Today I Give Up Trying 1079-1080

 Chapter 1079

Because Lin Zuo, is Lin Fan!


      As these words resounded through the Ye family compound.




      All the sounds, as far as they could go, disappeared, and the bodies and expressions of Ye Wu Ya, Ye Ming, and every single member of the Ye Clan were frozen in place.


      The silence was breathtaking.


      Until after the reaction.




      Everyone in the Ye family felt a blackness before their eyes and were completely shocked and pissed.


      Amongst the crowd, a cry of shock even came from the crowd.


      "Third Uncle, what's wrong with you? Someone come quickly, Third Uncle is in a coma!"


      "Second Uncle! Wake up, wake up, don't scare me!"




      A panic-stricken voice resounded continuously, but there were several Ye family members who had actually been scared out of their wits.


      Even Ye Wu Ya, only felt a pain in his heart.


      There was a loud sound.


      A mouthful of fresh blood, spurted out wildly.


      "No ...... it can't be! Lin Zha, how could it be Lin Fan? This, how is this possible!"


      Ye Wu Ya's cold sweat completely wet his back, his entire person seemed to have instantly aged by more than ten years, and the despair and shock in his eyes was so thick that it was extreme.


      Ye Ming, on the other hand, was even worse.


      His body shuddered, and then his crotch was instantly drenched with a trace of liquid, flowing down.


      But he was scared alive and pissed.


      "Lin Fan is Lin Zuo! I ...... the person I want to kill is one of the four great military seats of China, Lin Zuo?"


      Ye Ming's face was as white as paper.


      The Dragon and Tiger War God, on the other hand, as if he had expected the Ye family's reaction, the two of them now stared at Ye Wu Ya indifferently and said morosely.


      "Ye Wu Ya, do you have anything to say now?"


      "No...... nothing more!"


      Ye Wu Ya's face looked as unsightly as if it was dead ashes.


      At this moment, he said stiffly.


      "My Ye family has no eyes to see, to dare to disadvantage Seat Lin, I deserve to die!"


      "I wonder, what does Seat Lin intend to do to us?"


      A thick despair filled the hearts of almost every Ye family member as they looked towards the Dragon and Tiger War God, filled with apprehension and fear.


      They knew that a single word from Seat Lin would not only determine their lives or deaths, but could even determine the rise and fall of the Ye family's magnificent clan.


      And it was amidst the apprehension of the crowd.


      Marshal Long shrugged his shoulders helplessly and said.


      "Seat Lin is kind-hearted, this time he sent his words, and for the sake of Ye Tian, he will not destroy your Ye family, but Ye Ming, he must die!"


      Hoo ......


      Upon hearing those words, the Ye family members who were tense to the extreme, as if they had walked through the ghost gate, one by one, their hearts all breathed a long sigh of relief.


      They had survived!


      The Ye family had also been saved.


      In particular, the Ye family had heard that Lin Zuo was looking at Ye Tian's face.


      Thinking of this.


      A gaze of gratitude to the extreme looked towards Ye Tian in unison, they then understood that from the beginning Ye Tian's choice was the right one.


      It was him, who had saved the entire Ye family!


      On the other hand, on the other side.


      Ye Ming was as white as paper, especially, after he saw Ye Wu Ya walking towards him with a face full of ruthlessness, he was so scared that he kept falling backwards:.


      "Family ...... master, what are you doing? I ...... was wrong, I really didn't know that Lin Fan was Lin Zuo!"


      "Please, please, spare ...... me!"


      Ye Ming's face was written with panic.


      At this moment, where was half of the majesty of the Ye family's heir left in him, as if he was a scared little chicken cub, desperate to the extreme.


      It was only at this moment.


      Whether it was Ye Wu Ya, or all the Ye family members around him, after hearing his words, they were indifferent to the extreme.


      "Ye Ming, don't you blame me! It was you that almost caused the demise of our Ye Family!"


      "So, one can only use your life to plead guilty to Lin Za!"


      The words fell!


