Today I Give Up Trying 1119-1120

 Chapter 1119

Star River Mansion!


      The atmosphere was oppressive and dreary.


      Almost every employee of New Bai's within the building was worried, as if the sky was falling.


      Almost all of them knew that President Bai Yi had taken away the transfer contract of New Bai's and was going to give it to the Jiangnan Bai family in order to save Chairman Lin Fan.


      This meant that the New Bai's was about to change.




      At a time when the mood of the crowd was at its lowest.


      A rampant voice, however, kept ringing out.


      "Hahahaha ...... New White's employees, I advise you to hurry up and find your own way! Your Chairman Lin, is completely finished, as well as your President Bai Yi, I'm afraid he won't be able to come back either!"


      Zheng Hao was now glowing with spring and spirited.


      It was as if he had vented out all the humiliation he had received from Lin Fan earlier, and he was shouting within the entire building.


      And hearing these words.


      Bai Shan and Shen Yumei's couple's faces looked as ugly as if they were dead ashes.


      "Bai Shan, what should we do? What do we do now?" Shen Yumei's eyes were red and swollen at this moment, and she had almost turned into tears.


      She was worried about Bai Yi, and even more worried about Lin Fan.


      With the grudge between Lin Fan and the Jiangnan Bai family, that Bai Hu would definitely shred him to pieces.


      It was not only Shen Yumei.


      Bai Shan, who was next to him, also looked uncomfortable to the extreme, and when he thought of the terror of the White Tiger Legion, a thick bitterness surfaced at the corners of his mouth.


      "Strike that! Bai Yi will definitely live and die with Lin Fan, if they die as a couple, what's the point of us old folks living!"


      "Why don't we go with them?"




      Hearing these words, Shen Yumei faintly stared.


      "You mean, we'll go to the White Tiger army camp too?"


      "That's right!"


      A strong will to die and determination surfaced in Bai Shan's eyes.


      "Bai Yi and Lin Fan, both are our children, they will die, how can we live alone!"


      With a single word, Shen Yumei finally stopped crying.


      "Good! Since that's the case, then we will follow Lin Fan and Bai Yi and die together!"


      After saying that.


      Shen Yumei instantly stood up with Bai Shan, wanting to go out and head to the White Tiger army camp.


      Seeing this scene.


      Little fresh meat Zheng Hao hurriedly greeted them, stopping the couple in their tracks.


      "Mr. Bai, Madam Bai! You can't go!"




      Seeing Zheng Hao, the faces of the couple, Mr. and Mrs. Bai Shan, instantly turned ugly.


      "Why?" Bai Shan had obviously heard that Lin Fan and Zheng Hao had a grudge.


      This guy was clearly having bad intentions by stopping his way.


      "Hehehe ...... Mr. Bai, your son-in-law and daughter have all gone to the military camp, and I'm afraid that they'll never return in this lifetime! You naturally can't leave, otherwise who will be responsible when the Jiangnan Bai family comes to take over?"


      "I was also prepared, to hand you and your wife over to the Jiangnan Bai family!"


      Zheng Hao's words were filled with a sinister tone.


      And with these words, the Bai Shan couple's faces changed greatly.


      "Zheng Hao, you ...... are going too far!"


      Bai Shan's face was so gloomy that water almost dripped out.


      He could never have dreamed.


      This Zheng Hao, as a public figure, was so brazen, no matter what deep hatred he had with his son-in-law Lin Fan, now that Lin Fan's life and death were unknown, his couple just wanted to accompany Lin Fan to live and die together, and this guy came out to block it.


      "Too much?"


      When Zheng Hao heard this, the fierce smile on his face grew thicker and thicker:.


      "It's your son-in-law Lin Fan who has gone too far! He humiliated me, he beat me up, he almost caused me to be banned from the entire internet! He ...... deserves to die!"




      Zheng Hao's words were vicious to the core.


      And with this one sentence, it infuriated the Bai Shan couple to the point where their faces turned blue.


      Just as the couple wanted to continue to berate them.




      A rush of footsteps came, causing all of them to freeze.


      And just as everyone looked at them in confusion.


      A group of figures, however, walked over.


      The person at the head of the group was surprisingly the second uncle, Bai Chuan, as well as Bai Yifan and the others.

Chapter 1120

Seeing Shen Yumei and Bai Shan, Bai Chuan and the others were also slightly stunned, but immediately afterwards, a thick playful and mocking smile appeared on all their faces:


      "Yell! Third brother, you're here too! What? Didn't the two of you accompany Bai Yi and go along to help ransom Lin Fan?"


