Today I Give Up Trying 1121-1123

Chapter 1121



      This sound immediately stunned everyone, and a group of people looked sideways towards the door in unison to see Lin Fan and Bai Yi, striding in.


      The faces of both of them were gloomy to the extreme.


      How could this be?


      The crowd was instantly stunned and dismayed, these two had returned so quickly?


      "Lin Fan, Bai Yi! Are you guys alright?"


      The Bai Shan couple was immediately overjoyed and hurriedly greeted them with quick steps.


      All right?


      Bai Chuan's smile was sinister, his face flushed with rage and triumph.


      "Little scum, how does it feel to spend money to buy your life, now you're a poor man, right? Hahahaha!"




      The entire Star River Mansion was instantly shaken by these words.


      The rumours turned out to be true, Bai Yi had really used all of his assets to exchange for Lin Fan's life?


      Then, they would really still have nothing afterwards, ah.


      In an instant, Zheng Hao, Bai Chuan and Bai Yifan all had contemptuous smiles on their faces.


      In their opinion, Bai Yi must have offered up all his assets in exchange for Lin Fan's life, a man who had to rely on a woman for ransom was really a waste!


      At these words, Bai Shan and his wife were also afraid that Lin Fan would be upset, and hastened to comfort him by saying.


      "It's alright kid, money is an extraneous thing, you can earn it again later if you lose it, only if our family can be safe and sound, that's better than anything."


      Lin Fan's heart was suddenly flooded with warmth as he smiled and said, "Dad, mum, don't worry, I'm fine."




      As soon as Lin Fan's words left his mouth, a laugh filled with mockery rang out.


      Zheng Hao came striding in, a touch of arrogance and hatred surfacing in his eyes as he barked at Lin Fan, saying.


      "Dog, didn't you want to block me? Now that you're a poor man, I'll see how you can block me!"


      In his opinion, Lin Fan and Bai Yi had nothing left, then they could no longer pose a threat to him.


      Not only him, but even Bai Chuan and Bai Yifan thought so too, so they laughed and sneered in unison.


      "Lin Fan, although you were lucky enough to recover a dog's life from the White Tiger Warlord, the young master Bai Dust you offended has no intention of sparing you, your family... You and your family... will still have to die!"


      He had already received word that Young Master White Dust was already on his way, and once he arrived, it would be Lin Fan's time to die.


      Thinking that this bastard, who had repeatedly ruined his good deeds, would soon be shredded to pieces by Bai Dust, Bai Chuan couldn't contain his exuberance.


      The smile on his face grew brighter and brighter.


      "Second brother, we are at least a family, and Lin Fan has offended Bai Dan because of you, do you have any conscience when you say that?"


      Bai Shan was grief-stricken, and a strong sense of bitterness and despair surfaced on his face.


      But Bai Chuan scoffed, retorting to Bai Shan with a disgusted look on his face.


      "Family? Now you are a bunch of poor people, who are you to call yourselves a family with me?"


      "Bai Shan, if you want to blame your ungrateful son-in-law, you should blame him for offending the two heirs to the throne, White Dust and White Tiger, and being family with you, do you want to drag us to death?"


      "Second uncle, what's the point of talking nonsense with them?"


      Bai Yifan chided impatiently, his eyes covered in resentment as he fixed Lin Fan with a stare of.


      "Break this scumbag's legs first, don't let him escape, and as soon as Young Master White Dust arrives, kill him directly on the spot!"


      He had long hated Lin Fan to the core and was eager to get rid of him!


      Only, at this moment, Lin Fan shook his head slightly, "I have repeatedly forgiven you, why do you want to die?"




      The expressions of the people present instantly changed, anger rising in all of their eyes.


      This bastard, how dare he speak out when he was so close to death?


      "Your reliance is on the White Tiger and White Dust, right?" Lin Fan stared them down with a smirk.


      "Not bad, Young Master Bai Hu and Young Master Bai Dust are the second and third in line heirs of the Bai Family, just with a trash like you, you can fight against them?" Bai Chuan smiled contemptuously.




      Lin Fan nodded, and his aura around him steeply became harsh but domineering: "Then in a moment, I will make them fight.


