Today I Give Up Trying 1114-1116

 Chapter 1114



      The great disciple of Saito Hidetori, a terrifying existence that defeated all battle generals in one move, was actually hailed to death by this man in front of him, with a single slap?


      A top-level sect master, but he died in such a way?


      Two fingers to stop a Grandmaster!


      One slap to kill a Grandmaster!


      Ichiro Sasaki had defeated White Tiger with just one move, and Lin Fan had killed Ichiro Sasaki with just one move!


      It was like slaughtering a dog and a chicken!


      Then, a bitter smile appeared on General Xu's face. Who would have thought that that being, whom they had just treated like an ant, would actually save the day and save face for the White Tiger Army and the whole of China.


      One man's strength, stopping a shocking wave!


      The White Tiger's face at the side also had a complex look on it, and his heart was full of mixed feelings.


      Such a cold and domineering, overpowering and unbridled stance was something he had only seen on his own master, the Dragon and Tiger War God.


      "You, why did you save me?"


      The White Tiger stared at Lin Fan with complicated eyes, just now he was planning to kill Lin Fan, but in the blink of an eye Lin Fan not only saved him, but also saved face for the White Tiger Legion.


      Lin Fan wrapped his arms around his chest, glanced at him lightly and smiled playfully, "Because you're my disciple!"




      Bai Hu was instantly on fire, and the slight goodwill he had just had towards Lin Fan dissipated.


      Did he think that because he saved him, he could insult him at will?


      Immediately, Bai Hu said angrily, "Do you know what will happen if you insult a three-star war general?"


      Even if Lin Fan had really saved them, insulting a three-star war general, if word got out, Lin Fan would definitely die!


      "You don't believe me? You're really my disciple!" Lin Fan said with a serious face.


      The crowd had black lines...


      This, this was too much, right?


      Although you are a hero, you can't just insult a war general, right? After all, a war general was the face of the country, and insulting him was tantamount to insulting the country.


      White Tiger jumped straight into a thunderstorm and roared, "Fine, fine, since you're looking for death, I'll make it happen for you! Although I am no match for you, as long as I report this to the authorities, my master, the Dragon and Tiger War God, will take your life!"


      But just then!


      "The Dragon Tiger War God has arrived!"


      Dragon Tiger War God?


      The moment they heard that, they were struck by lightning!


      Speak of the devil?


      What a coincidence!


      The white tiger was also stunned for a moment, and then immediately laughed wistfully: "Kid, I have to say, your luck is really bad.


      "Kid, I have to say, your luck is really bad, my master is already here!"


      "So what if he's here? Still have to kneel down to me?" Lin Fan said lightly.


      Making the Dragon and Tiger War God kneel down to you?


      Is this kid crazy?


      "Well, well, I hope that in a moment, you'll still be so smug!" The white tiger snorted angrily.


      Not long after, a group of people came walking quickly from outside, and two imposing middle-aged men were striding in, raising their hands and exuding an oppressive and domineering aura.


      Marshal Dragon!


      Marshal Tiger!


      "Greetings to the Dragon and Tiger War Gods!"


      Bai Hu and the others hurriedly knelt down, endless respect appearing on their faces.


      Only, after everyone had knelt down, they noticed that there was still one person who remained proud and unmoved!


      Lin Fan!




      They were instantly infuriated, not kneeling at the sight of the marshal, not enough to die for!


      And at that moment, the two war gods, Dragon and Tiger, also looked at Lin Fan with them.


      But it was this glance that instantly caused the two Dragon and Tiger War Gods to shake their tiger bodies in unison.


      Seeing this, White Tiger immediately poured oil on the fire: "Master, this person has just made a move.


      "Master, this man just spoke out of turn and asked you two to kneel to him, you can't forgive him lightly!"


      As expected, upon hearing these words, the battle generals behind them were completely shaken with rage!


      Just now, they had noticed the crane-like Lin Fan, and it was only fair that they didn't kneel down when they saw the two War Gods, but they dared to make the War Gods kneel down?


      Damn it!


      At that moment, the two Blood Dragon and Blood Tiger War Gods' faces sank as they walked towards Lin Fan with giant strides.


      Seeing this, all the people present laughed coldly and cast a look of death at Lin Fan.




      At that very moment, a breath-taking scene blatantly came into the eyes of the crowd!






      The two war gods, who were like invincible war gods in their eyes, actually knelt down in front of Lin Fan in an instant.


      "Blood Dragon, pay respects to my king!"