      The corners of Second Master Bai Chuan's mouth were smiling brightly to the extreme.


      The gaze that he looked at the Bai Shan couple was even more like he was looking at a joke.


      And hearing those words.


      The faces of the Bai Shan couple became even more ugly:.


      "Second brother, what are you doing here at the New Bai Clan?"


      Bai Shan's heart was angry and annoyed.


      In the beginning, if it wasn't for Bai Chuan and the others, how could Lin Fan offend the Jiangnan Bai family, and now that Lin Fan had fallen on hard times and his life and death were unknown, Bai Chuan and the others still dared to come and mock, this was simply too deceitful.


      "Hahahaha ......"


      Bai Chuan's smile grew thicker and thicker at this moment, and that one face was filled with a thick rampant and hideous look:.


      "Come for what? Of course I'm here to help the Jiangnan Bai family and collect the new Bai's properties!"


      "Young Master Bai Chen has already said that he wants us to pacify you properly! In a moment, a new order from the Jiangnan Bai Family will be delivered here!"




      Bai Chuan's words caused everyone here to change their faces.


      Bai Shan and the others had not expected that before Bai Yi and Lin Fan had any news, the Jiangnan Bai Family was already impatient and wanted to come and collect the new Bai's properties.




      This order was still given by Bai Chen, which almost represented the will of the Jiangnan Bai Clan.


      "Is Young Master Bai Chen trying to drive our family to extinction?" At the corner of Bai Shan's mouth, bitterness and despair grew thicker and thicker.


      Previously, in Jiang City, the person Lin Fan had offended the most viciously was Bai Dust.


      And now, Bai Dust had become the third in line heir to the Jiangnan Bai family, this time it was definitely a mad retaliation.


      Sure enough!


      Bai Chuan's smile grew wider and wider as he said.


      "That's right! O third brother, just resign yourself to fate! Who let that trash son-in-law of your family offend Young Master Bai Chen!"


      "This time, although Young Master Bai Chen said he was asking us to appease you, this appeasement, the implication is self-explanatory! Hahahaha ......"


      Bai Chuan laughed more and more wildly.


      Before coming to the New Bai's.


      Bai Chen called them close and instructed them a thousand times to pacify the Bai Shan couple properly.


      But in Bai Chuan's ears, the so-called 'appeasement' was frantic revenge, nothing more.


      Hearing these words.


      Zheng Hao's face, on the other hand, was happy.


      He hurriedly farted around, ran to Bai Chuan and the others, and respectfully said.


      "Mr. Bai, I'm Zheng Hao! I was the one who stopped Bai Shan and his wife when they tried to leave just now!"




      Bai Chuan and the others were stunned, but when they recognized Zheng Hao, the smiles on each of their faces grew thicker and thicker: "Hahaha!


      "Hahahaha ...... Mr. Zheng, you did the right thing! I will definitely report this to our young master Bai Dan! He will definitely be grateful to you!"


      Bai Chuan's words were unusually polite.


      And when it fell on Zheng Hao's ears, it made him more and more ecstatic to the extreme.


      "Thank you, Mr. Bai! I wonder, when Lin Fan dies, can I get Young Master Bai Chuan to help me lift the ban on the entertainment industry?" Zheng Hao was filled with anticipation.


      After all, Bai Dan was one of the heirs of the Bai family.


      His words carried a lot of weight, and even the boss behind himself would probably give him a trifle of face.


      "Good talk! Good deal!"


      Bai Chuan agreed in one breath.


      And then, with a turn of his gaze, he couldn't help but look at the two of them, Bai Shan and his wife, with a thick, sinister hue flickering in his eyes.


      "Someone! Arrest the Bai Shan couple and wait for the arrival of Bai Hu and Young Master Bai Dust before sending them off on their own!"




      A single word fell.


      Immediately, from behind Bai Chuan, a group of Bai family guards scurried out with a huff and a puff.


      These men were fierce and fierce, each like a hungry tiger pouncing on them, surrounding them towards the Bai Shan couple.


      Seeing this scene.


      Zheng Hao's entire body was excited beyond words:.


      "Hehehe ...... Lin Fan ah Lin Fan, did you see that? You're finished, your father-in-law and mother-in-law, as well as your wife, are all finished!"


      "Smooth, really smooth!"


      Zheng Hao only felt that all the resentment in his heart had been poured out, and he was wildly happy.


      Only at this moment.


      An icy, biting voice suddenly came out from the corridor, saying.


      "You guys, are you looking for death?"