Today I Give Up Trying 1101-1103

 Chapter 1101

Forever and ever, snow blocked!


      After hearing these words, Zheng Hao's palm loosened and the phone instantly fell out of his hand and onto the ground.


      But he seemed to be oblivious, the whole person as if lost his soul, his face as white as paper: "I  finished!


      "I ...... am finished!"


      "How could this happen! How could this happen!"


      A trace of fear and despair, surfaced in Zheng Hao's eyes.


      He is a popular young meat, the boss's eyes of the money tree.


      And now ......


      "What the hell are you ...... guys? Impossible, if it's just ordinary people, how could your photos attract the attention of the state, and even make the major departments official microblogging, crazy forwarding! This can't be!"


      Zheng Hao's eyes, red as a sheet, stared at Lin Fan and Bai Yi with a deadly stare.


      It wasn't just him.


      At this moment, almost all the gazes in the entire shooting hall were focused on Lin Fan's body.


      Even Bai Yi only felt as if he was dreaming.


      "Lin Fan, how on earth did he do that?"


      Bai Yi turned her head to look at her husband, she was stunned to find that Lin Fan at this moment was not just his external image, mysterious and noble as if he was a prince, his aura, his every move, all seemed like an emperor descending, giving a sense of intimidation that was so dense that it was extreme.


      Only, this moment Lin Fan, simply do not bother to look at Zheng Hao.


      He turned his head to Bai Yi and said.


      "Wife, things are done, then I'm leaving too!"


      After saying that.


      Lin Fan instantly walked back to the dressing room under the shocked eyes of the crowd, and soon, when Lin Fan came out once again, he had changed back into that casual outfit.


      In particular, he was carrying a vegetable basket full of vegetables and fruits in his hand, how to look like a family cook.




      The crowd had an illusion that it was impossible to link the housewife Lin Fan in front of them with the noble prince just now.


      It was as if they were two people.


      There was not the slightest comparison.


      Even Bai Yi, if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she likewise wouldn't have believed that Lin Fan, after changing into a suit, would be her own house wife husband.


      "Wife, goodbye!"


      Lin Fan smiled slightly, waved his hand at Bai Yi, and then left the place with a big grin.


      And when he had just left.




      The entire filming hall, completely exploded.


      On the faces of all the staff, the shock remained.


      "Oh my God, the chairman changed his clothes, it's like a different person, if I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe they could be one person!"


      "Yes, put on the suit, Lin Dong noble as an emperor, take off the suit, Lin Dong ordinary as if a passerby! This change, too incredible!"


      "Lin Dong is obviously so noble, so elegant, why does he dress so ordinary!"




      Dense murmurs rose and fell in the shooting hall.


      And almost everyone, was extremely puzzled by Lin Fan's image of dressing so ordinary, as if he was a passerby.


      Even Bai Yi.


      Her pretty face was complicated to the extreme, looking at the place where Lin Fan left, a trace of shame surfaced in her eyes:.


      "Lin Fan, are you willing to be an ordinary person and dress so plainly for my sake?"


      Bai Yi was not stupid.


      According to Lin Fan's temperament and image just now, he was even qualified to become a national husband, but he chose to be this ordinary, this plain.


      All this, there can only be one explanation, for his own sake, he concealed his own radiant light.


      Thinking of this.


      Bai Yi heart for Lin Fan's love, the more dense up.

Chapter 1102

Just after noon, Lin Fan carried a few packed meals and headed for the Jiangnan First People's Hospital.


      In recent times, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei couple had been taking care of Grandpa Shen in the hospital.


      And the matter of being responsible for delivering meals could only fall on Lin Fan.


      Along the way.


      Lin Fan heard all the passersby around discussing in a feverish manner.


      And these passersby said the topic of conversation, almost all of them are the 'divine couple' on the social platform!


      "Hey ...... I've lived for so long, it's really the first time I've seen the official microblogging in forwarding such pictures, and even send blessings!"


      "Yeah, but I have to say, that man in the photo is too classy, is he an international model?"




      Such sounds of discussion, dense and continuous, filled all corners of the hospital.


      But everyone didn't know.


      The protagonist of their feverish discussion was just passing by them.


      "It seems that no one was able to recognize me!"


      Lin Fan smiled faintly.


      The thing he was most worried about was being recognized, and once that happened, he would be endlessly pestered, which was the scene he was most unwilling to see.




      Lin Fan had arrived at the entrance of the senior nursing ward.


      Only, before he could enter, he heard a taunting and mocking voice inside.


      "Hahahaha ...... Third uncle and third aunt, Cousin Bai Yi is really great, just a few days ago she ate half of the Ye family property, and now she found a handsome man! It is simply a career love double harvest! Just do not know, my waste cousin husband know, will not be angry?"




      When he heard this voice, Lin Fan faintly froze.


      Naturally, he could hear that it was the voice of Bai Yan, the daughter of his second uncle Bai Chuan.


      Ever since Jiang City, Lin Fan had wrested the Bai Group from Bai Chuan's hands, he and the Bai family had reached a point of incompatibility.


      It just didn't occur to him that Bai Yan would appear here.


      This was not all.


      Immediately after, within the ward, the same voices of Shen Jian and Shen Jie's father and son were heard.


      "Bai Shan, Yu Mei ah, Bai Yi did go a bit too far this time! No matter what, she and Lin Fan are not divorced yet! How can you take such photos with another man? Moreover, now that it has become a furore, how can Lin Fan behave in the future?"


      "Yes, although I, Shen Jie, am not used to Lin Fan, but this time, it's Bai Yi's fault!"


      Out of Lin Fan's expectation, Shen Jian and Shen Jie, father and son, did not mock Lin Fan like Bai Yan, instead, their words were full of sympathy.


