Today I Give Up Trying 1191-1192

 Chapter 1191


        Seeing such a scene, the Bai Shan couple were all confused!

        He actually saw that Master Bai and the others were all pale, and there was a strong fear in their eyes.

        It was as if they would die immediately if they did not forgive them.

        What the hell was going on here?

        And at that moment!

        Bai Haoran also felt his scalp tingling, and his eyes were almost staring out.

        Their Bai family was now recognised by the four great family lords and had become the most powerful in Jiang City, so why did they need to kneel down and apologise to these two old trash?


        When he saw that even Old Master Bai had knelt down, he was the one whose scalp had completely exploded and almost completely pissed himself in fear!

        "Dad, what the hell is going on here?"

        Bai Shan asked in a panic, unable to believe that his father, who had been so furious to expel himself from the family just a few hours ago, would now kneel down in front of him like a dog, begging for his forgiveness.

        With a bitter smile on his face, Old Master Bai said.

        "It turns out that the enterprise that the four great family heads came to invest in Jiang City was not my Bai family, but Bai Yi's new Bai Clan!"


        The Bai Shan couple, Bai Haoran and the others, had all gone dumbfounded!

        The four great family lords, the four overlords of a province, had descended on Jiangcheng today for Bai Yi?

        That's... How could this be!

        The Bai Shan couple could only feel their hearts pounding furiously, and they were so dizzy that they almost fainted.

        And yet, that was not all!

        Right after Elder Bai spoke, all the members of the Bai family present threw themselves on their faces and begged with sobs.

        "Bai Shan, for the sake of our family, please have mercy and let Bai Yi spare us!"

        "Bai Shan, we were wrong before , we are dog-eyed, second uncle kowtowed to you and apologized, please forgive us this time!"

        Bang, bang, bang...

        In the whole room, a neat sound of kowtowing rang out for a long time.

        The people who had hated to kill Bai Shan's family by a thousand cuts a few hours ago were kowtowing like crazy at this time.

        It was as if they were going to kowtow to their deaths here if the two Bai Shan did not agree!


        Bai Shan's mind went blank.

        His heart was in shock, he only felt that this scene was like a dream, it was that unbelievable!

        "Maybe, the four giants are here to invest in our new Bai Clan?"

        "Dad, don't worry! Tonight, all of them will kneel in front of you and beg for your forgiveness!"

        Lin Fan's originally borderline arrogant words were all actually fulfilled at this moment!

        That child, had known that this would happen?

        Upon seeing this scene!


        The arrogant Bai Haoran was completely scared out of his wits and fell to the ground in fear.

        "An illusion... This must be an illusion!"

        In his heart, he not only consoled himself, but the fearful sobbing in his voice could not be stopped.

        Bai Yi, to have won the favour of the Four Great Family Lords, yet he forced her couple to kneel down?

        Those were the Four Masters!

        In the whole of Jiangnan Province, they had no say in the matter and could wipe out a family at will with a single word, covering the sky with their hands.

        What a way to die!

        This is like looking for death!

        If Bai Yi knew what he had done, then he... A dead end!

        "I... I forgive you all."

        Bai Shan instantly said with a frightened look on his face.


        Elder Bai and the others were immediately overjoyed and hurriedly stood up, shaking hands with Bai Shan with immense gratitude.

        "Say no more, Bai Shan, from now on, our Bai family will look up to your family!"

        "Bai Shan, we were blind before, Bai Yi is the ideal family head for the Bai family, I believe that with her, the Bai family can definitely go to the next level."

        "From now on, Bai Yi will be the head of our family!"

        At this time, however, Master Bai's eyes were glowing with a stern look, and he roared at Bai Haoran, saying.

        "Bai Haoran doesn't know what he's doing, insulting the family head's parents! With immediate effect, break a leg as a punishment!"

Chapter 1192

In just a few days, the name Bai Yi was like a thunderbolt that exploded across the entire city of Jiang!

        The city was set alight!

        The four major giants held a press conference at the same time, announcing a joint investment of 400 billion dollars in the new Bai family, a horrific amount!

        But that's not all!

        On the same day, the Nalan family publicly announced that they had entered into a deep and permanent partnership with the New White Clan for mutual benefit and win-win development!


        It was unbelievable that an existence of this calibre would even look at a small New Bai Clan!

        As a result, the entire city of Jiang had given Bai Yi a special nickname.

        "The Queen of Luck!"

        Her good fortune was simply like inexhaustible, unbelievable to the extreme.

        Because so far, the crowd had lost track of how many bigwigs with heavenly backgrounds had entered into partnerships with them.

        A newly established company, in less than a year's time, had become one of the top ten companies in Jiangnan, this was a miracle!

        The major news media and posting forums have completely exploded, with Bai Yi being the subject of much discussion.

        Mistress of the rich!

        The queen of luck!

        The family's golden girl!

        All kinds of speculation, all kinds of talk!

        Unbeknownst to her, Bai Yi's luck was so unbelievable only because she had a husband who was considered a loser.

        And today, Bai Yi's luck was cut short!

        Because of a piece of news that has completely plunged the entire city of Jiang into boundless fear!

        "The King of Blood Hell is about to descend on Jiang City!"

        This piece of news was directly pushed to the headlines within just one hour, and the number of hits had already exceeded 100 million.

        The man who had a million soldiers and had built a small country was going to drop in this mu of Jiang City?

        If such a man had come to China, he would have gone to the capital and received the highest level of reception.

        But instead, he had come to Jiangcheng in an unconventional manner, which was unbelievable!

        But not long afterwards, a new message came out that the King of Blood Prison had descended on Jiangcheng to uproot the Bai family!

        It was only because there was a person who dared to impersonate the King of Blood Prison, who had been wooing and cheating in Jiangnan.

        And that person was the Bai Family's wasteful son-in-law, Lin Fan!

        In an instant!

        The whole city was in an uproar!

        A loser son-in-law dared to pretend to be the King of Blood Prison, he was simply looking for death!

        Everyone thought that Lin Fan must be crazy, and even felt endless sympathy for Bai Yi.

        Because of Lin Fan's stupidity, he had angered the King of Blood Prison, and now the whole of Jiang City knew...

        Lin Fan, he will die!

        The Bai family, shall perish!


        After learning of this news, the old man Bai was the first to lead the Bai family to ask for punishment.

        Now, a group of people were staring at Bai Yi's family with grim faces and extreme anger.

        The Bai Shan couple, their bodies trembling violently and their faces filled with anxiety, did not expect Lin Fan to be so bold as to cause such a huge disaster.

        "Lin Fan, how dare you, how dare you impersonate the King of Blood Prison, you are pushing our Bai family into the abyss of doom!"

        "How dare you impersonate the King of Blood Prison, you don't have to take a look at yourself! Now the King of Blood Prison is furious and will soon arrive in Jiang City, you can wash your neck and wait for death!"

        "I thought I could make a fortune by following you, but I never thought you were just a bunch of scourge, only harming us!"

        These people from the Bai family had a complete change of face, without the respect and modesty they had shown before.

        Their words were full of resentment!

        "That's enough!"

        At this moment, Elder Bai bellowed out, calming the crowd present.

        And then, it was a cold sweeping glance at Bai Yi.

        "Bai Yi, now that things have come to this point, don't say that grandpa won't save you, if you want to live, then there is only one way..."

        "And that is to divorce this trash!"