Today I Give Up Trying 1071-1073

 Chapter 1071

The sound shook the sky!


      But when it fell on Wei Fengqiang's ears and those of everyone around him, it left them all dumbfounded.


      Lin Zuo?


      Wei Fengqiang and the others, their eyelids jumped wildly, they simply did not understand who the Dragon and Tiger War God and the ten thousand soldiers were worshipping.


      Where was Lin Zuo?


      Which one was Lin Zuo?


      One by one, they couldn't help but look in all directions, they swept around themselves until finally, the crowd was shocked to discover.


      There was only one figure in the direction where the Dragon and Tiger War God and the ten thousand soldiers were bowing!


      That was Lin Fan, the ...... murderer!


      Upon discovering this.


      The entire guardhouse, all the sounds, disappeared.


      It was so quiet that a pin drop could be heard.


      All eyes looked at Lin Fan, as if they had seen a ghost.






      The sound of Lin Fan's step after step falling fell on the ears of the crowd like an explosive thunder boom, causing each and every one of their hearts to thump wildly.


      He was ...... Lin Zuo?


      Impossible, this, how is it possible!


      Whether it was Wei Fengqiang, or all the police officers around, each one of them was hissing in their hearts at this moment.


      They couldn't believe it!


      Nor could they believe it at all!


      A murderer, would be the terrifying Lin Zuo that shook China!


      This ......




      Wei Fengqiang's body, began to gradually tremble, his face, instantly as white as paper.


      Lin Fan?


      Lin Zuo!


      At this moment, Wei Fengqiang couldn't help but think back to the scene in the interrogation room.


      Hong Qiang had punched Lin Fan in the abdomen and his arm had been shattered raw.


      Lin Fan's abdomen, with his eight-pack abs, was terrifying, and his six wounds were morbid and abnormal.




      The two police officers, simply under the intimidating pressure emanating from Lin Fan, were unable to lay a hand on him at all.


      This scene, as if it was a movie clip, kept flashing in Wei Fengqiang's mind.


      It also made his body, tremble more and more, as if he was sifting through chaff.






      The cold sweat on his forehead was like a faucet being turned on, dripping continuously to the ground.






      This moment pervaded Wei Fengqiang's heart, causing his legs to go weak and with a poof, he fell to the ground.


      "No ...... it can't be! The person I want to deal with is the Chinese Lin Zuo?"


      "How is that possible! Ye Ming you son of a bitch, I'm drafting eight generations of ancestors!"


      Wei Fengqiang's heart was hissing and despairing madly.


      It wasn't just him!


      In that crowd of police officers, there were also a few plopping sounds of crashing to the ground.


      It was Hong Qiang and the two police officers who, after seeing Lin Fan walk towards the Dragon and Tiger War God, the three of them only felt their eyes go black and were scared to death.




      Until that moment.


      Lin Fan had arrived at the door.


      At once all the constables saw, whether it was the Dragon and Tiger War God or the ten thousand soldiers, as if the beasts had seen their true king, every one's waist, bent even further, every one's head, lowered even further.


      Lin Fan, it was as if he was the faith of all of them.


      The scene was shocking.




      Lin Fan cared nothing about this scene, and when he arrived at the doorway, his eyes turned abruptly, but he looked at Wei Fengqiang above the ground.




      A look, but one that landed in Wei Fengqiang's eyes, caused his scalp to explode in a hurry!


      Without saying a word, he rolled his entire body up and fiercely knelt at Lin Fan's feet, as if a chicken pecked rice, and frantically kowtowed continuously.


      "Lin ...... Lin zuo! I didn't know you were Lin Zuo, I rushed you, I deserve to die! Please spare my life! Please forgive me!"

Chapter 1072

End of story!


      Knock, knock, knock!


      Wei Fengqiang's head, knocked down continuously against the ground.


      His kowtow was extremely violent, and every time his head fell, it viciously smashed on top of the ground, immediately causing his forehead to be drenched in blood.




      Wei Fengqiang did not care about this injury at all.


      He was in a state of panic, as if he was a dog in distress.


      And seeing this scene.


      The cold intent in Lin Fan's eyes grew thicker and thicker: "Say it!


      "Say it! Who instructed you?"




      Hearing these two words, the entire kowtowing Wei Fengqiang's obese body fiercely stiffened.


      He raised his head, a hint of bitterness surfacing at the corner of his mouth, and could only stiffen his head and say.


      "Lin ...... Lin seat, the person who instructed me, is the Ye family ...... Ye Ming!"


      Wei Fengqiang was not stupid.


      He could see that Lin Fan had seen through everything a long time ago, and the reason he was asking himself was just confirming it.


      The moment he intended to deal with Lin Fan.


      His end, was already predetermined.


      And Ye Ming's end, too, was likewise.


      "Ye Ming of the Ye Clan?"


      Lin Fan couldn't help but indifferently shake his head when he heard this unfamiliar name.


      This kind of mole crawler, what a way to seek death!


      Thinking about this.


      Lin Fan's gaze, continuing to stare straight at Wei Fengqiang, said playfully.


      "If I guessed correctly, he is going to let you kill me!"




      With a single word, the whole room was in an uproar.


      Those police officers, one by one, looked at Wei Fengqiang with wide eyes, and there was a strong look of shock in their eyes.


      Those who had followed Wei Fengqiang into the interrogation room were so frightened that they all fell to the ground, their faces as white as paper.


