Today I Give Up Trying 1134-1136

 Chapter 1134

In their opinion, Lin Fan could never afford to buy the Aquamarine Heart, so he was just trying to make trouble by bidding so indiscriminately.


      Originally, they both thought they could get the Heart of Aquamarine within ten billion, but now they had to pay billions more because of Lin Fan!


      Both of them had murderous looks on their faces and were gnashing their teeth, they both wanted to cut Lin Fan into pieces!


      Only, Lin Fan continued to look indifferent as he swept them a glance.


      "Either bid, or get lost!"




      The whole room was shocked, and all of them looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.


      He was so arrogant!


      This guy, he didn't even understand his situation!


      Instead of provoking the two young masters and the high and mighty Blood Lord one after another, this guy didn't have any self-awareness, but was becoming more and more unbearable.


      This is really not worth dying for!


      In an instant, everyone laughed coldly in unison, their eyes revealing a strange look, as if they were looking at a dead man!


      Sima Hongrui was furious and was about to teach a lesson.


      But at this moment, Huangfu Xuan stopped him and smiled wickedly.


      "Don't rush, I'd like to see how he can come up with ten billion!"


      At these words, the crowd revealed wry smiles, at this time the two young masters stopped bidding, Lin Fan would have to auction off the Aquamarine Heart for ten billion.


      If he couldn't come up with the money, Blood Tantalus would have him dismantled!


      There was a rich man who had previously bid for the lot and then denied it, only to be found the next day with his entire family of over ten people, all of whom had died under the sword.


      Lin Fan was finished, and the Bai family was going to suffer the same fate!


      At this time, Bai Yi's face was also thick with despair, and she was already on the phone, ready to sell all her properties to pay for Lin Fan's arrogance.


      Seeing this, the crowd became more and more sympathetic to Bai Yi, such a good woman yet she had found a loser who would only drag her down, really God was not open-minded.


      "You can't live with your own sins!"


      Sima Hongrui instantly smiled in contempt, as if he could already predict, what would happen to Lin Fan!


      At this time, that Blood Tapestry staff member then walked quickly towards Lin Fan and politely asked.


      "Sir, may I ask in what way are you paying?"


      Seeing this!


      The sarcastic smiles on the corners of the crowd's mouths instantly intensified to the extreme!




      Now let's see how you can go on pretending!


      If Blood Tantra knew that you didn't have the money to pay, your corpse would be floating in the moat tonight!


      At this moment, Huangfu Xuan's eyes were filled with ecstasy, and his whole body was almost going crazy!


      He was dead!


      This guy, he's finally going to die!


      If he dares to offend Huangfu Xuan, this is what will happen!


      Everyone looked towards Lin Fan with glee, expecting a scene where he would kneel down and beg for mercy.


      However, the next scene...


      But the next scene left everyone present petrified!


      Lin Fan helplessly stretched out his hands and said carelessly.


      "I don't have any money!"


      Three simple words, but they sounded like thunder, and exploded throughout the auction hall!


      The entire auction hall was suddenly like dead silence, everyone was stunned and puzzled, wondering if they had heard wrong.


      An admission?


      How dare he admit it so bluntly!


      This was like a death wish!


      The staff member at the head of the room had a chilling look on his face.


      "Sir, are you joking?"


      No one had ever dared to renege on their accounts, unless they wanted to die!


      "I really don't have any money!"


      But Lin Fan remained as lighthearted as ever, not caring in the slightest.


      "Then pay with your life!"


      Huangfu Xuan said viciously.


      "Steward Liu, this brat is a wasteful door-to-door son-in-law, a little white boy who lives off women, how can he have ten billion? He's here to cause trouble on purpose!"


      Messing up?


      Steward Liu's face instantly turned gloomy, and his words were immediately filled with a strong murderous intent.


      "Either you produce ten billion today, or you will die in the Blood Tapestry!"

Chapter 1135

The words are cold and refusing!


      They contain a fierce murderous intent!


      No room for error!


      This scene immediately caused the crowd to laugh madly!


      "Buy it if you like it? Who just said that? How come you don't have any money now?"


      "Poor bastard, you dare to pretend to be in the Blood Tapestry, you're dead!"


      "Bai Yi has found such a loser for a husband, what a bloody bad luck!"


      In their eyes, Lin Fan was already a dead man!