      And hearing these words.


      Lin Fan could not help but shake his head and lost his smile, and then pushed open the door of the room and walked in.


      "Lin ...... Lin Fan!"


      Seeing Lin Fan enter, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei's expressions instantly became embarrassed.


      Apparently, even the couple likewise did not recognize Lin Fan from the photos, and had been thinking that Bai Yi was with an international male model who had taken so many ambiguous photos.


      "Lin Fan, I'm sorry, I will definitely teach this girl Bai Yi a good lesson when I go back!" Shen Yumei's face was ugly to the extreme.


      Only, not yet waiting for Lin Fan to say anything.


      Bai Yan within the room, on the other hand, burst out laughing:.


      "Giggle ...... Lin Fan, how does it feel to be cuckolded? You should also know about it, right? Cousin Bai Yi found a very temperamental white boy, a thousand times more handsome than you! Even many official microblogs, are blessing them as a divine couple!"


      Bai Yan's gaze towards Lin Fan was filled with bitterness and mockery.


      After all, in her eyes, her own Bai family's loss of the Bai Group was entirely the work of this bastard Lin Fan.


      This made her how not to hate.


      "Humph! Lin Fan, just wait, now that Bai Yi has become a rich woman and hitched a ride with such a handsome little white guy, you'll be kicked in a minute!"


      "When that time comes, I'll see what you do?"


      Bai Yan at this moment, mouth are going to smile crooked, as if already see, Bai Yi kicked off Lin Fan, Lin Fan sad look general.




      To Bai Yan's and everyone else's surprise, not only did Lin Fan not get the slightest bit angry, but instead, he lightly shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile.


      "Is that so?"


      "Maybe the little white guy you're talking about is ...... me!"

Chapter 1103



      After hearing Lin Fan's sentence, the atmosphere in the entire ward, slightly stagnated.


      Whether it was Tai Gong Shen on the hospital bed, or Bai Shan and his wife, as well as Bai Yan, the expressions on each of their faces froze in their entirety.


      "Lin Fan, you said that little white face ...... is you?"


      Bai Yan looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a fool.






      In her eyes, it was as if Lin Fan was crazy.


      It was not only her.


      Even Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, who were next to her, had the corners of their mouths slightly twitched, and the couple couldn't help but let out a long sigh.


      "Little Fan, don't get too angry, don't worry, we will definitely support you this time!"


      "Yes, Little Fan, you've done so much for Bai Yi and our family, we definitely won't allow that girl Bai Yi to fool around! Don't you worry!"


      At this moment, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, still thought that Lin Fan was mad at Bai Yi, and that's why he said such nonsense.


      As for Bai Yan, when she reacted.


      The whole person completely burst into laughter:.


      "Hahahahaha ...... laughing my ass off! Lin Fan, are you mad at Bai Yi? How dare you have the face to say that the international famous model is you! Simply laughing to death!"




      Bai Yan opened her phone and placed that one group photo on the social media platform in front of the crowd, before she said playfully.


      "Everyone took a look! People this international model, whether temperament, image, are called top! Even those international stars, are ashamed of themselves!"


      "And you? You are just a family cook! What's your face, to say that the person in the photo is you! Hahahaha ...... is simply a joke!"


      Bai Yan laughed back and forth.


      This was definitely the funniest joke she had ever heard in her life.


      Not only her.


      Even Shen Tai Gong, Shen Jian and Shen Jie, after carefully comparing, the man on the photo and Lin Fan, they vaguely felt that the two had some similarities.


      But both the image, and temperament, are worlds apart, and simply can not link the two together.


      And just when the crowd, wanted to comfort Lin Fan.


      Bai Yan's eyes lit up, which smiled and continued to say.


      "I've heard that the spokesperson the Bai Group hired is the traffic star Zheng Hao! I'm sure that this international model, must have been introduced to Cousin Bai Yi by Zheng Hao!"


      Zheng Hao!


      Hearing this star's name, Tai Gong Shen and the others and the Bai Shan couple couldn't help but nod their heads.


      That's right, perhaps only a star like Zheng Hao could introduce such a classy white boy to Bai Yi.


      Thinking about it.


      The crowd looked at Lin Fan with more and more pity.


      Only they did not notice that Lin Fan's face at this moment, odd to the extreme.


      Especially looking at Bai Yan's gaze, it was like looking at an idiot.


      However, not yet waiting for him to explain.


      Knock, knock, knock.


      There was a knock at the door.




      All of them froze, and then Shen Jie hurriedly went to open the door.


      But when the door just opened, everyone in the ward was stunned to see that a dense, a group of people carrying cameras, but all waiting at the door.


      "You guys are ......" Shen Jie's head was a little confused.


      He naturally could see that these people were either news reporters or like entertainment reporters.


      The cameras with long guns and short cannons made everyone in the ward, look confused.


      "Ahem ......"


      A middle-aged man at the head of the group, at this moment, hurriedly returned and said.


      "I am Zhou Feng, chairman of Huayi Entertainment Group, this time I am here to pay my respects to Mr. Lin Fan! Also want to invite Mr. Lin Fan, to do an endorsement for us! This is an endorsement contract worth 500 million, with a time limit of one year!"


      What ...... what?


      This middle-aged man's words caused the people in the ward to slightly stare.


      Especially, after they carefully took a large amount of time to look at this middle-aged man, all of them were shocked.


      That's right.


      This person was a super giant of the entertainment industry, the king of stars who controlled Huayi Entertainment and signed countless top stars - Zhou Feng.


      And now, he actually came to find Lin Fan ...... endorsement?


      How the hell is this possible!