Today I Give Up Trying 114-116

 Chapter 114

That's not all!

        He saw that the dog seemed to want to eat him at this moment, with a face full of hatred and madness.

        "Bai Yifan, are you a fucking human being to pay me to break Mr. Lin Fan's legs! I've never seen such a vicious person as you!"


        Hearing this, Bai Yi's family realized that the last time they were besieged by Mourning Dog and the others, it was entirely Bai Yi Fan's doing.

        For a moment, Bai Shan and the others' faces were extremely pale.

        They couldn't imagine that Bai Yifan's hatred towards Lin Fan had reached such an extent.

        Bai Yifan and his son, on the other hand, were completely dumbfounded.

        Buying a murderer to hurt someone!

        They never expected that the dog would give itself up without saying a word.

        This fucking ......

        Immediately afterwards, they heard the hysterical shouts of the Lost Dog.

        "Bai Yifan, I tell you, I, Lost Dog, am an upright person, I can't be bought by you, and I can't hurt the innocent Mr. Lin Fan!"

        "Today, I'm going to teach you this kind of, ruthless and cold-blooded guy!"


        This sentence startled Bai Yifan.

        And then he saw that the mourning dog waved his palm.

        "Give me a hit!"


        In an instant, a large man with a stick in his hand rushed out and surrounded Bai Yifan and Bai Hai in the blink of an eye.


        One by one, the stick came down hard.


        Bai Yifan and his sons were beaten and screamed incessantly, and a little bit of blood burst out from their bodies, a bloody and miserable scene.

        The reversal of this scene was dumbfounding.

        Whether it was Li Mingyi and the others, or Zhu Hua and Yang Meifeng, they were all dumbfounded.

        What the hell was going on?

        Aren't these people from the Blade looking for trouble with Lin Fan?

        Why beat up the employer and do it so brutally!

        Almost in just a few minutes.

        Bai Hai and Bai Yifan, already covered in blood and flesh.

        "Blade ...... Blade Master! Don't fight, or someone will die!" The white sea wailed with terror on its face.

        "Go ahead, Master Blade, I can give you anything you want! Please, tell them to stop, to stop!"

        White Sea is completely scared!

        He could see that this group of people, Master Blade, was beating his father and son to death, and if they didn't beg for mercy, then they would surely die.


        When he heard this, Master Dagger waved his hand, and all the brawny men brushed off their beatings.

        "Bai Hai, don't blame me, blame it on the fact that you messed with the wrong person!" Master Blade's voice is indifferent.


        Pissed off the wrong people?

        Bai Hai was confused, he only provoked Lin Fan, the son-in-law, he didn't provoke others at all.

        Bai Hai's father and son were full of confusion.

        Only, the knife master simply ignored their doubts, he faintly swept a glance at his wounded twenty-odd men, and then said.

        "If you want me to spare you, you can! The cost of the injuries to my men, plus the cost of emotional distress, five million dollars, must be received within one hour!"


        When Bai Hai heard this, he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

        It doesn't matter if it's money, five million is acceptable.

        Just at this time, the indifferent voice of the Blade Master made his heart skip a beat.

        "Among other things!"

        Saying that, Master Knife swept a pile of scraps of paper on the ground next to him, and when he saw the 'Waiver of Inheritance Promise' on the scraps of paper, Master Knife was unmoved.

        "Your family still needs to promise to give up your inheritance of the White House property!"


        This statement by Master Blade made the Bai Hai family turn pale.

        Giving up the Bai family's inheritance?

        This ...... is simply smoking their back road, without the Bai family inheritance, then he, the grand master, is completely finished.

        "I'm not going to be able to do anything about it. I'm not going to be able to do anything about it. Bai Hai simply could not understand why the knife master did this.

        After all, once you give up, it's Bai Yi's family that will end up being the cheapest.



        Master Dagger slapped him hard across the face and said with a fierce face.

        "You have the fucking nerve to ask, do you know that you bought a murder and injured someone and scared Mr. Lin, shouldn't you give someone this innocent person some compensation?"


        Innocent people?

        Hearing this, everyone looked at Lin Fan, who was unharmed and smiling, and looked at the miserable appearance of Bai Hai and his son, who were covered in blood, and the corners of everyone's mouths were drawn.

        It seemed that the injured were Bai Hai and his son, right?

        This ......

Chapter 115

How did this happen!

        Bai Hai and Bai Yifan can't believe their ears at this moment.

        Not only did Master Blade have himself beaten up as an employer, but he also had to pay for it himself, and even asked his own family to give up their inheritance of the Bai family for nothing, cheapening the Bai Yi family.

        How the hell is this ...... possible.

        "What? White Sea, don't you agree?" Master Blade's eyes were narrowed, and his gaze toward Bai Hai was hostile.

        Not only that!

        The big strapping men in the back, brushing one another forward, that kind of attitude, as if Bai Hai if they dare to refuse, then they will absolutely kill themselves alive.

        "I ...... agree!"

        After saying this, Bai Hai's entire body seemed to be disarmed and fell straight to the ground.

        It's over!

        Renouncing his inheritance, then, means that everything in the White House has nothing to do with him anymore.


        Under the coercion of Master Dagger and others, Bai Hai had five million in cash collected and shipped over in one package.

        In addition, he had a letter of commitment to give up his inheritance rights printed.

        Bai Hai, Bai Yifan, and Zhu Hua each signed the letter.

        Until then, the faces of the three were as ugly as death.

        Especially Auntie Zhu Birch!

        She felt as if she were dreaming, knowing that just recently she had forced the Bai family to sign a waiver of their inheritance rights.