      At this time, however, Bai Yi also tensed up and pleaded to Steward Liu with a sobbing voice, saying.


      "Steward Liu, can you give me a few days? I'm already selling off my assets, just give me a few days and I'll definitely make up the ten billion for you!"




      Steward Liu was the one who looked like he was greasy and coldly snorted.


      "Sorry! We, the Blood Tender, do not take credit! If you can't get the money today, don't blame us for not being polite!"


      Bai Yi's face was pale and her tears were pouring out like tears from an embankment, it had only been a day, where could she find so much money?


      At this moment, her heart was filled with despair!


      "Wife, it's alright, maybe the owner will give us this Aquamarine Heart later, maybe?"


      Lin Fan said with a faint smile and a joke.




      The crowd who heard this had their eyes glazed over as they all stared in disbelief!


      They had heard wrongly, hadn't they?


      This kid had actually said that the Blood Lord would give them the Aquamarine Heart?


      Immediately, everyone shook their heads and laughed coldly, casting sarcastic glances at Lin Fan.


      Was this guy already scared silly? So much so that he had started talking nonsense!


      That was the Heart of Aquamarine, a heavenly jewel!


      Giving it to you?


      You are nothing!


      What kind of a loser is a gift from the Blood Lord himself?


      This guy is simply brain-dead!


      "Lin Fan, that's enough! I'm disappointed in you!"


      Bai Yi chided and shook her head, she had left no stone unturned to save Lin Fan, but Lin Fan had repeatedly sought death, but it was something that caused her to inevitably feel a bit chilled at this time.


      "Please, Blood Lord!"


      Steward Liu was also utterly furious, not bothering to engage in any more nonsense.


      Hearing these words, the crowd knew that Lin Fan was in trouble!


      Once the Blood Lord arrived, it would be the death of this guy!


      In an instant, smiles of glee appeared on the corners of everyone's mouths, as they could already predict Lin Fan's miserable end!


      "Brother..." Sima Yan'er tried to plead for mercy.


      However, she was rudely interrupted by Sima Hongrui, who coldly snorted.


      "There is no need to say anything, no skills but you dare to be arrogant, such a madman deserves to die!"


      Not long after, Ptarmigan came striding in, surrounded by the crowd!


      Seeing this, Huangfu Xuan was immediately overjoyed and hurriedly shouted out.


      "Lord Blood Lord, this person has not only insulted you, but also dared to cause trouble at the auction, you must not let him go this time!"




      Ptarmigan snapped to a standstill in front of Huangfu Xuan, before frowning and fixing him with a stern look in his eyes as he said.


      "Your name is Huangfu Xuan, right?"


      As soon as he heard the other party mention himself, Huangfu Xuan was immediately excited and nodded his head repeatedly: "Yes, my name is Huangfu Xuan.


      "Yes, my name is Huangfu Xuan, the heir to the Huangfu family!"




      However, without warning, a slap was thrown at Huangfu Xuan!




      There was a gasp of shock in the room, and everyone was startled and covered their mouths in shock!


      But what they didn't expect was that the person who had struck... But to their surprise, the person who had struck... was actually Platinus!


      The Blood Lord had even struck Huangfu Xuan, why?


      Even Huangfu Xuan was confused, his teeth were bleeding, and he looked at Plagueis in dismay.


      "Lord Blood Lord, what are you..."


      With a face full of fury, Ptarmigan scolded, "How dare you insult the Blood Lord, you... Damn you!"




      Four simple words that exploded the entire audience!


      Huangfu Xuan, he had insulted the King of Blood Prison?


      Has he gone mad?


      The King of Blood Hell, known as the King of Kings, the man from hell, is a true demon king!


      It's no exaggeration to say that if he lifted a finger, the four great families of Jiangnan would be wiped out!


      Huangfu Xuan was just a small heir, how dare he insult him?


      Even Sima Hongrui could not help but look at Huangfu Xuan in disbelief, his heart astonished to the extreme.


      This fellow, he had the audacity to insult the King of Blood Prison?


      When did this happen?


      Hearing these words, Huangfu Xuan was about to piss himself on the spot, wailing in extreme pathos.


      "No! This must be a misunderstanding! Lord Blood Lord, you are mistaken, I have never insulted the King of Blood Prison!"


      What was his status?


