Today I Give Up Trying 1187-1188

 Chapter 1187


        Those ten or so Patriarchs, then let out a fierce laugh, and proceeded to walk towards Lin Fan.

        At the same time!

        The Four Great Family Masters and the Dragon and Tiger War Gods, however, took a step forward one after another and blocked Lin Fan's heels.

        They were actually planning to defend the Nalan Family for Lin Fan's sake!

        This scene caused all the people present to laugh coldly, with a thick look of contempt on their faces.

        Secretly sarcastic, the Dragon and Tiger War Gods and the others were insolent, even attempting to hold off the Nalan family.

        Now that they had the Grand Elder personally leading them, it was a fool's errand for them to try to save Lin Fan from the furious Grand Elder's men.

        Bai Yi, who was on the side, was already completely terrified and said incomparably frightened.

        "You actually ruined the cooperation between the Nalan family and Divine Doctor Lin? You... How could you be so daring! Quickly, let's go and kneel down and apologise to the Nalan family and beg them to forgive us!"

        "Don't worry wife, it's fine!" Lin Fan smiled and patted her hand.

        It's alright?

        How could it be fine when people had already killed them at their door?

        Even the Dragon and Tiger War Gods couldn't stop the Nalan family now, so if they didn't kneel down and apologize, then they would only die!

        Bai Yi was on the verge of tears and pleaded with Lin Fan, saying.

        "Lin Fan, I beg you, don't fight for the moment! Let's kneel down and apologise, I just want you to live!"


        As soon as the words left his mouth, the Grand Elder laughed coldly.

        "Apologize? It's too late! Today, this scum must die!"


        With a single command, all the Patriarchs present flew out with a tidal wave of killing energy, heading straight for Lin Fan!

        But suddenly!

        "Whoever dares to harm these two, I'll have him... I'll kill them all!"

        This voice, childish and melodious, but with an extremely cold and murderous aura, echoed throughout the entire banquet hall!

        To the Nalan family, it was like a thunderclap, causing their bodies to tense up as if they were suffocating!

        At that moment, all of the Nalan family stopped in unison and looked towards the doorway with a look of shock and horror!

        It was as if there was a beast marching in!

        The scene was shocking to the core!

        The crowd was baffled as to why the Nalan clan masters, who had been so murderous a second ago, froze in place as if they had been scared out of their wits after hearing that childish voice.


        A light sound of footsteps came from outside.

        At this time, the man from the Nalan family trembled violently as if he had been struck by a heavy blow, and subconsciously took a few steps back.

        The panic on his face was increased by a few more points!


        The crowd was completely dumbfounded by this scene!

        Who was that divine being?

        What kind of a person is that? The entire Nalan family was so shocked!

        In no time at all, a delicate and eloquent figure appeared in the room.

        The moment they saw her, they were all petrified!

        That was a half-grown girl?

        How... How could this be!

        A little girl had caused the entire Nalan family to be completely scared out of their wits!

        The other party's appearance also caused Lin Fan's eyes to shrink fiercely.

        This was because the girl that appeared in front of him was no other than Kaoru'er!

        This little girl, how could she appear here?

        And the moment Yan Zishan saw the other party, he first froze, and then he smiled hideously.

        "Grand Elder, this bitch, is Lin Fan's younger sister! She is also the one who caused us to offend Divine Doctor Lin, so I suggest that she be crippled as well!"

        He would make these two bitches pay a terrible price for offending him!



        The next instant, he received a heavy slap on the face, and his whole face fell to the ground, with blood flowing from his teeth!

        His whole face was a complete bloody mess!

        "Grand Elder, you!"

        Yan Zishan covered his face and looked at the Eldest Elder with a look of shock, incredulous that the Eldest Elder would strike him.

        And at this moment, the Grand Elder's eyes were already covered with thick fear, and his entire person looked like he had gone mad, his face grim with rage as he roared out.

        "Bastard! You, how dare you insult our master?"

        Master... Master?

        Yan Zishan almost didn't bite his tongue off!

        The crowd present, too, all had their scalps tingling and looked towards Kaoru'er in extreme trepidation.

        A legendary figure like the Grand Elder had actually called that little girl master, this... What the hell is going on!

        The whole room! There was an uproar!

        The atmosphere of shock and trepidation seemed to have been pushed to an extreme peak in this instant!

        Everyone's skulls were tingling!


