Today I Give Up Trying 1084-1086

 Chapter 1084



      Upon hearing this dense sound of footsteps, everyone within the ward, as much as possible, froze.


      Naturally, they could hear from these sounds that there were definitely no less than twenty to thirty people.


      Sure enough.


      Right under everyone's puzzled gaze, one after another figure in a suit appeared in front of the door of the ward.


      At the head of the group was a middle-aged man, who was extremely well maintained, with a refined face, but contained a supreme majesty.


      And upon recognising this middle-aged man.




      Within the ward, Chang Yuan was startled.


      "He ...... he is Ye Wu Ya, the Ye family head!!!"




      These words from Chang Yuan caused everyone, including Tai Gong Shen, to shudder.


      The Ye family head?


      This was the most fearsome giant figure in Jiangnan City, how could he possibly appear here.


      That was not all.


      Chang Yuan's entire body was almost stunned as he looked behind Ye Wu Ya, and his face was even as white as a sheet:.


      "That one is the president of the Ye Group, that one is a director of the Ye Group ......"


      One after another!


      It was only then that Chang Yuan and Tai Gong Shen and the others realised that all these people in front of them were actually all core figures of the Ye Family.


      Even if it was any one of them, an existence that would shake the entire Jiangnan City when they stomped their feet.




      Together, these twenty to thirty people represented almost all the bigwigs of the hidden magnate Ye Family, coming in unison.


      This was simply too much to believe.


      "What are the top brass of the Ye ...... Ye Family doing here? Is it to ask for punishment?"


      Tai Gong Shen was so frightened that his vicissitudes trembled on the hospital bed.


      And hearing his muttered words.


      Chang Yuan instantly thought of something and was wildly happy, turning to Lin Fan and saying arrogantly.


      "Hahahaha ...... Lin Fan, did you see that? The Ye family bigwigs are here, and they must have come to ask for your punishment!"


      "If you killed Ye Chen, you are immortal with the Ye family! You're finished, you're dead!"


      Chang Yuan's face was full of pleasure and ridicule.


      While hearing his words, the Bai Shan family beside them were scared to the point that their faces were as white as paper.


      In particular, they were horrified to see.




      After Ye Wu Ya and the others appeared, they walked straight towards the direction of themselves and the others.




      This scene made Bai Shan and the others, their faces as pale as dirt.


      "What do you ...... you want to do? I'm telling you, no one can touch my son-in-law! Otherwise, I won't let him go today even if I have to risk this old life!"


      Bai Shan shielded Lin Fan to death behind him and looked at Ye Wu Ya and the others with a face full of panic.


      Only, to his dismay, he found that the group of Ye Family bigwigs led by Ye Wu Ya did not look at himself and the others with the slightest chill or killing intent, but rather with a strong sense of awe and panic.


      This ......


      Bai Shan, Shen Yumei, and Bai Yi, all of them suspected that they had seen wrong.


      After all!


      It was absolutely unbelievable how the titular Ye family big brother would fear himself and the others.


      Five metres!


      Three metres!




      Seeing Ye Wu Ya and the others, getting closer and closer to Bai Yi's family, the smile on Chang Yuan's face on the side, on the other hand, was getting thicker and thicker.


      "Die! Lin Fan, you devil, are you finally going to be finished?"


      Chang Yuan's heart was exuberantly full of red.




      Right after he saw that Ye Wu Ya and the others had walked up to Lin Fan, the next scene caused his smile to freeze, instantly.




      Led by Ye Wu Ya, all of the Ye family bigwigs, their bodies straightened and neatly formed.


      Towards Lin Fan and Bai Yi's family, they bowed in unison.


      A frightened, yet fear-filled voice resounded through.


      "Miss Bai, my Ye family begs your pardon!!!"

Chapter 1085

Miss Bai Yi, my Ye family begs you for your sins!


      When these words from Ye Wu Ya fell, the air within the entire ward seemed to freeze instantly.


      Tai Gong Shen and the others, at this moment, simply could not believe what they had heard.




      Looking at the densely packed, bowing Ye Family bigwigs, their eyes almost fell out.


      This was the Ye Family, one of the four great hidden families!


      And now, it was unbelievable that they were asking for Bai Yi's forgiveness.


      Not only them!


      At this moment, the fierce smile on Chang Yuan's face instantly froze.


      He rubbed his eyes vigorously, after he was sure that he was not hallucinating.




      His body, which was sitting in a wheelchair, trembled viciously, almost pissing himself in raw terror: the


      "Ye ...... Ye Family Master, what are you doing? Why are you asking for Bai Yi's guilt!"


      "His husband is the one who killed Young Master Ye Chen, isn't your Ye family here for revenge?"


      Chang Yuan was completely dumbfounded at this moment.


      He was most aware of the nature of a magnate family like the Ye family.


      These people, for face and honour, even valued them more than life.


      Lin Fan killing Ye Chen was almost like a fierce slap in the Ye family's face, and the Ye family people would definitely be frantic to take revenge.


      But now ......




      Hearing Chang Yuan's words, Ye Wu Ya could not help but turn his gaze slightly and look at Chang Yuan, that kind of gaze, as if he was looking at an idiot.


      "You are Chang Yuan, right! As far as I know, Ye Chen was killed, and it was because of you!"


      "It was also you who said that you provoked Mr. Lin when Ye Ming dealt with him!"




      Feeling the cold intent in Ye Wu Ya's eyes, Chang Yuan's entire face turned completely white in fear: "Master Ye, this is all because of you!


      "Clan Master Ye, this is all a misunderstanding, I didn't instigate Young Master Ye Ming! This is all because Young Master Ye Ming took revenge for the sake of his clan!"


