Today I Give Up Trying 1091-1093

 Chapter 1091



      As she watched Lin Fan disappear into the distance in the blink of an eye, Sima Yan'er's pretty face was filled with shame and anger, she just wanted to find a crack in the ground.


      How could she not have imagined that she was only looking for Lin Fan as a shield, but she had been skimmed off the top by this bastard.




      When Sima Yan'er thought about it, she had actually moved under Lin Fan's touch and kiss just now.


      Her pretty face was even hotter: "Could it be that I'm in love with him?


      "Could it be that I've fallen for this bastard?"


      "No! There's absolutely no way! Maybe it's just that he looks like that person!"


      That man!


      A trace of nostalgia and reminiscence could not help but emerge from Sima Yan'er's beautiful eyes.


      Even after so many years, that person was still the most special one in her heart.


      "Will we ever see each other again, in this life?"


      As Sima Yan'er thought of this, a trace of bitterness could not help but emerge from the corners of her mouth.




      If she knew that the person she had been thinking about day and night was the bastard who had just mooched off her, I wonder what kind of emotion she would feel again.




      And at the same time.


      The first thing that happened was that Lin Fan, who had left the vegetable market, happened to be passing by the Star River Building at this moment.


      This Star River Mansion, since the Yang family head Yang Tianhao transferred it to the new Bai Clan for free, it had been used by Bai Yi as the group's home base.


      Just as they approached, they immediately saw that a daring security guard was patrolling around.


      The entire New Bai Group had a new look.




      At the entrance of the building, that a large plaque had the words New Bai Group engraved on it.




      When Lin Fan was just about to walk into the building!




      A luxury car, however, came speeding by, as if a gust of wind, and fiercely stopped at the entrance of the building.




      Lin Fan was slightly stunned, but he knew that at ordinary times, even Bai Yi's cars were parked in the car park and were not allowed to park in front of the building at all.


      And now, these few luxury cars were so arrogant, which did make Lin Fan a little surprised.


      "I wonder what kind of people they are?"


      Thinking about this, Lin Fan was curious and looked towards those few luxury cars.


      At once, he saw that the car doors opened and a few assistants were the first to walk out from the cars.


      These few assistants, some holding umbrellas and others carrying water, were busy.


      And a young man, surrounded by the crowd, slowly walked out of the car.


      This young man, with a greasy face, looked like he was only in his early twenties, and his face was full of arrogance.


      He looked like a big star.


      In particular, after getting out of the car, he faintly swept a glance at the New Bai's hall and said disdainfully.


      "Che! Just this kind of small company's event, you guys actually take it on!"


      "If word got out, I, Zheng Hao, wouldn't have enough to be ashamed of!"


      A small company!


      Hearing those words, not only was Lin Fan speechless, but even those few assistants were also filled with bitter smiles.


      "Brother Zheng, just bear with me a little more! The New Bai Group, is the hottest group in Jiangnan recently, and the honorarium they offer, is also the highest!"


      "All we need today is for you to act as a spokesperson and take some promotional posters!"




      Hearing these words, Lin Fan then remembered that this young man named Zheng Hao was none other than a fresh meat, flow star in the entertainment industry right now.


      He was well-loved by female fans.


      It just didn't occur to Lin Fan that Bai Yi had hired him, as the spokesperson for the new Bai.


      "Well! I heard that the president of the New Bai's is quite pretty, so I'll put up with it today for the sake of this beautiful president!"


      The corner of Zheng Hao's mouth curled up, and at that moment, he led a group of assistants and walked towards within the hall with a group of people in front and behind him.




      When he reached the entrance, but after finding Lin Fan staring at himself with a curious expression, Zheng Hao's brow couldn't help but frown.


      "Where's the bumpkin from, hurry up and get lost!"


      "A small company is a small company, any poor dirtbag can enter!"

Chapter 1092



      A dirtbag?


      When Lin Fan heard this scolding from Zheng Hao, he was completely speechless.


