Today I Give Up Trying 1131-1133

 Chapter 1131

Upon hearing this, Situ Yan'er fell to the ground, covering her face and crying bitterly, her heart twisting like a knife.


      It was her, it was all her fault for causing Lin Fan's death!


      If she hadn't asked Lin Fan to act as a shield, he wouldn't have offended Huang Fu Xuan, and at this moment, he wouldn't have been schemed by Huang Fu Xuan to the point of losing his life.


      In an instant!


      Everyone cast a sneering glance at Lin Fan, as if in their eyes, Lin Fan was a man who was about to die.


      Because of him, he had stabbed the sky!


      "Alright, then we'll do as you say!"


      Ptarmigan agreed instantly, a smile spreading across his face.




      In other words, Lin Fan was dead!


      Huang Fu Xuan instantly gloated, not only had he eradicated his love interest, he had also obliterated the Bai family, killing two birds with one stone, he was truly a genius.


      The expressions of the people at this time became more and more playful, and they all thought to themselves.


      This time, the Bai [pen interest pavilion 5200] family is going to have a lot of bad luck!


      "Your name is Huangfu Xuan, right? Very good, I remember you!"


      And at this time, Ptarmigan was staring straight at Huangfu Xuan, the smile on that face looked stiff and hypocritical, giving a cold and gloomy feeling.


      "Thank you, my lord."


      Huangfu Xuan was excited, but in his heart he was puzzled, why did he feel strands of coldness surging up his back?


      It was as if he was being watched by a poisonous snake!


      "However, let's wait until after the auction is over for everything."


      Ptarmigan explained, before announcing that the auction had officially begun.


      Seeing this, Huang Fu Xuan was clearly a little disappointed, as he couldn't wait to see Lin Fan's downfall.


      At this time, he looked at Lin Fan sorrowfully.


      "Kid, enjoy the last hour of your life, when the auction ends, your little life won't be safe!"


      "Not necessarily." Lin Fan smiled calmly, his eyes empty.


      "What a brain-damaged person, how dare he be arrogant even after all this?"


      Huangfu Xuan shook his head, he was no longer able to spit at this kind of pretentious behaviour of Lin Fan.


      Immediately, he ordered Ye Shihao, "Ye Shihao, keep an eye on this pair of dogs and men, don't let them escape, and hand them over to Lord Blood Lord for disposal after the auction."


      Ye Shihao gave Lin Fan a complicated look and did not squeal.


      And not far away, Situ Yan'er wanted to come over to Lin Fan, but was grabbed back hard by Situ Hongrui.


      Situ Hongrui smiled grimly, in his opinion Lin Fan was already a dead man, and he should draw a clear line with him at this time, so as not to be dragged down by this waste.


      Lin Fan looked at Bai Yi, who had fallen to the ground in a state of six disorientation, and immediately laughed bitterly, saying.


      "Wife, the auction is starting, let's go in."


      "Lin Fan, why are you doing this?"


      Bai Yi stared sharply at Lin Fan, already sobbing, she really couldn't figure out why Lin Fan was looking for death.


      Lin Fan didn't know how to explain, he could only sigh and say.


      "Wife, just trust me one more time, we'll be fine, there might be a surprise later."


      "Surprise? What surprise?"


      Bai Yi's eyebrows knitted together, but for some reason, seeing Lin Fan's calm and easy-going appearance made her feel less nervous.


      It seemed that every time Lin Fan smiled like this, the problem was solved.


      "You'll find out in a moment."


      Lin Fan sold a story and hurriedly came up to help Bai Yi.


      Bai Yi instantly grunted, "If you dare to lie to me, I'll go back tonight and kneel on the rubbers!"


      Lin Fan: "......"


      The duo also entered the auction hall, and in an instant the crowd cast contemptuous and mocking glances.


      These two ungrateful things, how dare they come to participate in the auction when they're already dead?


      What a brain fart!


      As far as they were concerned, these two idiots should be the first to prepare their own affairs!


