Today I Give Up Trying 1215-1216

 Chapter 1215

Just as Shu Lan was about to order his security guards to beat Lin Fan to death alive, an unexpectedly furious voice suddenly rang out!

        The crowd raised their eyes to look, and when they saw the appearance of the person who came, they instantly tensed up all over.

        "Oh my God! He... Isn't he Liu Weiye, the old director of Yue Long Real Estate?"

        The crowd in the room, their hearts thumping wildly, recognised at a glance that this man was the old director of Jiang City's largest real estate enterprise.

        And then!

        Under the shocked eyes of the crowd, Liu Weiye bowed straight towards Lin Fan and Bai Yi and respectfully said.

        "Mr. Lin, Madam Lin, I've heard a lot about you!"


        The whole room was completely petrified!

        Every face was filled with an expression of disbelief!

        Every single one of them stared wide eyed, hardly believing their eyes.

        What did they see?

        The leader of Jiang City's real estate sector was nodding and bowing to this couple like a dog?

        This was an illusion!

        "Surprisingly, it was really... Liu Weiye? This, how is this possible!"

        Their hearts, at once, had an ominous feeling of foreboding, feeling as if their throats, were being clutched by a large invisible hand, in a deadly grip, were almost frantic.


        That Li Sang-hyuk's face, however, still carried a thick disdain: "So what if Yue Long Real Estate, it's just a local snake, does it still dare to call the shots with my Li family?"

        "Liu Weiye, I'll give you one minute to get lost! Otherwise, I'll beat you up too!"

        But his words had just fallen!

        "What a big mouth, Li Sang-hyuk, you take us, Jiangnan, to be your Jiangbei, right?"

        A contemptuous laugh came out from inside the Rolls-Royce in an instant!

        And then!

        Under the extremely shocked gaze of the crowd, a middle-aged man, with seven or eight bodyguards, was seen walking towards this side.

        "That's... The city head of Baiyun City! Qiu Zushan!"


        The moment one person revealed Qiu Zushan's identity, everyone present shuddered fiercely, and this instant they all had a feeling of numbness in their skulls!

        There was another famous big shot in Jiangnan Province?

        And he was standing up for the couple they regarded as "trash"?

        In an instant, everyone was in an uproar!

        But this was just the beginning!

        A clamour!

        In the Rolls-Royce 4S shop, a number of powerful people from Jiangnan Province came out one after another, and then came to Lin Fan and the two of them in unison, with a strong reverence appearing on their faces.

        They bowed violently!

        Seven or eight bigwigs, right at this instant, bowed respectfully towards Lin Fan and Bai Yi, and said.

        "Greetings, Jiangnan Co-Lord!!!"


        The moment all the Jiangnan bigwigs spoke in unison, the air in front of the entire 4S shop felt like it had frozen.

        Whether it was Wen Qian and the two of them, or Shu Lan and the others, they could not believe their eyes and ears at this moment!

        Jiangnan Co-Master!

        Bai Yi, was he really the Jiangnan Co-Master?

        They weren't lying!

        At that moment!

        Everyone's eyes were filled with astonishment as they looked at them!

        It felt like their souls were trembling madly, as if they had seen a beast of prey, and they were horrified to death!

        Especially Wen Qian, whose face was already white!

        The Jiangnan Co-Lord, the one jointly elected by the four great families, was a hundred times more prestigious than Li Xianghe!

        How could they want to kill such a man?

        That's like seeking death!

        On the other side, Li Sang-hyuk was also completely stunned!

        Originally, he didn't care about a single Yuelong Property, but now, one after another, seven or eight famous bigwigs from Jiangnan Province had come out to back up Bai Yi and his wife, and when these forces came together, even the Li family didn't dare to underestimate them.

        When he saw that all these bigwigs were bowing towards Bai Yi, respecting him as the common master of Jiangnan, he went completely crazy.

        Impossible, this was impossible!

        Not only them, but also Bai Yi, could not help but be stunned.

        It was because she did not know these people in front of her, she just happened to have glanced at them in a hurry when she was buying a car, and now they were bowing and saluting her?

        Little did she know that the reason why these bigwigs were so humble was mainly because they wanted to curry favour with the mysterious existence behind Bai Yi.

        Just then...