      How could he dare to offend such a personage from the sky above!




      But instead, Ptarmigan snorted coldly straight away and turned his head, striding towards Lin Fan.


      And then, under the completely manic gaze of the crowd, he blatantly fell to his knees!


      "Blood Lord, see the King of Blood Hell!"

Chapter 1136

Silent, like dead silence!


      The whole room was silent for an instant!


      Everyone felt as if their throats were being strangled, unable to make a sound, almost suffocating!


      Every pore in their bodies was trembling madly!


      The shock in their hearts was like a tsunami!


      They couldn't believe their ears and eyes at this moment!


      The Blood Lord was kneeling in front of Lin Fan, respecting him as the King of Blood Hell?


      Was this a fucking hallucination?


      How could that punk, who was clearly a son-in-law, be the King of the Blood Prison?


      There must be a mistake!


      When Huangfu Xuan and Sima Hongrui saw this, they immediately went mad!


      The King of the Blood Prison was Lin Fan?


      How could this be!


      This news was like a bolt from the blue, and it knocked them out on the spot!


      That existence, which they had treated as a waste and humiliated at will, was actually the King of Kings?


      God had played a big joke on them!


      Wasn't the reason they had come to this auction to curry favour with the Blood Hell Mad God and curry favour with the Blood Hell King?


      And now the Blood Lord was telling them that Lin Fan was the King of the Blood Hell?


      This could never be!


      Huang Fu Xuan and Sima Hongrui's faces were both gloomy to the extreme!


      Neither of them could accept the fact that this trash, Lin Fan, was the King of the Blood Prison.


      The Blood Lord, he must have been tricked!


      Yes, it was that tattoo, the Blood Lord must have been deceived by the tattoo on Lin Fan's body, and that was why he had mistakenly thought that he was the King of the Blood Prison!


      Immediately, Huangfu Xuan was indignant and said.


      "Blood Lord, you've been deceived, that fellow isn't the King of Blood Hell at all, he's impersonating! His tattoos are fake too! You have to kill him!"


      "King of Blood Hell, how can it be a punk like you? How dare you impersonate the King of Blood Hell, Lin Fan you are simply... Damn it!"


      Sima Hongrui also roared in stern rage, he couldn't accept that his faith was a waste of a doorstep son-in-law.




      Yes, it must be an imposture!


      The crowd also suddenly realized that anger rose in their eyes, and a grim smile surfaced at the corners of their mouths.


      The King of the Blood Prison was a son-in-law to someone?


      That was ridiculous!


      This kid, who had just pretended to be the King of Blood Prison with a tattoo, now dared to deceive the Blood Lord, how dare he!


      Lin Fan will die! The Bai family will die!


      Even Bai Yi didn't believe that Lin Fan could be the King of Blood Prison, that was an existence known as the Demon King, and Lin Fan?


      A son-in-law, a family man!


      How could he be the King of Blood Prison?


      So when she saw Lin Fan impersonating the King of Blood Prison, she almost cried in fear at this moment, every string in her heart was tense to the extreme at this instant!


      "Shut up!"


      However, the Blood Lord let out an angry roar, but it calmed the entire room!


      "How dare you insult the Blood Lord again and again, you deserve to die!"


      The violent voice was so full of murderous intent that it caused the crowd to feel like a mountain pressing down on them, and they couldn't breathe!


      It was over!


      The Blood Lord had been completely blinded by this impostor, unable to listen to anyone else's advice.


      And at that moment, Lin Fan spoke up and said indifferently :


      "I have no money, can I buy this Heart of Aquamarine?"


      The Blood Lord's expression straightened as he said in a deep voice :


      "My king is joking, the entire Blood Tantra is yours, which lot you want to take away is still up to your mood?"




      The crowd swallowed fiercely, and their faces were thick with shock!


      In other words, that Aquamarine Heart was about to be cheated away by this impostor?


      Hearing this, Huangfu Xuan and Sima Hongrui were indignant to the extreme, the Aquamarine Heart that they were so determined to win had been cheated away by an impostor, how could they explain this to the Blood Hell Mad God?


      They could not wait to cut Lin Fan into pieces!


      Lin Fan directly took the Aquamarine Heart, put it on for Bai Yi, and said with a smile on his face :


      "My queen, as I said, as long as you like it, we'll buy it!"