Today I Give Up Trying 1139-1140

Chapter 1139
That trash, how dare he be so daring?


      If the King of Blood Hell knew that someone was impersonating him, the whole of Jiangnan would suffer a catastrophe.


      That trash is inviting the Bai family to its doom!


      "What a trash! What a White Family! How dare you dethrone the heir of my Huangfu family, this is declaring war on my Huangfu family!"


      Huangfu Zheng slammed the table and jumped like a thunderclap.


      "With immediate effect, our Huangfu Family and the Bai Family will not rest until death!"


      And on the side!


      Sima Longming's face also sank as he shouted violently.


      "How dare you impersonate the Great Dark Emperor, Lin Fan must die!"


      At these words, Sima Yan'er was instantly struck by lightning, and with illusions in her heart, she argued.


      "What if Lin Fan is really the Dark Emperor? The Blood Lord is a wise general under the Dark Emperor, there's no way he would mistake him for someone else."


      "Shut up!"


      Sima Longming angrily chided, his expression tense to the extreme, "Are you trying to say that the Darkness Emperor is actually a wasteful son-in-law of the family?"


      To insult the Dark Emperor in such a manner, if the emperor were to find out, it would be difficult for their Sima family to escape death.


      Sima Longming then stared coldly at Sima Yan'er and said.


      "The Dark Emperor is invisible to the gods, even for his close friends, not many of them have seen his real face, it's not impossible that they would recognize the wrong person!"


      Just then, Huangfu Zheng waved his hand.


      "There's no need to argue, if he's the Dark Emperor, wouldn't we know directly if we ask Lord Mad God for proof?"


      Upon hearing this, Sima Yan'er immediately became extremely nervous, because she knew that if she asked Lord Mad God for proof, then her illusions would be completely shattered!


      At these words, Huangfu Xuan and Sima Hongrui both smiled fiercely and gloated in their hearts.


      Because they both knew that as soon as Lord Mad God knew that someone was impersonating the Dark Lord, then the Bai family would be slaughtered!


      Lin Fan would die!


      Then, under everyone's horrified gaze, Huang Fu Zheng dialed the video call, which was quickly connected on the huge screen!


      A majestic figure as lofty as a mountain suddenly appeared in front of everyone's eyes!


      A blood-coloured battle armour was draped over his shoulders, and upon closer inspection, the armour was actually stained with blood, while the throne beneath him was also made of human skulls!


      All over his body, he emits an aura of tragedy and fury that makes one's scalp tingle at first glance!






      In an instant, everyone knelt down in unison, their expressions tense to the extreme, all shouting out loud.


      "All of the Huangfu Clan, bow to Lord Mad God!"


      "All of the Sima Family, bowing to Lord Mad God!"




      The man at the head turned his head, and all of them were met with a pair of scarlet, piercing eyes that looked like a demon king looking back, staring at them with a deadly stare.


      "Did you get the Aquamarine Heart I asked you to auction?"


      At these words, both families' expressions froze!


      Huangfu Zheng's expression was fearful as he said.


      "I'm sorry Lord Mad God, that Aquamarine Heart has been snatched away!"


      "What did you say!"


      A furious roar, like a thunderclap, instantly tore through everyone's eardrums!


      It caused everyone present to feel their heads buzzing!


      Even if they were tens of thousands of kilometres away, they could feel the fierce rage of the Blood Hell Mad God, and the two families were in agony.


      "The Heart of Aquamarine must belong to the Empress, yet your two families can't even resolve this trivial matter?"


      The Blood Hell Berserker God snorted coldly, furious to the core.


      "Since this is the case, there is no need for your two families to exist."




      At these words, the two families' livers and guts split, and a thick fear surfaced on their faces.


      They were almost scared to death!


      The two family heads were also so frightened that they hurriedly kowtowed and pleaded in unison, saying.


      "Lord Mad God, spare my life!"


      "Lord Mad God, this matter has nothing to do with us, it was that trash son-in-law of the Bai family who posed as the Dark Emperor and deceived Lord Blood Lord, and then cheated the Aquamarine Heart!"




