Today I Give Up Trying 1219-1220

 Chapter 1219

"Miss Baiy, please grant me, to kill this shameless trash for you!"

        At this time, he was nervous to the extreme.

        Because he had already learned from his old man's mouth that this woman, Bai Yi, had a terrifying background!

        Anyone who dared to offend would definitely die!

        Even his old father-in-law was no exception!

        In particular, there were rumours circulating among some of the top powerful people in Jiangnan that the mysterious existence standing behind Bai Yi was actually...

        The King of Blood Hell!

        This information directly caused Hua Tiancheng to be terrified to the extreme, so he didn't even want to lose face and knelt down like a dog in front of Bai Yi, begging for forgiveness.

        Because he knew very well!

        If he angered the King of Blood Hell, he wouldn't even know how he would die!

        Now, if only he could get Bai Yi's forgiveness, even if he had to kill Lee Sang-hyuk, he would be willing to do so!

        If this idiot had the guts to insult the King of Blood Hell's favourite, it would be... It's not worth dying for!


        These words instantly made Li Sang-hyuk's face look extremely ugly, and his body was completely tense at this instant.

        This damned bastard, Hua Tiancheng, was planning to kill him?

        Was he planning to use him to curry favour with Bai Yi?

        However, at this moment!

        But without waiting for Bai Yi to say anything, Lin Fan said with a smile.

        "Killing is exempt, just cripple both of his legs for me!"


        Upon hearing these words, Li Xianghe completely exploded, and with a strong resentment in his eyes, he stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare.

        "Punk, you!"

        This damned punk, how dare he let Hua Tiancheng break his leg, he was simply looking for death!


        But Hua Tiancheng nodded fiercely and turned to his bodyguards, giving them a wink.



        A group of bodyguards, then slowly walked towards Li Sang-hyuk.

        Every step was like stepping on Li Sang-hyuk's heart, causing his whole body to tremble wildly and violently, and he was almost scared to pee on the spot.

        "You... What do you want? Hua Tiancheng, I am the grand duke of the Li family, my Li family is backed by the Xiao family, the Lord of Jiangbei, you dare to touch me?"


        Before Li Xianghe could venture a second sentence!


        One of the bodyguards swung his military baton and ruthlessly smashed it towards his knee.


        Lee Sang-hyuk collapsed to the ground, letting out a pig-like scream as he clutched his legs with both hands, trembling madly.

        A face that was completely distorted from the pain, that face was even iron-blue and looked extraordinarily terrifying.

        "Hua Tiancheng! Bai Yi! I want you all to die! I will have you all die!"

        Li Xianghe had gone mad, his voice hissing with rage, his eyes glowing with thick malice.

        He was the eldest son of the Li family, no one had ever dared to touch him since he was a child, and these bastards dared to take away his leg?

        Damn it!

        It was damnable!

        Only, his threat was what made Hua Tiancheng, smiling grimly!


        The second crack of bone came out with a fury!

        After that, the crowd could see that Li Xianghe was hissing with his head thrown back in pain, and his legs were already a bloody mess, with strands of blood flowing down from them.

        Seeing such a miserable Li Sang-hyuk, Wen Qian was completely stunned.

        It was the first time she had ever seen someone dare to do this to Lee Sang-hyuk, and she was so worried that she would be next that she didn't even have the courage to go forward and stop him!

        And just at that moment!

        Hua Tiancheng snapped his head around and fixed Shu Lan with a deadly stare at.

        "Shu Lan, how dare you! How dare you drive away a customer and cause the group to suffer a huge loss!"

        "Mr. Hua, I..." Shu Lan's body trembled fiercely and she wanted to explain.

        But Hua Tiancheng did not give her the slightest chance to do so!

        "No need to say anything!"

        Hua Tiancheng's face was fierce to the extreme, and he roared in a low voice.

        "All the losses suffered by this 4S shop today will be borne by you alone!"

        "You, prepare to sell your house!"

Chapter 1220

Sell the house?

        Shu Lan was dumbfounded, the profit they lost from their 4S shop today must be millions at least, even if she really sold her house, she couldn't afford to pay for it.

        "Mr. Hua, please give me one more chance, I didn't mean to do it! I really don't have that much money!"

        Shu Lan cried and kowtowed frantically to Hua Tiancheng, remorseful to the extreme at this time.

        "Get lost!"

