Today I Give Up Trying 1203-1204

 Chapter 1203

See this!

        Everyone was horrified to the core, and their bodies trembled violently and uncontrollably.

        It was horrifying!

        To remove a person's head with one's bare hands was like treating a living person like an animal.

        A stream of blood gushed out from the severed head in an instant.


        In an instant, everyone in the entire Bai family was breathless, and the atmosphere was oppressive and dull.

        They all felt their hearts pounding wildly!

        Was this what would happen if one impersonated the King of Blood Prison?

        They would be slaughtered on the spot like dogs and pigs!

        Seeing this, that Yan Zishan instantly went mad, pointing at Lin Fan with his voice and shouting.

        "The Blood Hell Mad God, and this punk! He has also impersonated the Blood Prison King, so kill him!"

        The words were thick with malice!

        And then!

        The Blood Hell Berserker God was looking towards Lin Fan and his wife.

        In just an instant, those eyes were blood red!

        Yan Zishan was instantly ecstatic and furious!

        The Blood Hell God was furious!

        Then next, Lin Fan would surely end up like that impostor, too!

        "You're letting me kill him?"

        The Blood Hell Mad God inquired, his voice already filled with a murderous aura.

        At this moment, Yan Zishan, however, still did not notice that the atmosphere had gone awry, nodding his head repeatedly with an excited expression.

        "Yes, this man dares to impersonate the Blood Prison King, he deserves to die! In my opinion, he should be cut into pieces!"

        "Fine, then, as you wish!"

        The Blood Hell Berserker God shouted furiously, and his body instantly swept out.

        At that moment!

        A fierce scowl appeared on Yan Zishan's face, and he wanted to laugh at Lin Fan and his wife.

        But at that very moment!


        A splash of blood suddenly shot out from his arm.

        Under everyone's terrified gaze, the Blood Hell Mad God had actually ripped off Yan Zishan's arm.


        Immediately afterwards, a frightening and miserable scream erupted from Yan Zishan's mouth.


        Everyone was completely stunned, and at this instant, they couldn't believe their eyes.

        Wasn't the Blood Hell Mad God trying to kill Lin Fan?

        But why had he ripped Yan Zishan's arm off?

        In an instant!

        A sense of foreboding welled up in everyone's hearts, and they all deeply suspected that Lin Fan was the Blood Prison King.

        However, right at that moment!

        The Blood Hell Mad God casually tossed the severed arm aside and coldly snorted.

        "Mr. Lin and Madam Lin, they are our Blood Hell's most loyal partners! You dare to slander them, you simply deserve to die!"


        The Blood Hell Mad God's words fell!

        Within the entire Bai family, there was a complete explosion!

        At this moment, all the terrified gazes were turned towards Lin Fan and Bai Yi.

        The mystery was solved!

        Lin Fan was not the King of the Blood Prison, but the couple had a cooperative relationship with the Blood Prison.

        But that was enough to shock the world!


        Lin Guangyao, Yan Zishan, and the entire Bai family all lost their souls at this time, falling to the ground in fear one by one!

        Fear and disbelief flooded their faces!

        What had they heard?

        Lin Fan and Bai Yi were actually Blood Prison's partners?

        These four words fell on their ears as if they were a thunderclap, causing the bodies of everyone present to tremble madly.

        This... How could this be!

        How could they be capable of entering into a partnership with the Blood Prison?

        In an instant!

        All of them had a feeling of near faint que.

        Because they had dared to strike out at the Blood Prison's partner?

        This was like seeking death!

        Especially, when they thought of the horrifying scene of the Blood Prison Mad God killing the impostor and abusing Yan Zishan, they were all about to piss themselves on the spot.

        Old Master Bai's body was even more shaken, falling to the ground on his buttocks, his pale old face already deadly grey.

        "It's over! Our Bai family... It's all over!"

Chapter 1204

Originally, he thought that Lin Fan and his wife were bound to die, so he couldn't wait to take the duo's property and keep it for himself.

