Today I Give Up Trying 1109-1110

 Chapter 1109

The south of Jiangnan City.


      At ordinary times, this place is deserted, but today, stretching for dozens of miles, is dense, covered with a green tent.


      This is the station of the White Tiger Legion.


      A fully armed sergeant, neatly and uniformly covered the various entrances to the barracks.


      The pair of sharp eyes, like tigers and wolves around, as if there is any little wind blowing grass, will be killed on the spot.


      And at this moment.


      In the most central location of the barracks.


      Densely packed, a dozen figures standing.


      Each of these people, each wearing a military uniform, powerful and upright, a piece of medals, neatly worn.


      Almost all of them were one-star war generals and two-star war generals.




      In front of these dozens of powerful battle generals, stood a young man who seemed like a tiger and wolf, who was actually a three-star battle general.


      He, was the highest officer of the White Tiger Legion - White Tiger.


      "The people are almost here, right?" White Tiger was born with a Chinese face, thick eyebrows and large eyes, and between the flash of his eyes, he emitted a terrifyingly strong killing aura.


      And hearing these words.


      At that moment, a two-star war general arched his hand and said.


      "General Tiger, that Lin Fan is already on his way to be escorted!"


      "And the island challenger - Ichiro Sasaki - is only one kilometer away from us!"


      A word.


      Let the white tiger body of the fury, more and more dense, he licked the corners of the dry mouth, as if a ferocious beast that found prey, the breath is appalling: the


      "Hehehe ...... good! Very good!"


      "That Lin Fan, the dog has the guts to cause our White Family to suffer heavy losses, and even more so, the entire White Three Group was wiped out! And today, it's the time to reclaim the glory for the White Family!"


      Speaking here.


      White Tiger words a beat, above the resolute face, a touch of gloom:.


      "In addition, the most important thing is that Sasaki Ichiro! This island ronin, how dare he set foot in my Jiangnan land, to challenge our White Tiger army, must be killed! To raise the prestige of our Chinese nation!"


      Hearing these words.


      The dozens of one-star and two-star generals next to him, as well as the densely-packed White Tiger army around them, all boiled with fervor.


      One by one, they raised their arms high and hissed and shook the sky: "Kill!








      It was as if in the eyes of these iron-blooded soldiers, Lin Fan should be killed for hurting the Bai family, and Sasaki Ichiro should be killed even more for provoking China.




      Right in the middle of this earth-shattering shouting and killing sound, a green military vehicle, which sped up, stopped in front of the crowd.


      When the car door opened.


      The one-star war general, Wei Fan, then slowly walked down with Lin Fan.


      Behind Lin Fan, there were two machine guns, aimed dead on his body.


      Swish swish swish.


      The moment Lin Fan got off the bus, the eyes of those dozen one- and two-star battle generals were locked on Lin Fan in unison.


      The eyes were morbidly cold, looking at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a dead man.


      If it was an ordinary person.


      However, to everyone's surprise, Lin Fan seemed to be unaware of it, and led by Wei Fan, he arrived behind the white tiger.


      "General Tiger, Lin Fan has arrived!" Wei Fan said to the white tiger with an arch of his hand.


      Hearing these words.


      The white tiger still had his hands behind his back and didn't turn around, as if Lin Fan didn't even qualify him to look at him.


      And next to him.


      A two-star war general, stepped forward and angrily rebuked at Lin Fan, saying.


      "Little mole, when you see a tiger general, don't kneel down!"




      This two-star war general's voice was incomparably loud, like a flood bell, resounding in this place.


      Especially paired with the surrounding, thousands of iron-blooded soldiers' terrifying gaze, the aura was monstrous and appalling.






      Lin Fan's eyes were cold as he stared straight at this two-star war general, the corners of his mouth slightly curled.


      "Good! Then you ...... kneel down!"




      With Lin Fan's words, an overwhelming pressure instantly swept over this two-star general's body, instantly causing him to fall into an ice cell.


      Especially, when he was caught off guard, he only felt a terrifying mountain-like pressure that covered his body.


      Let his legs go weak.


      With a poof.


      Kneeled down in front of Lin Fan.


