Today I Give Up Trying 1209-1210

 Chapter 1209

"You... We're here to buy a car, why do you have the right to kick us out!"

        Bai Yi was so furious that her pretty face turned white, and her delicate body trembled even more.

        These people, they were simply shameless!

        "Buy a car? With your virtues, what kind of car can you buy?"

        Wen Qian instantly spoke viciously, her face flushed with contempt.

        The next moment, she was clinging to Li Xianghe and said smugly.

        "Which is unlike my dear, who is so generous and is directly going to buy me a big G!"

        See this!

        The contempt in Shu Lan's eyes was also thick to the core.

        "Two dead poor bastards, how dare they offend Young Li, they don't even take a piss and look at themselves!"

        Shu Lan immediately scolded, a strong threatening look appearing in his eyes.

        "Get lost! Otherwise, I'll call security!"


        Bai Yi was about to retort, but he was pulled back by Lin Fan, who was at the side, with one hand.

        Lin Fan's eyebrows were locked as he stared straight at Shu Lan.

        "I hope you don't regret it!"


        Lin Fan's words instantly caused all the people present to freeze, as if they couldn't believe that this guy even dared to threaten them.

        But in the next instant!

        A strong look of contempt surfaced on their faces one after another!


        How could they possibly regret?


        Immediately, that Lee Sang-hyuk let out a loud laugh and said with contempt.

        "Is this the so-called powerless threat? With just a punk like you, you can make us regret?"

        Upon hearing this, Shu Lan and Wen Qian, who were beside him, also had contempt on their faces, feeling ridiculous to the extreme.

        A punk, how dare he threaten the heir of the Jiangbei Li Family?

        This was like a mayfly shaking a tree, ridiculous to the extreme!

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, no longer paid any attention to them and said to Bai Yi.

        "Wife, since someone has money to spare, let's go to another house!"

        These words caused Shu Lan to roll her eyes again, and the disgust on her face grew stronger and stronger!

        There's money to be made but not to be earned?

        How much money can you two poor people make me earn?

        After that, Lin Fan and Bai Yi, under the contemptuous gazes of the crowd, slowly walked out of the 4S shop's door.

        At that moment!

        In Wen Qian's heart, a strong feeling of pleasure surfaced, and she only felt that she had taken revenge.

        However, she was not satisfied with this!

        Wait Bai Yi, this is just the beginning, this time... I will break your family!


        And at that moment!

        "Lin Fan, let's go home!"

        Bai Yi said sullenly.

        The car had been destroyed and she had also been humiliated, so her mood was now as bad as it could be.


        Lin Fan, however, said with a smile, "But we haven't bought our welcome car yet."

        "We've been kicked out, how can we still buy it?"

        Bai Yi said in exasperation.

        Just then, Lin Fan was looking at another 4S shop and laughed, saying.

        "Mercedes kicked us out, so we can buy it here!"


        Bai Yi was puzzled and looked towards the place Lin Fan was looking at, and then she immediately lost her expression.

        Immediately afterwards, she said in a trembling voice of extreme panic.

        "Lin Fan, are you crazy?"

        Not long after that!

        "Hello, Jiang City Star Creation Rolls Royce, at your service!"

        Bai Yi and Lin Fan had just walked into the 4S shop when a beautiful woman in a classical cheongsam greeted them respectfully.

        And at that moment, Lin Fan opened the door and said.

        "I would like to purchase a batch of Rolls-Royce Phantoms, around thirty of them!"


        Lin Fan's voice was not loud, but it instantly sent a huge wave through the entire 4S shop!

        Everyone was dumbfounded, staring at Lin Fan and his wife with a gaze of utter horror.

        Anyone who could afford to buy a Rolls Royce must be a top tycoon!

        And those who bought thirty Rolls-Royces in one breath could no longer be described as rich, but should be called...

        Gods and Goddesses!

        The salesgirl, who had been completely shocked at this time, said incredulously with her eyes filled with horror.

        "First... Sir, are you joking?"

