Today I Give Up Trying 1107-1108

 Chapter 1107

Among the Star River building.


      Every employee of the new Bai's was still immersed in the ecstasy of Lin Fan and Bai Yi's photos.


      They were constantly discussing Lin Fan.


      After all, Lin Fan in a suit was that mysterious and noble, plus with his one word, he actually made the whole entertainment circle led by Zhang Yichen sensational, and even alarmed the official microblogs of the major Chinese governments to forward it, which even put a mysterious veil on Lin Fan's body.




      Unlike the ecstasy of many new Bai's employees, a figure, on the other hand, was sitting at the corner of the wall lost in thought.


      He, is the little fresh meat Zheng Hao.


      Zheng Hao was as if he had lost his soul, his face was as white as paper, and his entire face was filled with a strong sense of despair and deadly gray: "I really have to ask Lin Fan.


      "Do I really have to ask for Lin Fan and Bai Yi's forgiveness? I'm not willing! I'm not willing!"


      A trace of hideousness surfaced under Zheng Hao's eyes.


      He had already spoken to his boss on the phone, and the other party clearly told him that if he didn't want to be permanently banned, there was only one way to go.


      That is to kneel and ask for forgiveness from Bai Yi and Lin Fan.


      Otherwise, he was completely finished.


      "How could this happen! That damned bastard, how on earth did he do that? Could it be that he still has terrifying identities and secrets that are not known to anyone? Otherwise, how would government officials take care of a small person like him?"


      Zheng Hao's eyes were as red as blood.


      In his mind, the figure of Lin Fan kept flashing, that mysterious, that bizarre.


      In Zheng Hao's eyes now, Lin Fan was simply a devil.




      And just at that moment.


      Zheng Hao heard a footstep coming, but found that Bai Yi and his assistant happened to slowly pass by his side.


      "Bai ...... White Chief ......"


      Seeing Bai Yi, Zheng Hao's mouth wiggled a little, his face full of pity.




      Bai Yi froze, after seeing Zheng Hao, her pretty face above can't help but float a thick disgusted color:.


      "Mr. Zheng, why are you still here?"


      "I ...... would like to apologize to you and Mr. Lin! Ask for your forgiveness!" This sentence of Zheng Hao's almost popped out from his teeth in general.


      Especially when he said 'Mr. Lin', he hated his teeth even more.


      Only, there was not the slightest way.


      After saying that.


      He instantly, wanted to kneel to in front of Bai Yi.


      But at this moment.


      "Bai Yi! Bai Yi!"


      A shout full of pleasure, but within the corridor resounded, instantly attracted everyone's attention.


      Only then did everyone see that a handsome woman, after stepping down from the elevator, was running quickly towards the place.


      "Bai Yan! Why are you here?"


      Bai Yi's heart, thumped.


      How could she not expect that Bai Yan would appear here, especially when she clearly saw that Bai Yan's face actually carried a hint of gloating look, which made Bai Yi's heart, a bad premonition.


      "Hahahaha ...... Cousin Bai Yi, I'm here to report your loss!" Bai Yan came to Bai Yi's front, said with a face full of exuberance.


      Just this one sentence made Bai Yi's face change greatly.


      "Report a funeral?"


      "Bai Yan, what are you babbling about? All the people in our family, all of them are fine, what kind of person are you here to report a funeral to?"


      Bai Yi was completely confused.


      It wasn't just her.


      Even Zheng Hao and Bai Yi's assistant next to her were full of doubts, not knowing what medicine Bai Yan was selling in her gourd.


      Only, immediately afterwards, Bai Yan's sentence made everyone's face change: the following


      "Hahahaha ...... cousin, of course I'm here to avenge your death for Lin Fan!"


      When Bai Yan said this, the grimace and resentment on her face was so thick that she said.


      "I came to tell you that your husband was taken away by the people of the White Tiger Legion! He ...... is dead! Now, you are probably already a widow! Hahahaha ......"




      Bai Yan said a sentence, let Bai Yi like a thunderstorm, the whole person almost fainted in fear.