      Speaking of this.


      Chang Yuan's heart couldn't help but stutter.


      Only then did he remember that the core of the Ye Clan had all come, but only Young Master Ye Ming had not been seen, which was obviously a bit wrong.


      "Master Ye Family, I am Young Master Ye Ming's man! I wonder where he is now in person?"


      "He can testify to me!"


      A hint of ominous foreboding pervaded Chang Yuan's heart.


      And hearing these words.


      "He, is dead!"


      Ye Wu Ya's voice was indifferent to the extreme.


      But it fell on the ears of the people in the room, but it was like five thunderstorms.


      Dead ...... dead?


      The heir to the Ye family, just like that, died?


      How could this be possible.


      Not only that.


      At this moment, almost everyone recalled that Lin Fan had said before that Ye Ming had died.


      At that time, everyone didn't believe it at all, but now, they were dreaming that they had been told by Lin Fan.


      "No ...... it can't be!"


      "Master Ye Family, how could Young Master Ye Ming die? Is this matter related to Lin Fan!" Cold sweat flowed down Chang Yuan's forehead in a torrent.


      Ye Ming's death, this had simply completely turned his worldview upside down.




      The gaze he looked at Lin Fan was simply like he was looking at a devil.


      "It's something to do with Mr. Lin! Because he, with his eyes, had offended Mr. Lin!" Ye Wu Ya said indifferently.


      And with this sentence, it likewise caused people's hearts to tremble. 、


      Because of offending Lin Fan, all Ye Ming's body died.


      This was simply too unbelievable, after all, Lin Fan was just a small superfluous son-in-law, how could the Ye family kill their own clan heir because of him?


      Wasn't that a fucking joke?


      However, this was not all.


      Ye Wu Ya looked coldly at Chang Yuan and smiled morosely.


      "And you, don't worry, our Ye family won't let you die!"


      "We will let your company go bankrupt, let your family go bankrupt and let you ...... live worse than death!"

Chapter 1086



      A single sentence, as if a miserable fate had pronounced on Chang Yuan, caused his body to tremble so hard that he almost fainted from the shock.


      The company was bankrupt!


      Family ruined!


      Life is worse than death!


      When Chang Yuan thought of these three words, a dense panic instantly filled his heart.


      He naturally believed that the Ye family would do what they said they would do, and it was as if Chang Yuan had already seen his own miserable life ahead.


      "Mr. Lin, Miss Bai Yi!"


      "In order to show our apologies, our Ye family will, from today onwards, give one-half of our properties to Miss Bai Yi for free, in order to compensate for Miss Bai Yi's loss!"


      With that said!


      Ye Wu Ya waved his hand, and at once a lawyer walked over with a copy of the contract.


      "This is the transfer contract! Everything, we will handle it for you!"




      Hearing this sentence from Ye Wu Ya, everyone in the room's heart once again trembled fiercely.


      One-half of the estate?


      You know, this was the Ye family of the Four Great Hidden Families, and the industries under them were ten billion dollars!


      And taking out one-half of it would be at least billions of dollars of huge wealth.


      And to give one half of it to Bai Yi for no reason at all, just to apologize?


      This fucking ...... is absolutely insane!


      The three of them, Shen Tai Gong, Shen Jian and Shen Jie, only felt as if they were dreaming.


      They simply couldn't imagine that one second, they wanted to give Bai Yi to the Ye family to gain their forgiveness, while in just half an hour or less, the Ye family had given Bai Yi their family's general estate, handed over to them.


      This difference from one day to the next made the three Tai Gong Shen completely dumbfounded.


      "Shen ...... Shen Jie, is this true? Your cousin now owns half of the Ye family?"


      Tai Gong Shen covered his heart and just felt like he was almost having a heart attack.


      And hearing these words.


      At the corner of Shen Jie's mouth, a thick bitterness and complexity surfaced:.


      "That's right! Grandpa, Cousin Bai Yi she is now half the master of the Ye family!"


      With a single word, causing Tai Gong Shen's white eyes to roll and his entire person could no longer control his shock, fainting in shock.


      That was until a group of Ye Family bigwigs, whooped and bowed and left.




      Within the entire ward, there was a dead silence.


      Everyone's eyes looked at the contract in Bai Yi's hand in unison, with a look as if they had seen a ghost.


      "Bai ...... Bai Yi, is this true?" Bai Shan pinched his thigh.


      Only after he felt the sharp pain on his thigh, then his body trembled and came back to his senses.


      And Bai Yi!


      She held the pile of contracts in her hand, and likewise felt, as if she was in a dream:.




      When she reacted, Bai Yi's pair of eyes, staring at Lin Fan with a deadly stare, were filled with shock and questioning:.


      "Lin ...... Lin Fan! Tell me the truth, is this all related to you!"




      After hearing these words, everyone in the room's body couldn't help but tremble viciously.


      That's right!


      This matter was too odd from start to finish.


      After Lin Fan was arrested, he was acquitted!


      Ye Ming, the young master of the Ye family, failed to deal with Lin Fan and was killed instead.


      As well, on the surface, the Ye family looked like they were making amends to Bai Yi, but the crowd saw as much as they could, whether it was Ye Wu Ya or the other Ye family bigwigs, it was more like they were in fear of Lin Fan?


      Even, every look Lin Fan gave, would cause Ye Wu Ya and the others, to panic.


      When this one fine section was combined.


      Swish swish swish!


      Everyone's eyes, in unison, looked at Lin Fan, and the crowd only felt their scalps tingle, as if they were looking at a monster.