Today I Give Up Trying 1185-1186

 Chapter 1185

See that!

        Everyone was instantly confused, what was going on?

        What exactly did the Blood Dragon War God say to Zhu Yun that caused him to vomit blood and faint?

        At this time, Bai Yi was also pale, her face flushed with shock.

        Lin Zuo had come to congratulate them?

        How could this be!

        They didn't even know any Lin Zuo!

        Moreover, wasn't the Dragon and Tiger Warlord a subordinate of the King of Blood Prison?

        Immediately, she lowered her voice and asked Lin Fan, "Lin Fan, is this something to do with you?"

        Her intuition told her that this was all Lin Fan's doing.

        Lin Fan smiled faintly and whispered in response, "Keep quiet, they're playing along with us!"


        Bai Yi was so startled that she almost cried.

        "You mean impersonating Lin Zuo? If Lin Zuo finds out about this, it would be a capital offence!"

        But Lin Fan continued to bristle with disinterest.

        "Now that we have the backing of the King of Blood Prison, how can we still be afraid of his little Lin Zuo?"

        "You... Ugh!"

        Bai Yi didn't know what to say, but a strong look of worry flooded his face.

        In the end, they were just servants of the King of Blood Prison, would he really offend Lin Zuo, who was as big as the sun in China, for their sake?


        And at this time!

        The Dragon and Tiger War God, however, fiercely fixed Yan Zishan and Lin Guangyao with the following stare.

        "How dare you insult Mr. Lin and Miss Bai Yi, you... Damn you!"

        A steaming murderous spirit expanded unchecked!

        Behind the two Gods of War, dozens of blackened guns were already turned around and pointed directly at the two of them!

        That Lin Guangyao was scared out of his wits and cried out in disbelief.

        "What do you want? I tell you, I am the spokesman of the King of Blood Hell, if you dare to kill me, the King of Blood Hell will definitely cut you into pieces!"

        Little did they know that the Dragon and Tiger War God was under the command of the King of Blood Hell!

        Therefore, hearing these words, the Dragon and Tiger War Gods all smiled with contempt and sneered as they pressed on.

        This scene directly caused the crowd to split their liver and guts!

        The Dragon and Tiger War Gods were planning to kill the King of Blood Prison and the spokesman of the Nalan Family here?

        This... This is insane!

        How could they have the guts to do so?

        Yan Zishan, on the other hand, was even more furious and roared in anger, saying.

        "Dragon and Tiger War God, don't forget who has been providing military funding to your legion over the years, and even more so, don't forget the influence of my Nalan family in the military!"

        "You dare to kill me for these two dogs and men? Believe it or not, the Nalan Family will let your entire family die!"


        Dragon and Tiger War God, still disdainful:.

        "The Nalan family, it's nothing!"


        The crowd in the room was completely dumbfounded!

        How dare the Dragon Tiger War God say that the Nalan family, a royal family, was nothing?

        This is simply insane!

        "Dragon and Tiger War God, you don't even care about my Nalan family! Do you think of yourselves as Lin Zuo?"

        Just then!

        A furious roar rang out violently from outside the door!

        And then!

        The crowd shuddered and looked towards the centre of the field in horror!

        There were a dozen people standing there, like ghosts, appearing out of nowhere!

        This scene made the crowd explode!

        Were these people ghosts or human beings, how could they have appeared without a sound?

        "Ten... A dozen sect masters!"

        A Jiang City big shot trembled at once, a thick fear surfacing on his face!

        And with those words, the crowd present was instantly horrified to death!

        A dozen sect masters in a single moment?

        The only people with that kind of power are the kings and nobles... The Nalan family!


        Everyone's legs went weak, and cold sweat was pouring down their foreheads!

        Was that rich and powerful family really here?

        At that moment!

        Everyone fell to the ground, trembling uncontrollably, their fear ten times stronger than when they faced the Dragon and Tiger War God!

        Because this was a "fearsome" royal family with a history of a thousand years and a history of dominating the rise and fall of nations!

        It was a family of wise men and women, with a brilliant career, now in charge of the economy and rich in the world, together with the Langya Wang Clan, the Qinghe Cui Clan and the Xiangguo House of Mount Longhu, they were known as the Four Great Houses of China!

