Today I Give Up Trying 1197-1198

 Chapter 1197


        Sima Yan'er's expression changed drastically, never dreaming that this so-called King of Blood Hell was a shameless person.

        She had only met him for the first time and he was already planning to humiliate her, the man who claimed to be the strongest in the world was so disgusting!

        The information she had received must have been wrong, that man could not be the King of Blood Hell, could not be such a shameless scum.

        "Little lady, are you going to take it off yourself? Or shall I take it off for you?"

        The impostor walked up with a lewd smile, his fists rubbing together, already impatient to get a glimpse of the scenery under Sima Yan'er's skirt.

        The dirty look on his face made Sima Yan'er sick!

        Seeing the other party's steps, Sima Yan'er's face was also filled with panic, and her face turned white.

        I shouldn't have come!

        She shouldn't have come!

        At this moment, the image of Lin Fan suddenly appeared in her mind for some unknown reason.

        She clearly hated the man who had taken away her virginity for twenty years, but at the most desperate and painful moment of her life, her mind was thinking of him!


        How could she think of him when he was so repulsive?

        He had a bad mouth and was a scoundrel, and he often bullied himself, there was no way she could have thought of him.

        But when she thought about it, she was already crying.

        A thousand thoughts all merged into one hoarse cry.

        "Lin Fan, you have to save me!"


        As soon as the words left her mouth, the door of the Bai family was kicked open!


        This loud sound caused all the people present to jump in shock, their gazes flocking to the direction of the door.

        Sima Yan'er, at this moment, also looked towards the doorway.

        And when she saw the doorway, after seeing that annoying bastard, her tears gushed out even more uncontrollably.

        Lin Fan!

        The moment he saw Lin Fan, a spiteful rage surfaced in Lin Guangyao's eyes, he wanted to break him into pieces!

        Back then, if he hadn't run fast, he would have ended up in the same situation as Yan Zishan, so he had always held a grudge in his heart.

        But now it was different, his backer had come, and there was no way this punk in front of him could live any longer!

        At once!

        It was with a sinister smile that he turned his head to the impostor and said.

        "King, this fellow is that punk Lin Fan! And that woman beside him is his wife Bai Yi, isn't she gorgeous? You're in for a treat tonight!"

        The impostor glanced sideways, and the moment he saw Bai Yi, he felt his heart skip a beat!

        Another [八一中文网] stunning beauty!

        A hundred times more beautiful than the women he had played with before!

        And then, he was licking his tongue lewdly, his eyes burningly fixing Bai Yi with.

        "Well, well, tonight this king is going to have a one dragon, two phoenixes!"

        "Lin Fan, you guys run! Don't mind us!"

        Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, both cried out at the top of their lungs.

        Just at the sight of them, covered in wounds, crouched on their knees, with an extremely humiliating dog chain tied around their necks...

        Lin Fan's eyes were completely filled with blood!

        Endless killing intent gushed out crazily at this time!

        And at this time, Elder Bai immediately scowled at the two of them and reprimanded Lin Fan, saying.

        "You two sinners, why don't you kneel down when you see the King of Blood Hell?"

        Lin Fan raised his head expressively, and that cold and dark evil gaze fixed that impostor with a deadly stare.

        It turned out that it was this impostor who had impersonated himself, and had even abused his own father-in-law and mother-in-law, wantonly!

        And then, the impostor's expression chilled and he looked at Lin Fan with a condescending look.

        "You, the scumbag who dared to impersonate me?"

        I impersonated you?

        Lin Fan inexplicably wanted to laugh, it seemed that this fellow was so deep into the drama that he really thought he was the King of Blood Prison.

        As soon as they heard these words, the Bai family members shivered, and Elder Bai even knelt down directly and said in fear and trepidation.

        "King of Blood Hell, it was this scum who impersonated you, but all of this has nothing to do with our Bai family, I implore the King of Blood Hell not to take out his anger on my Bai family!"

        "Yes, yes, this is all because this scum has brought about his own death, our Bai family knows nothing about it, please kill him if you want, King of Blood Hell!"

        "We, the Bai Family, will personally escort these two sinners to the King of Blood Hell to ask for forgiveness, I implore the King of Blood Hell to forgive my Bai Family!"

