Today I Give Up Trying 1179-1180

 Chapter 1179

The moment they saw this scene, the entire banquet hall fell into a dead silence!

        The fierce smiles on everyone's faces were completely frozen!

        They could not believe their eyes at this moment!

        White Tiger, he had actually defeated Zhu Yun!

        What the hell is going on here?

        This scene caused everyone to go crazy, and immediately, a pair of horrified eyes stared at White Tiger!

        "White Tiger, you... How dare you hurt me!"

        Zhu Yun's eyes were wide with anguish, and his face was so thick with pain that he was practically going mad.

        He hadn't expected White Tiger to strike at him at all, and by the time he reacted it was too late, his arms were completely fractured!

        He had become a ruined man!

        On White Tiger's face, however, there was a fierce smile.

        "Didn't you say that you would break your arms and legs?"

        "Bastard! I said break the hands and feet of that pair of dogs, are you an idiot?"

        Zhu Yun roared hysterically, this White Tiger had misinterpreted his meaning in such an idiotic manner.

        What a pig brain!


        Instead, the white tiger looked at Lin Fan and his wife with a sarcastic smile on his face:.

        "Sorry! I can't offend our White Family, the future head of the family!"

        At these words!

        The expressions of the people in the room changed wildly, their scalps exploding on the spot and they almost pissed themselves in fear!

        It was an illusion!

        This must be a fucking hallucination!

        What did they hear?

        What did they hear? The White Tiger was calling Lin Fan and Bai Yi the future heads of the White Family?

        How the hell could that be!

        Especially Old Master Bai!

        At this moment, after hearing Bai Hu's words, his palm shook so violently that the wine cup immediately fell out of his hand!

        It clicked!

        In an instant, it fell to pieces!

        But it was as if he hadn't heard it, his gaze was dull as he stared deadly at White Tiger, having been completely scared silly.



        At this time, his heart was violently pounding and he couldn't believe his ears.

        Lin Fan and Bai Yi, the future family head of the Bai family?

        "Young Master Bai Hu, you... You're joking, right?"

        The people from the Bai Family's branch of the family present also all trembled violently one by one, looking towards Bai Hu in fear and anxiety.

        All the guests in the surrounding area were also staring at Bai Hu with a shocked gaze, their faces filled with disbelief.

        How could these two losers be capable of taking on such an important role?

        How the hell could these two losers take on this responsibility? This was a fantasy!

        But at that moment, Zheng Honglian stepped forward and said in a loud voice.

        "I declare! From now on, Bai Yi will inherit the position of head of the Bai family, Zheng Honglian is the head of the family!"


        Behind them, White Dust and White Tiger knelt down in unison towards Bai Yi!

        "Seeing the family head!"

        What the crowd thought was the most unlikely thing had finally happened!

        Bai Yi, had really become the Bai family head!

        Seeing this!

        Elder Bai felt his legs go weak, and the cold sweat on his forehead slid down in drops, it turned out that it was really Lin Fan who was in the car just now!

        He couldn't figure out how she had become the head of the Bai family when they had only made an enemy of Bai Yi, and this news was a nightmare for their family!

        This news was a nightmare for their branch family, causing a strong feeling of remorse to well up in the hearts of the entire branch family!

        The Bai family, the head of the family!

        That was one of the four great lords who ruled the entire Jiangnan Province!

        That meant that Bai Yi would be able to enjoy all the resources and power of the Bai family in the future, to have the wind and the rain at her beck and call, and the whole of Jiangnan would be prostrating under her feet.

        But they had expelled Bai Yi from the family, which was simply stupid!

        They had missed out on a great opportunity!


        Zhu Yun, however, smiled hideously.

        "So what if it's the Bai family head, this pair of dogs and women have insulted the Lin Throne, the King of Blood Hell and the Nalan family, they have committed a crime beyond pardon and will surely die!"

        "Zheng Honglian, you are the King's subordinate, yet you dare to protect them, you... will die too!"

Chapter 1180


        As soon as these words were spoken, the crowd immediately snapped back from that shock.

        A playful sneer appeared at the corners of their mouths once again!

        That's right!

        Even if Bai Yi had become the head of the Bai family, it wouldn't have changed anything, because they had offended three of the most notorious lords in China!

        Any one of them would be enough to influence the whole of China!

        If Zheng Honglian chose to side with them, she would be seeking her own death!

        A contemptuous smile appeared on everyone's face, as they sarcastically swore at Zheng Honglian's stupidity in their hearts for defending two great sinners!

        As soon as they heard these words, the remorse in the hearts of Elder Bai and the others vanished in an instant.

        So what if they became the head of the family?

        He was still a short-lived emperor?

        Having offended the three overlords, these two sweepers were already doomed to die. It was a good thing that they had already drawn a clear line with them a long time ago, otherwise they would have been dragged down by them.

        But Zheng Honglian, however, smiled contemptuously, ignoring the mockery and discontent of the crowd, and directly shouted.

        "Open the table!"


        With those words, the crowd was once again dumbfounded!

        The mysterious Lin Zuo had not yet arrived, and Zheng Honglian was announcing the opening of the banquet?

        This was a complete and utter attempt to take away from the host!

        And yet!

        What was even more shocking was yet to come!

        Under the shocked eyes of the crowd, Zheng Honglian took Bai Yi and Lin Fan and sat down on the main table!


        The whole room was completely shocked!

        At this scene, everyone in the entire hall looked at Bai Yi and Lin Fan in disbelief!

        How dare Zheng Honglian allow this couple to sit on the seat that should have belonged to Lin?

        This is insane...

        This must be insane!

        Immediately, Lin Guangyao's eyes were gloomy and cold as he shouted.

        "Zheng Honglian, how dare you! As the King's servant, you are not only protecting the King's enemies, but you even dare to take the Lin Seat's place... you are setting up a great enemy for the King!"

        "The other three house masters, they won't let you off the hook!"

        Seeing this!

        Elder Bai's face was gloomy to the core as he roared at the two Lin Fan's.

        "Get the hell down! That position, is it for you two trash to sit in? You want to die, don't drag us down!"

        The crowd from the Bai family's branch, also annoyed, raged in horror and anger, saying.

        "Bai Yi, Lin Fan, if you want to die don't drag us down, get down!"

        "Bastards, don't you even take a piss and look at yourselves, who are you to occupy the Lin seat? I advise you not to mislead yourselves!"

        The position of the Forest Seat?

        At these words, Bai Yi's face turned pale with fear and he immediately stood up.

        But Lin Fan, who was at the side, grabbed her hand and said with a smile.

        "Don't worry, it's alright!"

        It's alright?

        The moment they heard this, the crowd snorted.

        After sitting in Lin Zuo's seat, this kid still dared to say it was fine?

        What the hell has he eaten his heart and leopard's guts?

        When the three great lords and the Lin seat arrived, let's see how this foolish man would end up!

        All the people present laughed in glee, looking forward to seeing how Lin Fan and Bai Yi would be unlucky in a moment.

        And just then!

        Speak of the devil, and Cao Cao arrives!

        Outside the door came the announcement that the other three family masters had also arrived!


        A ferocious look appeared in Lin Guangyao's eyes as he stared at Zheng Honglian with a deadly stare.

        "The three great lords have arrived, Zheng Honglian, you can wait to be buried with this pair of dogs!"

        And then, with a twinkle in his eye, he coldly forced himself to look at Lin Fan and Bai Yi.

        "Lin Fan, Bai Yi, your good days are over!"