Today I Give Up Trying 1221-1222

 Chapter 1221

And just then!

        Lee Sang-hyuk's phone rang violently!

        On the other end, an old voice came out.

        "Sang-hyuk, in a few days, the Ye family head will introduce us to that mysterious being!"

        A mysterious existence?

        Lee Sang-hyuk instantly frowned and asked.

        "Dad, who are you talking about?"

        The other end pondered for a moment and spat out three words, "His surname is Lin!"


        Li Sang-hyuk completely exploded, a look of intense ecstasy flooding his eyes as he said.

        "You mean the Lin seat..."

        "Shut up!"

        Li Huairen shouted angrily, hating his iron, "His identity must not be easily revealed, and even more so, he must not be discussed casually, or else he may attract the scourge of death!"

        "Nowadays, this has become a taboo in the whole of Jiangnan, how come you don't know?"

        This, too, is because of the orders of the Blood God of Hell!

        It is forbidden to talk about Lin Zuo and the Blood Hell King in the entire Jiangnan land!

        Anyone who disobeys, dies!

        "Dad, is what you said true?"

        On Li Xianghe's face, he could not hide his wild joy, and his body trembled violently.

        Clearly, the excitement was extreme!

        It wasn't just him.

        Even Wen Qian, who was at the side, had her eyes glowing, and that face was filled with sublime awe.

        Lin Zuo?

        One of the four great military commanders of China, the god of the military!

        How could the Li family have gotten close to such a great man?

        Oh my God!

        Could the day when they would be at the pinnacle of power be far away?

        "Of course it's true, as long as we can successfully become his dog, in the future, even if it's the Xiao family, we won't be afraid at all!"


        As soon as they heard these words!

        Li Xianghe and Wen Qian, even more excited, their bodies trembled wildly, in the future, their Li family, even the common lord of Jiangbei would not be in their eyes?

        This is like a flight of fancy!

        Li Xianghe nodded frantically, and for a moment, he even forgot about his leg injury.

        And then!

        Instead, he suddenly thought of something and incomparably sinisterly said.

        "Dad, I let someone beat me up, and the other party broke both of my legs, you have to avenge me!"


        At the other end of the phone, there was instant silence!

        Immediately afterwards, there was the sound of Li Huairen's rapid and furious breathing, obviously after learning this news, he had become furious to the extreme.

        In the next instant, an extremely furious roar rang out loudly.

        "Who! Who has the audacity to touch my son! You're just looking for death!"

        His Li family was about to get close to Lin Zuo's leg and stand at the pinnacle of power together with him.

        But now, someone dared to touch his son, this was a slap in his face!

        He deserved to die!

        Hearing these words, a sinister look appeared in Wen Qian's eyes, for she knew that Lin Fan and Bai Yi were dead!

        The current Li family wasn't even afraid of the Xiao family anymore.

        The Li family was not even afraid of the Xiao family now. What was there to fear from a mere co-owner of Jiangnan, who was still famous and powerless?

        The day the Li family arrived in Jiangcheng would be the day that Lin Fan and his wife would die.

        At this moment, Li Sang-hyuk also smiled ferociously, like a vicious wolf, and then said gloomily.

        "The Bai family of Jiang City, Lin Fan and Bai Yi!"

        "It is said that that Bai Yi, is now the co-owner of Jiangnan!"


        When Li Huairen on the other end heard this, he snorted.

        "Bullshit Jiangnan Co-Lord! She's just a slut who's sleeping with someone to get ahead!"

        "How can this bitch rule Jiangnan? What a fool's dream!"


        At these words, both Wen Qian and Li Sang-hyuk, were already stunned.

        "Dad, do you mean to say that she's a fake?"

        "You guys have only just returned to China so you don't know, the news papers have already said that that bitch is only relying on sleeping with people, so the four big giants are reluctantly cooperating with her, and she has no shame in claiming to be the co-ruler of Jiangnan!"


        Wen Qian and Li Sang-hyuk, their eyes were instantly flooded with thick anger.