        However, she never expected that it would take less than half an hour.

        The situation was completely reversed, and the family renounced their inheritance rights.

        But that's not all!

        "Bai Yifan, don't you want one of Mr. Lin Fan's legs?"

        Master Dagger's mouth was wide open with a wicked smile, staring straight at Bai Yifan.


        Hearing this, Bai Yifan's body trembled and his face turned pale.

        He had smelled a hint of danger.

        "Knife ...... Knife Master! What more do you want? Our family lost money and signed the papers, do you still want ......?"

        A dense fear surfaced in Bai Yifan's heart.

        Just the knife master will his words, straightforwardly interrupted, [penpal 520] full of cruelty said.

        "You have a vicious heart and want to hurt a good citizen like Mr. Lin Fan!"

        "In order to get rid of violence, so I will do justice for Mr. Lin Fan today!"


        This sentence scared Bai Yifan almost to death.

        However, before he could continue to beg for mercy, he saw Master Knife take a baseball bat, and then smash it down on his arm!


        When the baseball bat hit Bai Yifan's arm, there was a cracking sound, and Bai Yifan's entire arm was completely deformed.

        It was broken by a bat!

        "Ahhhh ......"

        The pain was so intense that Bai Yifan screamed repeatedly and rolled around on the ground.

        Only, it's still not over!

        "I want your leg again!"


        The baseball bat came down hard again, hitting Bai Yifan's right leg raw.


        The sound of shattering again, Bai Yifan's calf was like a piece of dead wood, broken and deformed!

        Scrap ......

        Seeing Bai Yifan rolling on the ground in pain, the surrounding Bai family core, Li Mingyi and others, one by one, were scared to death, cold sweat dripping down their faces.

        Who could have imagined that the arrogant and domineering Bai Clan youngster who just now had a broken arm and leg in the blink of an eye.

        Not only that!

        What shocked the crowd even more was that Lin Fan's crow's nest was right once again.

        From Divine Doctor Lin letting Bai Yifan slap his ears, to letting Bai Hai kneel and kowtow, to Bai Yifan's broken arm and leg, Lin Fan was right on the money, it was like a fucking prophet.

        For a moment, everyone looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a monster!

        And just when the crowd is confused.


        I saw that the master of the knife, with the mourning dog and others, came straight up, and then bowed his back to Lin Fan and said respectfully.

        "Mr. Lin, you were surprised last time, so this 5 million will be your spiritual loss!"

Chapter 116


        Hearing this, both Bai Hai and the others, as well as Bai Yi's family, were all shocked.

        It's a huge amount of money that can make anyone's heart flutter.

        But Blade, a ruthless man, didn't even blink an eyelid to give it all to Lin Fan. ...... How is this possible?

        That's not all.

        The knife master took that letter of commitment and respectfully handed it to Lin Fan.

        "In addition, I hope that Mr. Lin Fan will keep this letter of commitment! It's a little compensation for your family!"


        The shock.

        The surrounding Li Mingyi and the core of the Bai family were all shocked beyond words.

        They were really sure that the original Blade wanted compensation and promises from Bai Hai, but it was all for Lin Fan.

        What is the relationship between this guy and Master Dagger?

        Every member of the Bai family's heart was in shock.

        If they had thought that Lin Fan was a son-in-law who was a loser, but now they saw how respectful the Master Blade was to Lin Fan, it was definitely not that simple.

        For a moment, almost every core of the Bai family secretly elevated Lin Fan's status a bit.

        "Mr. Lin, we won't bother you anymore, goodbye!"

        Master Blade said, nodding respectfully to Lin Fan, before taking the group of mourning dogs with him and leaving, hailing them.


        As soon as the Blade left, almost everyone in the area breathed a sigh of relief.

        The scene just now, however, frightened them all.

        Just at that moment!

        But then I saw Mike, the Western medical maniac, with his team of Western doctors, hailed Lin Fan and everyone actually bowed to him.


        The scene was spectacular.

        In particular, the person bowing at the head, but the madman Mike.

        The next Li Mingyi and the core of the Bai family were once again confused, they had never seen this Western medical maniac be so respectful and courteous to anyone, how the hell is this possible.

        Li Mingyi and the others were all confused.

        Immediately after, they heard, Mike carefully, but respectfully, said.

        "Mr. Lin Fan, as a token of our appreciation for your wife, Miss Bai, we have decided to build a hospital in Jiang City!

        "We will finance the construction and operate and manage the hospital, but the owners of the hospital will be you and your wife!"


        Mike's statement was like a bombshell that made everyone's head buzz.

        Funding a hospital?

        Manage it yourself!

        Especially in the end, the actual control of the hospital was given to Lin Fan and Bai Yi.

        This ...... is like a pie in the sky.

        And everyone knows that although Western Doctor Michael is arrogant, his skill in Western medicine is extraordinary, as can be seen from his victory over twelve famous Chinese doctors.

        This kind of person is in charge of the operation and management of the hospital, then the hospital will definitely flourish, like a treasure trove.

        It's crazy!

        At this moment, no matter it was Li Mingyi and the others, or Bai Hai and the others, they all looked at Mike as if they were looking at a madman.

        Even Bai Yi's family, one by one, swallowed their saliva and were completely dumbfounded.


        Mike didn't care about the shock of the crowd, he was overjoyed when he saw Lin Fan nod his head and seemed extremely satisfied.

        "Mr. Lin, we won't bother you any longer, and we will now prepare for the construction of the hospital!"

        Afterwards, Mike and the others bowed once more to Lin Fan, and then hailed him and left.