Today I Give Up Trying 1189-1190

 Chapter 1189


        Upon hearing those words, that Yan Zishan Dang's body trembled viciously.

        "No... No!"

        His body trembled violently and he was already crying out in pain, a strong remorse welling up in his heart at this moment.


        A few masters instantly pinned him to the ground, and one of them lifted his leg and then stomped down on Yan Zishan's knee with extreme fury!


        The sound of bones cracking instantly resounded.

        Yan Zishan's knee was twisted and deformed, his bones shattered, and blood was spilled everywhere!


        A miserable scream erupted from his throat!

        This scene directly caused the crowd present to be terrified to the extreme.

        To the side!

        A trace of shock also appeared on Lin Fan's face, he hadn't expected that Kaoru would have such an unbelievable background either.

        At that moment, Lin Fan laughed lightly and shook his head, the little girl... How deep she hid!

        At that moment!

        Kaoru'er, however, did not even look at Yan Zishan as she announced straight away.

        "With immediate effect, the Nalan family has officially entered into a permanent partnership with the new Bai's Medicine!"


        This scene directly shocked the crowd present to the extreme.

        No one had expected that things would turn around in such a way, that the existence that should have killed Lin Fan and the two of them would end up planning to enter into a permanent cooperation with them?

        Oh my God!

        That was the Nalan family!

        With economic ties all over the world and trillions of dollars in profits a year, if they could partner with them, they would be the richest in the city in no time!

        And if the New Bai family could partner with them, they would be rich in the future!

        In an instant, everyone thought of something and stared at Lin Fan with a shocked gaze.

        Just now, it seemed that Yan Zishan had said that Miss Kaoru, was this trash's sister?

        Even Bai Yi, too, was completely confused.

        With a similarly extremely suspicious gaze, she stared Lin Fan down.

        She knew very well that a new company like the New Bai Clan was not qualified to enter into a partnership with a behemoth like the Nalan family.

        This, did it really have something to do with Lin Fan?


        And it was at this moment that Kaoru took a step away and headed straight for the two of them, Lin Fan, before opening her mouth and asking.

        "Miss Bai Yi, are you willing to cooperate with our Nalan family?"

        Bai Yi's delicate body instantly shook, and as if a chicken pecking at rice, she nodded her head nervously.

        "Of course I am willing! It's an honour for me!"

        Kaoru nodded with a smile, and then looked at Lin Fan at the side.

        "By the way, Mr. Lin..."

        This action immediately caused Lin Fan's body to tense up, fearing that this little girl would make their relationship public.

        At the same time!

        The whole room was dead silent, all ears pricked up and eyes wide, staring at Lin Fan with incomparable nervousness.

        They all wanted to know if this was all related to Lin Fan.

        However, it was Kaoru'er who turned the tables and said.

        "Thank you for helping me fetch the medicine that day!"

        At these words, the crowd was instantly relieved.

        So it was just a matter of helping to fetch the medicine!

        Immediately, the awe on the crowd's faces dissipated, and the eyes that looked at Lin Fan were once again filled with contempt and disdain.

        They said, "How could this trash be Miss Kaoru's brother?" Yan Zishan must have misunderstood.

        Seeing the slyness on Kaoru'er's face, Lin Fan instantly understood, and glared at her in a good-natured manner.

        And still smiling, Kaoru'er said.

        "When the time comes, I'll have to ask Mr. Lin and Miss Bai Yi to help introduce Divine Doctor Lin!"


        The crowd instantly reacted, it turned out that the reason why the Nalan family had cooperated with the New Bai was not because of Bai Yi and Lin Fan at all, but because of that mysterious Lin Divine Doctor!

        And seeing this, Elder Bai only felt a vicious stab in his heart!

        It was at this moment that a strong feeling of remorse surfaced in his heart.

        The four giants were fully invested!

        The Lin Zuo ordered a congratulatory visit to his door!

        The permanent cooperation of the Nalan family!

        Every piece of news was enough to shake the nation!

        This meant that the new Bai Clan would soar to great heights, and even the entire Jiangnan Province would be under Bai Yi's control.

        Bai Yi, who should have been the perfect heir to the Bai family, was swept away by him!

        Grandpa, you will regret this!

        What Lin Fan had said was completely fulfilled at this time!

        Immediately, Elder Bai bowed towards the two of them in extreme shame.

        "Lin Fan, Bai Yi, grandpa knows he's wrong, please forgive me this time!"

        He had no choice, if he didn't obtain forgiveness, then their Bai family would miss out on a great opportunity to soar to great heights.

        "Forgive? Yes!"

        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth instantly curved up into a grim arc: "Let all the Bai family members.

        "Have all the Bai family members, all of them, go to my parents' front and kneel down! Apologize!"


        The expressions of Elder Bai and the others suddenly changed dramatically!

        But Lin Fan didn't even look at them, and walked away holding Bai Yi's hand.

        "Family head, I... What shall we do?"

