Today I Give Up Trying 1173-1174

 Chapter 1173


        At Lin Fan's words, the Shen Yumei couple only took them as comfort.

        Nowadays, the Bai family had already gained the favour of that mysterious big man, so how could they possibly kneel down to them?

        "Alright Little Fan, you'd better hurry up and pack your things!"

        Just then, Bai Yi walked in, and upon learning what had happened, yet she was also red-faced and angry.

        Immediately, she was going to go to find Elder Bai to argue!

        "Don't worry wife, I've already made the arrangements!"

        Lin Fan, however, said with a smile.


        Bai Yi's family, as much as they could, looked at each other in disbelief, not understanding what this meant at all.

        As soon as Lin Fan's words left his mouth, an ear-splitting roar of a car suddenly came from outside the door.

        The three members of the family were shocked and bewildered!

        When they stepped outside, they were completely stunned by the scene in front of them!

        A dozen Rolls-Royces worth ten million dollars were lined up side by side.

        A group of black-clad men stepped down from the cars in unison, with a solemn and respectful demeanour, and then bowed solemnly to Lin Fan and the others, saying.

        "Greetings, Mr. Lin! Greetings to Madam Lin!"


        Shen Yumei and her husband immediately drew in a breath of cold air, and a look of horror appeared on their faces!

        They couldn't believe their eyes!

        Such an imposing and shocking scene was actually for their family?

        Especially when they saw the person in front of them, their legs went weak and they almost fell to the ground in fear!

        There was a look of disbelief and shock on his face.

        "Bai... Young Master Bai Chen?"

        This man in front of them was actually the third in line heir of the Jiangnan Bai Family, and now, incredibly, he was bowing respectfully to Lin Fan and Bai Yi.

        They weren't dreaming, were they?

        "Madam, sir, I've come to fetch you for the dinner party!"

        Bai Dan said in a loud voice.

        It turned out that tonight, the four family heads were planning to join forces and host a dinner party together, and the main characters tonight were Lin Fan and his wife.

        It was because they intended to formally announce a partnership with the New White Clan this evening!

        And the seats of the King and Queen of Blood Hell, how could they be casual?

        If not for Lin Fan's request for a low profile, they even planned to fly a helicopter to pick them up.

        This was the arrangement Lin Fan had said?

        Shen Yumei and her wife, instantly stared at Lin Fan with a look like they had seen a ghost!

        Why would Lin Fan have such a big face?

        To have the third in line heir of the Bai family, personally greeting him at his door?

        Lin Fan hastily denied it and laughed, saying.

        "This has nothing to do with me, they are completely looking at Bai Yi's face!"

        As soon as Bai Yi heard this, also instantly came back from that shock and immediately believed it, and then said to Shen Yumei and his wife.

        "Dad, mum, don't worry, I will never let them take away our home!"

        And then, Bai Yi and Lin Fan, were greeted respectfully by Bai Dust as they got into the car.

        All the men in black immediately bowed respectfully to Shen Yumei and his wife, before turning back to open the door and get into the car, moving as neatly as if they had rehearsed it ten thousand times!


        Immediately, Bai Shan fell to the ground in shock, his heart thumping wildly, and said in disbelief.

        "Is that really our daughter? Why do I feel that she looks like a high and mighty queen!"

        Little did he know that the reason Bai Yi looked like a queen was because her man was a king!


        Outside the only seven-star hotel in Jiangcheng, Master Bai led the Bai family, hurrying to the hotel, all with excitement and ecstasy on their faces!

        It was as if right in front of them, was the Avenue of Conviviality!

        "Get out of the way, get out of the way!"

        However, at that very moment!

        A scolding sound disturbed the Bai family.

        Then they saw an extravagant Rolls-Royce convoy passing in front of them like a long dragon!

        The Bai family members took a glance at the license plate, and their pupils immediately shrank, exclaiming in shock.

        "This is Young Master Bai Chen's motorcade!"

Chapter 1174

Young Master Bai Dust, the third in line heir to the Jiangnan Bai Family!

        In their eyes, that was like a god-like existence.

        Therefore, the entire Bai family instantly showed their reverence and stared deadly at the sky-high luxury cars that were passing by one after another.

        A convoy of nearly two hundred million dollars was so luxurious that it directly caused all the people of the Bai family to look envious!

        "How imposing!"

        A young scion of the Bai family could not help but exclaim, unable to hide his envy.

        "No talent!"

        Elder Bai immediately reprimanded, and a look of contempt surfaced on his face as he proudly said.

        "When we reach a partnership with the four great giants and reach out to that terrifying existence behind them, our Bai family will be a hundred times more imposing than him!"

        The moment these words were spoken!

        The Bai family members raised their heads with pride, their faces filled with triumph.

        It was as if they were going to soar to great heights today!


        Suddenly, someone said, "Hey, that looks like Lin Fan in the car!"

        Lin Fan?

        The crowd froze, and then burst into wild laughter!

        "Nonsense! How can a trash like Lin Fan travel with Young Master Bai Dan? Are you insulting Young Master Bai Chen?"

        "Exactly! That trash isn't even worthy of carrying Young Master White Dust's shoes, so what qualifications does he have to walk with him? You must have misjudged!"

        Everyone agreed that the other party was mistaken, a trash like Lin Fan had no qualifications to be here at all.

        "Alright, what's the point of discussing a man who is going to die?"

        Elder Bai said impatiently, as he had already decided to drive Bai Yi's family out of Jiang City after reaching a partnership with the Four Great Houses!

        And Lin Fan would be killed by his... Death by a thousand cuts!

        That trash, who had caused his son and grandson to be expelled from China...

        He deserved to die!

        After that, the Bai family walked into the hotel, filled with excitement.

        But at that moment!

        Zhu Yun was also in the middle of the banquet, but his face was filled with ecstasy.

        Because he had already intercepted the confidential information through means, the reason why the four big giants had come to invest in Jiang City was because of the authorization of a big man.

        And that big man was the renowned King of Blood Prison!

        That, was a god in his heart!

        After learning this news, he could not hide his frenzy, desperately wanting to see his idol's style.

        Especially when he learnt that the King of Blood Hell and Lin Zuo were most likely the same person...

        He was going crazy with joy!

        It turned out that the one he wanted to curry favour with was his idol!

        Could there be a greater honour under heaven than this?

        He had already made up his mind.

        Once the King of Blood Prison appeared, then he would immediately kneel down in front of him, expounding his worship and begging him to take him under his command no matter what.

        As he thought of this, a spiteful smile then appeared on Zhu Yun's face.

        "Bai Yi, Lin Fan, you pair of dogs and men wait for me, as soon as I have defected to the King of Blood Hell, the first thing I will do is to have you all killed!"

        But just then!

        The two figures that appeared at the doorway caused his face to turn gloomy.

        Speak of the devil, and Cao Cao arrives!

        The two people standing at the door were Bai Yi and Lin Fan, who had caused him to be kicked out of Dragon Tiger!

        At that instant!

        His eyes seemed to burst into flames, and there was a strong hatred in the depths of his eyes!

        And then he strode towards Lin Fan and the two of them with giant strides!