      What ...... what?


      This scene, which happened so fast, was too bizarre.


      From the time Lin Fan made this two-star war general kneel down, to the time he poofed on the ground, it was only a matter of seconds.


      When everyone around reacted.




      Almost every single person couldn't believe their eyes.

Chapter 1110

"Damn, bastard, what did you do to General Xu?"


      "General Xu, how do you ......"




      When the crowd reacted, whether it was the dozen one-star and two-star battle generals or the thousand iron-blooded soldiers, all of their faces changed wildly.


      However, a scene that made them even more frightened appeared.


      Only to see, that two-star General Xu seemed to be under a great pressure at this moment.


      His hands were propped up on the ground, as if he wanted to stand up from his kneeling state, yet a huge mountain seemed to be pressed on his body.


      Even though his face was red and bloodshot, his eyes were wide open and his veins were rippling, he was unable to stand up from the ground in the slightest.


      How is this ...... possible.


      Not only the crowd.


      Even the white tiger, after noticing that something was wrong, also turned around violently.


      "Mighty pressure?"


      The white tiger's pupils suddenly shrank.


      He could naturally see that what made the two-star Xu General fall to his knees was a terrifying aura of intimidating pressure.


      It was just that when he looked at Lin Fan's such a young face and such a slim figure, it was impossible to imagine how this fellow had managed to gather such a powerful mighty pressure.


      "Damn it! Bastard, get General Xu up or I'll break you into pieces!"


      "Damn! This kid knows evil magic, shoot me and shoot him!"




      A one-star and two-star war general, violently enraged to the extreme.


      After all.


      They were battle generals, the cornerstones of the country, terrifying existences that could defeat a hundred people with one, and now their companions, surprisingly, were kneeling on the ground alive under Lin Fan's one roar, which made all of them lose face.


      Only, a scene that made them even more incredible appeared.


      Lin Fan turned a deaf ear to the angry roars and curses of these war generals, he didn't even look at these people, instead, he stepped forward and walked towards the white tiger.




      Lin Fan's footsteps, walking past one war general after another.


      And as he passed in front of each one of them.




      The overwhelming, tidal-like pressure would viciously cover that war general's body.


      And then ......








      One after another kneeling sound resounded, and those thousand iron-blooded soldiers saw in horror that their battle general officers, unexpectedly, could not bear the pressure one by one, and knelt down to the ground where Lin Fan passed by.




      This scene caused everyone to turn pale.


      The second one!


      The fifth!


      The tenth!




      Lin Fan's footsteps seemed to have the terrifying power of a devil, and with every step he took, a battle general officer would be suppressed to the ground.


      Until the last two-star war general could no longer withstand the terrifying pressure and fell to the ground with a poof.


      Lin Fan had already walked in front of the white tiger.


      "Good tactics!"


      White Tiger's face was so gloomy that water almost dripped out of it.


      A dozen of his battle general's men had fallen to their knees, a sight that caused his heart to rage and kill.


      "I have to say, this general did underestimate you a bit!"


      The white tiger stared straight at Lin Fan, the battle intent in his eyes growing thicker and thicker.


      And hearing these words.


      Lin Fan smiled gently and waved his hand.




      Those dozen war generals immediately felt that the terrifying pressure on their shoulders suddenly disappeared, and one by one, they stood up from their kneeling state with a rub: "Kid, I'll kill you!


      "Kid, I'll kill you!"


      "Damn it! Kill this bastard!"




      These battle generals were so ashamed and angry that they were simply indignant to the extreme.


      Every one of them hated to kill Lin Fan before they could.


      Only, with a move of the white tiger's palm, the movements of a dozen battle generals were immediately brought to an abrupt halt.


      "This person will die sooner or later!"


      "However, right now he is not the most important, the most important thing is to defeat Sasaki Ichiro!"




      White Tiger's eyes flicked away from Lin Fan and looked to the side.


      And right there, a jeep sped up.


      It creaked to a stop in front of the crowd.


      And then, from the jeep, came down a group of island ronin dressed in kimonos.


      The leader, a moustached man, was the Chinese challenger this time - Ichiro Sasaki!