        Everyone looked at Elder Bai as if asking for help.

        Elder Bai's face instantly sank as he ordered in an extremely humiliating manner.

        "Set off! Go and apologise to the White Mountain couple!"

Chapter 1190

And at that moment!

        Liyuan Mansion, Bai Yi's home.

        The sound of violent smashing and Shen Yumei's cries were constantly coming out of the house.

        The whole house was in a mess, with shards of glass and bricks and tiles everywhere, and all the furniture had been shattered, leaving the whole house intact.

        And at this moment, a man was a foot, viciously stepping on the family portrait of Lin Fan's family.

        Bai Haoran, the eldest grandson of Elder Bai's sibling, had taken the initiative to come and drive the family away when he learned that Elder Bai wanted to sweep the family out of the house.

        "Bai Haoran, my daughter and son-in-law, will not let you go!"

        Looking at the shattered family portrait, Shen Yumei completely broke down and cried out at the top of her voice.

        "With just those two trash?"

        Bai Haoran laughed contemptuously, followed by an arrogant roar.

        "Smash it for me! Let this punk family know what will happen if they offend our Bai family!"

        As he watched the family being smashed up, a strong bitterness surfaced on Bai Shan's face as well, and he laughed bitterly, saying.

        "Wife, let's go!"

        "I'm not leaving!"

        Shen Yumei shook her head stubbornly and said, "Bai Yi and Lin Fan said they would protect our family, they will definitely not go back on their word!"


        Hearing these words, Bai Haoran and the rest of the Bai family all smiled coldly, secretly despising Shen Yumei's naivety.

        "Don't dream, you guys!"

        Bai Haoran laughed hideously and said.

        "I've just heard that this gathering will also be attended by Lin Zuo, and Zhu Yun will become a fierce general under his command, those two calamities from your family who dare to offend him will definitely die today!"


        The couple, instantly struck by lightning, collapsed helplessly to the ground, remorse appearing thickly on their faces.

        They should not have let those two children go, it was they who had caused those two children to go.

        Seeing the Bai Shan couple in tears, a flash of perverted pleasure sprang up in Bai Haoran's heart and he smiled sinisterly.

        "But as long as you kneel down for me, perhaps I can consider it and plead for them!"


        Without saying a word, the couple sank to their knees towards Bai Haoran, crying out at the top of their lungs.

        "Haoran, please save them, we'll do anything you want!"

        But at that very moment!

        Old Master Bai led the entire Bai family to kill them all!

        "Granduncle, you've finally arrived!"

        The moment he saw Old Master Bai, Bai Haoran's face immediately showed wild joy as he quickly greeted him.

        As soon as Old Master Bai took one look at the Bai Shan couple kneeling down, his pupils immediately shrank fiercely and he almost didn't piss himself on the spot!

        Immediately, he shouted with a twisted expression.

        "Bai Haoran, what's going on?"

        At that moment, Bai Haoran still hadn't noticed that something was wrong, and complacently flaunted: "They still refuse to move.

        "They refused to move so far, so I helped you and taught them a little lesson."

        A lesson?

        In other words, the reason why the Bai Shan couple knelt down was entirely because of Bai Haoran?


        Elder Bai and the others felt a thunderstorm, and their faces were deadly grey at this moment.

        But at this moment, Bai Haoran continued to claim credit, saying.

        "Master, you don't need to be too surprised, it's all within my duty! Now, should we throw them out immediately?"

        As soon as they heard this!

        Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, their bodies instantly trembled violently in an uncontrollable manner, their faces covered with shame and bitterness.



        In the next instant, a slap was fiercely smacked on Bai Haoran's face.

        Everyone was shocked to see that the person who had struck was actually Old Master Bai.

        Dead silence!

        At this moment, the entire Bai family was completely silent.

        Bai Haoran stumbled and fell to the ground, but looked at Old Master Bai in disbelief.

        "Eldest Uncle Gong, you... Why did you hit me?"

        He had clearly achieved a great feat, but instead of commending him, the other party had struck him?

        How could this be possible?

        The Bai Shan couple were also completely shocked, they could never have imagined that Elder Bai would take the initiative to teach Bai Haoran a lesson, he was defending them as a couple?

        They weren't seeing things out of their eyes, were they?

        "Bastard! How dare you go below and offend your superiors, is my son something you can insult?"

        Old Master Bai's eyes were wide with anger as he glared viciously at Bai Haoran, simply on the verge of going mad.

        Now Lin Fan had given an ultimatum that if he wanted to gain forgiveness, he had to kneel down and apologise to the Bai Shan couple.

        But Bai Haoran, an ungrateful fool, had even told them to kneel down, and if this were to come to Lin Fan's knowledge, then reconciliation would no longer be possible.

        And then!

        Elder Bai led the Bai family and walked quickly towards the Bai Shan couple.

        Under the horrified gazes of the crowd, they all knelt down towards the couple.

        "Bai Shan, please forgive us!"