      "Blood Tiger, pay respects to my king!"

Chapter 1115

"Blood Dragon and Blood Tiger, pay respects to my king!"


      When these words of the Dragon and Tiger War God rang out...


      Astonishment spread across the faces!


      A pair of eyes, almost staring at each other!


      My King?


      Did they hear it wrong? The Dragon and Tiger War God had even addressed that fellow as My King?


      Everyone's brains had lost their ability to function, and their hearts were in a state of shock as they stared dumbly at the kneeling Dragon and Tiger War God!


      The Dragon and Tiger War God, an existence of the Grand Master level, a god in the hearts of thousands of soldiers, had fallen to his knees!


      "This can't be! Master you must have made a mistake, this guy is just a waste of a flunky, how can he be any kind of king?"


      The white tiger yelled up in disbelief.


      Unexpectedly, the words just fell out.


      "Shut up!"


      The Dragon and Tiger War Gods roared in unison while looking coldly at the White Tiger: "What are you, how dare you insult my king? Without the king's cultivation, there would be no Dragon and Tiger War God now!"




      Just now, they thought that Lin Fan was insulting Bai Hu by saying that he was his disciple, but it turned out that what he said was actually true!


      The Dragon and Tiger War God had actually been cultivated by this man in front of him?


      "Impossible! This can't be! What right does he have?"


      Bai Hu shouted frantically, unable to believe that his two War God masters had been cultivated by a yellow-haired boy.


      "On what grounds?" The Blood Dragon shouted violently.


      "On the basis of him, he can kill three Great War Gods with just his hands!"


      "On the strength of him, who is known as the Dragon's Backbone of China!"


      "By virtue of the fact that he is the famous Lin Zuo of China!"


      The Chinese Lin Zuo!


      These four words made the atmosphere in the whole room, completely explode!


      It was clear.


      All of them understood.


      So, he was the famous Lin Zuo of China!


      The legend of legends!


      The supreme king!


      On what basis?


      Everyone had a bitter smile on their faces, just because of the words "Chinese Lin Zuo", the Dragon Tiger War God had to kneel!


      "Chinese Lin Zuo, how can he be Chinese Lin Zuo? It's impossible..."


      The white tiger also looked like he had lost his soul, murmuring in his six minds, disbelief dripping from his eyes.


      And at that moment, the Blood Dragon snorted coldly and chided.


      "Now, you tell me, on what basis is he??"




      The white tiger instantly knelt down in front of Lin Fan's heels, with a dense fear on his face, "Lin Zuo, I... I know I'm wrong!"


      Even his two War God masters had been nurtured by the other party.


      Then what was he in the other party's eyes?


      "Insulting my king, you deserve to die!"


      The Blood Tiger was hot-tempered and immediately raised his hand, a majestic majestic energy surging, to slap the White Tiger to death.


      The white tiger did not dare to resist and closed its eyes with clenched teeth, waiting for death.


      "Little Tiger, that's enough."


      But at that moment, Lin Fan shouted carelessly, "At least it's your disciple, are you really going to slaughter it?"


      "For the sake of the king, if you slaughter it, you slaughter it." The Blood Tiger snorted coldly, although he did not want to, what the White Tiger had committed was a capital crime, insulting the King of the Blood Prison, which was the top crime in the Blood Law.


      "Alright, this person can't be killed yet, I'll keep him for use." Lin Fan walked slowly.


      The blood tiger then gave up, but still snorted coldly, "My king is merciful, why don't you bow down and thank the king for his kindness?"


      The white tiger also did not expect Lin Fan to forgive him, and with even more gratitude and guilt in his heart, he kowtowed to Lin Fan one after another.


      "Thank you, my king, for your kindness in not killing him!"


      "No need to thank you, it's fine if you want me not to kill you, but I have one condition." Lin Fan stood in front of the white tiger and looked at him from a high position.


      "I want you, to hand over the position of heir to the Bai family!"

Chapter 1116

Meanwhile, Bai Yi and Bai Yan had also arrived at the White Tiger Legion.


      "Cousin, you have to move fast, or else brother-in-law might have been shot. Oh no, it's possible he'll be dead by now."


      Bai Yan unkindly irritated Bai Yi, unable to hide that gloating smile on her face.


      "Bai Yan, no matter how you say it Lin Fan is your brother-in-law, no matter how you bully him, he has spared you all time and time again, and now you are gloating in revenge, are you still human?"


      Bai Yi roared hysterically, but her steps couldn't help but quicken, her eyes already completely wet with tears.


