into endless dismay and shock.


        How could this be!

        Wen Qian and the others were frozen like wooden chickens, all staring at Lin Fan with a gaze of boundless horror.

        They, didn't even notice how Lin Fan had struck!

        And at that moment!

        At the corner of Lin Fan's mouth, a demon-like smile appeared.

        "I told you, I won't say it again!"

Chapter 1230

The sweat stood on end!

        The moment they heard this scene, everyone's sweat stood on end.

        Their eyes were flooded with boundless fear!

        Instantly, killing three sect masters in seconds?

        Wen Qian and the others only felt their hearts puffing and beating furiously, how could he imagine that Lin Fan was actually able to defeat three with one.

        And it was still a direct kill in seconds, this was simply... Terrifying!

        Five metres in front of him was the boundary...

        Those who crossed the boundary would die!

        A moment ago, they had scoffed at that statement!

        And Lin Fan was telling them with his brutal actions that he was true to his word!

        This instant, it wasn't just the crowd.

        Even Yan Yutang, the Grand Master, couldn't help but have his eyes shrink hard, clearly shocked by this scene before him as well.


        At the same time, Lin Fan then turned to Li Xianghe and cast an ice-cold to the extreme gaze.

        "Next, it's your turn!"

        Hearing these words, Li Xianghe's scalp tingled on the spot, and his nervous heart was in his throat.


        When he saw Lin Fan approaching with every step, he immediately howled in misery.

        "Lin Fan, what do you... What do you want? I'm telling you, if you dare to touch a single hair on my head, the Li family will definitely cut you into pieces!"

        Seeing this, Wen Qian also became nervous and cursed at Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, the Li family is a vassal of the Xiao family, you've already broken Li Xianghe's legs, yet you still want to take his life without knowing what you're doing, do you really want to be at odds with the whole of Jiangbei?"

        "I advise you not to mislead yourself!"

        This remark, shameless to the extreme!

        It was obvious that Li Sang-hyuk had struck at Lin Fan first, yet Lin Fan had returned fire and become unknowing!


        Lin Fan turned a deaf ear to their words, still maintaining a steady pace as he walked towards Li Sang-Hyuk step by step.

        Everyone was tense to the point of disbelief at this moment, looking at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        This guy was really planning to make an enemy of the whole of Jiangbei?

        This was a stab in the dark!

        But at that very moment!

        "If you dare to touch a single hair on his head, my Xiao family will have you die without a body!"

        Suddenly, a very powerful voice rang out from the entire engagement party.

        It caused everyone in the audience to faintly stare!

        The moment they saw the other party, they all drew a cold breath.

        It was a handsome young man, with a straight suit and a dignified appearance, with an arrogance that was unique to those at the top!

        He was the eldest son of the Xiao family, the co-owner of Jiangbei, Xiao Tingjun!

        Not only was he from a distinguished family, he was also extremely capable, and at the age of just twenty-five, he had tens of billions of dollars in assets and was ranked on the list of China's wealthy.

        However, the most frightening thing was that the old Xiao family head had already intended to hand over the head of the family to Xiao Tingjun in the next few years.

        He will become the youngest head of the Xiao family!

        A truly powerful position!

        "Young Master Xiao, the future head of the Xiao family! Why is he here too?"

        "I can't believe it's really Senior Xiao, such an existence is even attending Li Sang-hyuk's engagement party, this is too dignified, isn't it?"

        The whole room was in awe, bowing towards Xiao Tingjun, all with excited faces, unable to believe that they could see such a legendary figure with their own eyes.

        The moment they saw Xiao Tingjun, Li Sang-hyuk and Wen Qian's faces were flooded with ecstasy!


        It was then that they burst into laughter with glee and forgetfulness!

        "Hahahaha, Lin Fan, you idiot! The master of my Li family is here, try touching me again if you have the guts!"

        Li Xianghe was filled with a grimace before he shouted at Xiao Tingjun.

        "Young master, these two guys have the audacity to steal the Queen's necklace, the Heart of Aquamarine, and when we uncovered them, they stormed up and hurt someone, you must not let them go!"


        As soon as he heard this, Xiao Tingjun's face was completely gloomy.