      "Then in a moment, I will make all of them kneel down, do you believe me?"

Chapter 1122



      The crowd was in an uproar!


      They all stared at Lin Fan with an odd look, was this guy crazy?


      How dare he talk about making Bai Hu and Bai Dan kneel down?


      Bai Chuan's father and son laughed out loud, already unable to straighten their backs, as if they had heard a big joke.


      Not only them, but even the entire staff of the Star River Mansion shook their heads, secretly sighing at Lin Fan's insouciance.


      Even they, the ordinary people, knew how terrifying White Dust and White Tiger were.


      Bai Dust was now the third in line heir of the Bai family, with Zheng Honglian backing him up, while Bai Hu was even more exaggerated, not only was he a three-star war general in China, but his master was even the prestigious Dragon and Tiger War God.


      Making them kneel down?


      Lin Fan, he was afraid he was crazy, right?


      "Lin Fan, don't be ridiculous!"


      Bai Shan hurriedly reprimanded, his heart was tense to the extreme, Lin Fan had managed to get his life back, he couldn't offend the two young masters again.


      "Bai Yi, you should quickly persuade Lin Fan." Shen Yumei was also nervous, offending the two young masters was a death sentence.


      But Bai Yi intimately held Lin Fan's hand and said with a smile.


      "No matter what he does, I'll support him!"


      Crazy, crazy, this couple must be out of their minds!


      The crowd shook their heads helplessly.


      One blindly confident, the other blindly trusting, did they really think those two young masters were vegetarians?


      And at that moment, Bai Chuan instantly burst into laughter.


      "Lin Fan, see? Even your old husband and mother-in-law don't believe that you, a punk, can make the two young masters kneel down, and you still dare to make a big speech?"


      And then, the smile on the corner of his mouth was thick with fierceness and malice.


      "How dare you insult the two young masters after all this? You're dead!"


      The words just fell out!


      "Young Master Bai Hu, with the Dragon and Tiger War God!"


      "Young Master White Dust, with Zheng Honglian, the head of the White Family, has arrived!"


      Here they come!


      At these words, the whole room boiled over!


      And Bai Chuan, father and son, instantly lit up and laughed wildly as they said.


      "Lin Fan, your good days are at an end!"


      With that, both father and son hurriedly bowed towards the door and respectfully shouted, "Bai Chuan (Bai Yifan), pay respects to the two young masters, the family head, and the Dragon and Tiger War God!"


      Everyone present was also well aware of the identity of the visitor and bowed continuously!


      "Lin Fan, bow quickly, no matter how the two young masters humiliate you, you are not allowed to resist, the only way to save a small life."


      Bai Shan reminded nervously, so scared at this point that he was on the verge of going limp.


      However, Lin Fan still had an indifferent attitude and looked at Bai Shan and smiled, saying.


      "Dad, don't worry, there's no need for me to bow to them, instead they'll have to kneel down for us!"




      Hearing this, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei were completely dumbfounded, in the couple's eyes, Lin Fan was simply crazy.




      Bai Shan was practically crying in anxiety, this son-in-law of his was really crazy, he was already like this and still unrepentant.


      It was just that.


      Bai Shan shook his head with a bitter smile, since Lin Fan was unwilling to lower his head, how could he, as a family, not go forward with him?


      At this moment, Bai Chen and Bai Hu came walking quickly, but their faces were gloomy to the extreme.


      They had asked the Bai Chuan father and son to pacify the Bai Shan couple properly, but it turned out that this idiot father and son had humiliated them and wanted to take the entire Star River Mansion for themselves, which made them outright furious.


      If they let Lin Fan think that they meant it, then their Bai family... would definitely die!




      They were angry!


      Seeing the murderous expressions of Bai Chen and the others, Bai Chuan's father and son and Zheng Hao, were on the verge of going crazy with joy.


      It was obvious that they already hated Lin Fan to the core, this guy was dead!


      And then, Zheng Hao was grinning sorrowfully.


      "Lin Fan, your life-seeking debtor has come to your door, why don't you quickly think of your last words?"


      Bai Chuan also looked wildly happy and hurriedly fanned the flames, saying.