      Lin Fan, on the other hand, had his eyes wide open, grabbed Bai Yi, who was in a panic, and strode into the room.


      Next, the Master of Ceremonies said something that brought the whole room to a complete boil!


      "The first lot is, a rare treasure, the Heart of Aquamarine!"


      Swish, swish, swish!


      All the women stood up instantly!


      Their eyes were filled with endless desire and fascination, they were completely crazy!


      Because this is the most expensive jewel in the world, the only one of its kind in the world!


      The Queen's only!

Chapter 1132

It is said to be every woman's dream, taken from the deepest part of the sea, it has an extremely rare deep sea colour, clear and gorgeous, it is said that only one gram of these crystals is produced in ten thousand years, and this Aquamarine Heart has 32 grams, which means that it has taken 320,000 years to take shape, and is therefore extremely rare.


      It's extremely rare. It's the only one of its kind!


      Even Bai Yi couldn't help but be mesmerised by the enchanting light of the gemstone, and his eyes didn't blink!




      At that moment, a pot of cold water doused the burning hearts of the women present.


      "The Heart of Aquamarine, starting bid, two billion!"


      The price!


      There is no other gemstone like it, and there is no other price like it!


      All the women present, over ninety percent of them, sat back in dismay, their faces flushed with a strong sense of resignation and regret.


      It was indeed exclusive to the Queen, and the starting price alone was enough to put it out of reach.


      Even a thousand-year-old girl from an extremely powerful family like Sima Yan'er would only dare to be moved by her heart but not by her intention.


      "Three billion!"


      But then, an abrupt voice rang out at this moment!


      Everyone was stunned and dismayed as they all looked in one direction, raising the price by one billion in one go, this was a sure win for the Heart of Aquamarine.


      However, they were surprised to find that the person who opened his mouth was Huangfu Xuan.


      Why did Huangfu Xuan, a man, care so much about this women's jewellery?


      "Three and a half billion!"


      Another voice followed, and the person bidding was Sima Hongrui.


      This instant, the whole room was appalled!


      All of them looked at the two young men in disbelief, with a strong shock in their eyes!


      "What's wrong with the two young masters that they are interested in such a face-saving item?"


      "You guys don't understand, I've heard some gossip that the reason why the two young masters went out of their way to bid for this Aquamarine Heart at a sky-high price was actually to curry favour with a big shot!"




      The crowd was stunned, unable to hide their shock, and stared deadly at the man who had spoken.


      With the status of the two young masters, they still needed to curry favour with others?


      They were the future heads of the Huangfu and Sima families!


      "And that big shot is the Blood Prison's renowned... The Blood Hell Mad God!"




      The whole room was dead silent!


      After hearing these words, everyone in the audience was so frantic that their hearts were beating wildly, almost going mad!


      The Blood Hell God, a terrifying being who once defeated the four great war gods of China with his own strength, commanded 100,000 Blood Hell troops and was the number one general under the King of Blood Hell!


      He had slaughtered eleven cities, killed 400,000 people, and fought 63 battles without a single defeat!


      That was a terrifying existence above the God of War, the God of Killing!


      The mere mention of his name made all the great men present shiver in silence and tremble as if they were sick with a cold disease!


      "And that's not all, I've also heard that the reason why the Blood Hell God is so keen on the Aquamarine Heart is that he intends to give it to the Blood Hell King's wife, the Queen!"




      These words exploded like a heavy bomb in the crowd's faces!


      It terrified them to their core!


      An existence a hundred times more terrifying than the Blood Hell God, the King of Blood Hell!


      The King of Blood Hell had even gotten married? What woman is so lucky?


      If she could be the wife of the Demon King, then she must have a great background too, right?


      An eerie silence fell over the entire auction hall, and everyone's faces were thick with shock, none of them had expected that the Queen Exclusive would actually be given to the Queen!


      Everyone was so frightened that they didn't have the courage to bid, after all, this was something that the Empress had her eye on, who would dare to rob it?