        To buy thirty cars directly, that was three hundred million dollars!

        She had never seen such a large sum of money since she had joined the company ten years ago!

        But Lin Fan, ignoring the shock and trepidation of the crowd, directly handed over a bank card.

        "Swipe the card! Thirty cars!"

Chapter 1210

Bought it!

        I can't believe they actually bought it!

        The people who saw this scene were simply going crazy!

        A Rolls-Royce Phantom was worth $10 million, 30 of them would be a whole $300 million!

        But this young man in his early twenties didn't even blink, he just swiped his card and bought it?

        They felt that the world had gone mad!

        Everyone's faces were filled with disbelief, as if they had seen a ghost.

        Immediately afterwards, there was a complete explosion!

        "Oh my God! Have I lost my eyesight? A direct order for thirty of Rolls-Royce's most expensive Phantoms? And directly by credit card? Who the hell are these two people?"

        "That woman, it seems to be Bai Yi, the co-owner of Jiangnan!"

        "It's really her! The new head of the Bai family, making the four great families bow down to her, no wonder she has such a gesture!"


        The sound of shock resounded throughout the room!

        The gazes of everyone looking at Lin Fan and Bai Yi were filled with dense awe at this moment.

        Especially the saleswoman.

        She held the bank card in both hands, her pretty face was red and her body was trembling madly, she was simply overjoyed!

        Because as long as he sold one Phantom, she could take 1.5 percentage points, that was 150,000, 30 Phantoms would be 4.5 million.

        This was more than she had earned in ten years combined, it was like a huge fortune from heaven!

        At first, she thought that Lin Fan was joking, but now she felt that her outlook was being turned upside down!

        This was unbelievable!


        The saleswoman was so excited that her voice even stuttered: "First...

        "First... Sir, madam! Wait here for a moment, I'll arrange it right away!"

        And then, she rushed to the finance department!


        The whole 4S shop was in a frenzy when they found out Bai Yi's identity!

        All the staff immediately brought in stools, snacks and drinks, served tea to the two of them, squeezed their shoulders and pounded their legs, and even their manager was half kneeling on the ground, polishing Bai Yi's shoes.

        But at this moment, Bai Yi looked worried because the money in that card was the money invested in the new Bai's by the four giants.

        She felt uneasy about such a wasteful spending.

        Little did she know that with her husband's fortune, not to mention just buying thirty Rolls-Royces, even if it meant buying this entire shop, it wouldn't matter!


        At this time, after Wen Qian and Li Sang-hyuk bought the nearly two million big G, they were ready to leave the 4S shop under the compliments of Shu Lan and others.

        But just at that moment!


        A shocking roar of a car slowly came from the Rolls-Royce 4S shop at the side.

        A brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom came out with great elegance!

        "Rolls-Royce Phantom!"

        Wen Qian's eyes instantly glowed, and after seeing this ultra-luxury car, she instantly felt that her big G did not smell good.

        Lee Sang-hyuk, on the other hand, snorted.

        "What's the big deal about a phantom, isn't mine a phantom too?"


        The words had just left his mouth!


        A second one!

        The third one!

        A fourth!

        One after another, Rolls-Royce after Rolls-Royce slowly drove out of the 4S shop, 30 of them.

        "This... This can't be!"

        Li Sang-hyuk was stunned, his eyes were filled with dismay, he couldn't believe it!

        Wen Qian, who was at the side, also had her heart pounding wildly, unable to figure out who had such a huge amount of money to buy thirty Phantoms in one go.

        Even Shu Lan's eyes were full of jealousy, and she thought to herself: How much commission must there be for so many cars?

        Right away!

        Lee Sang-hyuk was impatient to ask the Rolls-Royce employee.

        "Who is this big spender who bought so many cars at once?"

        The employee took one look at Lee Sang-hyuk and smiled smugly, saying as if to show off.

        "The person who came to our shop to purchase a car is now the top powerful person in Gangnam, the common lord of Gangnam!"