      A black line appeared on Lin Fan's forehead, how could he not have thought that he would be scolded by an artist hired by his company?


      However, before Lin Fan could react, Zheng Hao and a group of others, squeezed him out of the way, and then hooted and hollered as they walked towards the lobby.


      "Tsk ...... is really a big star's pie!"


      Lin Fan, however, was not angry, he just shook his head, and then similarly walked towards the interior of the company.




      When Lin Fan arrived at the tenth floor of the building, he had just stepped off the lift when he saw Bai Yi frowning tightly and coming out of an office.


      "Lin Fan? Why are you here?"


      When Bai Yi saw Lin Fan, he couldn't help but be stunned.


      The mood that was a little irritated just now was unconsciously soothed a lot.


      Especially, when she saw that Lin Fan was even carrying a vegetable basket, she couldn't help but cry and laugh for a while.


      "You're carrying a vegetable basket, what are you doing here at the office! If the other employees saw you, you, the chairman of the board, would still be laughed at to death!"


      Chairman of the Board!


      That's right!


      After Bai Yi had officially established the new Bai Clan, he had already left the positions of legal person and chairman of the board to Lin Fan.


      Looking at Bai Yi's face full of smiles, Lin Fan couldn't help but playfully walk up to him.


      "Wife, I've missed you, haven't I? So I came to take a look!"


      With a single word, Bai Yi's pretty face instantly turned red with shame.


      Just then, just then.


      Bai Yi's dainty nose twitched slightly, and her eyebrows instantly wrinkled up as she said.


      "Hm? Why does your body smell like a woman's perfume."




      Lin Fan's expression faintly stiffened, and his heart couldn't help but thud.


      Previously, he had hugged Sima Yan'er, and the perfume from that woman must have gotten on his own body.


      Thinking of this, Lin Fan secretly cried out in his heart.


      Only that wasn't all.


      Bai Yi's pretty face instantly turned gloomy as she walked up to Lin Fan, staring at his lips with a deadly stare, and said in a cold voice.


      "Lin Fan, you still have lipstick on your mouth?"


      "Say, did you just go fooling around with some vixen!"




      At this moment, Bai Yi's jealousy completely exploded.






      She was almost completely certain that Lin Fan had definitely had intimate contact with any woman, otherwise it would be impossible to leave these things behind.


      Especially, at this moment, Bai Yi couldn't help but think back to those photos that Chang Yuan had shown her earlier.


      Photos of Lin Fan and a hot girl in red, walking out of the hotel.


      This made Bai Yi angry and furious, and her jealousy completely exploded.


      "Old ...... wife! Listen to my explanation!"


      Lin Fan panicked.


      Even though he, the Universal Master, the King of Blood Prison, could not help but completely panic at this moment when he saw Bai Yi's beautiful eyes flooded with tears of resignation:.


      "Honey, don't cry! I really haven't fooled around with any woman!"


      At this moment, Lin Fan just wanted to slap himself.




      If he had known that Bai Yi would misunderstand him, why would he mooch off Sima Yan'er?


      At this moment.


      Just as Lin Fan was thinking about how to explain to Bai Yi about the perfume lipstick.




      Only to see the door of a room next to him, open once more, and then the assistant Xiao Xian walked out with a gloomy face.


      "Mr. Bai, something's happened! That little fresh meat Zheng Hao has gone too far, he's actually going on strike!"




      With a single word, Bai Yi and Lin Fan all but froze.

Chapter 1093



      Hearing these words, Bai Yi's pretty face instantly turned ugly.


      Although he was arrogant, Bai Yi could still tolerate him as long as he took the shooting seriously.


      But if he went on strike, then the impact on New White's would be too great.


      Thinking about it.


      Bai Yi couldn't help but turn her head and give Lin Fan a fierce glare: "Wait until later.


      "I'll settle the score with you later!"


      After saying that, she hurriedly followed her assistant and headed towards the lobby of the shooting room.


