Today I Give Up Trying 1124-1126

 Chapter 1124



      Bai Chuan and the others thought that Zheng Honglian must be crazy, otherwise how could she let a small new Bai chairman become the first heir of the Bai family?


      In terms of ability and background, Bai Chen and Bai Hu were both nine blocks behind her, so how could she override them and become the first in line of succession?


      Little did they know that although Bai Yi's ability and background were not good, she had a husband who was very good at what he did!


      In an instant, everyone looked at Bai Yi with a look of utter horror!


      The first in line heir of the Bai family, the future successor of the Jiangnan Bai family!


      "Impossible, when did this happen, why have I never heard of it?"


      Bai Chuan had almost pissed himself in fear, Bai Yi? The future ruler of one of Jiangnan's four hidden giants?


      Letting a person from a branch of the family succeed the throne, this was simply unprecedented in the Bai family!


      Not to mention him, even Bai Yi was dumbfounded, she was not dreaming, was she? She was the heir to the Bai family?


      Then from now on, she would become one of the four dominant lords of Jiangnan, wouldn't she? This scared Bai Yi straight to death!


      "We only made the decision today, do you have a problem with it?"


      Zheng Honglian coldly swept a glance at Bai Chuan, sneering in her heart, this idiot still didn't realise what a terrifying existence he had offended until now.


      "Bai Hu, willing to do my utmost to assist Miss Bai Yi!"


      "White Dust, I wish to serve Miss Bai Yi with all my heart and soul!"




      Once Bai Hu and Bai Dust made their statements, the whole room was completely abuzz!


      "It's over! Second Uncle, we're finished!"


      Bai Yifan immediately fell helplessly to the ground, his face ashen.


      Bai Chuan also looked as if his strength had been drained from his body, his face pale with despair.


      Originally, he still had some illusions, hoping that the two young masters would speak out against him, but he had not expected that the young master, who had always been so high and mighty, would be willing to lower himself to assist Bai Yi?


      Bai Chuan and Bai Yifan's faces both wore a thick, bitter smile.


      They only felt that the world had gone mad!


      All of this made them feel that bizarre and unbelievable!


      However, at this time, Bai Yan stumbled out, crying out to her father.


      "Dad, you guys should quickly bow your heads and admit your mistakes to Lin Fan! You can't play him!"


      Lin Fan?


      Why mention this punk?


      The father and son both shivered, and then, as if they had thought of something, they looked at Lin Fan in unison.


      When they then saw the eyes of Bai Hu and the others, although they were looking at Bai Yi, the focus was on Lin Fan.




      It turned out that it was all Lin Fan's doing!


      And at this time, Bai Chuan and the others were all struck by lightning and were dumbfounded on the spot.


      None of them could comprehend what qualifications this waste of a son-in-law had to be able to make the Dragon and Tiger War God and the Bai family head grovel?


      And then, a thick bitterness could not help but appear on the faces of Bai Chuan and Bai Yifan and the others, before they poofed, poofed and knelt down towards Lin Fan: "Lin Fan, please.


      "Lin Fan, please let us go, we know we're wrong!"




      They had started out thinking of suppressing Lin Fan's family and watching their bad luck, but now people could crush them to death with the snap of their fingers.


      And all of this was because of Lin Fan!


      "Humph! Insulting the future family head, Bai Chuan and Bai Yifan, how dare you two!" Zheng Honglian, however, fiercely chided, before announcing.


      "With immediate effect, the two of you are expelled from the Bai family and driven out of China for all eternity, if you disobey, you will be killed!"




      Upon hearing these words, Bai Chuan and Bai Yifan's eyes were incomparably terrified, and a touch of remorse and pain appeared on their faces.


      By expelling them from the Bai family and driving them out of China, they would henceforth be the dogs that lost their homes.


      Originally they had mocked Lin Fan and his wife for having become destitute, and in the blink of an eye they had lost everything?


      They were, indeed, finished!

Chapter 1125

At this time, Bai Chuan's father and son had a profound experience of what it meant to be happy and what it meant to have bad karma.


      They wanted to trample Lin Fan underfoot, only to be expelled by Lin Fan.


      Now, their intestines are all regretful. If they hadn't offended Lin Fan at the beginning, now that Bai Yi is the head of the family, their family would have been able to rise to the top of the boat.


      But now it was too late to say anything, and the three Bai Chuans were only filled with bitterness and hatred.


      "Mr. Lin, what about this guy?" Bai Chen fiercely stared the almost terrified Zheng Hao down, and a strong malice surfaced in his eyes.


      "When I came in, I happened to hear him humiliating your father-in-law and mother-in-law, and he wanted to hand them over to me for disposal, his heart is no less vicious!"