        Hua Tiancheng directly gave a rough kick, kicking Shu Lan away viciously.

        Because of this unenlightened fellow, his group's stocks had evaporated hundreds of millions of dollars today, in just half a day's work.

        How could he let this culprit go?

        Seeing this, Shu Lan was struck by a bolt from the blue, and her whole body was completely desperate.

        She knew that with Hua Tiancheng's background, if she didn't agree, there would be absolutely no good consequences.


        Sell her house for compensation!

        Her ten years of hard work would go up in smoke, and her husband might even divorce her if he found out about this, and her life would be over.

        Not only her!

        All the Mercedes-Benz employees in the room were pale and trembling, and their hearts were all disturbed to the extreme.

        "All employees of the 4S shop are dismissed! This month's salary will be deducted!"


        When Hua Tianyu's words fell, the entire 4S shop's people had a strong bitterness on their faces.

        However, none of them dared to retort because they all knew that this was a punishment for them.

        The punishment for daring to offend the Gangnam Co-Master!

        They would already be sniggering if they didn't end up in the same scene as Li Sang-hyuk and Shu Lan, so how could they dare to say a single word?

        "Mr. Lin, Miss Bai Yi, what should we do with this woman?"

        Hua Tiancheng then looked at Wen Qian, a hint of coldness flickering in his eyes.

        Wen Qian's body instantly tensed up, and she immediately knelt down for Lin Fan and the two of them, while putting on a look of incomparable remorse.

        "Bai Yi, don't hurt me, I'm your good bestie!"

        "I... I know I'm wrong, I deserve to die! I'll kowtow to you! Just treat me like a fart and let me off the hook!"

        Wen Qian kept kowtowing, tears pouring down her face, a look of utter terror.

        Bai Yi couldn't be ruthless after all, but sighed and said.

        "You go away."

        "Fine, fine, I'll get lost right away!"

        As soon as she heard this, Wen Qian was immediately overjoyed and nodded her head repeatedly, helping Li Xianghe to leave towards the outside with trepidation.

        "Mr. Lin, Miss Bai Yi, shall I take you back?"

        Hua Tiancheng was instantly full of smiles and made a gesture of invitation to Lin Fan and the two of them.


        Lin Fan, however, gave him a cold sweeping glance.

        "No need!"

        And then, not even willing to say anything more, he helped Bai Yi into his family's new car.

        Seeing this!

        Hua Tiancheng's expression completely stiffened!

        A strong look of embarrassment appeared on his face.

        After that, he realised something and stared at Shu Lan with incomparable resentment.

        "It's all because of you, this bitch, causing me to miss the opportunity to befriend the Jiangnan Co-Lord, someone! Give me a fierce beating!"


        And at that moment, Wen Qian assisted the staggering Li Sang Hyuk to leave.

        At this moment, Li Sang-hyuk's face was as white as paper, but his eyes were flooded with resentment!

        "I won't let them go, I definitely won't let that pair of dogs and men go!"


        Wen Qian was completely frozen!

        It seemed like she couldn't believe that even at this point in time, Li Sanghyuk still dared to think about revenge.

        A bitter smile surfaced on her face, but she also said reluctantly.

        "But that bitch, she's now the Jiangnan Co-Lord, we're afraid that we won't be able to deal with her anymore."

        Jiangnan Co-Lord?


        Li Sang-hyuk's face, however, was flushed with disdain.

        "Just a woman who got lucky, in terms of heritage and strength, how can she compare with the Xiao family, which has a long history of four hundred years?"

        At that moment!

        Wen Qian's body shook, and an incredulous look appeared on her face.

        "You mean to say that the Xiao Family is planning to make a move against Bai Yi?"

        Li Xianghe laughed heartily and said.

        "The Xiao family has been eyeing Jiangnan for a long time, and wants to swallow up all of its power!"

        "The young master of the Xiao family, Xiao Tingjun, will be parachuted into Jiangnan in a few days.

        "That Bai Yi is a woman, and she's not bad at all, do you think a hungry man like Xiao Tingjun will miss out?"


        In an instant, Wen Qian was laughing loudly, and a strong sense of pleasure surfaced on her face.

        "So that bitch is just a short-lived emperor! As soon as Xiao Tingjun arrives, she will be reduced to a plaything!"

        "And Lin Fan, this trash, will only be able to watch as that cuckold is placed on his head, hahaha!"