Today I Give Up Trying 1104-1106

 Chapter 1104



      At this moment, the atmosphere in the entire ward completely exploded.


      Both Tai Gong Shen's family and the Bai Shan couple couldn't believe their ears in every way.


      500 million endorsement fee, one year term.


      This ...... is simply a super sky price, not to mention an ordinary person, even the top star artists in the Chinese entertainment industry, can not get such a sky price.


      And now!




      All the people in the room were stunned.


      Only, this was just the beginning.


      Next to Hua Yi's boss Zhou Feng, a middle-aged beautiful woman also hurriedly spoke up and said.


      "Mr. Lin Fan, I'm Li Nan, the chairman of ATV, and I'm here to invite Mr. Lin Fan to participate in our Ultimate Star Avenue, with an appearance fee of 500 million! Produce 5 issues!"




      This beautiful woman's words were even more like a bomb, causing the originally dumbfounded crowd to almost fall to the ground in fear.




      This is a TV station that caters to dozens of countries in Asia.


      Especially the Ultimate Star Avenue, are the top superstars of each country, only eligible to participate.


      The crowd could not have imagined that the other party would invite Lin Fan, and the appearance fee of 500 million, the production of five issues, which is equivalent to, one issue of 100 million.


      This damn ......


      However, the shock had just begun.


      "Mr. Lin, our Huan Yu Group is extremely satisfied with your image, we also want to ask you to be an endorsement, you can mention the endorsement fee at your leisure, as long as you offer a price, we will make you satisfied!"


      "Mr. Lin, we want your image authorization, the price you can sign at your leisure!"




      Words after words came out from the mouths of these people at the entrance.


      Until this moment.


      Only then did the people in the ward realize that these people in front of them were almost exclusively the bosses of the top entertainment companies in China as well as Asia.


      In particular, their quotes fell on the ears of the people in the ward, like thunder booming, making their scalps tingle.




      Bai Yan's whole person seems to have been drained of all strength, a buttocks fell to the ground, pretty face white as paper.


      "Really ...... is really Lin Fan?"


      She was dumbfounded.


      At this moment, she hurriedly took out her phone and once again compared that sensational photo of China with Lin Fan.


      The temperament was different, but the more the face looked similar.


      The dressing was different, but the body looked like one.




      It was really ...... Lin Fan.


      "Impossible! A piece of clothing only, how could it make a person's image, transform so much, how on earth did this guy do it?"


      Bai Yan was completely stunned, especially when she saw the many entertainment bosses who were begging for virtue and full of flattery to please, she was even more completely stunned.


      It was not only her!


      The three members of Tai Gong Shen's family, as well as Bai Shan's husband and wife, were similarly comparing the photos and Lin Fan at this moment.


      After determining that it was just a suit that surprisingly made Lin Fan look like two people, all of the people in the ward took a breath of cold air.


      "Sorry gentlemen, I am not the least bit interested in your endorsement!"


      Lin Fan didn't even care about the crowd's horror, but said to the many entertainment bosses with a smile.




      Seeing Lin Fan so categorically rejecting a sky [pencil novel] priced contract, Bai Yan and the others, even harder to believe their ears.


      "Oh my god! How could this happen!"


      "Lin Fan personally endorses the new Bai, what about Zheng Hao?"


      Bai Yan's face was white as she muttered unbelievably.


      Only, after hearing her muttering, Hua Yi's old president Zhou Feng couldn't help but sneer and said.


      "Zheng Hao? Just a playboy!"


      "Because he offended Mr. Lin, he has now been permanently frozen and banned by our group!"




      With one sentence, Bai Yan's eyes almost fell out.


      Zheng Hao, a top flow young meat, was banned just because he offended Lin Fan?


      How was this possible.


      In an instant, Bai Yan looked at Lin Fan as if he had seen a ghost.

Chapter 1105

Numerous entertainment giants, left.


      But within the entire ward, the atmosphere was dead silent and depressing.


      Each one only felt their hearts, puffing and puffing wildly, their eyes, in unison, stared at Lin Fan as if they had seen a ghost.


      "Little ...... Little Fan, you turned them all down?"


      Bai Shan's heart was inexplicably shocked.