        Yan Zishan was scared out of his wits, his body trembling violently like sieve chaff as he asked incomparably frightened.

        "She, who is she?"

        The Grand Elder's face was covered in frost.

        "She, is my Nalan family, the new family head!"

        "Nalan Kaoru'er!"

Chapter 1188

Four words, like a thunderstorm!

        They exploded in the ears of the crowd!

        Everyone's eyes were wide as if they had seen a ghost, and their faces were filled with disbelief!

        It was madness!

        It was madness!

        A half-grown girl was the head of the Nalan family?

        Were they dreaming?


        They had heard that the head of the Nalan family had been stabbed to death and that there was no one to head the family, but the long-lost orphan of the Nalan family had been found and was about to become the head of the family!

        But they didn't expect that the head of the Nalan family, who was so powerful, would be a half-grown child!

        Yan Zishan's scalp exploded, and he was completely frightened!

        That girl, whom he regarded as a lowly and poor person, was actually the new head of the Nalan family?

        How could this be!

        This scene also shocked Lin Fan, who did not know that Kaoru had such a mysterious identity.


        After that, the Nalan family members, led by the Grand Elder, quickly walked towards Kaoru'er and bowed deeply towards her with respect.

        "Family Head!"

        Kaoru'er faintly glanced at the Eldest Elder and said in a cold voice.

        "Eldest Elder, do you know your crime?"


        These words, as if they had the gravity of a thousand pounds, directly caused the Grand Elder's legs to go limp and he instantly fell to his knees on the ground.

        His face was thick with unease as he said in terror.

        "Family Head, I... I don't know what the crime is, ah?"

        Kaoru snorted delicately and said in a cold voice.

        "You wrongly trusted a treacherous person, causing my Nalan Family to offend Divine Doctor Lin and suffer great losses as a result, and you still dare to say that you are not guilty?"

        Wrongly trusting a treacherous person?

        The Grand Elder instantly trembled fiercely, and then he cast an ice-cold gaze at Yan Zishan.

        "That day, Yan Zishan snatched away my healing medicine, the Spring Return Pill, from the hospital, and insulted me as a cheap bastard, wanting to expel me from the hospital!"

        Kaoru spoke indifferently, "I later heard that the Spring Return Pill was made by Divine Doctor Lin, and it was because he snatched away the Spring Return Pill and angered Divine Doctor Lin that Divine Doctor Lin had ill feelings towards our Nalan family and was unwilling to cooperate with us."

        "This matter, from beginning to end, has nothing at all to do with Lin Fan and Bai Yi!"


        Robbing the family head of the medicine to heal her wounds!

        And insulting her as a cheap bastard!

        What's more, to kick her out of the hospital!

        This instant!

        The entire Nalan family was in a tizzy!

        The Nalan family was so proud that they would not allow anyone to insult the Nalan family.

        Now, Yan Zishan had insulted the Nalan family, not to mention insulting the head of the Nalan family, this was damnable!

        "Yan Zishan, how dare you! How dare you insult the head of the Nalan Family, not to mention deceiving me!"

        The Grand Elder completely thundered, his eyes filled with murderous intent as he stared at Yan Zishan with a deadly glare.

        That look was as if he wanted to break his body into pieces!


        Yan Zishan knelt down on the spot and was directly frightened to the point of pissing himself, a look of terror on his face as he wailed with a crying voice.

        "Grand Elder, I... I didn't know she was the family head! It's... This is all a misunderstanding!"

        Endless fear haunted his heart at this time.

        He had never dreamed that it would be such a coincidence that this waste of a girl would be their Nalan family's family head.

        Especially when he remembered the scene in the hospital when he had beaten and insulted Kaoru'er, and even tried to kick her out of the hospital, he felt his liver and guts split, and immediately a stream of urine flowed out from his trousers.

        He was not the only one!

        Lin Guangyao, who was at the side, was already on the verge of collapsing in fear.

        Looking at the young girl who had suddenly appeared and the murderous Grand Elder, he felt a chill run up from the bottom of his feet to the sky, causing him to go crazy!

        "No need to say anything!"

        The Grand Elder interrupted directly and rudely, before roaring angrily.

        "Yan Zishan, as a vassal of the Nalan family, yet you have offended and insulted the master of the family, with immediate effect, you withdraw all privileges and properties and kick out of the Nalan family!"

        "And, break both legs!"