Today I Give Up Trying 1127-1128

 Chapter 1127

Damn it!


      "Lin Fan, forget it, he... We can't afford to mess with him."


      Bai Yi grabbed Lin Fan's hand, not wanting Lin Fan to seek his own death, but his face was filled with shame and bitterness.


      "Kid, you still dare to threaten this young master? Fine! Since you're looking for death, then I'll make it happen. Just wait, you will be dismantled by Blood Tantra!"


      Huang Fu Xuan laughed fiercely, a thick malice surfacing in his eyes as if Lin Fan was already a dead man.


      "Lin Fan, let's get out of here!"


      Bai Yi's pretty face was white and she was on the verge of crying out, at this time, she didn't care how others insulted her, she only wanted Lin Fan to be safe and sound.


      But Lin Fan didn't move and said in a cold voice, "No one can insult my wife and still be unharmed afterwards!"




      The whole room was shocked!


      Everyone instantly looked at Lin Fan with contemptuous eyes, as if they had heard a big joke.


      An ant talking about tripping over an elephant was just a joke, wasn't it?


      And Bai Yi was so angry that he stomped his feet, Lin Fan simply didn't know what he was doing, that was the youngest of the Huangfu family, can you afford to offend him?


      "Lin Fan?"


      At that moment, a clear voice rang out from behind Lin Fan and his wife.


      When Lin Fan looked back, he saw Sima Yan'er and a young man walking quickly.


      Upon seeing Sima Yan'er, a thick, complicated look appeared in Bai Yi's eyes.


      It was her?


      Bai Yi recognised at a glance that this Sima Yan'er was the woman in red who had walked out of the hotel with her husband and had been photographed by Chang Yuan.


      As soon as the man beside Sima Yan'er appeared, the whole room fell into a dead silence!


      His footsteps were like a heavy hammer striking wildly on the chest of the crowd!


      The power of the man was overwhelming, and his might was overwhelming!


      Fear appeared in everyone's eyes!


      Sima Hongrui, the future head of the Sima family!


      The Sima Family was not as powerful as the other three families, but it was only because of one man that it was ranked among the Four Great Hidden Families: Sima Hongrui.


      He is the head of a mysterious organisation in China, specialising in dealing with inconvenient matters for China, such as... Assassination!


      Seeing the appearance of Sima Hongrui, even the arrogant Huangfu Xuan was silenced, not daring to breathe a single breath.


      At that moment, Sima Hongrui was looking at Lin Fan from a high position and asked Sima Yan'er.


      "Your boyfriend, is he the one?"


      "Brother, no, listen to my explanation."


      Only, Sima Hongrui laughed coldly and waved his hand, "Such a trash is not worthy of you!"


      And then, his gaze fell on Bai Yi's body, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his lips.


      "But, it's more than enough for this kind of bitch!"


      Obviously, like Huang Fu Xuan, he also despised Bai Yi, who had risen to the top by selling meat, and thought that this kind of bitch was not qualified to be on their level!


      At these words, Bai Yi felt a knife being thrust into her heart, and she cried out in anguish.


      In the next moment, Sima Hongrui continued to speak with contempt.


      "Now, you two dogs, get out of my sight!"




      Situ Yan'er cried out in shock.


      Huangfu Xuan smiled coldly in response, and with a ruthless look on his face, he rebuked.


      "Ye Shihao, what are you still standing there for? Cripple this kid and throw him out!"


      As soon as the words left his mouth, a figure walked out brazenly!


      Everyone was completely shocked!


      Ye Shihao?


      The richest man in Baiyun City? The richest man in Baiyun City?


      He was currently a guest of the Huangfu family, and he was even here?


      A pair of eyes full of sympathy or mockery fell on Lin Fan, this guy dared to provoke the youngest of the two families, he simply didn't know how to live.


      Now that Ye Shihao had struck, Lin Fan was bound to die, for they knew that Ye Shihao never left anyone alive under his command!


      Ye Shihao Hun strided in to kill him, the aura of slaughter spreading out, sending shivers down the spine.


      He contemptuously grabbed Lin Fan by his collar and spoke with contempt.


      "Kid, you..."


      Only, before the words left his mouth, his arrogant expression completely froze.


