Today I Give Up Trying 1193-1194

 Chapter 1193


        Bai Yi didn't even think about it, she shook her head straight away: "I'm sorry Grandpa, I can't do it!

        "I'm sorry grandpa, I can't do it!"

        Lin Fan had posed as the King of Blood Prison in order to save her, and yet she had abandoned him?

        Was she still human then?


        Elder Bai's face instantly sank as he shouted out violently.

        "You think that with just you, you can stop the man who is known as the strongest in the world? You're looking for death!"

        "I've already reached an agreement with Lin Guangyao, as long as you sleep with him for one night, he can consider pleading for mercy in front of the King of Blood Prison, so that both you and our Bai family will be at peace with each other."


        Bai Yi couldn't believe his ears and said urgently.

        "Grandpa, that Lin Guangyao is a scum of the earth, how can you work with him?"


        Elder Bai, however, swept a contemptuous glance at Lin Fan.

        "What's wrong with scum, at least he's now a big hit with the King of Blood Prison, after following him you'll be above everyone!"

        "Isn't that a hundred times better than this scum? When the time comes, my Bai family will be able to follow suit!"

        Thinking of this, the faces of Elder Bai and the others were all flushed with excitement.

        That was the King of Blood Prison!

        If they could be associated with him, their family would be unstoppable as they roamed China in the future!

        But these words sent a chill down Bai Yi's spine!

        To her, she was just a tool they used to trade for wealth and power, they didn't care if she lived or died.


        Bai Yi shook her head with a cold face.

        "I will never divorce Lin Fan, and I will never sleep with that scum!"

        "Fine, since you're bent on seeking death, then feel free to do as you please!"

        Elder Bai snorted coldly, before ordering.

        "Hand over all the properties under your name, since you plan to bury this scum, it's useless for you to keep this property, I don't want my Bai family's properties to be cut off for nothing!"

        This is a shameless statement!

        It was as if all of Bai Yi's properties should belong to him.

        However, Bai Yi still shook his head.

        She was so disappointed with these profit-oriented family members that she would never give them a penny, even if she had to feed all of her properties to the dogs.

        Seeing this!

        Elder Bai laughed back in anger and said sorrowfully.

        "It's useless even if you don't agree, I've already discussed with Lin Guangyao, if you don't agree to sleep with him, then I'll join forces with him..."

        "Rob your estate!"

        With that, Elder Bai rose to his feet with a fierce smile.

        "You, enjoy these last few days! Once the King of Blood Hell arrives, all of you will die!"


        And then, he led a group of Bai family members to leave with a loud laugh.

        Whether Bai Yi was dead or alive, everything she had would be in his hands, how could he not be happy about this?

        Bai Yi's family, it's good to die!

        "Bai Yi, what shall we do? I've heard that that King of Blood Hell can start a war with a single word, how can we afford to offend such an existence?"

        Shen Yumei's face was white as she took Bai Yi's hand, already crying uncontrollably.

        Bai Yi's face was also tinged with a thick bitterness.

        She hadn't thought either, that the King of Blood Hell had clearly appointed himself as his spokesperson, so why was he still unwilling to let her husband go.

        But before she could say anything, an abrupt voice, however, rang out.

        "An impostor is just an impostor, not enough to fear!"


        The three members of the family, their expressions instantly changed drastically before they all stared at Lin Fan with an uncanny look in their eyes, staring him dead in the face.

        They seemed to be eager to discover something from Lin Fan's face.

        The King of Blood Hell, an impostor?

        How did Lin Fan know that?

        But Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

        "It was the Blood Hell Mad God who told me, he himself admitted that the Blood Hell King was an impostor."

        "Really?" Bai Yi was instantly filled with surprise and tightly grabbed Lin Fan's hand.

        A wicked smile appeared at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth as he said.

        "Of course it's true, and the Blood Hell Mad God is already on his way here, ready to take that impostor... in pieces!"

        Originally, Lin Fan was not willing to pay attention to that impostor, but since the other party insisted on seeking death, then Lin Fan...

        would be merciful enough to grant him mercy!

Chapter 1194

The following day.

        It was with Bai Yi that Lin Fan went to the New Bai's, intending to discuss the matter of full cooperation with the Nalan family.

        Instead, he saw that all the employees were standing at the entrance, their faces covered with a strong look of worry.

        And a group of porters were throwing out their New White's things, one after another.


        In an instant, Bai Yi's face turned ugly to the core:.

        "What's going on? Still skulking around outside during work hours!"

        On the other hand, Lin Fan, who was at the side, had a chill wiped across his eyes.

        "It seems that they've already started to make their move!"


        Bai Yi was stunned, and then immediately understood who Lin Fan was referring to as "they", and immediately pushed open the car door and stepped out.

        "Who gave you permission to move our company's belongings at will, you're stealing! I can call the police to arrest you!"

        Only, just then!

        "That's what I meant, is there a problem?"

        A contemptuous voice sounded, and then there was a man, sitting on top of a wheelchair, being pushed out.

        "Yan Zishan!"

        Lin Fan and Bai Yi, their faces both changed.

        Neither seemed to have expected that this fellow, who had only been taught a lesson by them not long ago, would still dare to do wrong now.

        Upon seeing the two of them, Yan Zishan looked like he had seen two dead people and laughed extremely wildly.

        "Lin Fan, you're really looking for death, how dare you even impersonate the King of Blood Prison, now is your will ready?"

        Because of Lin Fan, he had two legs broken, so he hated to break Lin Fan into pieces.

        So the moment he learned that Lin Fan dared to impersonate the King of Blood Prison, he knew that his chance for revenge had come.

        And hearing this!

        All the employees of the New White Clan instantly cast a resentful look at Lin Fan, obviously knowing that the New White Clan was facing such a situation because of this scourge!

        The president had been married to such a loser, it was really bad luck!

        And Bai Yi's face was suddenly hard to see: "This is my company.

        "This is my company, who are you to tell me what to do?"

        Your company?

        The corners of Yan Zishan's mouth were filled with disdain and mockery.

        "From today onwards, this company is mine!"

        "Once the Nalan family found out about Lin Fan's idiotic actions, they already cancelled their cooperation with you, and with the use of a few tricks, I managed to annex your little New Bai's!"


        Bai Yi looked at the other party in disbelief:.

        "This... That's impossible! How can you do it alone!"


        Yan Zishan's eyes were then flooded with a thick mockery.

        "Who told you that I was the only one?"

        The words had just fallen!


        A group of people from the Bai family, led by Elder Bai, swaggered out.

        On their faces, all of them had the sinister look of having succeeded in their treacherous plans!

        "Grandpa, you!"

        Bai Yi's pretty face was completely pale, unable to believe her eyes.

        Her own grandfather had actually joined hands with outsiders to embezzle her estate?

        "Not bad, it's me!"

        Elder Bai snorted coldly, without a trace of guilt on his face:

        "Bai Yi, blame it on you for being insensitive, I've already given you a chance, since you don't know how to cherish it, then you can't blame grandpa for me..."

        At once!

        Bai Yi's body was shaken and fell backwards.

        It was hard to imagine how huge the blow to her was, as every part of her body was trembling madly.

        Lin Fan hurriedly swept her into his arms, watching his beloved woman's face turn white, so sad that she breathed like she was suffocating.

        Lin Fan's heart suddenly seized into a ball!

        In the next instant, his eyes completely filled with blood!

        Endless rage erupted!

        It was like a terrifying beast was roaring madly inside!

        "I promise you, your Bai family will be in great trouble and your family will be destroyed!"