Today I Give Up Trying 1183-1184

 Chapter 1183

An announcement?

        The crowd was all stunned, their hearts bewildered, what did Lin Fan want these family heads to announce?

        And just then, Zheng Honglian stood out and said in a loud voice.

        "From today onwards, our four great families will join together to reach a partnership with Miss Bai Yi's New Bai Clan and fully invest in Jiang City's... New Bai family!"


        The whole room was in an uproar!

        It turned out that the four great families had come to invest in Jiang City, not because of the man who had split the family, but because of Bai Yi!


        Immediately, Elder Bai fell to the ground in fear, his face deadly grey, his worst fears had finally come true.

        Maybe they are here to invest in our new Bai Clan?

        Lin Fan's stupid words from earlier were like thunder that kept exploding in his mind.

        Originally, they had scoffed at those words and regarded them as a big joke, thinking only that Lin Fan was daydreaming.

        But now!

        What Lin Fan had said had actually come completely true!

        "It can't be, it's not true..."

        Elder Bai's face was ashen, his heart flooded with thick bitterness, and he only felt that the heavens had played a big joke on them.

        That the family that they had swept out of the house was the one that had become a partner of the four great families?

        This... How could that be possible!

        And it wasn't just him, the Bai family, all the people present also felt incredulous and looked at the Four Great Families with a frightened gaze!

        It was as if they were dreaming!

        How could these two losers have made the Four Great Family Leaders personally come to their door to seek cooperation?

        How could these two trash have caused the four great lords of the South to bow in greeting?

        The crowd was going crazy!

        "There's been a mistake! You must have made a mistake, these two are just trash and are not qualified to work with you at all!"

        Zhu Yun shouted with his eyes wide with anger, unable to accept this scene at all.

        He had come here today to try and make Bai Yi and Lin Fan lose all their money and their families!

        But once they had entered into a partnership with the Four Great Clans, it would be the same as entering into a partnership with the King of Blood Hell, so how could he have any chance of revenge?

        At that moment, he stared at Bai Yi and Lin Fan with a fierce look on his face and roared incomparably madly.

        "These two damned dogs and men, they just insulted the King of Blood Hell and Lin Za, you guys, quickly break them into pieces!"


        The words had just fallen!


        Outside the door, there was a dense sound of footsteps, the sound of military boots striking the ground.

        Half an hour later, two lofty and domineering figures appeared on the spot with a group of well-trained soldiers!

        "Dragon and Tiger War Gods!"

        Seeing this, everyone's eyes were wide with disbelief, as if they couldn't believe that two of the Eight Great War Gods of China had appeared in this scene at the same time!

        "See the God of War!"

        Everyone almost pissed themselves in fear, and instantly, they quickly moved towards the Dragon and Tiger War God, kneeling down in unison.

        The expressions on their faces were so tense that they could be described as extremely nervous.

        This was an existence that commanded a legion of 100,000 soldiers, and one stomp of his foot was enough to wipe out the city of Jiang!

        However, the two war gods did not even look at these people and spoke in an appalling manner.

        "In the name of the Lin Throne, we have come to congratulate Mr. Lin and Miss Bai Yi on their cooperation with the Four Great Houses!"


        Everyone was suddenly like thunder and lightning, their bodies trembling viciously.

        Their expressions completely froze at [Doudou Novel] this instant!

        Hearing... Heard wrong?

        Yes! It must have been a mistake!

        At this time, they simply couldn't believe that the titled Lin Zuo would order the Dragon and Tiger War God to come and congratulate the two trash.


        At this moment, Lin Guangyao was so shocked that he crushed the wine cup in his hand, and his whole hand was already drenched in blood, but he didn't even notice it.

        That pair of terrified eyes just stared deadly at Lin Fan and the two of them.

        Mr and Mrs Lin Fan, knew Lin Zha?

        This... This couldn't be!

        Instantly, the expressions of all the guests present changed drastically, and all of them looked at Lin Fan and his wife with a look like they had seen a ghost.

        They were practically scared to death!

        No wonder these two dared to be so arrogant, and even dared to sit in the Lin Seat's seat, it turned out that they were actually acquainted with such a powerful being!