      Then, a dense look of panic and terror appeared on the face of this lord of his generation!


      This was because he saw the extremely terrifying tattoo on Lin Fan's chest, a tattoo that looked like a nightmare.


      It caused Ye Shihao to almost piss himself on the spot, his body trembling like chaff!


      "Ye Shihao, why aren't you doing anything?"


      Seeing that he was not moving, Huangfu Xuan angrily chided.


      But at that moment, everyone saw Ye Shihao's body tremble violently, and then poofed to his knees, his voice almost crying out.


      "Devil... Devil God Totem!"

Chapter 1128



      Everyone felt as if they were dreaming when they saw that the lord of the generation, Ye Shihao, had actually fallen to the ground in fear!


      In particular, when they saw this lordly figure with his face ashen, howling in terror and almost pissing himself in fear, everyone felt terrified!


      What was it that could scare the guts out of a lord who had killed so many people with just one glance?


      However, what was even more terrifying was yet to come!


      They suddenly realised that the majestic Situ Hongrui's face was also filled with fear, and he shouted frantically.


      "Impossible! That can't be the Devil God Totem!"


      Everyone was so shocked that they were going mad!


      How could even Situ Hongrui be so terrified?


      That Devil God Totem, what on earth was it?


      Seeing Situ Hongrui's horrified and death-defying appearance, Huangfu Xuan completely exploded, and with a fierce sense of foreboding in his heart, he immediately shouted violently.


      "Ye Shihao, what the hell are you up to! What is the Devil God Totem!"


      Ye Shihao stared straight at Lin Fan, his eyes revealing endless fear, as if he had seen a ghost.


      "The Devil God Totem, from an illustration in the world's first Bible, is said to be the oldest symbol of the devil, full of misfortune and inauspiciousness, and there were people who had this totem tattooed on their bodies, and they all died of bad luck!"


      "In this world, there is only one man who has tattooed this totem and has survived unscathed, and that man is the infamous..."


      "The King of Blood Hell!"




      The words exploded like thunder and lightning in the minds of everyone!


      Immediately, they caused everyone present to tremble like ashes, their bodies trembling wildly, like they were in a hell of a shura, terrified to the extreme!


      At that instant, everyone's heart was beating so violently that it seemed to be bursting with fear, and their eyes were already covered in blood!


      The Lord of Blood Hell?


      The Lord of the Dark World!


      The richest man in the world!


      The most powerful man!


      The most brutal man!


      And now he was standing right in front of them?


      A dream!


      They must be dreaming!


      At this moment, Bai Yi and Sima Yan'er were also completely pale, staring at Lin Fan in disbelief, but their hearts were also stirring up shocking waves.


      Lin Fan, was he the Lord of Blood Prison?


      This homely boy was actually the man who was called the "Demon King"?


      They couldn't accept it!


      Especially Bai Yi, she couldn't believe that her husband, with whom she had spent so many years, was the terrifying demon king who had slaughtered cities and destroyed nations!


      She also didn't think that the tattoos on Lin Fan's body were so powerful!


      The whole room was in shock, and all of them looked at Lin Fan with an expression like they had seen a ghost!


      Fear was in their hearts!


      Because this was the most powerful man in the world, even the heads of the major countries had to be polite when they met him!


      Lin Fan's mind was suddenly awakened, and he didn't expect anyone to be able to recognise his tattoo, and now that he was being stared at by everyone, he was at a loss for words.


      Especially, seeing Bai Yi who was so shocked that he was about to faint, he didn't know what to do.




      Right at that moment!




      A laugh full of ridicule and sarcasm suddenly rang out throughout the hall!


      Everyone looked in shock, but they saw Huangfu Xuan laughing disdainfully.


      "You fools, you've all let this guy fool you, just this piece of crap? The King of Blood Prison? Don't laugh your asses off!"




      The crowd's expressions suddenly changed drastically.


      Situ Hongrui's face sank furiously, forcing down the panic in his heart as he asked.


      "You mean to say that he is not the King of Blood Prison?"


      "Do you still need to ask?"


      Huangfu Xuan laughed contemptuously and said with extreme disdain, "Do you think that the fiercely renowned Dark Emperor would go and become a son-in-law of the family who causes people to laugh?"