      "What more do you need to ask? Just kill him!"


      Bai Hu snorted coldly, now that he knew Lin Fan's identity, he was treating him as a god, if the other party dared to insult the god's family, then he deserved to die!


      When Bai Yi became the first in line to succeed the Bai family, Zheng Hao was already scared to death.


      And as soon as he heard these words, he felt his scalp tingling, had he heard correctly? These people were actually planning to kill him?


      He was a small star, how had he ever seen such a battle?


      "Don't you guys mess around, I'm a star, if you kill me, you'll be in big trouble."


      Zheng Hao even wept in his voice, comforting himself in his heart: I am a star, they wouldn't dare to do anything to me, or public opinion wouldn't let them off the hook.


      But such a mental construction made his body, tremble more and more.


      And Bai Hu and the others, as if they had heard a big joke, looked at Zheng Hao as if they were staring at a lamb.


      A star?


      In their eyes, it was like an ant that could be destroyed with a snap of their fingers!


      "How would I kill you, how could I kill you? You're a flowing young meat."


      At that exact moment, Lin Fan was smiling sorrowfully.


      And with this smile, he directly made Zheng Hao's sweat stand up, feeling that this was a demonic smile.


      After that, Lin Fan looked at Bai Chen and the others, "From today onwards, spare all resources to fully promote him!"




      The crowd was confused, this guy had offended Lin Fan's father-in-law and mother-in-law, and yet Lin Fan wanted to promote him?


      Only, the next moment, a chillingly ruthless smile appeared at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth.


      "Also, from today onwards, he can only sleep for three hours a day, and the rest of the time he has to make money for me, all year round!"




      In an instant, everyone instantly looked at Lin Fan in horror, this was too vicious.


      This was to treat Zheng Hao, as an outright money making tool, until he died, living like this would be worse than death.


      "Devil, you're a devil!"


      Zheng Hao only felt like being struck by electricity, his face was instantly white, and at this time, there were no tears left even if he wanted to cry.


      He dared to provoke such a devil, he deserved to die!


      But Lin Fan didn't even look at him, he just helped Bai Yi, "Wife, let's go!"


      Bai Yi nodded with a dumbfounded expression, still not having recovered from that shock.


      "Congratulations to Mr. Lin!"


      "Congratulations to Madam Lin!"


      Behind them, the Dragon and Tiger War Gods and the others shouted out humbly and bowed!


      Seeing this, the Bai Chuan family felt as if they were dreaming, and the remorse in their hearts was even stronger to the extreme.

Chapter 1126

And after Lin Fan's family returned to their residence, the Bai Shan couple finally couldn't hold down the doubts in their hearts and turned to Bai Yi and asked.


      "Bai Yi, why did she make you the next head of the family, Lord Mother?"


      "I don't know either." Bai Yi smiled bitterly at once, before looking at Lin Fan with a complicated expression.


      "Maybe it has something to do with him."


      Intuition told her that it was all because of Lin Fan.


      Lin Fan?


      The couple looked at Lin Fan in shock, those bigwigs would be so respectful because of this wasteful son-in-law of theirs?


      This, was it possible?


      Lin Fan instantly laughed bitterly, "Wife, you're not lifting me up too much, as I see it it must be because the family head believes in your abilities that he decided to give you the position of family head."


      At these words, the Bai Shan couple both nodded, both feeling like this was the case.


      "Is that so?" Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan half-heartedly.


      And it was at this moment that a news item suddenly played on the television that saved Lin Fan.


      "Heavy news! The world's number one auction, Blood Tantra, will be holding an auction in Jiangnan in a week's time, and the world's wealthy are rushing to Jiangnan one after another!"


      "Blood Tapestry is coming to Jiangnan? That is the auction of the century, and the items they are auctioning are all rare treasures that have become a global sensation, and only they have the power to make the world's rich rush to Jiangnan." Bai Yi said with an astonished expression.


      Lin Fan, however, smiled playfully, "Do you want to go? I'll take you there?"


      "Lin Fan, don't be ridiculous, that kind of place is not for ordinary people like us to go to. I've heard that the entrance fee alone for the Blood Tapestry is as high as five million, and the starting price would be at least one hundred million!"


      Bai Yi gave Lin Fan a cross look, although she also wanted to go and see how grand that world's number one auction was, she knew that she was not qualified.


      Because those who could enter the Blood Tapestry must be super rich!


      Lin Fan smiled, "I have a friend who is a staff member inside and has a way to get us in."


      "Really?" Bai Yi's eyes instantly glowed, staring Lin Fan down with anticipation.


