Today I Give Up Trying 1111-1113

 Chapter 1111

"General White Tiger, we meet again!"


      Just then, a broken Chinese language came from the mouth of the island ronin in front of him.


      It was just a big shocker.


      Ichiro Sasaki, who was extremely short in stature, just a dwarf less than one and a half metres tall, was holding a tai-sword in his hand, looking unconventional and extremely comical.


      Looking at Sasaki Ichiro's appearance.


      The dozen or so war generals around there were all dumbfounded.


      This was the island ronin who had come to challenge a three-star general?


      Is this the kind of man?


      They thought he would be a heroic figure, but they didn't expect him to be a little man?


      How could this little man take a punch from a three-star general?


      The crowd in the room looked contemptuous, not hiding their contempt in the slightest.


      "A defeated general, here to die?"


      Looking at that Sasaki Ichiro, Bai Hu's face was also flooded with a thick disdain.


      Three years ago, when he was still a one-star war general, he had completely defeated Ichiro Sasaki, and now he was already a three-star war general, and his strength had reached the top level of the clan.


      A fool's dream!


      "Three years ago, I did lose at your hands, but three years later, you and the whole of China's powerhouses are all trash in my eyes."


      Ichiro Sasaki's strangely ugly face was flooded with a thick sense of triumph:


      "Because nowadays, I have recognized a mysterious strong man from my island country as my master, and this time I have come to China to sweep away your Chinese strongmen on the orders of my master, so that you in China will know that you in China are nothing but ants in the eyes of my island country's strongmen!"




      The words instantly made Bai Hu and the others, their eyes split wide open!


      This dwarf from the island country dared to say that their Chinese strongmen were all mere ants? He even wanted to wipe out their entire China?


      How arrogant!


      In particular, he dared to speak out in front of their White Tiger Legion, treating them like air?


      They were the face of China, and the other side dared to scorn them, which was tantamount to slapping China's face!


      The other side's words directly made them violently angry to the extreme.


      "War General, I request to go to war and punish this madman!"


      General Xu snapped to his knees and clasped his hands in a fist, his face dense with anger.


      White Tiger nodded and sneered, "Good, you will teach our "foreign friend" what it means to have a high degree of courage!"


      Xu was a two-star war general, and although his strength was not as strong as his own, he had reached the rank of Sovereign, so he would have no problem dealing with Ichiro Sasaki.


      Xu General was immediately delighted, and then stood up, full of arrogance, and walked towards Sasaki Ichiro, while looking at him in a condescending manner.


      "Little dwarf, don't say I won't give you a chance, as long as you can hurt me with one move, I will admit defeat myself!"


      The words were dripping with confidence!


      "Hahahaha, General Xu, aren't you bullying people? One move to hurt you, with that little body of his, not to mention one move, a hundred moves wouldn't even be able to hurt you a bit!"


      "General Xu, don't waste time, let's make it quick and kill him with one punch!"


      "General Xu is just like this, he loves to bully the weak."


      The battle generals present laughed out loud, as if General Xu had already won.




      And at that moment, that Sasaki Ichiro's eyes violently exploded with a cold aura.




      With a loud bang, Xu didn't even have time to react, his entire body flew out of the room and smashed heavily into the wall, his entire body embedded in the wall, spitting out blood!




      The laughter of the crowd came to an abrupt halt!


      A look of shock appeared on everyone's face as they looked in disbelief at Ichiro Sasaki, who was still maintaining his punches.


      This little man had actually blown away a sect master with a single punch?


      The smile on Bai Hu's face instantly dissipated, and his eyes snapped open wide, also feeling shocked.


      The corner of Sasaki Ichiro's mouth tugged as he sneered, "Are all these crickets from your China so fond of talking about themselves?"






      The crowd looked at the Xu General who kept spitting blood, and then hearing Sasaki Ichiro's arrogant and cocky words, the crowd completely exploded.


      "Seeking death!"


      The dozen or so war generals present were instantly enraged, their bodies all swept out and killed each other ferociously.


      This dwarf, how dare he hurt their hands and feet?


      It was unforgivable!


      When the other soldiers of the White Tiger Legion saw this, they were thrilled, for with so many war generals fighting together, this dwarf would definitely lose even if he had unparalleled skills.


      He deserved it!


      This is what happens when you dare to insult the White Tiger Legion!


      But what a surprise!


      Instead of any fear, Ichiro Sasaki's face was filled with disdain.


