Today I Give Up Trying 1199-1200

 Chapter 1199


        Upon hearing these words, the entire Nalan family was instantly enraged!

        Who was the other party, and how dare they treat the Nalan family with such contempt?

        Seeing that Lin Fan was alright, Kaoru immediately breathed a long sigh of relief, but hearing the other party's arrogant words caused her face to instantly turn gloomy: "You dare to threaten me?

        "You dare to threaten my Nalan family?"


        But then she saw the impostor, smiling contemptuously, disdainfully saying.

        "The Nalan family, nothing but ants!"


        The entire Nalan family was completely furious!

        No one had ever dared to compare the Nalan Family to a mole.

        The other party was simply looking for death!

        A pair of extremely angry eyes were staring at the impostor, wanting to cut him into pieces.

        The Grand Elder even roared in indignation.

        "You deserve to die for defying the Nalan family! Someone, cut this unscrupulous maniac into pieces!"


        A group of Nalan family masters stepped forward in unison to severely punish this ungrateful madman.


        Lin Guangyao's next words were like a pot of cold water poured over their heads.

        Lin Guangyao stepped forward and said with an arrogant expression.

        "You can try! As long as your Nalan family thinks that you can win against the king of the Blood Prison!"


        The words "King of Blood Hell" were like a thunderstorm!

        It caused the entire Nalan family to tremble viciously.

        They all looked terrified and white, unable to believe their ears.

        This man in front of them was the King of Killers?

        A long time ago, their Nalan family had known that that Lin Zuo and the King of Blood Prison were in fact the same person.

        Moreover, the King of Blood Hell had also used iron-blooded methods to bloody suppress their Nalan family, killing countless of their Nalan family's top brass and forcing them to retreat to the second tier of power in a wretched manner.

        And right now, the terrifying existence that had nearly wiped out their clan was standing right in front of their eyes?

        The anger on everyone's faces, in this instant, completely turned into a thick fear.

        So the news, it was true!

        That Demon King, had really come to China!

        In an instant, all of the Nalan family members were frozen in place as if they had been casted with a stasis spell, and they didn't dare to move.

        Even the Eldest Elder was terrified, staring at the impostor with incomparable nervousness.

        He still couldn't forget the fear that their Nalan family, back then, had been dominated by that devil.

        Seeing this!

        Kaoru's heart, too, fiercely felt a bad premonition, and immediately, she lost control and shouted.

        "Go! What are you waiting for? Kill him!"

        At the end of the sentence, her voice was already filled with tears.

        Because she knew that the Nalan family was the only one who could save Lin Fan, and if they all protected him, then Lin Fan...

        He would definitely die!

        However, the Eldest Elder said with a bitter face.

        "Clan Master, we don't dare to kill this person, and we can't kill him!"

        That was the King of Blood Hell!

        The King of Blood Hell who had caused the Nalan Clan, with its thousand-year heritage, to lose everything!

        The last time they struck out at him, their Nalan Clan was nearly wiped out, so how could they dare to seek death again now?

        The patriarchs of the Nalan Family, all lowering their eyebrows at this time, surprisingly did not even have the courage to look at that impostor, being completely scared out of their wits!


        Upon hearing these words, Lin Guangyao immediately let out a loud laugh, a strong look of triumph in his eyes as he said.

        "Lin Fan, your backers can't even protect you anymore, I'll see how you die next!"

        And on the side!

        A sinister look surfaced on Yan Zishan's face as well.

        "Eldest Elder, I also think that the family head is too young and some decisions are naturally reckless and childish, so you must supervise her well, lest she do something harmful to the family."

        His smile was extremely cruel, and he couldn't wait to see the scene of Lin Fan being dismantled in pieces arrive.

        At the same time!

        The Bai family members, one after another, also had cold smiles on their faces and stared at Lin Fan with extreme contempt.

        Now, even the Nalan family couldn't protect him, so how could this kid still have a chance to live, he was dead!

        Seeing this, Sima Yan'er, Bai Shan, and Shen Yumei all looked ashen, and a strong sense of despair surfaced in their hearts.

        It was over!

        Completely finished!