        All the Bai family members, at this moment, knelt down in unison, their faces covered in thick fear.

        This was because they all knew very well how terrifying the King of Blood Hell was.

        With just one word, it would be enough to scatter their Bai family from this world!


        Upon hearing this, the impostor immediately laughed lewdly, before staring straight at Bai Yi: "As long as, she accompanies me.

        "As long as she stays with me for one night, that's all!"

Chapter 1198


        The entire Bai family was dumbstruck!

        After that, a look of excitement appeared on all their faces.

        The Bai family would be spared, and they would even be able to climb up the ladder!

        If they could become the woman of the King of Blood Prison, who else could stop the Bai family in the whole of China in the future?


        Master Bai's face turned red with excitement as he ordered Bai Yi to say.

        "Bai Yi, why don't you thank the King of Blood Prison more quickly? To be able to serve the king in his bed is a blessing you've cultivated in eight lifetimes!"

        The women of the Bai family, too, all stared at Bai Yi with envious faces, all eager to serve her in bed.

        To be the king's woman, wouldn't that be the queen?

        Enough to set the world on fire!

        The impostor, too, was smug, staring at Bai Yi with a contemptuous look, as if he was sure that Bai Yi would not refuse.

        After all, who would refuse to become the King's woman?


        Bai Yi, however, her pretty face chilled and she said in a cold voice

        "I refuse!"


        The crowd burst into an uproar!

        Everyone stared at Bai Yi with a shocked look, unable to believe their ears.

        She, unexpectedly, had refused the King of Blood Hell?

        This was tantamount to rejecting glory and wealth, and rejecting power over the world.

        This... This was simply insane!

        "Bai Yi, how dare you! You dare to refuse the king's favour, you simply deserve to die!"

        Master Bai was thunderstruck, simply hating his iron, such a great opportunity was in front of him, but Bai Yi didn't know how to cherish it.

        "Bitch, you deserve to die! What use does my Bai family have for you!"

        "To reject the high and mighty King of Blood Hell for a piece of trash, you are simply idiotic to the extreme!"

        The people of the Bai family looked here and were also furious, abusing Bai Yi with the most vicious words.

        Seek death!!!

        This scene caused that Lin Guangyao's eyes to be filled with jealousy and his face was already hideous.

        Immediately, he was roaring in anger, saying.

        "King, this woman dares to humiliate you in public in front of people, she deserves to die, she must be killed!"

        Bai Yi, since I can't have you, no one else... No one else can have you!

        At those words!

        The impostor also gritted his teeth, and a strong ruthlessness surfaced in his eyes.

        "Kill her? Wouldn't that be too easy for her? When I'm done with her, I'm going to give her to my men and make them go round and round!"

        "Torture this bitch to death!"


        These words were so vicious!

        They made all the people present look horrified!

        And after hearing these words!

        The look on that Lin Guangyao's face became more and more intense with pleasure and fierceness, and the look in his eyes when he looked at Lin Fan and Bai Yi was full of resentment.

        "Hahahaha, Bai Yi, this is what will happen if you choose this trash, now your entire family will die because of you."

        "Do it! Kill that trash and strip that bitch, naked!"

        The impostor, at once, roared with brutal fury!

        It was at this instant that all of those Blood Prison powerhouses swept towards Lin Fan and his wife in a murderous rage.

        "I'll see who dares!"


        An extremely angry voice came violently from outside the door.

        The clan masters of the Nalan family immediately killed in ferociously, blasting back all those Blood Prison powerhouses.


        This sudden change of events caused all present to change their expressions.

        Afterwards, all eyes looked in the direction of the entrance.

        And then they saw it!

        Kaoru'er's face was ironic as she walked in with Yan Zishan, the Grand Elder, and all the senior members of the Nalan Family.


        The moment he saw her, that Lin Guangyao instantly burst into flames, and a thick hatred surfaced in those eyes.

        In the first place, if it wasn't for this little bastard meddling, he would have shredded Lin Fan and Bai Yi to pieces!


        He then turned to the impostor and fanned the flames, saying.

        "King, this bitch is the head of the Nalan family, and she was the one who interfered and stopped me from killing Lin Fan in the first place!"


        A flash of hostility surfaced in the impostor's eyes as he said with unparalleled contempt.

        "The Nalan family, is this a death wish?"