      "Even if a mole holds a group, it's still a mole! As I said, you are nothing but trash in my eyes!"




      The sword is sheathed!


      A cold flash of light!


      His figure seemed like a ghost as he suddenly burst out, instantly killing the crowd of a dozen warriors.


      Immediately afterwards, a scene that left everyone in disbelief appeared.


      Poof, poof, poof!


      A stream of scarlet blood spilled out, and a miserable figure flew out in disarray.


      Ichiro Sasaki's diminutive figure, however, seemed like a god of killing, and everywhere he passed, one warlord after another suffered heavy injuries and flew backwards.

Chapter 1112



      The scene left the surrounding White Tigers, and the thousand White Tiger soldiers, horrified.


      It was not until the last battle general was blown away with a loud thud that the whole field was dead silent.


      The battle generals were strewn with blood, miserable to the extreme.


      Defeating all the generals in one minute?


      The eyes of all the White Tigers were about to glaze over.


      They could not imagine that this island dwarf was so terrifying.


      Not only them.


      At this moment, White Tiger's face was so gloomy that water was almost dripping out of it.


      He likewise did not expect that Ichiro Sasaki was so powerful to such an extent.


      For even he could not have seriously injured a dozen war generals within a minute.


      "Your waste has been defeated, are you ready to die?"


      Sasaki Ichiro came with his sword, a contemptuous smile on his face, strolling idly as if he was strolling through his own back garden.


      Seeing him coming, White Tiger's body tensed up, but he knew he could not retreat!


      For what he represented was the face of China!


      "How can you behave in a big country like China? I, White Tiger, will fight to the death and not retreat!"


      White Tiger shouted and threw a fist!


      "China? I can come and go as I please! Who dares to stop me? Who can stop me?"


      Ichiro Sasaki laughed disdainfully and blatantly threw his sword.




      Blood exploded!


      The white tiger fell instantly and fell heavily to the ground.


      The sound of him hitting the ground was like a heavy hammer, hitting the hearts of the White Tiger army hard.


      A look of deep pain appeared on everyone's face!


      One move, just one more move, had completely shattered the glory of their White Tiger Army.


      A look of disappointment and shame that could not be concealed appeared on their faces.


      Today, they were humiliated because of Ichiro Sasaki.


      And China is humiliated because of them!


      When they thought of this, the White Tigers in the room were heartbroken and grief-stricken!


      They were the sinners who had brought shame to China!


      A legion that could not hold off a single ronin was a joke.


      Now that even the White Tiger has been defeated, who else can save China's face?


      One by one, the soldiers cried out in shame and pain!


      "Hahahaha, the strong men of China are really all a bunch of trash, they can't even block one of my moves, and they deserve to call themselves a great nation?"


      Sasaki Ichiro laughed rampantly, seeing the humiliated and sorrowful looks of those soldiers, a desire to conquer welled up in his heart.


      These wastrels deserved to despair in his presence!


      "Don't be complacent, I may have lost to you, but if my master, the Dragon and Tiger War God, strikes, he will be able to kill you with a snap of his fingers!" White Tiger roared in grief and anger, and at this moment, he could not hide his grief.


      It was because it was his defeat that had caused China to lose face.


      "Dragon and Tiger War God? When I kill you, I will go and meet him myself."


      Sasaki Ichiro smiled contemptuously, "Now, you can die!"


      With that, a blade swung down!


      This scene caused everyone in the room to turn pale.


      "General Tiger!!!"






      The dozen or so battle generals around the miserable area, as well as the thousand White Tiger soldiers' eyes were splitting.


      How could they not have imagined that Ichiro Sasaki would dare to kill someone in public, or to kill the commander-in-chief of the White Tiger army, this was simply insane.


      However, they had the intention to rescue him, but they were simply too late.


      They could only watch as Ichiro Sasaki's butcher's knife slashed at the head of the White Tiger.


      The white tiger also silently closed his eyes, and a strong bitterness and despondency surfaced at the corners of his mouth.


      He was not afraid of death.


      But he was afraid of shame.


      And now, he would die with shame, which was simply more unbearable than killing him


      "Master, my disciple is incompetent and failed to stop this madman, you must stop him and revive the prestige of China!"


      After saying this, White Tiger quietly closed his eyes and waited for death to come.




      To his dismay, after waiting for a long time, the white tiger still did not feel the slightest pain, so he could not help but open his eyes in confusion.


      Immediately, he saw a sturdy figure in front of him.


