Today I Give Up Trying 1223-1224

 Chapter 1223


        When they heard these two words, Wen Qian and Li Sang-hyuk's faces were instantly flooded with a strong sense of ecstasy.

        It was Li Xianghe who asked impatiently.

        "Elder Yan, what makes you think so?"

        At that moment!

        Yan Yutang smiled contemptuously and said in a condescending manner.

        "This man, with his weak footsteps and faint breath, and no domineering aura all over his body, is indeed a Grand Master!"

        "And isn't a Grandmaster just trash in the eyes of a Grand Grandmaster?"

        At those words!

        Li Sang-hyuk's face was filled with laughter as he continued to ask.

        "Then, that means if you strike, it will be easy to kill him?"

        Easy as pie?

        Yan Yutang's face was full of disdain as he said.

        "Little Hyuk, you underestimate me too much! Such trash can be destroyed with the snap of a finger!"

        These words immediately made Li Sang-hyuk and the two of them feel overjoyed!

        It was as if they had found their main backbone, and they no longer had any worries.

        The only thing Lin Fan had to fall back on was his status as a Grandmaster, and with a Grandmaster like Yan Yutang present, Lin Fan was as worthless as a mole.

        If Lin Fan dared to make a move against them, Yan Yutang would immediately kill him on the spot!

        Thinking of this, the two of them walked towards Lin Fan with a smug look on their faces.

        "Bai Yi, I invited you, but I didn't say that this punk beside you could come too!"

        Wen Qian pushed Li Xianghe, who was in a wheelchair, over with a sinister smile on her face.

        Since Bai Yi was already there, Wen Qian didn't need to continue acting, and now she was actually flipping out on the spot.

        Bai Yi's brow furrowed and a pretty face turned iron blue: "Wen Qian, Lin Fan is the one who has to be the best.

        "Wen Qian, Lin Fan is my husband, you are insulting me by insulting him! I hope you can keep your mouth clean!"

        How can you still want to make a show of yourself now?

        Do you really think you're the common master of Jiangnan?

        Wen Qian's face was instantly flooded with contempt as she sneered.

        "Come on Bai Yi, stop acting, I've heard all about it! I've heard it all! You've only gotten to where you are today by selling meat and sleeping with men!"

        "I've heard that you've slept with every man in the four gentry, even the sweeper, is that true?"

        Wen Qian deliberately spoke loudly, causing the guests present to look sideways.

        At that moment!

        Everyone was the one who looked at Bai Yi in unison, and a thick contempt surfaced on their faces.

        "So, this is that escort flower Bai Yi? I heard that she was willing to become the X-slave of a group of powerful people in order to reach a partnership with the four big giants!"

        "No way, this woman looks so innocent, she doesn't look like that!"

        "What the hell do you know! Even her best friend said so, how can it be fake? This kind of woman is really disgusting!"

        A voice full of contemptuous mockery resounded throughout the hall at this very moment!


        Bai Yi instantly cried out, facing the crowd's unwarranted insults, her heart was instantly aggrieved to the extreme.

        She also did not expect that Wen Qian would be so vicious as to fabricate such a lie in front of everyone's eyes and drop stones on her.

        At that moment!

        Bai Yi covered her mouth, turned her head and wanted to leave.

        "Don't go, are you ashamed of yourself? How dare you do it and still be afraid of being told?"

        Wen Qian continued to taunt loudly, a strong feeling of pleasure welling up in her heart.

        The moment Bai Yi left, it was even more solid that she was a thief.

        And at this time!

        Lin Fan, however, grabbed Bai Yi and smiled, "Wife, the good show is only about to begin now!"

        "Lin Fan, don't you think I'm embarrassed enough?"

        Bai Yi glared at Lin Fan in anger, her heart filled with resentment.

        It was all Lin Fan's fault for having to come in and causing her to be humiliated in front of all eyes.

        "It's alright wife."

        A stern look was instantly wiped across Lin Fan's brow, and his stern gaze looked around the room.

        "How proud they are now, in a moment... How desperate they will be!"

Chapter 1224


        Hearing this, the two present, Wen Qian, were clearly stunned!



        Immediately afterwards, they burst out laughing madly as if they had heard the most ridiculous joke under the heavens.

        Wen Qian covered her stomach, feeling like she was about to laugh so hard she couldn't stand up straight: "Lin Fan, you're not laughing.

        "Lin Fan, are you joking? How dare you threaten us, you punk? It's pathetic that you don't even know you're dying!"


        Lin Fan was already a fish on a plate, at their mercy!


        Upon hearing these words, Bai Yi's expression changed drastically, hearing the hidden hatred in them, and angrily rebuked, saying.

        "Wen Qian, what do you mean?"

        At those words!

        Wen Qian instantly stared her down with a resentful face, saying.

        "When the time comes, you'll naturally know!"

        She didn't want to scare the two of them away now, she was still waiting to see the moment come when they would be completely desperate.

        Then she would kneel on the ground and beg for their forgiveness.

        And at that moment!

        That Li Sanghyuk was the one who stared at Lin Fan and Bai Yi with eyes full of oligopoison.

        "Today, both of you will pay a painful price for this! Especially you, Lin Fan! My leg will be paid for with your life!!!"


        Upon hearing these words, the entire room was appalled!


        The people in the audience were casting sneering glances at Lin Fan, so it was this guy who had crippled Li Sang-Hyuk's legs.

        How dare a waste of a son-in-law who relied on his wife to support him strike out at the titular Li family's youngest, he was simply looking for death!


        The disdain and sarcasm in everyone's heart towards Lin Fan just grew thicker and thicker.

        And at that moment, Lin Fan!

        A chill appeared in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

        "It seems that on that day, taking two of your legs was still too cheap for you!"


        At these words, that Li Xianghe's eyes instantly surfaced with extreme resentment, staring Lin Fan down with a deadly stare.

        "Rubbish, you should indeed have killed me at that very moment! Unfortunately, ah, it's too late for you to regret it now!"

        Li Xianghe laughed sorrowfully:.

        "Now, with the titular Grand Master Yan Yutang here, you will never again be able to touch a hair on my head, instead! If I were to kill you, it would be easy!"

        That's all I said!

        As if he had already experienced the thrill of revenge, Li Sang-Hyuk's face emerged with a thick colour of joy, and his face gradually became fierce.


        The moment these words were spoken!

        It instantly exploded in the audience!

        Everyone's eyes were rounded with awe and shock as they looked towards Li Xianghe.

        Yan Yutang!

        The protector of the Xiao family in Jiangbei, he had come here too?

        Moreover, he was here to support Li Xianghe?

        At that moment, each and every one of them was flooded with intense excitement, as if they were worshipping a god, and were ecstatic to the extreme.

        "I never thought I would see such a legend in my lifetime!"

        "Oh my! I heard that he is a three-generation meritorious servant of the Xiao family, who has served three generations of the Xiao family's family head, and has made countless achievements for the Xiao family, even the Xiao family head has to respectfully call him sir!"

        "That's an old demon! It is said that he is already one hundred and twenty years old, but his strength is getting stronger with age.

        Excited words came out of the guests' mouths.

        At this time, Li Sang-hyuk stared at Lin Fan with a fierce expression.

        "Tell me, how do you want to die?"


        At this moment, the corners of Lin Fan's mouth were floating with a sneer of contempt.

        "Yan Yutang, it's just trash!"


        The entire room fell into a dead silence at this instant.

        Everyone's faces were filled with shock, they couldn't believe their ears.

        This guy, he dared to say that Yan Yutang was rubbish!

        He... Simply insane!!!