      The whole room was instantly silent!


      But this silence was the short-lived calm before the storm!




      Immediately afterwards, a terrifying boom resounded loudly.


      The wall behind the Blood God was instantly torn apart by his furious fist!


      His face was hideous and terrifying as he roared out furiously.


      "How dare you impersonate my king, the Bai family... Damn you!"

Chapter 1140

Seeing this!


      The two families breathed a long sigh of relief and smiled wistfully at the same time.


      At this point, they had succeeded in diverting the trouble to the east, and the Lord God of Madness would be completely furious, and the Bai family would surely be destroyed!


      Huangfu Zheng was also instantly delighted and hurriedly asked, "Lord Mad God, that is to say that the one who is now at the Blood Tantra Auction House is really an impostor?"


   "Not bad!"


      The Blood Hell Mad God nodded, "I just received news today that my king is currently in Rice leading the members of Blood Hell and eradicating a powerful dark force, the Holy Hall!"


      "He, absolutely, cannot be in China!"


      Sure enough, it was an impostor!


      A thick sneer surfaced on Huangfu Xuan and Sima Hongrui's faces as they gloated and laughed.


      That bastard was really putting on a show.


      Now that the truth was revealed and everyone knew that he was an impostor, then Lin Fan was bound to die next!


      The Blood Hell Mad God was already furious, not only would Lin Fan die, but even the Bai family would have to suffer!


      Huang Fu Xuan in particular was in a frenzy, he had been reduced to a cripple because of Lin Fan, and now that he knew that Lin Fan was going to die, he was filled with exuberance!


      Lin Fan, just wait!


      It won't be long before you die at the hands of the Mad God, and before then I will torture you and humiliate your wife!


      You will die a horrible death!


      At that moment!


      The Blood God ordered in anger.


      "Royal Family, Sima Family, I order you to eradicate the White Family and bring the scum who dares to impersonate my king before me.


      "I will depart for Jiangnan immediately!"


      "As ordered!"


      Huangfu Zheng and Sima Longming both agreed at the same time, a thick, fierce smile appearing on their faces.


      Because they both knew that the Bai family was finished!


      The Blood Hell Mad God on the other end had already hung up the call.


      Huangfu Zheng and Sima Longming both smiled wistfully as they slowly stood up and looked around at the clansmen below.


      "You have all heard the words of Lord Mad God, with immediate effect, our two clans have officially declared war on the Bai Clan!"




      The whole room boiled over!


      The people of the two clans all looked ecstatic!


      Because they all knew that this was the best opportunity to curry favour with Lord Mad God, and that once this was done, it would be a great achievement!


      "Grandson, don't worry, grandpa will make the Bai family pay a hundred times more for what you've suffered!"


      Huangfu Zheng looked at Huangfu Xuan and said in a murderous manner.


      "Grandpa, I'm going to break Lin Fan's arms and legs, and then insult his wife viciously in front of him!"


      A crazy smile surfaced on Huang Fu Xuan's face, having completely lost his mind, "And then torture his father-in-law and mother-in-law, slowly to death!"


      "Hehehe, no problem! When Lord Mad God arrives in Jiangnan, the entire Bai family will be rounded up or flattened, all according to your own pleasure!"


      Huangfu Zheng laughed coldly, as if the Bai family was already his fish and meat on a plate.


      The entire Huangfu family was also in high spirits!


      All the Huangfu family members spouted the following vile words.


      "How dare a son-in-law of the family dare to harm the genius of my Huangfu family?


      "Hand Lin Fan over to Lord Mad God for disposal, and then make his family slaves for all eternity, to be enslaved and insulted by our two families for generations to come!"


      "Lin Fan's wife, she's a beauty, so don't miss out when the time comes and let her become a tool for all of us to play with!"


      And at that moment, hearing the filthy words of the crowd, Sima Yan'er already felt breathless, and then her eyes went black and she actually fainted on the spot!


      "Lin Fan, it's all because of me that I have caused you!"


      "I, I'm sorry for you!"