      He, with two fingers, had blocked Ichiro Sasaki's sword!


      This person was actually ...... Lin Fan!




      The whole room was instantly dead silent!


      The White Tigers, who had been in deep despair and grief, instantly stared at the man they had previously humiliated so much, as if they had grabbed the straw that saved their lives.


      Two fingers, blocking Sasaki Ichiro?


      This... How could that be!


      At this moment, a shocking wave rippled through their hearts!




      Sasaki Ichiro, too, was petrified on the spot, looking at Lin Fan in disbelief, as if he had seen a ghost.


      At this moment, Lin Fan's face was gloomy and terrifying:.


      "How can I, a great nation of China, allow you to humiliate this little ronin who came out of the land of bullets?"

Chapter 1113

Two fingers, blocking Ichiro Sasaki!


      This scene was like a nightmare!


      It made everyone in the room's scalp almost explode!


      White Tiger and the others were dumbfounded, was this an illusion?


      That punk they despised the most, that mole they thought could be destroyed with a snap of his fingers, had used just two fingers to stop Ichiro Sasaki, who could not even stop their three-star warlord?


      The atmosphere was so oppressive that it was almost suffocating.


      A ridiculous thought came to almost everyone's mind: I must be dreaming!


      Who else could explain this absurd and bizarre scene?


      All eyes were waiting in anticipation, and at this time the look in Lin Fan's eyes was no longer one of contempt, but one of infinite longing!


      Two fingers could stop Ichiro Sasaki, could this man restore prestige to the White Tiger Army and even to the whole of China?


      "You want to stop me even with just you? Do you know who I am? I am the eldest disciple of the Island God of War, Saito Hidetori!"


      Saito Ichiro's eyes were flooded with ferocity as he stared at Lin Fan as if he were prey.


      "Dare to stop me from killing someone, boy, your life... I'll take it!"


      Saito Feijo!


      One word stirred up a thousand waves!


      Everyone was almost suffocated with fear!


      Five years ago, an island war god had set foot in China and slaughtered Chinese powerhouses unstoppable.


      China sent out three great war gods, including the Dragon and Tiger War God, before barely tying with them, and that man was Saito Hidetori.


      Saito Hidetori had publicly insulted China, saying that no man in China was a man!


      The nation was outraged, but there was nothing they could do!


      And because of his words, he angered a mysterious, unseen being in China, who defeated Saito Hidetori with a single move!


      And he ordered that Saito Fidori would not be allowed to enter China during his lifetime!


      And this Sasaki Ichiro was Saito Fidori's eldest disciple?


      In an instant, Bai Hu revealed a bitter smile, finally understanding why Sasaki Ichiro's strength had soared over the years.


      It turned out that he had taken Saito Hidetori, one of the strongest war gods on the island, as his master, and that was an existence that his two masters could only tie with another war god.


      As soon as the crowd heard this, their hearts sank to the bottom!


      It was over!


      I'm afraid that today's humiliation will be difficult to wash away!


      The glimmer of hope they originally had for Lin Fan was also instantly extinguished after hearing these words from Sasaki Ichiro.


      "Run away! You're no match for him!"


      Bai Hu shouted at Lin Fan, since his opponent was the eldest disciple of Saito Feijou, no one could win against him except his master, the Dragon and Tiger War God.


      Although he had a grudge against Lin Fan, he was grateful that Lin Fan had saved him and did not want to let Lin Fan die for nothing at this point.




      Lin Fan, however, laughed contemptuously, "A coward who returned from China in defeat, what is there to fear?"




      When Sasaki Ichiro heard this, he jumped like a thunderstorm: "How dare you insult the Island War God? How dare you insult that god-like being?"


      "You... Damn you!"


      With that, he violently drew his sword, wanting to slash Lin Fan to death.


      It was over!


      When they saw Sasaki Ichiro's anger, everyone expected what would happen to Lin Fan and sighed in their hearts.


      In the next moment, Lin Fan was going to die under that blade!


      But the next moment, Sasaki Ichiro's expression changed dramatically, because his sword did not move at all, Lin Fan's two fingers were like iron pincers, firmly holding his sword.


      No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't pull it out!


      "A disciple of Saito Feiji, is that all he can do?" Lin Fan shook his head with utmost contempt.


      "I have to say, I'm disappointed!"


      And then, a slap was called out!




      With a loud bang, a big head flew into the grass in a parabolic arc!




      Everyone's skulls exploded!