Today I Give Up Trying 107-108

 Chapter 107

Surrender of Estate Pledge!

        When they heard these words, the eldest Bai Hai and Bai Yifan only felt like five thunderbolts, leaving them completely confused.

        Just right now!

        Aunt Zhu Hua, not even noticing her husband and son's looks, continued as if to take credit.

        "Bai Hai, Yi Fan, with this piece of paper, even if the old master really leaves, the Bai family is still ours!"

        "Do you think I did a great job?"

        Aunt Betty Zhu was full of pride and self-satisfaction.

        She waited for her husband and son's praise and pleasure.

        When she saw this scene, the faces of the three members of the Bai family became more and more complex and bitter.

        The faces of the three members of Bai Yi's family became more and more complicated and bitter.

        They knew that Bai Hai had been suppressing his family because he was afraid of competing for the property, and now that Zhu Hua had done it, Bai Hai and Bai Yifan must be the happiest people.



        Just at this moment, a loud slap came in an instant.

        Everyone was shocked to see that Auntie Zhu Hua was slapped by Master Bai Hai, who slapped her on the ground.


        At this moment, the whole world seemed to be quiet.

        The letter of commitment in her hands fell to the ground, and she covered her cheeks, completely confused.

        "White ...... white sea, you hit me?"

        I can't believe it.

        The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on the development of the new product for the past two years.

        The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

        This, how is this possible!

        "Bastard, Bai Hai, are you crazy? Why did you hit me?" After the reaction, Auntie Zhu Hua sat on the floor and wailed.

        Seeing this scene, Yang Meifeng, who was also startled, quickly advised.

        "Brother, what are you doing? Sister-in-law has clearly made a contribution, why do you ......"

        Yang Meifeng wanted to speak for Zhu Hua.

        But she hadn't finished her sentence!


        Another loud slap to her face, which also sent her sprawling to the ground.


        This scene is extremely shocking.

        Bai Yi's family was even more stunned, they could never have imagined that the eldest son Bai Hai, when he heard the news, not only didn't look happy at all, but also smacked the eldest aunt Zhu Hua and the second aunt Yang Meifeng, which was simply unbelievable.

        "I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that. Who told you to persecute the third family!"

        The elder Bai Hai's eyes were red and he blamed Zhu Hua and Yang Meifeng as if they were crazy.

        At this moment, he was so angry that his lungs exploded.

        Originally, he was going to beg Bai Yi even on his knees to see Dr. Lin.

        But now, these two shrews actually offended Bai Yi's family to death before he did, so how could he not be angry.

        "You ......"

        Zhu Hua and Yang Meifeng were completely confused.

        Especially when they saw Bai Hai's face, which was almost cannibalistic, they were terrified to death, and had a premonition that they had poked a big basketball.

        That's not all.

        The only thing I saw was that Bai Hai, the eldest, picked up those promises from the ground, and then ruthlessly tore them up!

        Chi la la!

        The letter of commitment was instantly reduced to scrap paper.

        Until then, Bai Hai, the eldest, took Bai Yifan and the others with him and walked straight into the room.

        In particular, they came to Bai Yi and begged, saying.

        "Bai Yi, uncle has already taught you a lesson to these two stinking women, now, uncle asks you one thing!"

        Talk about that!

        Bai Hai was almost in tears.

        "Please, let me meet with Dr. Lin!"


        Hearing this, Zhu Hua and Yang Meifeng were confused, and even the Baiyi family was stunned.

        Divine Doctor Lin.

        Whether it was Zhu Hua and the others, or Bai Yi's family, they naturally knew.

        This is a superb doctor who just shocked the entire Jiang City today, a superb bull.

        Just why was Bai Hai asking for it?

        Bai just felt like his brain was down.

Chapter 108

However, this was only the beginning.

        After Bai Hai had just finished pleading, he only saw wave after wave of people, quickly stepping forward and bowing to him continuously.

        "Miss Bai Yi, please tell Divine Doctor Lin that I, Li Mingyi, was wrong, and that I was blind and ignorant, please ask his elder to forgive me!" Li Mingyi and other TCM experts, one by one, bowed to Bai Yi.

        The Bai family executives, on the other hand, also stepped forward and begged, saying.

        "Bai Yi, since we are a family, please step in and let Doctor Lin save the old man, he's going to die soon."

        "Yes, Bai Yi, the old lady is the pillar of our Bai family, I, as an uncle, bow to you!"


        The cores of the Bai family, who used to look down on Bai Yi's family, are now bowing to him one by one, continuously.

        "I ...... "Bai Yi's head was in a state of terror.

        She only felt, what's wrong with this world?

        What's happening?

        As if the whole world knows you're awesome, but you don't?

        However, that's not all.


        Just at this moment, I saw another group of people, but they quickly walked up to me and kneeled down at my feet without saying a word.

        It was that Western medicine madman, Mike, and his team who had crushed Chinese medicine in China with twelve consecutive victories before!

        But at this moment, where was his previous half-arrogance?

        His face was filled with fear and anxiety, and he cried and begged.

        "Miss Bai Yi, please let me meet with Dr. Lin, I was wrong, I really know I was wrong, let him spare my dog's life, I'll be an ox and repay his kindness."

        "Miss Bai Yi, we really don't mean to humiliate Dr. Lin, we didn't know his old man's identity before, please help us and save us!"


        Each of these foreigners, every one of them, had a face that was thick with death and despair.

        That's not all.

        The Western medical maniac, Mike, was crying, his eyes dripping, as he looked at Lin Fan beside him.

        In his mind, he guessed Lin Fan's identity, but he was not sure, nor did he dare to reveal it.

        Now, the only way for him to live was to plead with Bai Yi.

        When hearing the words, when seeing the scene!


        Zhu Hua and Yang Meifeng, all paralyzed with fear.

        "How ...... how could this happen?"

        Zhu Hua only felt dizzy, and the intense fear made her almost faint from fear.

        "How does Bai Yi know Doctor Lin? No way, this ...... this is not real!"

        Yang Meifeng was even more scared.

        That's Doctor Lin!

        The existence of a person who can save someone's life with the wave of a hand is now the hero of the entire city of Jiang, and even of Huaxia.

        And Bai Yi, how could he know such a big man.


        Faced with a room full of big shots, either bowing or kowtowing, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei swallowed a mouthful of spittle and felt their hearts thumping wildly.

        They couldn't help but look at their daughter.

        "Bai ...... Bai Yi, when did you meet Dr. Lin? How did we not know."

        "Dad! Mom! I ...... don't know Dr. Lin!"

        At this moment, Bai was almost scared to tears.

        She had never seen so many big men, begging and pleading.

        But she, really, didn't know Doctor Lin.

        Don't know?

        Hearing this, both Bai Hai and the others, as well as Mack and the others, looked at Gao Lao, who was on the side, and the looks of the crowd were filled with hesitation.

        Only after Gao Lao swept a glance at Lin Fan's appearance without missing a beat, did he say to Bai Yi.

        "Miss Bai, you don't have to be modest! Dr. Lin once told me that he will only listen to what you have to say!"


        He only listens when I say so?

        Hearing these words, Bai Yi's delicate body trembled, and she couldn't help but look at ...... Lin Fan.

        Because she clearly remembered.

        Lin Fan and herself had said exactly the same words.