Today I Give Up Trying 1201-1202

 Chapter 1201

As soon as he heard that!

        That impostor's heart was instantly wild with joy!

        In his mind, the reason why the Blood Hell Mad God had asked for his identity must have been because he wasn't sure if he was the King of the Blood Hell.

        In other words, he hadn't met the Blood Hell King either.

        He had bet right!

        Immediately, he said with a lofty voice, "That's right, I am the King of Blood Hell!"

        "You, aren't you going to kneel down yet?"

        Seeing this!

        Both Yan Zishan and Lin Guangyao's eyes glowed with excitement, worthy of being the King of Blood Prison, this was too domineering, right?

        How dare he make the brutal as a demon Blood Hell Mad God kneel straight down!

        However, the next scene that took place shocked everyone present to the extreme!

        Just as the impostor's words fell!


        A loud sound resounded!

        A fierce and brutal fist instantly struck the impostor's body at this instant.

        It sent him flying on the spot!


        The whole room was dead silent!

        Everyone was staring at the Blood Hell Mad God with a look of disbelief in their eyes!


        Completely dumbfounded!

        They had actually seen the Blood Hell Wild God send the Blood Hell King flying out of the room with a hard blow.

        This was disobedience!

        This was disobedience!

        Did the Blood Prison God want to rebel?

        Everyone's faces were filled with disbelief at this moment, wondering why the Blood Prison God had the audacity to do so.

        How dare he devour the Lord!

        This is madness!

        This is simply insane!


        At that moment, the impostor vomited blood on the spot. Although he had the strength of a sect master, was he a match for such a fierce general as the Blood Prison God?

        With just one move, he was completely injured!

        At that moment, his eyes were scarlet red, and his eyes were filled with endless rage and hatred.

        He roared at the Blood Hell God.

        "Blood Hell Wild God, how dare you hurt me? You are treasonous, you deserve to die!"

        "Men! Take this traitor and cut him into pieces for me!"

        The words fell!

        All those Blood Prison powerhouses who were unaware of this were glaring at the Blood Prison Mad God in anger.

        Even though they knew that they were no match for the Blood Prison God, they still had to fight to the death to defend the king's dignity!

        For the King of Blood Hell is a religion to them!

        A faith that will never be provoked or insulted!


        The Blood God laughed in contempt, and his gaze was cold as he fixed his gaze on the impostor.

        "I ask you once more, are you the King of Blood Hell?"

        A thud!

        The impostor's heart trembled furiously.

        The Blood Prison God was clearly saying something in his words, and had clearly figured out his identity.

        Very quickly, his brow furrowed, knowing that he could not admit it at this time no matter what, otherwise he would really be certain to die if he lost the shelter of the Blood Prison's strongest.

        At that moment!

        He then angrily said.

        "Nonsense! If I am not the King of Blood Prison, are you?"

        "Shut up!"

        The Blood Hell God went completely mad and roared in a frenzy, unable to accept this trash who had offended the gods in his heart!

        "You can't even block one of my moves, a trash like you is worthy to call yourself the King of Blood Hell!"


        These words were like a thunderstorm that sent shockwaves through everyone present!

        In the next instant, everyone's eyes were filled with astonishment and disbelief as they looked at that impostor!

        Especially Lin Guangyao!

        At this moment, his face changed from one of complacency and disdain to one of endless fear and horror, and he was almost paralysed with fright on the spot!

        This, an impostor?

        No way... How could he be an impostor?

        At that very moment, the Blood Hell God spoke again, his voice revealing the ultimate rage.

        "I, the King of Blood Hell, was bred by him! I am like an ant in front of him, I can't even last a single move!"

        "But you, a punk, were completely injured by my blow... how can someone like you be the King of Blood Hell!"


        The whole room was once again abuzz!

        And those Blood Prison powerhouses were all awakening from their dreams, all staring at the impostor with furious eyes.

        At this point, they were completely furious!

Chapter 1202

I see!

        Everything is clear!