      Lin Fan smiled without saying anything, he simply didn't have a friend who worked at the Blood Tapestry, yet he was able to freely enter and exit the Blood Tapestry.


      It was because Blood Tender was but one of his many properties!




      A few days later, Lin Fan and Bai Yi appeared together in the hall of the Blood Tapestry auction.


      Bai Yi was nervous and dumbfounded.


      The Wolf of Wall Street, the God of Stocks, the King of E-Commerce...


      She saw a lot of world-famous superstars, and the Blood Trophy really lived up to its name.


      "Dog scum, who gave you permission to come in, get out!"


      But at that moment, a man walked over with a gloomy face, surprisingly it was Huang Fu Xuan!


      It was the same guy who had pestered Sima Yan'er at the entrance of the vegetable market back then, only to be severely beaten in the face by Lin Fan.


      Lin Fan faintly froze, seemingly not expecting to meet Huang Fu Xuan here either.


      When enemies met, Huang Fu Xuan in particular was about to explode with anger when he saw that beside Lin Fan stood Bai Yi, the first in line heir to the Bai family.


      This poor guy was so popular with beautiful women?


      At this time, the crowd also heard the sound and when they saw Huangfu Xuan, a deep shock and awe appeared in their eyes.


      "Isn't that Huangfu Xuan, the youngest member of the Huangfu family? Are these two guys out of their minds? How dare they offend the future head of the Huangfu family?"


      "What idiots, the Huangfu family is the first of the four hidden giants in Jiangnan, with the most wealth and power, with as many as thirty listed companies alone, and hundreds of industries under its command, with assets of over a trillion dollars, so it's like seeking death to be an enemy!"


      When she found out the identity of the other party, Bai Yi's face turned pale, so the other party was Huangfu Xuan, the youngest of the Huangfu family? The business genius who had made ten billion at the age of twenty?


      Although he was the heir to a powerful family, Bai Yi felt ashamed of himself in front of Huangfu Xuan, who had won the position of heir apparent at the age of 20.


      Especially, knowing that the other party had an enemy with Lin Fan, her heart was even more uneasy to the extreme!


      Lin Fan smiled lightly and said.


      "If you can come, why can't I come?"




      Huang Fu Xuan snorted at once.


      "Bastard, compared to me, are you worthy? I am the youngest member of the Huangfu family, with a wealth of money and power in Jiangnan, and you? A poor bastard!"


      "Did you enter the Blood Tapestry through illegal means?"


      With those words, Bai Yi's expression immediately tensed up.


      Her expression quickly fell into Huangfu Xuan's eyes, and he immediately burst out laughing with joy.


      "How dare you trespass into the Blood Tapestry! If the senior management of Blood Tapestry finds out about this, you will all die for sure!"


      Upon hearing these words, Bai Yi, who was already uneasy, was immediately struck by lightning, and immediately grabbed Lin Fan's arm tightly.


      At this point, Huangfu Xuan then stared at Bai Yi with a lecherous smile on his face.


      "If you don't want to die, then let me have the woman beside you! The future head of the Bai family, I'm sure it will be very tasty!"


      Although he knew that Bai Yi was the heir of the Bai family, he had never put Bai Yi in his eyes; after all, he didn't care when Bai Dust and Bai Hu came.


      Besides, as far as he was concerned, Bai Yi was just lucky to have gotten the inheritance by a stroke of luck.




      Upon hearing these words, Lin Fan's eyebrows fiercely gaped as a cold aura stormed out of his eyes.


      Fierce words spat out from his mouth.


      "Are you looking for death?"




      Huang Fu Xuan's face sank, as if he had not expected that Lin Fan would be so insensitive.


      Immediately, he laughed scornfully.


      "What's there to be angry about, didn't your wife rely on selling meat to finally get the status she has now? If that's the case, then who is she sleeping with? You've been a slave once, why are you afraid of a second time?"


      At these words, laughter erupted!


      Everyone cast contemptuous glances at Lin Fan and the two of them.


      This matter had long been spread in Jiangnan, as Bai Yi was too silent and unknown, compared to Bai Hu and Bai Dust, she was not worth mentioning.


      The rumour was that Bai Yi had slept with a senior member of the Bai family, and had finally been rewarded with glory and wealth.


      Of course, it was Huang Fu Xuan who spread the word!


      After he knew that Bai Yi was Lin Fan's wife, he viciously retaliated by striking out and exaggerating, in order to make the Lin Fan couple suffer humiliation.


      "You, damn you!"


      Lin Fan's eyes were blazing with murderous intent, it didn't matter if the other party insulted him, but insulted the woman he loved.