      Seeing this scene, Lin Fan couldn't help but let out a long sigh of relief and wipe the cold sweat from his forehead.


      If Bai Yi had kept on asking about the origin of the perfume and lipstick, then he really would have had a hard time defending himself, and now ......


      "Looks like we still have that little fresh meat to thank for that!"


      Lin Fan smiled faintly, and at that moment, carrying his vegetable basket, he followed Bai Yi and headed towards the filming hall.


      Only, when the three of them, as a group, had just entered the filming hall.




      A vase, then, fell viciously at their feet, instantly shattering into pieces.


      This was followed by a furious roar of.


      "What kind of rubbish company are you? It's fine if you make me shoot a kissing commercial, but what kind of ugly bitch did you get?"


      "Is such an ugly female model worthy of a kissing scene with me, Jung Ho? Get your CEO over here, she's on, I'll shoot! If she doesn't come on, I'll go on strike!"


      The voice was filled with fury.


      Bai Yi and Lin Fan turned their eyes to see that the entire shooting hall was already in chaos.


      And in the middle of the hall, the little fresh meat Zheng Hao was roaring angrily at the filming crew with a face full of rage.


      Not only that.


      In the midst of Zheng Hao's tirade, the female model who had appeared in the film had long since cried out in pain and sobbed uncontrollably.


      Seeing this scene.


      Bai Yi's pretty face, ironically blue to the extreme, asked in a cold voice.


      "What's going on?"


      With a single word, it caused all the gazes in the shooting hall to look over in unison.


      Zheng Hao in particular, after he saw Bai Yi's pretty face, and that enchanting figure, a thick hot luster burst out from his eyes.


      "Chief ...... President, this endorsement ad is a kissing scene! But Mr. Zheng Hao, he is not satisfied with the female model we found and refused to shoot it!" The assistant hurriedly said back stiffly.


      This sentence, however, caused Bai Yi's pretty face to become more and more ugly.


      She could see that the female model was actually very beautiful, and Zheng Hao was completely messing around.


      "Yell! Beautiful president, you're finally here!"


      After seeing Bai Yi, a thick playful smile could not help but appear on Zheng Hao's face as he slowly walked over.


      With a pair of eyes, he kept glancing at Bai Yi's body, a hot glow on his face that was hard to conceal.


      "President Bai Yi, it's not that I, Zheng Hao, am not professional, but the female model you have found is too ugly!"




      Zheng Hao licked his lips and looked at Bai Yi with a gaze that grew greedier and greedier:


      "However, if President Bai Yi can personally go into action and shoot this kiss scene with me, then I can take no money for it!"




      Not a penny?


      Zheng Hao's words caused everyone's faces around them to change, and they realized that this guy was deliberately looking for trouble, in order to force Bai Yi and make President Bai Yi shoot this kiss scene with him personally.


      This was simply ...... shameless.


      "Mr. Zheng Hao, please behave yourself!"


      Bai Yi's pretty face was incomparably gloomy.




      Zheng Hao coldly laughed, as if he was sure of Bai Yi, he instantly sat on his butt next to him and playfully laughed, saying.


      "Good! Since President Bai Yi doesn't agree to kiss me, then I ...... strike!"




      At this moment, seeing Zheng Hao's face full of carelessness, all the people in the entire filming hall looked as ugly as possible.


      This endorsement advertisement, was about to go online, but no one expected that Zheng Hao, who was so famous, would be so unprofessional.


      Especially now.


      It was simply too late to make a temporary change.


      What to do?


      Everyone's eyes, in unison, looked at Bai Yi. In the eyes of the crowd, Bai Yi was probably the only one who agreed to Zheng Hao's request and went on the show himself, otherwise the loss would simply be too great.


      Not only the crowd, but Bai Yi's face was as ugly as if it was deathly grey.


      And just as she was torn.


      A lazy voice, however, came over.


      "How about, I'll do it instead!"