Today I Give Up Trying 1087-1088

 Chapter 1087



      At this moment, the gazes of everyone in the ward all fell on Lin Fan's body, their faces all flickering with a dense sense of disbelief.


      Especially Chang Yuan!


      "No ...... it's impossible! How on earth did this guy do that?"


      Chang Yuan's face, as white as paper, was dense with cold sweat, flowing continuously from his forehead.


      Killed Ye Chen, safe and sound.


      Caught and imprisoned, acquitted.


      And now, the Ye family had even killed the heir, Ye Ming, for the sake of Lin Fan, and had even taken out half of their fortune to come and plead guilty.


      All of this was too creepy.


      At this moment.


      Even though Ye Wu Ya and the others had all left, the crowd was still unable to react from the shock.


      Sensing the gazes of the crowd.


      Lin Fan could not help but shrug his shoulders helplessly and said to Bai Yi.


      "Wife, this matter has nothing to do with me! It should be the work of the Dragon and Tiger War God."


      "I just heard that the Ye family seems to have offended the Dragon and Tiger War God, as well as the ...... Lin Seat!"




      This statement from Lin Fan caused the crowd to freeze.


      The Dragon and Tiger War God!


      Lin Zuo!


      They hadn't thought at all that this matter had even alerted such terrifyingly big figures.


      In an instant, both Bai Yi's family and Shen Jian and the others breathed a long sigh of relief in their hearts.


      After all.


      If it was really Lin Fan as, then Lin Fan was simply too terrifying, but if it was Lin Zuo and the Dragon Tiger War God, then it all made sense.




      Bai Yi's heart, however, was still filled with doubts.


      Even after listening to Lin Fan's explanation, but for some reason, in her heart, she still felt that she couldn't get away with this guy.


      Only, just as Bai Yi was about to continue questioning.


      Ding Ding Ding!


      A phone rang, but it came from Chang Yuan's body.


      This scene caused Chang Yuan's heart to stutter.


      When he picked up the phone, he immediately heard a cacophony of voices coming from the other end of the phone.


      "Chairman, no ...... it's not good! Our Chang's Group, has been officially seized! All of our previous tax evasion matters have been exposed!"




      Hearing this terrifying voice, Chang Yuan's face, all brushed with fright, was as white as paper.


      But this was just the beginning.


      After this phone call hung up, one after another, one after another, rang out one after another: "Brother!


      "Brother! It's not good, Mom and Dad's company is involved in bribing public officials, and they have been taken away!"


      "Chang Yuan! You have one week to pay back the 50 million your family owes me, or I'll have someone chop you up and feed you to the dogs!"


      "Chang Yuan, you liar, you've become poor and in debt, and you still want to fucking cheat me! Get lost ......"




      These calls were like one bolt from the blue.


      There were his creditors, his relatives, his girlfriend and so on.


      But almost every one of them was pushing Chang Yuan step by step into the abyss of hell.


      His company, completely finished.


      His creditors, but forced debts!


      His girlfriend, slapping her butt and leaving.


      This one blow after another made Chang Yuan's whole body almost faint to death.


      "Life is worse than death! Ye Wu Ya said that it would be worse than death for me to live, but it was all true!"


      "I ...... am finished!"


      Chang Yuan's face, miserable white to the extreme, at this moment, it was as if he had already seen his future miserable life.


      Looking at Chang Yuan's face that seemed like dead ashes.


      Next to him, Shen Jian's father and son's feelings became even more complicated.


      Who would have thought that Chang Yuan, who was unbeatable just now and had Ye Ming's backing, was finished.


      Lin Fan, who was thought by everyone to be certain of death, was safe and sound, unharmed, and even helped Bai Yi, who had become a super rich woman in Jiangnan City in one fell swoop.


      The difference between these two people from one day to the next left them with mixed feelings in their hearts.

Chapter 1088



      When the Ye family sent out the news of the transfer of the property.




      The entire Jiangnan City was completely boiling over.


      The Ye Family, one of the four hidden giants, had transferred half of its industries to a new Bai Clan from a small city.


      The news was almost like an earthquake, sending Jiangnan City into an uproar.


      Almost all the forces began to inquire about the new Bai family.


      They were curious to know what kind of terrifying background this unknown group had, that it was able to make the Ye family submit, which was simply too incredible.


      Soon, after many forces poked around.


      The background of the New Bai's was completely picked up.


      It was just an ordinary group from Jiang City, although the president of the group, known as the number one beautiful president of Jiang City, did not have any big background at all.


      This time, the reason why the Ye family succumbed was more from the Dragon Tiger War God.


      It was even rumoured that the Ye family had offended the Lin Zuo of China, and the Dragon and Tiger War God had almost wiped out the Ye family's entire clan.


      Forced to do nothing.


      The Ye family had to settle all their grudges, and the one who benefited the most was the New Bai Clan.


      When this was established.


      In their eyes, the New Bai Clan had been lucky to have been blessed by the Dragon and Tiger War God.


      Otherwise, not to mention getting the Ye family's properties, even their group, would have been eaten up by the Ye family.


      For a while, the New Bai's became fat meat in the eyes of one and all Jiangnan plutocrats.


      Even, many forces were already stupid enough to want to take a big bite out of the New Bai's.


      But Lin Fan didn't care about any of this.


      He continued to spend his days leisurely washing and cooking, and helping Bai Yi's family to take care of their health.


      And it was on this day.


      When Lin Fan had just finished his grocery shopping and walked out of the vegetable market, he immediately saw, not far from the front of the market, a police car and a Porsche Cayenne parked.


      A man and a woman, who had stepped out of the car, were arguing fiercely about something.


      "It's her?" When Lin Fan saw the woman next to the police car, his face changed slightly.


      At that moment, he said two words and turned his head to leave.


      It was just at that moment.


      The woman in the police uniform caught a glimpse of Lin Fan, and in her beautiful eyes, as if she had seen a saviour, she quickly walked towards the place.


      "Honey, you've finally finished shopping for groceries! I've been waiting for you for a long time!"


      With this gentle word, it came out from this police girl's mouth.


      Her entire body quickly ran over, and then grabbed Lin Fan's arm.


      "I neeee ......"


      Lin Fan looked at this woman who was full of smiles, and instantly only felt a black line emerge from his forehead.


      This woman was none other than Sima Yan'er.


      It was just different from the past.


      Sima Yan'er's gaze towards Lin Fan was filled with strong tenderness and little daughter posture, that kind of look, as if she was a little woman in love.




      When this look fell on Lin Fan's eyes, it caused the corners of his mouth to twitch.


      "This woman, she's actually using me as a shield!"


      Lin Fan was filled with speechlessness.


      And just as he was about to shake off Sima Yan'er's jade hand.


      The youth who had just argued with Sima Yan'er, on the other hand, rushed over as if he had been stepped on by his tail, and cursed with a face full of indignation.


      "Yan'er, who is this little beast?"


      "You ...... Why are you so close to him? Don't you tell me that the reason you repeatedly reject me is because of this little bastard?"