      In Ye Wu Ya's hand, a dagger instantly appeared, and then sent it forward.




      It stabbed raw into Ye Ming's heart.

Chapter 1080

Tick tock!




      Drops of scarlet blood continued to drip down from Ye Ming's heart.


      His entire body, completely froze.


      It only felt like a sliver of power was flying out of his body.


      "Lin Fan ...... Lin Zuo!"


      At the corner of Ye Ming's mouth, he spat out the final words.


      If there was another life, he definitely did not want to meet this person again, this person was simply a devil.




      When Ye Ming's corpse, planted on the ground.


      Only then did Ye Wu Ya let out a long sigh of relief.


      He turned his head to all the Ye family members and said.


      "Everyone has heard it, this time it was Ye Tian who saved us! In the future, Ye Tian will be the next successor of the family head of my Ye Family!"




      Hearing these words, the surrounding Ye family members looked at Ye Tian even more as if they were looking at a hero.


      And sensing the awe of the crowd.


      Ye Tian's face flushed red with excitement.


      He knew that he was completely different from today onwards, Lin Fan was Lin Zuo, and his master.


      Thick gratitude filled Ye Tian's heart, and he had completely decided that even at all costs, he would follow Lin Fan and never regret it.




      And at the same time.


      In the Jiangnan First People's Hospital, a senior nursing ward.


      The atmosphere was depressing to the extreme.


      On top of a wheelchair, Chang Yuan's legs were wrapped in bandages, and at this moment, he was spitting at Tai Gong Shen, Shen Jian and the others, saying.


      "Tai Gong Shen, this matter is my fault, and I can apologise to Bai Yi! But everything I did was for Bai Yi's own good!"


      "After all, he's the son of the Ye family, wouldn't Bai Yi becoming Ye Chen's woman be a thousand times better than being Lin Fan's wife!"


      "Also, Lin Fan is now a murderer, and has even offended the Ye family, he's completely finished!"


      On Chang Yuan's face, there were bright red slap marks.


      But they were from Bai Yi and Bai Shan's father and daughter.


      However, he did not care.


      He was still defending himself.


      And hearing these words.


      Tai Gong Shen, Shen Jian and Shen Jie, their faces were all completely green with fear.


      The Ye family ah!


      The four great hidden families of Jiangnan, Lin Fan had killed a member of the Ye family, that was a deadly feud with the Ye family.


      Now, not only was Lin Fan finished, they, too, were completely finished.


      "Chang Yuan, shut the fuck up!" Bai Shan hissed out in anger.


      The way he looked at Chang Yuan, he wanted to eat this bastard alive.


      "You're the one who harmed Lin Fan, and you're the one who harmed my daughter!"


      "You deserve to die, even if I were a ghost, I would definitely not let you go!"


      Bai Shan was furious.


      As for Bai Yi, who was on the side, it was as if her entire body had lost its soul.


      It wasn't until she woke up that she knew that Lin Fan had actually killed Ye Chen and had even been taken into the guardhouse.


      "Lin Fan! Lin Fan!"


      Bai Yi chanted Lin Fan's name with a face full of despair, and a crystal teardrop, from her eyes, slid down:.


      "Why are you so stupid! You fool, if you're sentenced to death, I'll just have to die with you!"


      Bai Yi, at this moment, had completely lost interest in all of it.


      She only knew that if Lin Fan lived, she would live.


      If Lin Fan died, she would die!


      Only, just at this moment.


      Tai Gong Shen, who was on the hospital bed, spoke up.


      "Bai Shan, Yumei! Don't be impulsive, the only thing that matters now is not Chang Yuan's fault, nor Lin Fan, but the Ye family's anger!"


      "That's why I've decided to let your family go forward to the Ye Family ...... and kneel down to apologize!"


      "Even, if the Ye family is willing, I want your family to give all the properties under your name, even the girl Bai Yi, to the Ye family together! Until they forgive you!"




      With one sentence, Tai Gong Shen caused Bai Yi's family's face to change instantly.