Today I Give Up Trying 1099-1100

 Chapter 1099



      Did Zhang Yichen really respond?


      Upon hearing the words of her assistant Xiao Xian, and after looking at her extremely excited appearance, the entire shooting hall was instantly in an uproar.


      How could this be!


      The national goddess who had just been on top had really responded, it was like a fantasy from heaven.


      In an instant, everyone in the hall took out their mobile phones, logged onto their social accounts and began to check them out.


      In particular, when the crowd clicked on Zhang Yichen's social account, they instantly saw that there was a line written on it that read


      "Beautiful as a divine couple, sweet as manna on earth, envious, blessed ......"


      In addition to that, Zhang Aichen, in an unprecedented move, had even @ many big names in the entertainment industry.




      After this message from Zhang Aichen, the entire social media platform completely exploded.


      One after another, big names in the entertainment industry liked and retweeted the message.


      Rock King Xu Youfeng: ''It's so handsome! The male lead in this photo, is he a prince? Why does it give me a feeling of dignity and inoffensibility. Gosh, retweet it and support it!''


      Huayi President Wei Ming: 'The man is handsome and explosive, the woman is city-dwelling, what kind of a divine couple is this? Unbelievable! Must retweet!'


      Li Zhi'an, the King of China: 'Love Liao! Love Liao! This photo is definitely the most perfect art of love I've ever seen! New Bai's? Must support!'






      At this moment, within the entire shooting hall, as the crowd checked up on the social media platforms, the hall instantly fell into a dead silence.


      A line of eyes, almost all of them were staring at their phones in deadly silence.


      Looking at the top giants of the entertainment industry who had retweeted one after another, all the staff members in the hall were all red with excitement beyond words.


      Hoo ......


      Gradually, starting from the director, to each of the filming crew below, their breathing began to get heavy.


      That excited look was as if they had seen a miracle.


      "Xu Youfeng, my idol, the King of Rock and Roll! Gosh, I can't believe that this one has been alerted!"


      "Hahahaha ...... Lee Chi On ah, our Chinese entertainment king! He's actually retweeting our photos!"




      A voice of ecstasy resounded incessantly in the shooting hall.


      The crowd who had reacted embraced and cheered each other.


      They were not the only ones.


      At this moment, Bai Yi was similarly staring at her phone with a deadly gaze, her delicate body trembling.


      ''Envy! Blessings ......''


      This was the same dynamic that Zhang Yichen had posted, she never dreamed that she, a small fan, would have the day to make her idol envious and supportive.


      Especially at this moment.


      Bai Yi raised her pretty face, her beautiful eyes looked straight at Lin Fan, her eyes filled with excitement and surprise:.


      "Lin ...... Lin Fan, how on earth did you manage to do that?"


      Hearing these words.


      Swish swish swish!


      Only then did everyone around react, a gaze, all focused on Lin Fan.


      Lin Fan said that in three minutes, the entire internet would be on fire.


      And now, it had actually come true.


      This terrifying prophet-like tactic caused everyone to look at Lin Fan with admiration and awe in their eyes.






      A sound of crashing to the ground resounded at this moment, but it was Zheng Hao who was completely shocked after checking the social platform, his entire person was completely dumbfounded.


      "No ...... it's impossible! How did you manage to do that? How could Zhang Yichen respond to you, how could those top giants of the entertainment industry, support you?"


      Zheng Hao's eyes, as if he had seen a ghost, stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare, even his voice was trembling.




      The scene that shook him had just begun.


      Scream after scream, once again, resounded out.


      "You ...... guys, look at the social media platforms, the picture of General Manager Bai and Lin Dong has stormed into the hot search! Now the Jiangnan government official microblog has retweeted it, the Dragon Tiger Corps official microblog has retweeted it! And ...... the official microblog of the Chinese military, also retweeted it!"

Chapter 1100



      After this scream rang out, everyone was shocked and jolted.


      If it was said that just now, it was just a retweet from the giants of the entertainment industry, they could still understand, after all, those bigwigs were probably looking at Zhang Yichen's face.


      And now!


      Jiangnan government official microblog!


      The official microblog of the Dragon Tiger Corps!


      The official microblog of the Chinese military!




      This is the most powerful platform account in China, these accounts usually only publish some national events, world news, how can they publish forwarding personal group photos?


      What the hell is going on here?


      At that moment, everyone's eyelids jumped wildly as they checked the social media platforms.


      To their horror, they found that in addition to Jiangnan's official microblog, Dragon Tiger's official microblog and the official microblog of the Chinese military, there were even dozens of other heavyweight official microblogs of various countries, large and small, that had liked and retweeted the news.


      In particular, almost every single dynamic, it was written.


      'Jiangnan government official microblog: divine couple, bless!'


      "''Official microblog of the Dragon Tiger Corps: divine couple, blessings!''


      ''Official microblog of the Chinese Military Ministry: divine couple, blessing!''






      After seeing the densely packed official microblogs of blessings, and then after seeing the heat instantly soar to number one in the hot search, suppressing all other celebrity developments and sweeping the entire internet.




      Tick tock!


      A bead of sweat slid down the foreheads of everyone in the hall.


      It had exploded.


      They had never seen such a terrifying array of blessings before, these were all official blessings from China, especially the neatly arranged blessing dynamics, it was more like they were congratulating Bai Yi and Lin Fan as a couple.


      It was the first time in the history of China's social media platforms.


      When this scene fell on Zheng Hao's eyes, his face instantly turned white as paper.


      "How can this be! How can all the official accounts in China help an ordinary person to promote themselves, especially when it's an endorsement ad photo! How the hell is this possible!"


      Zheng Hao's heart simply set off a shocking wave.


      This was definitely the most frightening scene he had ever seen in his life.


      All the official microblogs blessing an endorsement photo together?


      This was simply insane.


      Jingle bell!


      At this moment, Zheng Hao's mobile phone, however, rang, so he hurriedly picked up the phone.


      But just after the phone was connected, the sound of shocked and angry curses came from inside.


      "Zheng Hao! You're fucking screwing me, aren't you? You told me to turn down New White's, but now all of our official microblogs in China are promoting these endorsement photos of New White's! Now I've been sacked, all because of you!"




      This bellowing scolding was like a bolt from the blue, causing Zheng Hao to be completely stunned.


      This was a leader of a TV station, and someone who had refused the cooperation of New White's before.


      And now ......






      With the first call hanging up, Zheng Hao's phone, completely exploded.


      Phone after phone rang through, and one after another shocked and angry curses came through.


      These people, were almost all of Zheng Hao's contacts.


      But now!


      Those who were dismissed were dismissed, those who were investigated and dealt with.


      None of them ended up well at all.


      Until the last phone rang through, Zheng Hao's face, as white as paper, just picked up, and said directly.


      "Old ...... boss, you looking for me?"


      This call is the highest level of leadership of his entertainment company.


      It could be said that a single word from the surrounding bigwigs could determine his Zheng Hao's life or death.




      The big brother on the other end of the phone had not spoken.


      Minute after minute passed.


      And just when Zheng Hao was almost frantic with waiting, the big brother on the other end of the phone finally spoke: "Zheng Hao!


      "Zheng Hao! I already know about the stupid things you did at the New Pak! You idiot, you don't know what a terrible existence you've provoked!"


      "You're finished! You will be forever and ever, snowed under and banned!"


      With one sentence, Zheng Hao's eyes went black and he almost fainted.