      A careless voice, but at this time, rang out.


      "Five billion!"

Chapter 1133



      The whole room was shocked, and then they looked at Lin Fan, who was not far away, and could not believe their ears.


      This fellow, he dared to bid against the two great young men?


      He dared to grab something from the Blood Hell Mad God?


      He was simply insane!


      Completely and utterly insane!


      "Lin Fan, what nonsense are you talking about!"


      Hearing Lin Fan call for a bid, Bai Yi almost didn't faint in shock, where did they have so much money?


      Even if they did, but robbing the jewellery given to the Queen, could that Blood Hell Mad God spare them?


      Lin Fan was simply looking for death!


      "Since you like it, let's buy it!"


      Lin Fan smiled lightly, he was truly trenchant!


      He could see that Bai Yi also liked this Aquamarine Heart, and the entire Blood Tantra was his, so what was wrong with giving an auction item to his own wife?


      "Buy it? With a dead poor man like you?"


      A sneer came out of Huang Fu Xuan's mouth as he swept an extremely contemptuous glance at Lin Fan.


      "I don't think it's even mysterious whether you can get fifty out of your pocket, let alone five billion?"




      At these words, the crowd burst into laughter!


      They all looked at Lin Fan with contempt and disgust.


      This poor bastard, a loser who relied on his wife to give him pocket money, could get five billion?


      Even Bai Yi might not be able to come up with that much money at once, so how could this punk make such a big statement?


      It was ridiculous!


      Sima Hongrui's face also sank, and he rebuked with a murderous voice.


      "Do you have the money to pay? If you don't pay the price, you will die in the Blood Tapestry! Get out, don't make a fool of yourself!"


      The two families were determined to win the Aquamarine Heart in order to please the Blood Tantrum God, so how could they allow a punk like Lin Fan to cause trouble?


      Lin Fan looked calm and said calmly, "Whether or not I have the money to give is my business, what does it have to do with you?"


      At these words, the crowd was instantly enraged, and a huge rage rose in their eyes!


      This bastard, how dare he be so arrogant even at the end of his life?


      He deserved to die!


      Huangfu Xuan snorted coldly, and a strong resentment surfaced on his face.


      "Ye Shihao, who gave you permission to let them in? Throw this pair of dogs out!"




      Ye Shihao did not move and said with an indifferent expression.


      "Mr. Lin, it's not for a small character like you to offend, stop!"




      Huang Fu Xuan's face instantly turned ugly, resentment and murderous intent spewing from his eyes.


      "Ye Shihao, what do you mean! You don't really think that this trash will be the King of Blood Prison, do you?"


      But Ye Shihao was indifferent and unwilling to answer, insisting on his own inner thoughts.


      And with such a gesture, he completely drove Huangfu Xuan mad as he swept a resentful glance at Ye Shihao.


      "Fine, fine, a dog, how dare you betray my Huangfu family, I will make you die a horrible death!"


      If he didn't do something about it, how would he be able to gain a foothold in Jiangnan in the future?


      Everyone also cast a mocking glance at Ye Shihao, how could this idiot believe that his son-in-law was the King of Blood Prison?


      What a sick mind!


      "Five and a half billion!"


      "Six billion!"


      "Six and a half billion!"


      The two young men, bidding frantically, clearly leaving no stone unturned in order to woo that Blood Hell Mad God!


      Only, that obnoxious voice rang out again and scared everyone in the room!


      "Ten billion!"


      When that figure was uttered, the whole room fell into dead silence!


      Everyone's eyes were rounded as if they were about to burst open from their sockets, staring at Lin Fan in disbelief.


      This guy, seriously?


      As soon as she heard this figure, Bai Yi covered her heart and felt like she was about to go into cardiac arrest, her face instantly turning white!


      This time, it was completely over!


      And at that moment!


      Huangfu Xuan and Sima Hongrui, the two young masters, turned around in unison, and a harsh murderous look appeared in their eyes.


      "Lin Fan, you seek death!!!"