        Their influence is so far-reaching that it extends across the whole of Kyushu, and their influence is felt in the military, politics and business.

        They are so powerful that they can dominate the life and death of the city with a single move!

        It was terrifying!

        And at that very moment, Yan Zishan was instantly overjoyed and hurriedly knelt down in front of a white-haired old man, shouting incomparably excitedly.

        "See the Grand Elder!"

Chapter 1186

Grand... The Grand Elder!

        Everyone was horrified to death, because they all knew that the Grand Elder of the Nalan Family was already above the Grand Master in strength!

        Moreover, the Grand Elder's position in the Nalan family was the same as that of the head of the family, and in the absence of the head of the family, he could dominate everything on his behalf!

        It was over!

        At this instant, everyone thought that Lin Fan and the others had reached the end of their luck!

        After all, this family in front of them was an existence that had fought against Lin Zuo, so it would be easy for them to do so!

        At this moment, the four family heads were instantly as white as paper, such a huge thing was simply beyond their reach.

        The atmosphere at this moment was oppressive to the extreme!

        Everyone was prostrate on the ground, their hearts pounding furiously, and at this moment, when they saw such a legendary figure as the Grand Elder, they all broke out in cold sweat.

        At this moment, they didn't even have the courage to look directly at each other, like frightened white rabbits, panicking.

        At this moment, even the Dragon and Tiger War God could not help but frown deeply, as if he had not expected this difficult Grand Elder to appear in a tiny Jiang City.

        "Grand Elder, you've finally arrived!"

        The moment he saw the Grand Elder, Yan Zishan was instantly filled with wild joy, before pointing at Lin Fan with resentment.

        "Grand Elder, this is the person who ruined the cooperation between us and Divine Doctor Lin, you mustn't let him go!"

        It wasn't just him!

        Even Lin Guangyao smiled excitedly when he saw the Grand Elder arrive.

        The Nalan family was an existence that dared to call out to the Lin Throne, and now unless the Lin Throne himself came, no one could save Lin Fan!

        This punk, he was dead!

        At this time, Bai Yi's pretty face was also white as she looked at Lin Fan with a tense expression, a strong look of fear surfacing in her heart.

        And then!

        After seeing that Lin Fan was still sitting on the main seat like a mountain, he coldly snorted in anger.

        "Kid, no one has ever dared to disrespect my Nalan family, kid, as long as you kneel down and kowtow, I can consider... I'll consider leaving your body intact!"

        The words revealed a strong killing intent!

        And, contempt for a mole!

        This scene instantly caused Lin Guangyao and Yan Zishan to become ecstatic to the extreme.

        The eyes of Bai Yi and Lin Fan were filled with resentment and pleasure!

        Immediately, Yan Zishan said with a fierce smile.

        "Grand Elder, the one next to that punk is Bai Yi, who is rumoured to be Divine Doctor Lin's confidante, we can arrest her and blackmail Divine Doctor Lin into cooperating with us!"

        As soon as he heard that!

        The Grand Elder also brightened up before smiling approvingly.

        "You're smart, kid! Let's do as you say!"


        On the side, the Dragon and Tiger War God snorted, the Grand Elder was unaware of Lin Fan's identity before he dared to be so arrogant.

        If he had known that this man in front of him was the Lin Zha who had cost the Nalan family their troops in the past, he would have been scared out of his wits on the spot!

        "How about, if you kneel down now, I consider not killing you?"

        A voice full of playfulness suddenly rang out at this moment.

        The whole room instantly fell into a dead silence!

        Kneel down?

        Consider not killing you?

        These words brought the entire banquet hall to a dead silence!

        And then, a pair of terrified and shocked eyes converged on Lin Fan's body at this instant.


        This guy, after seeing the Grand Elder arrive, instead of showing the respect he deserved, he even had the audacity to tell him to kneel down!

        How dare he!

        Unwilling to live and die!

        And the moment they saw this scene, Lin Guangyao and Yan Zishan, were practically on the verge of jumping up and down in excitement.

        Death is certain!

        This fellow had seen a legend descend and still dared to be so frivolous and arrogant, he was absolutely dead!

        "Well, well..."


        The Grand Elder's eyes were filled with a heavy hostility: "Don't let him die too quickly.

        "Don't let him die too quickly, I'll tear him to pieces!"