Today I Give Up Trying 1137-1138

 Chapter 1137

Looking at the tens of billions of jewels.


      But Bai Yi, however, couldn't be happy at all, because she also knew that Lin Fan wasn't the Blood Lord at all, but an impostor!


      Once the Blood Lord found out, then Lin Fan, and even their Bai family, would be tragically annihilated!


      It was just that right now, there was no way for her to give an account of the truth, otherwise the Blood Lord would likely kill them here out of annoyance and anger.


      She could only wait until the auction was over, go to the Blood Lord and tell him the truth, return the Aquamarine Heart and pay a huge amount of compensation, then she might be able to get her life back.




      At that moment, the atmosphere in the room dropped to a freezing point with a cold snort!


      The blood lord's eyes were wide open and he looked at the two young men with ferocity:


      "My king, what should we do with these two?"




      Huang Fu Xuan instantly fell off his chair in shock, his face flushed with horror!


      Because he knew that the Blood Lord had already decided that this impostor was the King of Blood Prison, so naturally he would do whatever he said.


      Today, he would not escape this fate!


      On the other hand, Sima Hongrui's face was also extremely ugly.


      Their two eldest youngsters had let an impostor, a trash, control their fate, how suffocating and humiliating was that?


      "It's up to you." Lin Fan carelessly returned a sentence.


      At these words, the crowd shook with rage!


      This bastard, did he really think of himself as the King of Blood Prison?


      How dare he really dare to dominate the fate of the two young masters?


      This is simply a death wish!


      The Blood Lord then snorted coldly and said in a condescending manner, "Insulting my king, break your legs today as a punishment!"




      The whole audience was shocked!


      How dare the Blood Lord break the legs of the two young men?


      From now on, they would become useless!


      "Lin Fan, please spare my brother, he didn't do it on purpose!"


      Sima Yan'er hurriedly turned to Lin Fan and begged bitterly.


      And Lin Fan couldn't help but frown, before staring Sima Hongrui closely in the face with.


      "You can get lost!"


      For Sima Yan'er's sake, Lin Fan did not want to make things difficult for Sima Hongrui.


      Only Sima Hongrui, however, did not feel grateful in the slightest, instead his face was gloomy and he looked at Lin Fan with cold fury.


      "Don't think that this matter will end here, an impostor will always be an impostor. You and the Bai family will undoubtedly die!"


      With those words, he left in anger.


      Lin Fan shook his head and laughed softly, not saying a word!


      "Make your move!"


      The Blood Lord let out a violent shout, his killing intent showing.


      A group of Blood Prison powerhouses instantly darted in from all corners like ghosts!


      All together, they headed towards Huang Fu Xuan and surrounded him!


      "Lin Fan, I have come to bid for the Heart of Aquamarine on the orders of the Blood Prison Mad God, how dare you hurt me!"


      Huang Fu Xuan roared in anger, "If he knows that you are impersonating the Blood Prison King, no one in this world will be able to save you!"


      A threat!


      Those Blood Prison members then all stopped and looked at Lin Fan.


      Seeing this, Huangfu Xuan instantly smiled smugly.


      "Lin Fan, the Blood Prison Mad God has seen the real King of Blood Prison, if you can voluntarily admit that you are an impostor at this time and kneel down and kowtow to me three times, perhaps I can even put in a few good words for you in front of the Mad God."




      Lin Fan smiled faintly and waved his hand violently!


      Ka-ching! Ka-ching!


      Right in front of everyone's eyes, his legs were snapped off!




      The harsh wail suddenly resounded throughout the venue!


      Huangfu Xuan's eyes were bloodshot and he was completely furious!


      He was mad!


      This guy was crazy!


      He knew that he was an impostor, yet he still dared to strike at him, wasn't he afraid of the revenge of the Blood Hell Mad God?


      In the next instant, Huang Fu Xuan was staring at Lin Fan as if he were mad.


      "Bastard, how dare you hurt me? You're dead! I will report this to the Blood Prison God and have him break your body into pieces!"




      Lin Fan, who was preparing to leave, then laughed contemptuously.


      "I'll be waiting!"

Chapter 1138

Ptkins escorted Lin Fan and his wife out of the doorway, but only when they stepped out, Bai Yi hurriedly fell to his knees on the ground.