      They had been called to the interrogation room by Wei Fengqiang before, only to tell them that they would teach Lin Fan a lesson, that was all.


      But they had never dreamed of it.


      Wei Fengqiang's true intention would be ...... to kill Lin Fan?


      This was, simply insane.


      A thick bitterness and despair filled Wei Fengqiang's heart, and after he felt the chill in Lin Fan's eyes, he could only stiffen his head and nod.


      "No ...... right! Ye Ming told me to kill you and give me ten million!"


      Sure enough!


      When Lin Fan heard this, the smile on the corner of his mouth grew more and more morose.


      At that moment, he no longer bothered to give Wei Fengqiang a second glance, and walked straight towards the military vehicle, greeted by the Dragon and Tiger War God and ten thousand soldiers.




      Seeing this scene, Wei Fengqiang, who was in despair, faintly froze.


      Not killing himself?


      How could he not have imagined that Lin Fan had spared himself?


      This ......


      A hint of ecstasy began to fill Wei Fengqiang's heart, which caused his exuberant face to turn red beyond recognition.


      At that moment, he wanted to stand up from the ground.


      But at that moment.


      An icy voice, however, came from ahead.


      "Those who wish to do harm to Lin Za, behead!!!"


      The words were incomparably cold.




      As these words came out, swish, a cold aura, suddenly flashed.




      With a dull sound, the exuberant smile on Wei Fengqiang's face instantly froze.


      His head, from above his neck, slowly flew down.




      Rolling down at the feet of the many police officers

Chapter 1073

Buzzing and buzzing!


      Hundreds of green military vehicles, a dark mass, seemed to be a torrent of steel as they sped away from the Jiangcheng guardhouse.


      The scene was spectacular to the extreme.


      The passers-by around them all either stopped to take pictures or record videos, all with awe-filled expressions.


      And on the roadside of the road.


      Sima Yan'er was slowly walking towards the guardhouse with a few boxes of coffee in her hand.


      And when she saw so many military vehicles, she was unable to help but stare.


      "Dragon Tiger Legion!"


      Looking at the Dragon Tiger military emblem on that military vehicle, Sima Yan'er's pretty face changed slightly, she simply couldn't understand how the Dragon Tiger Legion, a terrifying force, could appear in Jiangnan is downtown.


      This was not all.


      When a military vehicle in the middle of the convoy, sped past Sima Yan'er, she could hardly believe her eyes.


      "Is that the Dragon and Tiger War God on that car? And ...... Lin Fan?"




      Sima Yan'er glanced at the car, but saw that there were a total of three people in that one car.


      The one driving the car was Marshal Tiger, and the one on the passenger side was Marshal Dragon.


      And the slim figure sitting in the back row, surprisingly, looked vaguely like Lin Fan.


      "Impossible! It must be my eyesight!"


      Sima Yan'er shook her head vigorously, only feeling that she was hallucinating.


      After all, she had seen it with her own eyes.


      The two big brothers, the Dragon and Tiger War Gods, personally driving for a tiny Lin Fan, it was almost as if it was a nightmare from heaven.


      What's more, that guy was still locked up in the interrogation room of the guardhouse.


      Thinking of this.


      Sima Yan'er then carried her coffee and walked quickly towards the guardhouse.


      However, when she arrived at the guardhouse, a scene that made her even more incredulous, appeared.


      Only to see!


      Inside the entire guardhouse, almost all of the police officers, all of them were in the courtyard, and each of them still had a strong sense of shock and horror on their faces.


      It was as if, they had just experienced something terrifying.


      Not only that.


      There were even a few police officers with a body bag at the entrance, and there was even a scarlet blood stain remaining on the ground, as if a murder had just occurred here.


      "Why are you ...... all out there? What just happened?"


      Sima Yan'er asked at this moment to a police officer.


      Just hearing these words.


      The corners of that police officer's mouth twitched and a bitter smile surfaced, but he did not dare to answer.




      This scene caused the suspicion in Sima Yan'er's heart to grow thicker and thicker.


      At that moment, she walked forward and came to the side of that one body bag.


      As she squatted down and pulled the chains of the body bag open, she saw the hideous head of Wei Fengqiang at that moment inside, as well as the headless corpse.




      This scene caused Sima Yan'er's body to tremble and was so shocked that her entire body fell to the ground in a heap: the


      "Grand ...... Captain?"


      Clattering cold sweat raged down from Sima Yan'er's forehead, she could never have imagined that the person who had died would be Wei Fengqiang.


      "No, that's not right! The First Captain was clearly in the interrogation room earlier, interrogating Lin Fan, how could he have died here!"


      Thinking of Lin Fan, Sima Yan'er hurriedly asked the surrounding police officers.


      "Where's Lin Fan? Is he still in the interrogation room?"


      Lin Fan!


      At this moment, Sima Yan'er was stunned to find that after she said this name, the surrounding police officers, one by one, were as if they had heard the name of the God of Death, their faces full of horror surfacing.




      One of the police officers, wiping his cold sweat while trembling, returned.


      "Captain Yan'er, the matter of Mr. Lin ...... Lin has come to light, and he has been acquitted!"




      A word that stunned Sima Yan'er, her mind couldn't help but recall that figure that the Dragon Tiger War God had driven away.


      Could it be that that was really ...... Lin Fan?