Today I Give Up Trying 1117-1118

 Chapter 1117

"I I..."


      White Tiger was about to be scared shitless on the spot, I couldn't say a word for half a day, especially when he saw the furious eyes of his two masters, he was going crazy!


      How the hell would I dare to ask for your assets?


      Bai Hu had the heart to die. He had only managed to calm the Dragon Tiger War God down, but because of Bai Yi's kneeling, he had once again made the Dragon Tiger War God furious to the extreme.


      Today, I'm afraid I'll be beaten with a military stick!


      "Wife, it's alright, get up."


      Seeing Bai Yi's heart-broken appearance, Lin Fan also felt his heart ache and hurriedly went up to help him.


      Bai Yi grabbed Lin Fan's hand and shook his head in horror, "Lin Fan, kneel down with me quickly and kowtow to the White Tiger Warlord and admit our mistake, we don't want anything, we'll give him everything!"


      "I just want you, I just want you to live!"


      By the end of her sentence, Bai Yi was already sobbing uncontrollably.




      Lin Fan hurriedly hugged her and gently stroked her back to comfort her, "Don't worry, they won't dare to make me kneel."


      Wouldn't dare?


      Upon hearing this, Bai Yan snorted and looked at Lin Fan like he was an idiot.


      "Lin Fan, the Dragon and Tiger War Gods are all here, how dare you trash still dare to speak out, you simply don't know how to live or die!"


      Bai Yan's eyes were full of resentment and meanness, "White Tiger Warlord, Dragon Tiger War God, this trash dares to disrespect you, you guys hurry up and get rid of him, this matter has nothing to do with our Bai family, you guys don't descend into anger on us!"


      A punk?


      To death?


      The eyes of the White Tiger and the Dragon and Tiger War Gods instantly glowed with a monstrous fury!


      How dare you insult Lin Zuo, you want to die!


      However, Bai Yan, the fool, didn't notice the change in atmosphere at all, and seeing the three of them with their fierce faces, subconsciously thought that they were ready to make a move against Lin Fan.


      In their hearts, they were all mad with joy!


      Die die die, damned trash, you go to hell quickly!


      And at this moment, Bai Yi was also completely furious, crying out and hitting Lin Fan's chest with her pink fist: "What time is it, and you're still looking for death? Lin Fan, I'm begging you, just lower your head for once!"


      "Just think of it as for me, can you?"


      She really didn't want to watch Lin Fan get killed, that way, she would go crazy!


      "Only now do you come to bow your head? Is it still useful?"


      Bai Yan snorted, can't you see that those three are already furious? This kid is dead!


      And then, Bai Yan stepped forward and said as if taking credit, "White Tiger Warlord, I was the one who asked Bai Yi to hand over all his assets, a small token of appreciation, please accept it!"




      White Tiger directly exploded, gritting his teeth and saying, "It was you who made her give me her assets?"


      "That's right, this pair of dogs dare to offend the White Tiger Warlord, asking them to hand over their assets would be cheap, they should be executed on the spot in my opinion!" Bai Yan gloated, waiting for the praise from the White Tiger Warlord.


      But what awaited her...


      A slap in the face!


      White Tiger's slap hit her opponent's face so hard that Bai Yan fell to the ground on the spot, and her face was instantly a bloody mess.


      "White Tiger Warlord, you... Why did you hit me?" Bai Yan was horrified to death and looked at the White Tiger Warlord with an aggrieved expression.


      Now, shouldn't he be commending himself for a job well done?


      "Beat you? I hate to kill you!"


      The white tiger's eyes were furious with hostility!


      So, it was all this woman's doing!


      She had screwed him over so badly!


      She had caused him to be beaten again when he was already fine!


      And she insulted Lin Zuo again and again, insulted his master's master, that is, his master's ancestor!




      Bai Yan was confused, Bai Hu wanted to kill her? Why was that, she had never offended Bai Hu before!


      But the next scene caused her to despair completely!


      Only to see Bai Hu come to Bai Yi in a feverish hurry, and with a poof, he knelt down, and said in a trembling voice.


      "Madam, I am nothing, even if I had the courage to eat my heart, I wouldn't dare to ask for your assets!"


      Bai Hu, on his knees!


      Seeing this, Bai Yi and Bai Yan's brains went blank!


      Impossible! This is a fake, right?


      The White Tiger Warlord, even kneeling down to Bai Yi and respectfully addressing him as his wife?


      This, what the hell was going on?


      Yet, this was not all.


      The Dragon and Tiger Warlord duo also let out a bitter laugh with this, "Let Lin... Mr. Lin kneeling to me, isn't that bending us over, madam?"


      "In that case, it would be better for us to kneel down!"


      Immediately following...






      Marshal Tiger and Marshal Dragon, kneeling in unison!




      Bai Yan's mind exploded, and those eyes almost cracked open!


      No, this wasn't right!


