Today I Give Up Trying 1217-1218

 Chapter 1217

And this time!

        Wen Qian also burst into unbridled laughter:.

        "Bai Yi, you pair of dogs, you're so unlucky! I didn't expect it, but the head of Mercedes-Benz in Jiangnan is here, and his father-in-law is a senior provincial official, so you're going to die!"

        "You still want to cripple us? I'll see who dies first!"

        "It's the sky opening its eyes to clean up this pair of dogs!" Li Sang-Hyuk also laughed in triumph, with a strong look of ferocity in his eyes.

        One could already anticipate the miserable end of Lin Fan and Bai Yi!

        And the bigwigs present, once they took a look at Hua Tiancheng's arrival, were also tense to the extreme!

        This man, with a huge fortune in his pocket and a powerful old husband standing behind him, was a hegemon in Jiangnan Province!

        He was second only to the four powerful families!

        They could not stand up to him!

        Hua Tiancheng's hair was grey and his eyes were as sharp as a hawk's falcon, and he was so majestic that one could not look at him directly.

        At this time, he was the one with a gloomy face, striding towards this side with a raging temper.

        At that moment!

        That Shu Lan was extremely flattering as she greeted him, fanning the flames and saying.

        "These two men and women dared to make trouble in our 4S shop and even contradicted Young Li. We tried to dissuade them, but they didn't listen to us and even tried to beat us up.

        Turning black and white!

        Shu Lan was already jealous and completely blinded!

        The loss of a large amount of commission had caused her to hold a grudge against Lin Fan and Bai Yi, and she was now planning to put them to death.

        Seeing that Hua Tiancheng had arrived, Li Sang-hyuk also put on a high and mighty look and proudly ordered Hua Tiancheng.

        "Hua Tiancheng, help me kill these two dogs and men, and my Jiangbei Li family will remember your kindness!"


        At that moment, a shocking scene suddenly happened before the eyes of everyone.


        The head of Mercedes-Benz Jiangnan, Hua Tiancheng, led the entire senior management of Mercedes-Benz Jiangnan to kneel down towards Lin Fan and Bai Yi at this moment!

        The moment they saw this scene, the fierce smiles on the faces of Wen Qian, Li Sang-hyuk, Shu Lan and the others completely froze!

        It was like this again!

        It was like this again!

        It was as if all the big shots had to grovel after seeing Lin Fan and his wife, it was unbelievable!

        They simply couldn't understand, just these two kinds of trash, what qualifications did they have to make the bigwigs of Jiang City, even existences like Hua Tiancheng, grovel?

        Could it be that they were really the common masters of Jiangnan?

        When they thought of this terrifying possibility, everyone present was horrified, feeling that they had caused a great disaster and that their deaths were imminent, and they were in extreme panic.

        And then!

        The next words of Hua Tiancheng caused them to despair completely!

        They saw Hua Tiancheng kneel down respectfully, fear appearing on his face as he pleaded to Bai Yi, saying.

        "Please, Miss Bai Yi, spare my life!"

        Behind them, a group of senior officials all kowtowed and shouted in unison.

        "Please spare my life, Miss Bai Yi!"


        Hearing these words, Wen Qian and the others only felt their scalps tingle and nearly died of fright on the spot.


        This world, it must have gone crazy!

        A super big man like Hua Tiancheng was kneeling pitifully in front of Bai Yi, begging for her forgiveness?

        The impact of this scene was so huge that they almost went crazy!

        At this moment, the one who was most shocked was Wen Qian.


        She sat down on her buttocks, and her entire face was instantly deadly grey, filled with despair and panic.

        It was over! Everything was over!

        These bigwigs might be mistaken, but an existence like Hua Tiancheng, how could they be mistaken?

        What Lin Fan said was true, Bai Yi... It was true that she was a Jiangnan Co-Lord!

Chapter 1218

Now, when she looked at these big figures, whose stamping of the foot was enough to make the whole of Jiangnan tremble, she only felt that she was dreaming.

        It had only been half a year since she had seen them, and Bai Yi had already risen to such a terrifying height?

        Is this still the same little president who was so useless back then?

        She thought that after she got close to Li Xianghe, she would be able to trample Bai Yi under her feet, but she didn't know that in the eyes of Bai Yi today, Li Xianghe was just an ant.


        Her heart was suddenly filled with remorse.

        If she hadn't fallen out with Bai Yi back then, then she would probably be able to stand at the pinnacle of power with her.

        After all, she was once Bai Yi's best friend!

        And at this moment, Bai Yi was also flushed and extremely shocked as she said.

        "You, you're mistaken, right? I don't know you at all!"


        Hearing these words, Hua Tiancheng and the others instantly thought that Bai Yi was still unwilling to let them go, and each of them kowtowed frantically in shock.

        On Hua Tiancheng's face, there was even a strong bitterness on it.

        "Miss Bai Yi, please don't fool me anymore, the Mercedes-Benz China head office has already said that the four big giants in Jiangnan will close all the Mercedes-Benz shops in Jiangnan and will never cooperate!"

        "At that time, I will lose my agency status, completely lose my family's money, and possibly be kicked out of the board of directors because of this!"

        "Even my father-in-law has said that if he doesn't obtain your forgiveness, he will let my wife divorce me, and their family will have nothing more to do with me in the future!"


        Closing all of Mercedes-Benz's 4S shops in Jiangnan Province?

        The moment they heard those words, the entire Rolls-Royce gate fell into a dead silence.

        Everyone's eyes were all glazed over, unable to believe their ears.

        In Jiangnan, Mercedes-Benz had over hundreds of 4S shops, with a total value of tens of billions of dollars.

        And yet, they all closed down in one day!

        Who else but the Jiangnan Co-Lord was capable of doing so?

        "Shut down... Shut down all the Mercedes-Benz 4S shops in Jiangnan Province? Or did the four giants do it themselves?"

        "The four giants, personally! This man in front of us is really the Lord of Jiangnan, we are finished!!!"

        All of them felt that their hearts were being gripped by an invisible hand, causing their liver and guts to split.

        What they had feared most had finally happened.

        This seemingly insignificant couple were really the Gangnam Co-Masters!

        And it only took half a day to make Mercedes-Benz, a globally renowned car brand, so horrified that they ordered all the senior management of Jiangnan Benz to come and apologise to Lin Fan and the two of them.

        What's more!

        Even Hua Tiancheng, the old husband of that provincial bigwig, claimed that if Hua Tiancheng could not obtain Bai Yi's forgiveness, then he would draw a line in the sand with him, which was obviously fearful to the extreme!

        Looking at such a super big man like Hua Tiancheng, he was now like a dog, kneeling in front of Bai Yi wagging his tail and begging for mercy.

        Everyone in the room felt suffocated, and their legs were trembling madly!

        At this time, the fierce smile on Shu Lan's face was completely frozen, then completely ashen, and he fell to the ground helplessly, as if he was deflated.

        Drops of cold sweat were slipping down from her forehead.

        At this moment, Shu Lan was already desperate to the extreme!

        "Impossible... This can't be!"

        Li Xianghe shook his head frantically, already so shocked that he had lost his mind, and rushed at Hua Tiancheng in a hysterical rage, shouting.

        "Hua Tiancheng, I order you! Kill them immediately!"

        He knew that if he didn't manage to put Bai Yi and Lin Fan to rest today, it would be him who would be put to rest!

        These people would not let him off easily!

        An order?

        Hearing these words, Hua Tiancheng's face instantly turned gloomy as if water was about to drip out!

        "Li Xianghe, with a punk like you, how dare you insult Miss Bai Yi? You... You are simply damned!!!"