      "Second young master, this Lin Fan just said that he wanted you to kneel down and apologise, he simply doesn't know how to live, you can't let him off lightly!"


      "Second Brother, you!" Bai Shan's face was thick with anger, not expecting his second brother to fall on his sword!


      Bai Hu and the others, however, directly treated Bai Chuan like air and headed straight for Lin Fan.


      And [51 Novel] later, under everyone's horrified, death-defying gaze!






      The white tiger and the white dust, both kneeling down in unison!


      "White Tiger of the White Family, apologize to Mr. Lin!"


      "White Dust of the White Family, begging forgiveness from Mr. Lin!"

Chapter 1123



      At this moment, it was as if everyone was strangled, unable to utter a single sound, and their eyes even looked as if they were about to crack out of their sockets.


      The two young masters, White Dust and White Tiger, were actually kneeling in front of Lin Fan?


      That was impossible! This was impossible!


      Everyone frantically rubbed their eyes, wanting to know if they were seeing things wrong.


      But no matter how much they rubbed, the scene in front of them remained the same!


      And then, their hearts and minds were completely bursting!


      The two young masters were actually kneeling in front of Lin Fan, and were asking him for forgiveness?


      In this instant, everyone only felt a chill surge through the sky and felt that they were hallucinating!


      Especially Bai Chuan's father and son, after seeing this shocking scene, their hearts were almost about to thump and explode.


      They had simply gone mad!


      They had just humiliated Lin Fan, but now he had instantly become an existence that made even the two young masters grovel.


      However, an even more soul-crushing scene was about to unfold!


      "Zheng Honglian, head of the Bai family, apologises to Mr Lin!"


      "Blood Dragon! Blood Tigers! I beg your pardon, Mr. Lin!"




      Everyone's brains roared as they felt horrified to death!


      This scene before them was the shock of the century!


      White Tiger and White Dust kneeling down was already terrifying, but for Dragon Tiger War God and Zheng Honglian to kneel down simply made them despair!


      The entire Star River Building fell into a dead silence as everyone looked at Lin Fan like he had seen a ghost.


      How could their own boss be so terrifying that he could make the Dragon Tiger War God and the Bai family head kneel down and beg for their sins?


      At this moment, the Bai Shan couple were completely dumbfounded, that was the head of the Bai family!


      The Bai Family of Jiang City was like an ant in her eyes, and such an existence was actually kneeling down to their son-in-law?


      They weren't dreaming, were they?


      "They... are asking for Lin Fan's forgiveness!"


      Bai Yifan was dumbfounded.


      Even his voice was tinged with tears, this scene was a nightmare for them.


      "I can make them kneel, can you believe it?"


      Lin Fan's words just now were like a shocking thunderstorm that roared madly in his mind.


      Do you believe it?


      Now that the truth was in front of them, how could they not believe it!


      "False! This can't be! Family Head, War God, you must be mistaken, with your status, how can you kneel down to this trash?"


      Bai Chuan roared like a madman, unable to accept it at all.


      What qualifications did this trash have to override the family head and the others?


      "Stop it!"


      Zheng Honglian was furious to the extreme, his eyes glowing with a steaming murderous energy as he stared angrily at Bai Chuan and the others:


      "Bai Chuan, Bai Yifan, how dare you, I asked you to come and appease Mr. Lin's mother-in-law and old husband, how dare you bully them, you simply deserve to die!"




      Bai Chuan and Bai Yifan's expressions instantly changed wildly, it turned out that the "appeasement" that Bai Chen and the family head had said was exactly what was meant literally, and they had thought that they had misunderstood the content.


      When they thought of this, Bai Chuan and the others shuddered madly, their faces ashen.


      Bai Chuan's eyes were wide open and he said with great resignation:


      "What the hell is this about? These guys have clearly offended you, you should have killed them!"




      Zheng Honglian instantly sneered and swept a contemptuous glance at Bai Chuan: "Because Bai Yi, is the first in line heir to our Bai family!"




      One word stirred up a thousand waves!


      Everyone could not believe their ears.


      The first heir of the Bai family, wouldn't that be a position above Bai Hu and Bai Dust?


      What the hell, are you kidding?