Chapter 1200


        Kaoru'er suddenly sat down on the ground, her little face already white, and while looking at Lin Fan, she had already lost her voice and cried out in pain: "Big brother, it's useless!

        "Big brother, it's Kaoru'er's uselessness! I couldn't protect you!"

        At this moment, she was in a state of guilt and despair!

        Lin Fan had protected her, but she was incapable of protecting Lin Fan.

        "Silly girl."

        Lin Fan's heart warmed as he stroked Kaoru'er's little head and said comfortingly.

        "You've already done well, next... Watch me!"

        What next?

        All of them looked contemptuous, amused by Lin Fan's idiotic words.

        What did this guy want?

        The King of Blood Hell had already arrived, so no matter what Lin Fan did, it would definitely be in vain, and he would definitely end up in a very miserable situation.

        And then!

        Lin Fan then stood up and looked at the impostor.

        "You, who shouldn't have come to China! Even more so, you shouldn't have insulted my woman!"

        If the other party hadn't come to China, then he wouldn't have put this impostor in his eyes.

        But the other party, not only insulted his woman, but also tortured his family!

        This, completely enraged Lin Fan!


        Lin Fan's words instantly caused everyone in the room to be shocked beyond recognition.

        They all stared straight at Lin Fan with eyes that could not believe their eyes.


        This guy was crazy!

        How dare he threaten the King of Blood Prison even now?

        He was simply seeking death!

        When the impostor heard this, he also laughed in anger, his face flushed with contempt.

        "So what if I'm here? What can you do with a punk like you?"


        At that very moment!

        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth lifted up in a brutal smile.

        Like a tiger looking at an eagle, he looked straight at the impostor and spat an extremely bloody sentence out of his mouth.

        "Come and die!"


        In an instant, under the shocked and death-defying gaze of the crowd, a blood-coloured figure, like blood lightning, surged into the field with an overwhelming aura.

        Ten of them!



        In the blink of an eye, the vast Bai family was filled with people.

        All of them were dressed in blood, and their bodies were filled with an aura of blood, as if they had come from hell.

        It was like they had come from hell, causing everyone present to have their liver and guts split!

        "Blood... Blood Hell Mad God!"

        The Grand Elder instantly stared deadly at the powerful figure in the crowd, almost falling to the ground in fear.

        He knew very well!

        The man in front of him was the number one general under the King of Blood Hell, and he had led the team that had completely crushed all the overseas properties and forces of the Nalan family!

        Even he had been defeated by him in just 30 rounds!

        This man was a nightmare for the Nalan family!

        This scene!

        It caused Lin Guangyao and Yan Zishan and the others to freeze, and then burst into wild laughter.

        "Hahahaha, Lin Fan, you idiot! I thought you really had some sort of backhand, but it turns out that the one who came was my king's number one fierce general, you're dead!"

        Everyone laughed coldly as well!

        They also thought that Lin Fan really had something else up his sleeve, but now it was the King of Blood Prison's men who had come.

        In this way, Lin Fan's hope of survival was becoming slimmer and slimmer.

        "See the Blood Hell Mad God!"

        On the impostor's side, those Blood Hell powerhouses immediately knelt down in fear and worshipped the Blood Hell Mad God.


        However, the Blood Hell Mad God did not even look at them, and walked straight towards the impostor.

        His face was already completely twisted and hideous!

        His steps were not fast, but each step was like a giant mountain moving, causing the entire Bai family to tremble.

        It also made everyone present, their hearts tremble wildly!

        At this moment, when he felt the Blood Hell Mad God's amazing killing aura, that impostor was immediately tense and extremely uneasy in his heart.

        But yet, with a lucky heart, he shouted out.

        "Blood Hell Mad God, how dare you not kneel down when you see the king!"

        He knew that the King of Blood Prison was extremely mysterious, and not many people had ever met him, otherwise these powerful people of Blood Prison would not have been so easily compelled by him.

        This Blood Prison Mad God had probably never seen the King of Blood Prison either!


        The Blood Hell Mad God stood still in front of him, his eyes already bloodshot, his voice hoarse and violent as he asked.

        "You say, you are the King of Blood Hell?"