Chapter 1108

White Tiger Legion!


      Not only Bai Yi, but even Zheng Hao and Bai Yi's assistant next to him, their faces changed greatly.


      They had naturally heard of this White Tiger Legion, stationed in the East China Sea, with ten thousand soldiers and soldiers, dominating one side.


      It was one of the terrifying troops under the Dragon Tiger Legion.


      It was just that they couldn't imagine that Lin Fan had provoked such a behemoth.


      "No! Impossible!"


      Bai Yi's pretty face was as white as paper as she grabbed Bai Yan's collar, as if she had gone crazy, and screamed in a shrill voice.


      "Bai Yan, you're lying to me, aren't you? When did Lin Fan ever provoke the military? You must be lying to me!"


      Bai Yi couldn't believe it.


      After all, she and Lin Fan were together every day and never remembered Lin Fan and the people of the White Tiger Legion, making enmities.


      Only, seeing Bai Yi's almost crazy look, Bai Yan's face, quickness and ridicule grew thicker and thicker:.


      "Bai Yi, Lin Fan did not provoke the military, but he offended the Jiangnan Bai family!"


      "The second in line heir of the Jiangnan Bai family, Bai Hu, is the highest officer of the White Tiger Legion, a three-star war general!"




      Bai Yan this sentence, to Bai Yi is more like a bolt from the blue.


      It was over.


      She knew how deep the grudge between Lin Fan and the Jiangnan Bai Clan was, and now that he had fallen into the hands of Bai Hu, Lin Fan was afraid that he would be completely lifeless.


      Thinking of this, Bai Yi's entire body only felt a dizzy spell.


      And next to it.


      Zheng Hao's heart was wildly happy to the extreme.


      "Hahahaha ...... good! Is that bastard finally getting his comeuppance? As long as he dies, I will have a way to convince my boss to lift the block on me! This is simply great!"


      Zheng Hao's face was red with excitement, and his body even trembled a little.


      To be able to not have to apologize to Lin Fan and ask for forgiveness, and still be able to watch this bastard die, this was simply a great thing for him.


      "Bai ...... Bai Yan, help me, help Lin Fan! Lin Fan can't die, I'm willing to give everything, just so he can live!" Bai Yi looked at Bai Yan as if she was looking at the last straw to save her life.


      If Lin Fan died, how could she live alone.


      And hearing these words.


      Bai Yan's smile grew brighter and brighter:.


      "Hahahaha, Cousin Bai Yi, you really do have a deep love for that trash!"


      "If you want to save him, that's fine! Bring the transfer certificates of all the properties under your name, as long as you hand them over to the Jiangnan Bai family, perhaps Lin Fan will be able to save a life!"


      Bai Yan laughed abnormally wildly.


      Their Jiangcheng Bai family, already had nothing, and now, she was going to let Bai Yi taste the taste of having nothing too.


      Just, to Bai Yan's dismay, after hearing these words, Bai Yi did not hesitate for a moment and nodded straight away and agreed to.


      "Good ...... I will prepare the transfer of the properties under my name now, I can do without a single penny, I just want Lin Fan to be safe and sound!"




      Hearing these words, and then looking at Bai Yi's serious appearance, both Bai Yan, or next to Zheng Hao, all the heart complicated to the extreme.


      Who could imagine that Bai Yi, this beautiful president, a rich woman sitting on tens of billions of dollars, would be willing to sacrifice all her industries just to exchange for the life of that trash Lin Fan.


      This is simply incredible.


      "Humph! I really don't know what kind of charm that trash has to make you charmed like this!"


      Bai Yan coldly snorted and looked at Bai Yi as if she was an idiot.


      "You should prepare the transfer contract now, later I will take you to the White Tiger Legion's residence to pay respect to the White Tiger Young Master!"


      With a single word, Bai Yi was wildly happy.


      Almost without saying a word, she quickly ordered someone to prepare it.


      For the sake of Lin Fan.


      She was ready to sacrifice everything!