        But he had never imagined that Lin Fan and Bai Yi, were even partners of the Blood Prison!

        How dare they strike out at the partners of the King of Blood Prison?

        When he thought of how Yan Zishan, who had only slandered Lin Fan and the two of them, had had his arm broken by the Blood Prison God, Old Master Bai's scalp went numb!

        His face was filled with horror and despair!

        They, they were seeking death!

        "Lord Berserker God, you... You're joking, right? This can't be! How could these two trash, how could they possibly enter into a partnership with Blood Prison, they are not qualified!"

        At this time, Lin Guangyao screamed in horror and misery, his face already covered in tears and hatred as if he was in a frenzy.

        He couldn't accept that he had failed once again!



        The Blood Hell Mad God immediately laughed coldly, looking at Lin Guangyao as if he was looking at an idiot: "You think the Four Great Houses are the only ones who can do this?

        "Why do you think the four great clans, why do you cooperate with them?"

        "Why do you think that the great Lin Zuo sent someone to his door to congratulate him?"

        "Only because Miss Bai Yi is already the spokesperson of my Blood Prison in Jiangnan!"


        The Blood Hell Mad God's words were like a vicious slap to the faces of Lin Guangyao and the others.

        It caused their already fearful hearts to completely collapse.

        They instantly realized that the reason why those powerful beings were so favourable to Bai Yi was because of the Blood Prison King!

        Bai Yi, the spokesperson of the King of Blood Hell!

        This name alone was enough to allow Bai Yi to run amok in the whole of China!

        She had become a senior member of the Blood Prison?

        After hearing that his granddaughter was actually the spokesperson of the Blood Prison in Jiangnan, Elder Bai was simply going crazy.

        He felt that his three outlooks had completely collapsed!

        How could this be possible!

        Even though Bai Yi had some abilities, she had no background and was not a genius of the world, so how could she be qualified to be favoured by the underground emperor who ruled the dark world?

        You know that all of Blood Prison's spokespersons in China, without exception, have amazing backgrounds!

        For example, the Xiao family, the Blood Prison's spokesman in Jiangbei, is a powerful family with a history of nearly 1,000 years, and has been in business for generations, and has ruled Jiangbei for 400 years.

        Only then did they barely qualify for the title of spokesperson!

        But what does Baiy have?

        This, this is a fantasy!


        It was only after Yan Zishan learned of Bai Yi's identity and background that he realised how foolish his actions had been.

        At that moment!

        He was on the verge of pissing himself in fear as he cried out to Lin Fan and Bai Yi, begging.

        "Don't kill me, please, I've been turned into a cripple!"

        He really regretted it!

        If he hadn't offended Lin Fan, how could he have had his legs broken and his arms ripped off?

        Lin Fan had spared his life, but he continued to take revenge on Lin Fan without knowing what he was doing, and together with the Bai family, he had appropriated his estate.

        Even just now, when the impostor's identity was revealed, he still imagined that he could break Lin Fan's body into pieces.

        This, was like seeking death to the extreme!

        Today, he was already a ruined man!

        Only by obtaining Lin Fan's forgiveness could he have any hope of surviving.


        At the corner of Lin Fan's mouth, a bloody smile appeared.

        "But I would prefer that you become a dead man!"


        These words instantly caused Yan Zishan's expression to be completely ashen!

        Lin Fan's light-hearted words signalled that his life was about to come to an end at this moment!


        Immediately afterwards, under the extremely terrified gazes of the crowd, the Blood Hell Mad God directly stomped down on Yan Zishan's head with a fierce foot.

        It caused his head to directly burst open!

        The brains were splattered in all directions!

        Seeing this bloody and brutal scene, the entire Bai family completely exploded, and everyone was instantly shocked as if they were about to faint que past.

        A stream of yellow soup flowed down their crotches and across the ground!


        One by one, they fell to the ground, their livers and guts splitting as they hissed.

        "Bai Yi, Lin Fan! Please, please let us go!"