      After all, the invitations that those entertainment giants had just extended to Lin Fan were almost all in the hundreds of millions, and every single invitation was astronomical.


      But all of them were rejected by Lin Fan. Is this still his son-in-law who has been a member of the family for three years and doesn't have a dime on him?


      Not only Bai Shan.


      Bai Yan even felt broken his own three views, in her eyes, Lin Fan is a poor man, a waste.


      But this punk, who refused the most raging storm of money in the world, made her almost not recognize Lin Fan.


      "Dad! It's all just small orders, it's no fun! Besides, I have a bad stomach and like to eat soft rice!"


      Lin Fan said with a smirk.


      Bad stomach?


      Eating soft rice?


      Hearing these words, both the Bai Shan couple and Bai Yan and others, the corners of their mouths twitched and a black line appeared on their foreheads.


      Nima, really or rotten mud can not support the wall.


      Originally thought that this goods is to see money like dirt, it turns out that he is just ...... lazy.


      "Humph! Lin Fan, you don't need to be complacent! So what if you are the male lead in the photo?"


      At the corner of Bai Yan's mouth, a slight arc of resentment emerged:.


      "Let me tell you the truth! The Jiangnan Bai family, is about to take revenge on you! If you don't want to die here, you hurry up and get out!"




      This sentence of Bai Yan's made all the people in the ward, all of them startled.


      The Jiangnan Bai family, one of the four hidden giants.


      Almost everyone knew that it was because of Lin Fan that caused the Jiangnan Bai Clan to not only fail to annex the new Bai Clan, but even lose the fat piece of meat that was the Bai Clan Group.


      What's more, it made the White Dust, a failure.


      And now, the Jiangnan Bai family is finally taking revenge?


      "Bai Yan, you ...... do you know something?" Bai Shan at this moment face white as paper, his worst fears, finally going to happen?


      Everyone's eyes, in unison to look at Bai Yan.


      Bai Yan, on the other hand, smiled faintly and looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a dead person:.


      "Lin Fan, do you know who the second candidate heir of the Jiangnan Bai Family is? His name is Bai Hu, three-star war general, in control of the East Sea Legion, guarding the East Sea, with ten thousand soldiers under him, dominating one side!"


      "He is even more, the disciple of the Dragon and Tiger War God! And today, he's back!"




      A word that made the crowd in the ward, their faces changed greatly.


      The disciple of the Dragon and Tiger War God.


      Three-star war general!


      Hearing this one identity, Bai Shan and the others, their faces were as white as paper.


      And the words that made them even more frightened continued to come.


      "In addition to that, white tiger already know, white three groups planted in your hands, Jiangnan white family planted in you! He will definitely seek revenge on you! Hahahaha ...... I'll see how you die!"


      White Yan voice, filled with a strong pleasure.


      And the words fell, Bai Shan couple, even Shen Tai Gong family all a burst of scalp tingling.


      Dragon and Tiger War God's disciple, three-star war general wants to retaliate, this consequence is simply too terrifying.


      After all!


      It was the Dragon and Tiger War God who had previously crushed the Ye family, one of the four hidden giants in the hall, to the point where they couldn't lift their heads up.


      And if his disciple wanted to retaliate against Lin Fan, Lin Fan would surely die.


      An instant.


      The Bai Shan couple's faces changed greatly, and immediately wanted to persuade Lin Fan to hurry and flee for his life.


      But at that moment.




      A clamor came from outside the ward, as well as a neat and tidy footstep resounding up.


      Under the shocked eyes of everyone.


      A fully-armed sergeant appeared at the door of the ward.


      Ten of them!




      Two hundred!




      In the blink of an eye, the entire entrance to the ward was instantly surrounded by a waterfall.


      And this scene, let everyone's heart thump, they know ...... Lin Fan is finished!

Chapter 1106



      At this moment, all the people in the ward, looking at the densely packed sergeants in the corridor, everyone's heart sank to the bottom.


      In particular, these soldiers are extremely bad, they just appeared, they will be in the hands of the gun, aimed at the ward.


      A big man in a military uniform, a pagoda, stepped out from the crowd of sergeants: "Who is Lin Fan?


