Today I Give Up Trying 1195-1196

 Chapter 1195


        Lin Fan's words instantly caused the Bai family members and Yan Zishan to freeze on the spot.



        But in the next instant, they burst out laughing in unison, as if they had heard the most hilarious joke in the world, each of them leaning forward and back, all on the verge of going crazy with joy.

        "Lin Fan, I think you've gone crazy, haven't you? How dare you threaten us when things have come to this? Think about how you're going to survive first!"

        "What, are you angry at being robbed of your property by us? But what can you two spoilers do, you're going to die soon!"

        "Sorry now, you couple have worked so hard to accumulate your property, we, the Bai family, will take it unceremoniously, hahaha!"

        The Bai family members, let out a loud laugh.

        The way they looked at Lin Fan and his wife was as if they were looking at an extremely stupid idiot.

        Where did this guy get the courage to say that?

        Yan Zishan, who was at the side, also laughed coldly, naturally not believing Lin Fan's borderline nonsense.

        The King of Blood Hell had struck, and Lin Fan still wanted to have a chance to live?

        What a fool's dream!

        "Lin Fan, forget it, let's go!"

        A bitter smile appeared at the corner of Bai Yi's mouth as she powerlessly said to Lin Fan.

        At this time, she couldn't even stand anymore, she just wanted to leave this sad place quickly.

        Lin Fan's eyes were filled with a monstrous rage, and he gave Elder Bai and the others a deep look before picking Bai Yi up in his arms and wanting to take her away from here.


        Jingle bells!

        At that very moment, Elder Bai's mobile phone suddenly rang.

        The moment he picked up the phone, his face was completely ashen, and his entire body trembled like sieve chaff.

        It was as if he had seen a ghost!


        The moment he hung up the phone, Old Master Bai hit the ground heavily as if he had lost his strength.

        On his face, there was a lingering fear!

        Seeing this, the crowd present was instantly filled with confusion.

        "Family head, what's wrong with you?"



        Drops of cold sweat continued to trickle down from the top of Elder Bai's forehead.

        Elder Bai's voice trembled as he said.

        "That man, here he comes!"


        As soon as they heard these words, the expressions of the people present stiffened instantly, before completely paling at a speed visible to the naked eye.

        They knew exactly who that man was referring to.

        Immediately, their scalps tingled, revealing a look as if they had seen a ghost.

        The King of Blood Hell had arrived in Jiangcheng!

        At that moment!

        Old Master Bai's eyes were filled with resentment as he stared at Lin Fan and his wife with a deadly stare.

        "You guys, you can't leave! Someone, tie up these two scum!"

        "The King of Blood Hell is now in my Bai family, and he personally ordered us to bring these two sinners back to the Bai family to be punished within half an hour!"


        These words were like a heavy bomb, causing the entire Bai Clan to completely tremble.

        The faces of everyone in the Bai Family were instantly flooded with a thick scowl as they stared at the Bai Yi duo with incomparable anger.

        These two spoilers had caused them to be angered by the King of Blood Hell.

        They should be damned!

        As for Yan Zishan, who was at the side, a crazed, fierce smile surfaced on his face when he heard that the King of Blood Hell had arrived.

        Here he comes!

        At last, he had come!

        Today, this damned trash, Lin Fan, would have his head fall to the ground!

        Immediately, the Bai Clan surrounded the two Lin Fan as much as they could, with appalling hatred in their eyes.

        "Scourge, you want to leave after harming us, how can it be that easy? Come back with us to the Bai family immediately to receive punishment!"

        "If you dare to resist, you will have your hands and feet broken!"

        The words were filled with ruthlessness!

        "Lin Fan..."

        Hearing that the Blood Prison King was already in the Bai Family, Bai Yi couldn't help but get nervous and looked at Lin Fan with worry.

        "Don't worry, it's fine!"

        Lin Fan smiled faintly before looking at the Bai family members and said with a cold and stern expression.

        "There are two great tragedies in life, one is the inability to survive, and the other is the insistence on seeking death!"

        "Regrettably, your Bai Family has both of them!"

Chapter 1196

And at that moment!

        Outside the door of the White House, a delicate figure paced back and forth, her hand ready to push the door, reaching out several times, only to retract timidly.

        She was Sima Yan'er!

        At this moment, she looked so nervous that even her breathing became panicked because she finally knew who the man was who had saved her back then.

        How many years had passed, but she still could not forget that man's domineering masculinity!

        Even in her dreams, the figure of that man appeared from time to time.

        Even she could not deny that she was hopelessly obsessed with that man!

        To find him, she had spent so much money and manpower over the years, but she had never given up, longing to meet him again.

        But she never imagined that the man who had saved her life would be the infamous King of the Blood Prison!

        When she found out that the King of Blood Hell had come to the Bai family, she rushed here like crazy to see if she could convince him to spare Lin Fan's family.

        After much hesitation, Sima Yan'er finally mustered up the courage to push open the door of the Bai family.

        However, when she saw it!

        She was shocked to see a couple chained to a dog, kneeling in front of a young man, both with bruises all over their bodies!

        Clearly they had been beaten!

        This couple was actually Bai Shan and Shen Yumei!


        At this time, the man sitting on top of the sofa with an unruly face opened his long, narrow eyes and stared at Sima Yan'er.

        After seeing that stunning face, his face was flooded with excitement.

        On his face, a lascivious smile immediately surfaced and he asked Lin Guangyao, who was at his side.

        "Lin Guangyao, who is this beautiful woman?"

        "In reply to the king's words, this woman is the thousand-year-old daughter of the Sima family, Sima Yan'er!"

        The Sima family?

        That impostor instantly smiled contemptuously, that is, the King of Blood Prison's lackey, so the lackey's thousand daughter, she must be able to do whatever she wants.

        This instant!

        Sima Yan'er immediately panicked, because she saw that behind the "King of the Blood Prison", there were hundreds of men in blood clothes, all standing proudly.

        There was a strong murderous aura that was terrifying!

        From the moment she stepped in, she felt the eyes of these men locking onto her.

        It was as if they would not hesitate to tear him to pieces if she dared to make a single move!

        "You... You're the King of Blood Hell?"

        Sima Yan'er stared the impostor down uneasily.

        "Not bad! I am the King of Blood Hell! Beauty, are you here to see me?"

        The impostor's heart was pleased, and then he walked towards Sima Yan'er with a lecherous smile on his face.

        Subconsciously, he thought that this was another woman who intended to present herself to him because of his identity.

        The other party's words and actions, however, caused Sima Yan'er's brows to furrow.

        That man at the beginning, with his cold temperament and domineering image!

        He was like a supreme emperor!

        But she saw only arrogance and frivolity in this man's body in front of her.

        He, could not be that man!

        "Sorry, I've mistaken him for someone else!"

        With those words, Sima Yan'er turned around and tried to leave, while a strong sense of loss inexplicably welled up in her heart.


        The moment he heard this, the impostor's face immediately sank.

        Immediately, he was roaring in anger, saying.

        "Stop this bitch!"

        Swish, swish, swish...

        As soon as the words left his mouth, a group of Blood Prison powerhouses all flew out and then blocked Sima Yan'er's way in unison.

        "You... What do you want?"

        Seeing this scene, Sima Yan'er immediately lost her face and stared at the impostor in shame and annoyance.

        The impostor stared her down with eyes full of evil lust and sneered.

        "Bitch, is my King of Blood Prison's territory something you can come and go whenever you want?"

        "Tonight, I want you to be in my crotch!"