      Lin Fan, don't die!


      For my sake, please don't die!


      I'll take you home right away!




      Bai Yan smiled contemptuously, just that drunken sack of rice was worthy of being her brother-in-law?


      If it wasn't for Lin Fan's meddling, their family would have ruled over the Bai family in Jiangcheng, that bastard had ruined so many good things for their family, he deserved to die!


      Now, she couldn't wait for Lin Fan to die a tragic death at Bai Hu's hands, and then for all of Bai Yi's properties to be taken away by Bai Hu.


      Although she wouldn't get anything, Bai Yan would be happy from the bottom of her heart to see them unlucky.


      "Just wait Bai Yi, something interesting is going to happen soon."


      Bai Yan's smile was malicious because she had known for a long time that even if Bai Yi handed over all her assets, the white tiger would never let Lin Fan go.


      Because Lin Fan had gotten the White Three killed, this was tantamount to slapping Bai Hu in the face, could Bai Hu let him go?


      The reason Bai Yan had gone to such lengths to bring Bai Yi here was not to save Lin Fan, but to let her watch her man, die in front of her eyes!


      This kind of heart could not be described as malicious!


      "Stop right there! What kind of person, dares to trespass on my White Tiger Legion?"


      At this time, a one-star war general happened to be out buying wine and preparing to have a drink because Lin Fan and the White Tiger Legion had turned their differences into peace, when he saw two women.


      Seeing the medallion on the other woman's shoulder, the two women instantly realised the other woman's identity and could not help but be in awe.


      And then, Bai Yan began to gloat again, "Cousin, you're so unlucky, now there's a one-star war general blocking the way, I'm afraid you can't even get in the door, how else can you save your husband?"


      "It's over, it's over, Lin Fan is definitely going to die, haha!"


      Bai Yi hurriedly stepped forward and said with a crying voice, "Hello, I'm Bai Yi from the New Bai Clan, I'm here to see the White Tiger War General, can you please let me in?"




      Bai Yan scornfully brushed aside his mouth, thinking that the other party would give in if he explained his identity?


      You're just a new Bai Clan, how can you be in their eyes?




      The next moment, a scene that made Bai Yan incredulous appeared.


      After hearing Bai Yi's words, that one-star war general's entire body was as scared as if he had seen a ghost, almost pissing himself, with the look of a mouse that had seen a cat, he hurriedly stood at attention and saluted.


      "Hello madam! Please come inside!"




      In an instant, the two of them were dumbfounded.




      What the hell?


      This was a one-star war general figure in China, and in Jiangnan Province, it was considered a big brother level existence.


      And now, to be so respectful to Bai Yi?


      But at this time, Bai Yi was so eager to save her husband that she didn't have time to care about so much, and quickly walked into that legion.


      And at this time, Bai Yan also had a very uneasy feeling in her heart for some reason.


      Soon, they entered the White Tiger Legion and saw a thin figure surrounded by a group of soldiers in the middle, like a sheep in a pack of wolves.


      That figure looked so pitiful to the two women.


      In particular, the moment they saw Marshal Tiger and Marshal Dragon, Bai Yi and Bai Yan's delicate bodies trembled and their legs went limp!


      Dragon and Tiger War Gods!


      The famous War God of China, the master of the White Tiger Warlord, they were actually going against Lin Fan too?


      It was over!


      This was the end!


      At this moment, Bai Yan's unbridled laughter rang out once again.


      "Hahahaha, even the Dragon and Tiger Warlord has come already, cousin, it seems that your husband is beyond the reach of the gods to save!"


      And with that, Bai Yi's face also appeared thick with despair, especially when she saw that the Dragon and Tiger War God was reprimanding Lin Fan with a gloomy expression, she felt her eyes go black and almost fainted on the spot.


      In reality, the Dragon and Tiger War God was reprimanding Bai Hu, but to them, that was a reprimand to Lin Fan.


      Bai Yi stumbled and rushed over, before fiercely kneeling down in front of Bai Hu, crying out and begging.


      "White Tiger Warlord, I would like to hand over all my assets, please let my husband go!"


      As soon as the words left his mouth...


      The whole room was dead silent!


      The entire White Tiger Legion could not hear a pin drop, and the atmosphere was depressing to the extreme.


      All of them, including the Dragon Tiger War God, felt their liver and guts split, and almost died of shock on the spot!


      Asking Madam Lin to hand over her assets?


      What the hell, is that crazy?