Today I Give Up Trying 1097-1098

 Chapter 1097



      The sound of this slap was extremely loud, crisp and pleasant.


      Just about everyone was dumbfounded.


      The crowd saw at this moment that a bright red slap mark instantly surfaced on little fresh meat Zheng Hao's face.


      His entire person was completely stunned, and obviously did not expect that Lin Fan would directly strike at the drop of a hat.


      "You ...... you hit me?"


      Zheng Hao looked at Lin Fan with an unbelievable face.


      Having been famous in the entertainment industry for so many years, he had long since developed an arrogant and domineering style, where only he scolded others and they couldn't scold him, and only he hit others and they couldn't hit him.


      Even any of his collaborators would ask their grandfather to sue their grandmother before he would step in.


      And now, Zheng Hao could never have dreamed that even if the New Bai didn't use him, this Lin Fan would dare to make a move on himself.


      When the reaction came.




      Zheng Hao's face instantly grimaced.


      "You're fucking looking for death! Little bastard, I'll get you to death!"


      With that, he said.


      Zheng Hao then lunged forward with his teeth and claws, wanting to fight with Lin Fan.


      Only, something happened that made him even more unthinkable.


      Before he could even get close to Lin Fan.




      Another loud slap was slapped hard on his face.


      "Beat you? So what!"




      "Shame on you, you're nothing but a playboy, that's all!"




      "Letting my wife do a kissing scene with you, where's your face?"




      At this moment, everyone in the entire filming hall was stunned.


      They saw that Zheng Hao seemed like a gyroscope as he was slapped in the face by Lin Fan, slap after slap.


      His originally handsome and uncommon face had long since swollen into a pig's head.


      There were even drops of fresh blood dripping from his mouth and nose.


      It wasn't until Lin Fan's last slap slapped Zheng Hao to the ground.


      Quiet ......


      The entire filming hall fell into a dead silence.


      All the filming crew around them, one by one, covered their mouths, immersed in the shock of what they had just seen for a long time, unable to pull themselves out.


      Beating up a big star!


      This was definitely the most shocking thing they had ever seen in their lives.


      Especially when they thought that once this story broke out, the New Bai's would definitely become the target of criticism in the Chinese entertainment industry, everyone's scalp tingled.


      It's over!


      Bai Yi's face was even whiter.


      This kind of thing was a scandal, and once it was publicized on the internet, it would be like a thunderbolt, making the New Bai's the target of attacks all over the internet.


      "Lin Fan, you ...... are too impulsive!"


      Bai Yi was almost crying in anxiety at this moment.


      Being rejected by the TV station before had already made her anxious, and now that Lin Fan had beaten up Zheng Hao, which was equivalent to stirring up a hornet's nest, Bai Yi couldn't even imagine what would happen.


      In this instant, almost all of the New Bai's employees were as ugly as death.


      And just at that moment.


      Zheng Hao also came out of his daze and reacted.


      Feeling his pig-headed cheeks, he went completely mad: "Lin, you're finished.


      "Surnamed Lin, you're done for! You fucking do it to me, I'll make sure that your New Bai's reputation is tarnished and I'll make you the target of attacks all over the internet!"


      "Your cooperation, your endorsements, will all be cancelled, if I don't fuck your New White's up, my name won't be Zheng!"


      Zheng Hao's voice was filled with a strong sense of resentment.


      Almost everyone could see that he had completely hated Lin Fan and would definitely not stop until he died.




      "With you?"


      To people's surprise, Lin Fan seemed to be without the slightest concern as he indifferently swept a glance at Zheng Hao, as if he was looking at a screaming reptile again.


      And then turning his head, he said to his assistant.


      "Now you take the picture of me and Bai Yi and post it on the internet! @ZhangYiChen!"




      @Ariel Zhang?


      Ariel Zhang is a national goddess, an Asian diva.


      How could she possibly ignore an ordinary person's request for interaction?


      Isn't that a joke?

Chapter 1098

Hearing Lin Fan's words, almost everyone looked at him as if they were looking at a fool.


