Today I Give Up Trying 1225-1226

 Chapter 1225

Comparing a Grand Master, to a piece of trash!

        This is undoubtedly seeking death!

        At that moment!

        All of them were staring at Lin Fan with a ghostly look in their dead eyes, shocked beyond words.

        And seeing this!

        A malicious smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a dead man!


        When he saw Yan Yutang's gloomy face, he knew that Lin Fan would definitely die!

        It was over...

        At this moment, the eyes of everyone looking at Bai Yi and Lin Fan completely changed.

        In their eyes, Lin Fan had caused a great disaster, and not only would he die, but Bai Yi and his family would also pay a terrible price.

        Because Lin Fan had offended the most unoffendable being!

        Yan Yutang, even the Xiao family, the common lord of Jiangbei, had to treat him with respect!

        If Lin Fan dared to humiliate him, he would die!

        At this time, even Bai Yi couldn't help but hold Lin Fan's hand tightly, his face already a deadly grey.

        Just then!

        "Bai Yi, I should really congratulate you for finding such a good husband, insulting Old Mr. Yan is tantamount to insulting the Jiangbei Xiao family, you won't be able to leave from here alive today!"

        Wen Yi laughed out loud with a strong sneer in his eyes, while holding out his hand, his eyes full of greed, he said.

        "You're all going to be finished anyway, I quite like the necklace around your neck, give it to me!"

        From the moment Bai Yi made her appearance, she was attracted to the beautiful jewellery necklace around her neck and wanted to keep it for herself.

        She had never seen such a dazzling piece of jewellery in her life!

        Unbeknownst to her, that necklace was given to Bai Yi by Lin Fan, a heavenly jewel worth ten billion dollars...

        The Heart of Aquamarine!

        "That was given to me by Lin Fan, I won't give it to anyone."

        But Bai Yi, however, shook her head abruptly.

        A gift from Lin Fan?

        Upon hearing this, the longing in Wen Qian's heart instantly dissipated, followed by a strong look of contempt on her face.

        "So it's a bargain? Tsk tsk, Bai Yi, attending a dinner party and you're wearing a fake, don't you feel ashamed of yourself?"

        "You don't give a shit!"

        Bai Yi instantly cried out in anger and said incomparably, "This was given to me by Lin Fan, how could it be a fake!"

        She remembered very clearly that this necklace had been auctioned off at Blood Tantra for a whopping ten billion!

        How could it be a fake?

        "It's a diamond necklace, and it's full of diamonds, it must be two or three million at least!"

        Wen Qian coldly snorted, with a strong look of contempt on her face, "Just this dead poor man, how can he possibly afford it?"

        "This is definitely a fake! But it's a good match for you, you're such a despicable whore!"

        With that, she snapped out her hand and grabbed the necklace.


        Bai [District 8] Yi also did not expect that the other party would be so shameless as to rob it outright?

        By the time she reacted, the string of Aquamarine Hearts had already fallen into Wen Qian's hands.

        "You gave it back to me, it was given to me by Lin Fan!"

        After reacting, Bai Yi's pretty eyes instantly filled with tears as she shouted to Wen Qian in grief and anger.

        Wen Qian had already humiliated her in public, yet she still refused to let her go, and now she even wanted to snatch away the necklace her husband had given her?

        "Isn't it just a cheap item? As for being so nervous?"

        Wen Qian had a disdainful look on her face, and her face was thick with contempt.

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan was also enraged to the extreme, a pair of eyes surfaced with a bone chilling intent, staring Wen Qian dead in the face.

        "I advise you that you better not mess around, because even if that necklace is missing an opening, you, Wen Qian, can't afford to pay for it!"


        How dare you threaten me?

        Wen Qian's face was instantly frosty, and her eyes were filled with resentment.

        This poor bastard, how dare he threaten himself?

        At once!

        She fiercely slammed the necklace towards the ground!