      This scene instantly stunned Lin Fan and Ptkins.


      But Bai Yi's face was white as she pleaded pitifully, saying.


      "Lord Blood Lord, my husband is not the King of Blood Hell at all, he bought the Aquamarine Heart to please me before he caused such a huge disaster, please forgive us Lord Blood Lord, we are willing to return the Aquamarine Heart and make compensation, please Lord Blood Lord don't hurt my husband!"


      Upon hearing these words, Lin Fan smiled bitterly, yet a warmth surfaced in his heart with it.




      And Ptarmigan was dumbfounded on the spot, not expecting the Empress to still not know the identity of the King.


      Lin Fan passed him a look, and Ptarmigan instantly reacted, saying with a smile on his face.


      "Your Ladyship has spoken highly of you, in fact, I already knew that your husband was not the King of Blood Hell, I was just cooperating with him in a play."


      Knew it already?


      Bai Yi was frozen, Lord Blood Lord had known that Lin Fan was a fake long ago, yet he wasn't angry and even played a scene with him, what was going on?


      Lin Fan hurriedly explained.


      "Wife, it was actually the Dragon and Tiger War God who had informed Lord Blood Lord a long time ago, otherwise how would we be qualified to enter the Blood Tantra with our status?"


      "And when Lord Blood Lord saw us being humiliated, it was on account of us being friends of the Dragon Tiger War God that he cooperated with me in putting on such a show."


      Bai Yi was suddenly enlightened, no wonder that with Lin Fan's status he was able to get an entrance ticket to the Blood Tantra, it was because the Dragon Tiger War God had explained it in advance.


      "Then this Heart of Aquamarine..."


      Bai Yi said hesitantly, slowly handing the Heart of Aquamarine out, since it was an act, then naturally this generous gift could not be taken from others.


      Naturally, Ptarmigan did not dare to take it and said with a smile.


      "I'll give this Aquamarine Heart to your ladyship, consider it a friend."


      "No, no, this is too valuable, I can't take it!"


      Bai Yi was shocked, this was ten billion dollars in jewellery, how could she dare to take it when she had nothing to gain?


      The corner of Ptarmigan's mouth twitched, precious? Your husband is worth trillions of dollars, what is a mere ten billion dollar jewel?


      Immediately, Ptarmigan's face sank and he put on an angry face.


      "If you don't accept this gift, you're looking down on me, are you saying that Madam Lin doesn't want to make a friend of me?"


      "Of course not." Bai Yi was on the verge of tears, it was a blessing she had cultivated in her life to be able to befriend the Blood Lord, how could she dare to look down on him?


      "Wife, this is a kind gesture from someone, just accept it, ten billion is just a drop in the bucket to the Blood Lord anyway." Lin Fan persuaded with a smile.


      "Don't talk nonsense!"


      Bai Yi was secretly annoyed at Lin Fan's mouth, but he could only accept the gift reluctantly, "Then... Then I'll accept it shamelessly."


      "That's right!"


      Ptarmigan was overjoyed and greeted a limousine to take Lin Fan and his wife back to their place.




      By the latter part of the night, the Huangfu family, however, and the Sima family, held an emergency meeting!


      The pale Huangfu Xuan, sitting in a wheelchair, was pushed out, and those eyes were covered with thick resentment.


      It was like a vicious snake!


      Huangfu's family also had gloomy faces, with cold killing intent in their eyes.


      Sitting high above the chief was the family head of the Huangfu and Sima families.


      Huangfu Zheng!


      Sima Longming!


      Seeing his successor reduced to a wastrel, Huangfu Zheng hated with a frenzy and asked in a deep, angry voice.


      "You all say that it was that wasteful son-in-law of the Bai family that caused Huangfu Xuan to have both his legs broken by the Blood Lord?"


      "Not bad!"


      Sima Hongrui stepped forward, a strand of hatred wiping across his eyes.


      "That scum impersonated the King of Blood Prison, deceived the Blood Lord, and even allowed the Blood Lord to break Huangfu Xuan's legs!"


      Impersonating the King of Blood Prison?


      The whole room was in shock!


      The two families all drew in cold breaths, and there was dense horror in their eyes!