        Zhu Yun could no longer bear the shocking blow, as if he had been drained of all his strength, he sat helplessly on the ground, his face already ashen!

        It was over!

        He was completely finished!

Chapter 1184

"Lin... Lin Zha, actually congratulating this pair of dogs, this isn't real, I must be dreaming!"

        Zhu Yun could only feel his mind, going blank.

        His idol, the god he believed in, the great Lin Zha!

        was actually friends with Mr and Mrs Lin Fan!

        And he, on the other hand, had tried every possible way to put this pair to death, so how could Lin Zuo possibly take him under his command?


        He had been kicked out of the Dragon Tiger Legion, demoted to a one-star rank, and even had his hands and feet ruined by the White Tiger!

        This was like losing his wife and his army!

        And this was all because he had made enemies of Lin Fan and his wife!

        He finally understood why Bai Yi couldn't look at him, how could an existence that made Lin Zuo personally send someone to congratulate him look at him, a mere three-star war general?

        He was worse than a dog's ass!

        Zhu Yun's face was instantly tinged with a strong sense of remorse.

        And at that very moment!

        The Blood Dragon War God fiercely turned his head around and coldly stared Zhu Yun down:.

        "Zhu Yun, you are a member of the military service, yet you have repeatedly failed to change your ways! You have repeatedly insulted Miss Bai Yi and Mr. Lin, and this action has completely angered Throne Lin!"

        "That's why Seat Lin hereby orders that you be expelled from the military forever, and that you will never be a Chinese soldier again!"


        The words hit the ears like thunder!

        Everyone in the room drew in a cold breath, unable to believe their ears.

        Oh my God!

        Just because he insulted this loser couple, he had made the Lin Zuo furious?

        What kind of relationship did these two have with the Lin Zuo?

        At this time, Elder Bai's intestines were turning blue, and his face was already covered with tears of remorse.

        It wasn't true!

        It wasn't true!

        His own granddaughter knew one of the four military seats, Lin?

        With such a relationship, the Bai family could have used her power to rise to the top of power in China and become the most powerful family in China!

        Yet he had swept Bai Yi out of the house and even declared himself an enemy!

        This was the height of stupidity!

        The people from the Bai family who had spoken out and insulted Lin Fan and the two of them were also shaken and almost fell to the ground on the spot, remorse appearing on their faces.

        They knew deep down that they had missed something!

        "God of War, don't fire me! I know I'm wrong, for the sake of my dedicated work over the years, please help me plead with Lin Zuo for mercy!"

        Zhu Yun crawled to the Blood Dragon War God's heels, already weeping bitterly as he kept kowtowing and begging.

        He was a star of the Legion, with a bright future ahead of him, how could he possibly fall here?

        If he was expelled from the army, then his life would be completely over!


        The Blood Dragon War God, however, sighed helplessly and lowered his voice to whisper in Zhu Yun's ear, saying.

        "If you had offended someone else, perhaps I could still plead for you, but you shouldn't have offended Lin Zuo in the first place!"


        Zhu Yun was so dumbfounded that he felt like he was about to faint.

        Offending Lin?

        Are you kidding me?

        How could he have the guts to offend Lin?

        And then, he suddenly thought of the horrifying possibility that Lin Zuo... Lin Fan?


        Immediately, it was as if his brain was about to explode as he pointed at Lin Fan in disbelief, before staring at the Blood Dragon War God in shock and horror.

        The Blood Dragon War God gave him a deep look before nodding heavily with a complicated expression.


        Everything was understood!

        Zhu Yun wanted to laugh, wanted to let out a loud laugh and laugh at his own ignorance and stupidity!

        It turned out that Lin Fan was the god he had worshipped for so many years in his heart!

        And yet, he had no idea that he was trying to steal Lin Za's woman!

        Was he worthy?

        How could a lion's woman fall in love with a mere dog?

        Now, his conceit has made him anger the Lin Za, and has left him a ruined man!


        Good for you!


        The next instant!

        In the next instant, under the terrified eyes of the crowd, Zhu Yun spat out a mouthful of blood as his anger attacked his heart.

        After that, his entire body fell backwards helplessly, completely fainting to death.