        They realised that they had been tricked!

        "That bitch, how dare she move the earth on the head of the taiyoung?"

        On the other end, Li Huairen's breathing became more and more rapid:.

        "Since she seeks death, then I... I'll make her whole!"

Chapter 1222

A few days later!

        Bai Yi then received a call from Wen Qian.

        "Bai Yi, I was wrong last time, can you give me a chance to reconcile with you? I really don't want to lose you as my best friend!"

        "Tomorrow is my engagement party with Lee Sang Hyuk, and as my best friend, I hope you can come to it!"


        Bai Yi's expression was a little hesitant, she honestly didn't want to go because she had also seen through Wen Qian's true colours.

        This best friend of hers was vain and extremely snobbish, and the reason why she had found herself now was probably just because of her current status.

        "Bai Yi, do you still refuse to forgive me? I really know I'm wrong, just give me a chance, as long as you come tomorrow, you can make me do anything!"

        On the other end, Wen Qian begged falsely, but a sinister smile surfaced on her face.

        If Bai Yi didn't come, then how could her evil plan still unfold?


        Bai Yi then sighed helplessly and said.

        "Alright, then you send me the hotel address."

        Once she heard this ah, Wen Qian was instantly full of surprise: "Tomorrow at seven o'clock, Pangu Seven Stars, see you soon!"

        After hanging up the phone, a naked Wen Qian, then revealed a sinister smile and said to Li Xiang Hyuk on the bed.

        "That bitch, promised!"

        "Good job!"

        Li Xiang Hyuk's face showed a fierce smile and he said with a face full of hatred.

        "I've promised Young Master Xiao that I'll deliver this bitch, personally, to his bed when the time comes!"

        "And Young Master Xiao has also promised me that as soon as he gets everything in Jiangnan, he will hand that woman over to me, and by then I will make her a slut that will be abused by millions!"

        The faces of these two men were both flushed with a thick scowl!

        This pair of dogs were both laughing unkindly, for they both knew...

        Bai Yi, dead!


        The next night, Lin Fan and Bai Yi appeared at the Seven Stars of Pan Gu as promised.

        They found that the people present tonight were all big names from Jiangnan and Jiangbei!

        Some of them were even more important than the Li family!

        Bai Yi was a bit surprised, given the Li family's ability, how could they have invited the top dignitaries from Jiangnan and Jiangbei?


        Before she could raise the doubts in her mind, a grim look surfaced on Lin Fan's face.

        "It seems that tonight, it's a Hongmen Banquet!"

        That was indeed the case!

        A self-deprecating smile then appeared on Bai Yi's face.

        She was so naive to think that Bai Yi wanted to reconnect with her, so she had foolishly trusted her once again.

        How can a dog, how can it change to eat S?

        Tonight, Wen Qian only wanted to humiliate them again, right?

        She gave a bitter laugh before saying to Lin Fan.

        "Let's go!"


        Lin Fan, however, smiled coldly and said, "Wouldn't that be too cheap for them?"

        "If forgiveness over and over again is rewarded with enmity and revenge, then they... It's time to pay the price!"

        At this moment!

        Li Xianghe and Wen Qian, who were climbing with an old man, suddenly saw Lin Fan and Bai Yi, walking in companionably.

        At that moment!

        Their faces were completely gloomy, and their eyes were both filled with a strong hatred.

        Especially Li Sang-hyuk!

        It was because of this couple that both of his legs had been crippled and he was now confined to a wheelchair for the engagement party.

        And the doctor had even told him that he would probably spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

        This made him resent the Lin Fan duo to the extreme, and he wanted to break them into pieces!

        At this moment, Li Xianghe's face was covered with resentment as he asked the old man at the side.

        "Elder Yan, this person is also a sect master, what do you think of him?"

        That old man was the Xiao Family's first patron saint, Yan Yutang!

        A true Grand Master in name only!

        At this time, he looked towards Lin Fan, and then the corner of his mouth curled up into a contemptuous arc.

        Following that, he spat out two words.