      Bai Yan was going crazy, that was the God of War of China, the one who was worshipped by all the armies, and now he was kneeling in front of Bai Yi, respectfully!


      The shocking scene before her eyes made Bai Yan's delicate body tremble like chaff, unable to accept it at all.


      According to her expectations, the Dragon and Tiger War God should have killed Lin Fan on the spot and Bai Yi would become a widow from then on, but now the two existences that she only deserved to look up to were kneeling in front of Bai Yi.


      At this moment, it was as if Bai Yan had been drained of all her strength, and she fell helplessly to the ground, with a strong look of resignation and despair on her face.


      Why was this happening?


      What qualifications did Bai Yi have that would make the God of War kneel down?


      And then, she jerked awake, looking incomparably horrified at Lin Fan, who was still smiling calmly.


      Could it be, it was him?

Chapter 1118

By this time, Bai Yi was also frozen in her tracks.


      The White Tiger Warrior General knelt down to her.


      The Dragon and Tiger War God also knelt down to her.


      Herself, was this a dream?


      Didn't they want to harm Lin Fan's life? Why were they now treating themselves with such respect?


      Yet, this was only the beginning!


      The Dragon and Tiger War Gods clasped their fists in unison and said respectfully.


      "My inferior disciples are foolish and have contradicted Mr. Lin and Madam Lin, I implore Madam... Forgive me!"


      With a clatter!


      All the White Tiger soldiers knelt down in unison and shouted in the same respectful voice.


      "I beg you, Madam, for your forgiveness!"


      Ten thousand people knelt down, what a shocking scene!


      Bai Yi's mind went blank and she felt as if she was in a dream.


      Tens of thousands of soldiers, all kneeling to her, begging for her forgiveness?


      How could she, Bai Yi, deserve such respect from them?


      "Get up!"


      But Lin Fan, as if he was accustomed to seeing this, directly helped Bai Yi up.


      Seeing this, even the most stupid Bai Yan knew that this was all related to Lin Fan, and then she completely collapsed, howling incomparably miserably and almost fainting from fear on the spot.


      It was him!


      It was really him!


      That existence, which she regarded as a waste of space, had managed to make ten thousand armies fall to their knees and the God of War bow down!


      At this time, Bai Yan's inner world had completely collapsed, such a strong impact had directly caused some problems with her psyche, and even her spirit.




      Bai Yan raised her hand and flung a slap at her own face.


      Then, slap after slap, frantically self-harming!


      "Dreaming! I must be dreaming! Wake up! Please wake up!"


      Bai Yan broke down in tears, like a madman, slapping herself in a daze.


      "Lin Fan, this is all about you, isn't it?"


      Bai Yi's gaze burned as she stared Lin Fan down, otherwise how could these supreme beings that their Bai family used to only be worthy of looking up to, kneel down and apologise to her?


      Without waiting for Lin Fan to speak, Long Shuai was the first to tactfully chime in.


      "Madam, we have long heard of Madam and Sir, and have been friends for a long time, which is why we "invited" Mr. Lin to come to the White Tiger Legion for a visit."


      "Yes, we wanted to make friends with you and your wife, but we didn't expect this ungrateful villain to bump into you, so we felt guilty and had to kneel down to apologise."


      The tiger marshal also hastened to make a statement.


      "Is that really so?" Bai Yi gave Lin Fan a deeply suspicious look.


      "It's like that." Lin Fan rubbed his nose with a dry smile.


      And at that moment, the White Tiger Warlord stared coldly at Bai Yan: "Sir, what about this bitch?"


      "This bitch dares to insult sir and madam, her crime is unforgivable and she should be shot on the spot!" The Tiger Commander snorted angrily.


      Executed on the spot?


      Bai Yan was stunned and her face turned white as she wailed, "Cousin, don't kill me, I'm your sister!"


      Immediately, she kowtowed to Lin Fan like a madman, and a stream of yellow soup then flowed down with her under the hem of her skirt.


      Surprisingly, she had pissed herself in fear!


      This scene caused the look on the faces of the Dragon and Tiger War Gods and the others to grow more and more contemptuous.


      What a ridiculous woman!


      "Lin Fan, forget it. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have been able to find this place."


      Seeing this, Bai Yi was also unable to bear it in her heart.


      And then, Bai Yan was looking at Lin Fan nervously, her heart mixed with mixed feelings, she had never thought that one day, her fate would be in the hands of this trash she despised.


      Lin Fan laughed contemptuously, "Just a clown, killing her would make my hands dirty!"


      "Bai Yan, I think you've already spread the news of my downfall, right?"


      "I..." Bai Yan lowered her head sheepishly, not daring to reply.


      Lin Fan instantly understood and smiled lightly and wildly.


      "Let's go and see what kind of expression those scum will have when they know I'm still alive!"


      "All at Mr. Lin's disposal!"


      The army of ten thousand people bowed in unison.


      Seeing this, a thick bitterness surfaced at the corner of Bai Yan's mouth.


      This man in front of him was already invincible!