        No wonder the Blood Hell Berserker God questioned his opponent as soon as he appeared.

        He had even struck out furiously, severely wounding him in an instant!

        It was because this guy in front of him was an impostor!

        At this moment, everyone woke up as if from a dream!

        How could a master lose to his disciple?

        The man known as the strongest man in the world, how could he possibly be defeated?

        And as the number one general under the King of Blood Hell, how could the Blood Hell God not know him?

        They had all been tricked!

        After realising this, Lin Guangyao, Yan Zishan and the Bai family all felt like fainting.

        They had originally thought that Lin Fan, posing as the King of Blood Prison, would definitely die today.

        But who would have thought that the person who was truly impersonating was not Lin Fan, but this impostor before them!


        Knowing that the matter had been revealed, the impostor instantly went weak on both legs and knelt down in front of the Blood Hell Mad God, his body trembling madly.

        Even his voice, which was tinged with tears, said.

        "No... Don't kill me! I know I'm wrong, I won't dare to do it again!"


        This action was a complete confirmation of the truth!

        This guy is really an impostor!

        Seeing this!

        Sima Yan'er's heart was instantly grateful, it seemed that the information was true, her saviour was really the King of Blood Prison, but this shameless scum in front of her was just an impostor.

        At that moment!

        That originally arrogant and smug Yan Zishan and the others, their faces were deadly grey at this instant, no longer able to suppress the fear in their hearts.

        Especially Lin Guangyao!

        After learning this terrible news, he fell to the ground in complete shock, his heart beating violently with incomparable panic, and the dense cold sweat was flowing down his forehead.

        The man he had always believed in was an impostor?

        Now that the impostor had been exposed and angered the entire Blood Prison, it would definitely not end well.

        And he, too, would most likely be implicated!

        Even everything he has gained now will go up in smoke!

        It was over!

        He was finished!

        In a flash!

        All of them suddenly thought of something, and then looked at Lin Fan with a boundlessly frightened gaze.

        "You shouldn't have come to China!"

        "If you come, you will die!"

        These two words, when Lin Fan had uttered them just now, everyone had only felt ridiculous and did not take them seriously at all.

        But now, Lin Fan's words had come true in every way!

        Why on earth was this?

        It was as if he was the King of the Blood Prison!

        It was so unbelievable!

        And just then!

        An even more terrifying scene occurred, as the Blood Hell Mad God actually looked at Lin Fan at this moment.

        That look was as if he was asking Lin Fan's opinion!

        This made the crowd's scalps tingle and an extremely crazy thought sprang up in their hearts!

        That was: this guy, could he really be the King of Blood Prison?

        Even Sima Yan'er looked at Lin Fan with shock and excitement, wishing that Lin Fan was the King of the Blood Prison.

        In that case, even if he really did take away the first time, then she would have no complaints!

        At this time, Lin Fan smiled coldly and spoke.

        "Just now, he insulted my wife! He even asked my wife to sleep with him!"


        With one simple sentence, the Blood Hell Mad God and the other Blood Hell powerhouses exploded!

        Insulting the Queen?

        He even asked the Queen to sleep with this punk?

        How dare an impostor humiliate the emperor like that? This is damnable!

        And then!

        The Blood Hell God stared at the impostor with brutal eyes.

        "Impersonating the King of Blood Hell, you... Damn you!"

        As soon as he heard these words, the impostor was on ice.

        The impostor instantly fell into an ice cellar, a yellow soup instantly flowed out from under his trousers, uncontrollably.

        He was crying and kowtowing frantically, "I'm sorry, I was wrong! Please spare my life, I'll do anything you want!"

        He regretted it!

        He really shouldn't have come to China!

        He could have been overseas, using his name as the King of the Blood Prison to make a fool of himself, but he had to fight for a moment and come back to kill Lin Fan, an impostor.

        This was simply a death wish!

        But at this moment, the Blood Prison God had already grabbed him by the throat with both hands and lifted him up slowly...

        And then, with a violent yank!

        The head was taken off!