      Especially Zheng Hao, who seemed to have heard the world's funniest joke as he pointed at Lin Fan and cursed.


      "Hahahaha...... surnamed Lin, so you have a fucking brain bubble! Does Zhang Yichen know which onion you are?"


      "Not to mention you, even I've had the pleasure of meeting Ariel Zhang once! She's a top celebrity in the entertainment industry, you and your new Bai's, what are you! Hahahaha ......"


      Zheng Hao laughed with an unusually arrogant and rampant smile.


      Only, although his words were hard to hear, everyone in the hall, as much as possible, agreed.


      Zhang Yichen's status in the entertainment industry was too high.


      Not to mention a new Bai's, even if it was the most bullying plutocrats in China, Zhang Aichen didn't even look at it, and even to date, had never been on social platforms, and had done endorsements for any industry.


      And now.


      Lin Fan obviously wanted Zhang Aichen to help him promote his endorsement videos and pictures with Bai Yi.


      This was simply something out of this world.


      In an instant.


      Almost all of the employees of the New Bai's, shook their heads more than once, they felt that their boss, was simply being whimsical.


      It was not only the crowd.


      Bai Yi even turned to Lin Fan with a face full of bitterness and said.


      "Lin Fan, what do you want? Do you think Zhang Yichen will take us on?"


      "That's right, we did receive concert tickets for Ariel Zhang in the past, but that was only because I was a fan of hers! How could an idol who is so high and mighty care about ordinary fans like us?"


      Bai Yi didn't believe it for the millionth time in her heart.


      In her opinion, @Zhang Aizhen helping with the promotion was simply something that was self-defeating.




      In response to the surrounding crowd's doubts and disbelief, Lin Fan didn't have the slightest explanation, but instead smiled and said to his assistant Xiao Xian.


      "Send it now! In three minutes, our new Bai's will be on fire all over the internet!"




      Set the entire internet on fire?


      This sentence, when it fell on the ears of the crowd, was even more like crazy talk.


      Every one of them even doubted that Lin Fan was not suffering from insanity.


      The assistant Xiao Xian glanced at Bai Yi with difficulty, and after seeing Bai Yi nodding helplessly, she instantly opened the new Bai's official social media platform, and then posted a photo of Lin Fan and Bai Yi together, while @Zhang Yichen.


      "Hahahaha ......"


      After seeing this scene.


      Zheng Hao could no longer hold back the sarcasm in his heart and burst out laughing once again, saying


      "Idiot! I, Zheng Hao, have been in the entertainment industry for so many years, but I've never seen any celebrity, helping their fans to promote their endorsements! Hahahaha, especially the diva Ariel Zhang who never accepts commercial endorsements? This is a big joke!"


      "Hahaha, just wait! In three minutes, not only will your New White's not be a firestorm across the internet, it will even become a joke across the internet!"


      Zheng Hao laughed with unusual confidence.


      Even if he was beaten to death!


      He definitely didn't believe that Zhang Yichen would take up New White's and take up Lin Fan.


      Time, second by second, slowly passed by.


      One minute!


      Two minutes!


      Three minutes!


      As the third minute was about to pass, the sneer on Zheng Hao's face grew thicker and thicker, while Bai Yi and the others' faces grew whiter and whiter.


      Sure enough!


      There was no way that someone, a super diva of the entertainment industry, would pay any attention to little fans like them.


      The corners of Bai Yi and the others' mouths were filled with a thick, bitter smile.


      Zheng Hao, on the other hand, was just about to open his mouth to continue humiliating Lin Fan.


      Assistant Xiao Xian, on the other hand, swiped the webpage, and then the look on her face as she looked at her phone, completely froze.


      Not only that.


      She even suspected that she had looked at her eyes and rubbed them vigorously before making sure that she was not mistaken.




      Her entire body jumped up in excitement:.


      "General Bai, Lin Dong! There's a response! Zhang Yichen replied to us with four words - Gods and Goddesses!"


      "Also, she took to her social media platform, retweeted our new Bai's endorsement ad, @ a group of big names in the entertainment industry, and sent her best wishes for you two as a couple!"