        In an instant, the necklace broke in half!

Chapter 1226


        The moment he saw the necklace break in half, Baiy howled in misery and slumped helplessly to the ground, his face deadly grey.

        That was... The Heart of Aquamarine!

        The only necklace of its kind in the world!

        Worth ten billion dollars! The only one of its kind!

        And, most importantly, it was a gift from her husband, representing Lin Fan's love for her!

        It was the jewellery she loved most!

        But now, it was ruined!

        Everything is ruined!

        And Wen Qian, who was the one who started it all, had no trace of guilt on her face, instead she said carelessly.

        "Oops, my hand slipped and I dropped this piece of junk. My husband has plenty of money, so how much do you want to pay? I'll pay for it!"

        When she saw Bai Yi's disoriented look, her heart was simply pleased to the extreme.

        At the same time, the contempt in her heart grew stronger and stronger!

        A fake, and all this love and care, this bitch is really an idiot!

        And that's when!

        Bai Yi was in tears and reached out her hand to take back the broken necklace!



        Wen Qian's high heels stepped down again, shattering the necklace, and apologising with a smile on her lips.

        "Sorry Bai Yi, since I've decided to spend money on this fake, what I do with it is my business."

        "I'm going to, right now, destroy it!"

        "You... Looking for death!!!"

        At this moment, Lin Fan!

        In his eyes, however, they were already bloodthirsty and scarlet, like a man-eating vicious beast, fierce and violent to the extreme.

        At this moment, he really had an impulse to kill!

        He intended to cut Wen Qian into pieces!

        "It's just a fake, is it so much?"

        And right at this moment, another light voice rang out in an extremely humiliating manner.

        The person who spoke was none other than Lee Sang Hyuk!

        Seeing Bai Yi limp on the ground like a dog and Lin Fan looking like he was about to eat someone, he was also extremely pleased with himself and immediately said smugly.

        "Name a price, how much will I pay for my wife, is it a thousand or ten thousand?"

        With that, he made a gesture of taking money out of his wallet.


        Wen Qian laughed repeatedly and gave Li Sang-hyuk a glance with her charming eyes.

        "Honey, you're too generous to him, right? With his level of spending, it's at most five hundred!"

        "Then the extra will be fed to the dog! Hahaha!" Lee Sang Hyuk laughed out loud, extremely insulting.


        Just at that moment!

        A shocking scream, however, violently ripped through the entire banquet hall!

        "That... That's the Heart of Aquamarine!!!"


        The whole room was in an uproar!

        Everyone knew that not long ago, at the Blood Tapestry Auction House in Jiangnan, a jewel with a sky-high price had been auctioned off, and that was the Heart of Aquamarine!


        At this time, Wen Qian's heart also trembled violently, as she had naturally heard of the Aquamarine Heart.


        It was a jewel that every woman desired, that one glance at it would make her fall into a deep and uncontrollable trap!

        The Aquamarine Heart, known as the Queen's jewellery!

        Worth, ten billion dollars!

        Immediately, Wen Qian mocked disdainfully, saying.

        "Which idiot is talking nonsense? Get out!"

        "These two poor bastards can't afford ten billion dollars of jewellery, are you dreaming?"


        The moment her words fell, the whole room fell dead silent as everyone looked at her with a look of idiocy.

        And then, an old man stepped out, his face grim to the core.

        "I am the idiot you are talking about!"

        The corners of Wen Qian's mouth curled up in contempt, and she was about to insult him.


        But at that moment, she received a sharp slap on the face, and the person who struck was no other than Lee Sang-hyuk.

        "Honey, you!" Wen Qian instantly stared Li Sanghyuk down with a horrified expression.

        "You shut up!"

        Instead, Li Sang-hyuk's face turned white as if a mouse had seen a cat and greeted that old man with respect.

        "Uncle Wang!"

        This man was no one else!

        It was the head of the Wang family, one of the great families of Jiangbei!