        Lin Fan spoke up and laughed, "As people of Jiangnan, how should someone insult the common lord of Jiangnan when you are from Jiangnan?"


        Upon hearing these words, all the bigwigs were simply ecstatic!

        They knew that Lin Fan had now accepted their gesture of goodwill!

        Immediately afterwards, they raised their heads in excitement, their faces all red, and then shouted with one voice.

        "Kill! Death! Be destroyed!"

Chapter 1216

The moment she heard these words, Shu Lan's legs, at once, trembled uncontrollably and wildly.

        Herself, to have offended the overlord of the entire Jiangnan Province?


        Thinking of this, she instantly nearly fell limp to the ground, her face instantly as white as paper, as if she had seen a ghost.


        When she remembered that she had not only driven away Lin Fan and the two of them, but had even tried to kill them alive, she was so shocked that she was about to pass out.

        Li Sang-hyuk, who heard this, was also petrified on the spot!

        There was a look of shock in his eyes!

        In particular, he also saw that among the bigwigs, there was a person who was even a guest of their Li family.

        But at this time, he had betrayed their Li family without hesitation, and instead knelt down in front of Bai Yi, this was simply an illusion!

        At this moment!

        The one who could not accept it the most was Wen Qian.

        Six months ago, these two were still just trash, how could they be standing at the pinnacle of power after only half a year?

        This... It must be a fake!

        At once!

        She shouted hysterically at the bigwigs.

        "It's not true! There is no way they are the Gangnam Co-Masters! You've all been tricked!"


        In an instant, the bigwigs cast a harsh gaze at her, staring at her with a deadly stare.

        A mocking smile surfaced at the corners of their mouths.

        This woman, she was so idiotic, she was still unrepentant even now, she deserved to die!

        And Lin Fan also stared at her coldly as he said with a murderous tone in his voice.

        "Since they intend to cripple us, there's no need for you to hold back your hands either!"


        The bodyguards of those bigwigs were then all unsuspecting, walking towards the few of them.

        Seeing this!

        Shu Lan and Wen Qian's group instantly felt a cold stream of coldness surge through their skies!

        Their faces were filled with a look of terror!

        They had never dreamed that the situation would be turned around in such a way, that the other party would turn around and cripple them?

        "Honey, what do we do?"

        Wen Qian immediately panicked, grabbing Li Sang-hyuk's hand, her face flooded with thick panic.

        At this time, Lee Sang-hyuk was also full of tension, and then shouted.

        "What do you want? I am the young master of the Jiangbei Li family, Li Sang-hyuk, if you dare to touch me, the Li family will make sure that you will be killed!"


        Those bigwigs, however, laughed coldly.

        "The Li family? If you offend the Jiangnan Co-Lord, not to mention you, even if the Jiangbei Co-Lord Xiao family comes... You will also have to die!"


        As soon as they heard this, Wen and Li Sang-hyuk, instantly had cold sweat raining down on them, their hearts thumping wildly.


        These people, completely insane!

        For the sake of two impostors, they would go so far as to make an enemy of the entire Li family?


        The sound of those bodyguards' footsteps fell on their hearts like the sound of hell demanding their lives.

        They were terrified to the core!



        A neat roar of engines sounded from another street corner.

        A million dollar car drove in!

        Quickly stopping in front of the Rolls Royce!

        A clatter!

        The next moment, a group of 20 to 30 men in black suits stepped out of the car one after another, all dignified and aristocratic!

        At the sight of the middle-aged man at the head of the group, the faces of Shu Lan and the other Mercedes-Benz employees were filled with ecstasy!

        "That's the head of our Mercedes-Benz Jiangnan region, Hua Tiancheng!"

        "We're saved!"

        Immediately, it was as if they had grabbed the straw that saved their lives, and they frantically waved at Hua Tiancheng's side.

        "Generalissimo Hua, save us quickly!"

        "General Hua, someone here is impersonating the Jiangnan Co-Master, and wants to cripple us!"

        At this moment, that Shu Lan then also changed her previous position and looked at Lin Fan and the two of them smugly, a touch of resentment appearing in her eyes.

        "Dog, you dare to impersonate the Jiangnan Co-Lord? The chief of our Jiangnan Province is here!"

        "You guys, you're dead!"