      "Who is Lin Fan?"


      The voice was cold and piercing.


      And hearing these words, the faces of the people in the ward were so gloomy that water almost dripped out.


      "I am!" Lin Fan shrugged indifferently and stood out.




      And seeing Lin Fan's breezy appearance, this big man with a pylon faintly froze.


      He obviously hadn't expected that Lin Fan would still be this calm in the face of a team of over two hundred soldiers.


      "Humph! I hope you're not pissing your pants in fear later!"


      Said the man!


      The big man with the iron tower stared deadly at Lin Fan, his gaze incomparably cold: "I am the White Tiger Legion.


      "I am Wei Fan, a one-star battle general of the White Tiger Legion! By order of our officer, I'm taking you to the military camp!"




      Hearing these words, everyone in the ward's face changed drastically.


      Bai Yan, on the other hand, her eyes instantly lit up at first and hurriedly asked.


      "This officer, may I ask your officer, is it the White Tiger of the Jiangnan White Family?"


      White Tiger!


      Hearing this name, Bai Shan and the others only felt a tingling in their scalp, and a heart almost reached their throat.


      If it was the White Tiger who sent someone to capture Lin Fan, then Lin Fan ...... was dead.


      Thinking of this, all eyes, all look at this pylon officer.


      And under the gaze of the crowd, this one-star war general nodded indifferently.


      "That's right! My officer is none other than Lord Bai Hu, a three-star battle general!"


      "This time, when I heard that Lin Fan had killed the White Three Group of the White Family, Lord White Tiger was furious and vowed to severely punish the murderer!"


      With a single sentence, it was as if a heavy hammer had viciously smashed into the hearts of Bai Shan and the others, causing them to almost faint from fear.


      Bai Yan, on the other hand, was completely excited.


      She looked at Lin Fan with a face full of gloating and sneered, saying.


      "Lin Fan, did you see that? Your retribution has come! Hahahaha ...... What you swallowed from our Bai Group and half of the Ye Family you swallowed, will all be spit out!"


      "By then, the Jiangnan Bai family will definitely become the number one powerful family, and you ...... are dead!"


      Bai Yan as if he had already seen, Lin Fan was torn alive by the white tiger miserable scene, exuberant to the extreme.




      Lin Fan's face had no fear, no trepidation, there was only a strong disdain.


      "I can go with you guys! However, I hope you officers can bear the consequences!"




      Lin Fan's words made the crowd freeze, they didn't expect that, at the end of his life, this guy was still talking tough and pretending.


      Bai Yan even laughed so hard that his stomach hurt:.


      "Hahahaha ...... Lin Fan, go ahead and pretend, after today, if you want to pretend again, I'm afraid you'll have to go underground!"


      Bai Yan laughed with unusual pleasure, looking at Lin Fan as if he was looking at an idiot.


      And the pylon officer, too, sneered.


      "Take it away!"


      The words fell!


      Hula, hula, instantly came up two heavily armed soldiers, two black holes in the muzzle of their guns, aimed at Lin Fan.


      Seeing this scene.


      Lin Fan's expression remained calm and unruffled, turning his head to the anxious Bai Shan couple and saying.


      "Mom and Dad, you don't have to worry! I'm going to the military camp to take a break, I'll be back for dinner tonight!"


      After saying that!


      Lin Fan then walked straight towards the door of the ward.


      A gun, aimed at his body, would definitely beat him into a sieve as long as he dared to make the slightest movement.


      Until Lin Fan left.


      The Bai Shan couple, as well as Bai Yan and the others, still couldn't believe their ears.


      Going to the military camp for a break?


      Coming back for dinner in the evening?


      Listening to Lin Fan's tone, they even felt that the bastard was going on a trip.


      This really didn't know how to live and die!


      "What to do? What now?" The Bai Shan couple was anxious as if they were ants on a hot pot, sweat crackling and dripping down.


      And seeing this scene.


      Bai Yan could not help but faintly smile and said.


      "Third uncle and third aunt, the only way now is to make Bai Yi hand over the Bai Group, the new Bai Clan, and the annexed Ye family properties!"


      "Only then, Lin Fan might ...... be able to live!"