Today I Give Up Trying 1169-1170

 Chapter 1169

It can't be!

        I must have misheard you!

        I am the best student under my teacher!

        He said more than once that his future self would inherit his mantle, so how could he expel himself?

        This must not be true!

        Not only him, but Yan Zishan and the others could not help but sweat at this moment, with faces of trepidation and disbelief.

        They knew that Johnny was the youngest doctor from the Mayo Clinic, who had won eighteen awards and had a bright future ahead of him, and was hailed as Mike's successor.

        And now...

        Surprisingly, he was fired?

        Right then and there!

        Everyone sensed something and all looked at Lin Fan with a look of seeing a ghost.

        This guy had just said that this was his hospital, but as soon as Dean Mike arrived, he treated him with respect, and even expelled his own students for him...

        Could it be that he was really the legendary Lin Dong?

        The whole room was shocked at the thought!

        Everyone's hearts were filled with anxiety and fear!

        And at that very moment, Mike ignored the shock of the crowd and fiercely stared Yan Zishan down.

        "Yan Zishan, you dare to seize our hospital's property and assault our patients, from now on Ivan's Chinese and Western Hospital officially announces that it is terminating its cooperation with you, the Southern Sky Group!"

        "At the same time, we will also publicise the evil deeds of your Nantian Group today and ask our colleagues in the industry to... We demand that your peers in the industry... kill all of you!"


        These words were like a thunderclap, causing Yan Zishan to fall to the ground in shock!

        How could this be!

        Yan Zishan's face was filled with consternation and panic, and he was on the verge of fainting at this time.

        It was because this time, coming to Ivan's Chinese and Western Hospital to seek cooperation was the intention of the Nalan family, who desperately wanted to reach a cooperation with that legendary divine doctor, Divine Doctor Lin.

        It had even given a deadly order to win the cooperation intention of Divine Doctor Lin at all costs.

        But as soon as he arrived, he completely offended the divine Doctor Lin's confidant, causing the bilateral cooperation to fall through completely.

        If the Nalan family found out about this, how would they forgive him?

        He was completely finished!

        "Impossible! This trash, how can he be Lin Dong! This, must be a mistake on your part!"

        Yan Zishan roared hysterically, practically going mad.

        Those eyes, staring deadly at Lin Fan, were filled with incredible shock.

        Mike immediately looked at Lin Fan, only to see Lin Fan giving him a look.

        At that instant!

        Mike then reacted and coldly snorted.

        "Who told you that he was Lin Dong?"

        Not Lin Dong?

        The crowd was in an uproar!

        If he wasn't Lin Dong, then why were Mike and the others bowing and saluting this poor bastard with such respect?

        "He is not Lin Dong, but Miss Bai Yi's husband, Mr. Lin Fan!"

        Mike said indifferently.

        Lin Fan?

        The crowd were all stunned, and then quickly reacted.

        This guy was not Lin Dong at all, but Miss Bai Yi's notoriously wasteful husband, who was now using his wife's name to flaunt his power.

        Dean Mike was only afraid that it was because of Miss Bai Yi's face that he was so respectful to this loser.

        This statement!

        Yan Zishan was immediately relieved, as long as the one he offended was not Lin Dong, then there was still room for manoeuvre in the matter of cooperation!

        After that, he glared viciously at Lin Fan, this soft-boiled punk, he was simply shameless, how dare he have the face to say that the hospital belonged to him?

        He even used his wife's name to pretend to be a tiger within the hospital!

        Himself, to let a punk who relied on his wife to sleep with Lin Dong set him up, this made Yan Zishan furious!

        "Hand over the Spring Return Pill and get out!"

        Mike scolded directly at Yan Zishan.

        Yan Zishan's face turned blue and he only felt humiliated to the extreme.

        However, he didn't dare to snap at Mike, instead, after putting down the Spring Return Pill, he looked at Lin Fan with resentment.

        "Surnamed Lin, today is considered a day I've conceded, but you dare to break the cooperation between the Nalan family and Divine Doctor Lin, I'm telling you..."

        "You're dead!"

Chapter 1170

Everyone, too, laughed in contempt and cast a mocking glance at Lin Fan, as if they were looking at a dead man!

        If Lin Fan was really the Divine Doctor Lin, then so be it.

        But he was not!

        He was nothing more than a soft-boiled king who relied on his wife, then the Nalan family would definitely not spare him lightly when they found out that he had broken the cooperation with Divine Doctor Lin.

        "Have you finished?" Lin Fan faintly glanced at Yan Zishan and said.

        "When you're done, you can get lost!"

        How dare you be arrogant?

        "Fine, fine!" A touch of viciousness and venom appeared on Yan Zishan's face, "Just wait, I'll report back to the Nalan family immediately, you can count down the days to your life!"

        With those words, Yan Zishan left in anger!

        "Mr. Lin, I..."

        Mike came to Lin Fan, but with an anxious face.

        Luckily, Lin Fan wasn't going to bother with it, but ordered.

        "Clear the entire floor, I want this floor to be reserved for only one patient, Kaoru'er!"


        Everyone was instantly shocked and dismayed!

        You know, one floor can hold at least a hundred patients, and this floor is also a special class ward with a daily hospitalization fee of a million dollars.

        But this guy was going to use the whole floor for this little girl alone?

        That would cost the hospital at least a hundred million a day!

        This punk, did he really think he was Lin Dong Lin's divine doctor?


        But unexpectedly, Mike agreed without thinking, and then turned to all the people present and bellowed.

        "Everyone get out of here, no one is allowed to disturb Miss Kaoru without my orders!"

        "Or else, dismissal from office, revocation of medical qualifications, the whole line of banning!"


        And by late at night, Lin Fan had already left and the blind granny was asleep on a hospital bed aside.

        That originally took the Spring Return Pill and had fallen asleep, but Kaoru opened her eyes violently, a pair of pretty eyes glowing with a sharp light.

        And then, pushing open the door of the ward, she walked to the corridor outside the door!

        Swish, swish, swish!

        In an instant, a dozen of black figures that looked like ghosts, but appeared soundlessly outside the corridor, kneeling down in front of Kaoru'er in unison.

        "Miss, the Grand Elder has asked us to bring you back to the clan and inherit the position of family head!"

        Voices, respectful to the core!

        While Kaoru'er changed her previous delicate nature, her gaze swept a cold glance at these clan masters and indifferently said.

        "Someone wants to hurt my big brother, and I can't leave Jiang City just yet!"


        A dozen clerics, at once, looked up in dismay, only to suddenly see Kaoru's face!

        And then, one by one, they all gasped in disbelief, all exclaiming.

        "Miss, your face!"

        Her face?

        Kaoru'er was puzzled, then looked at a piece of glass in front of her and saw through the reflection that the scars on her face, which had been densely packed with scabs, had scabbed off!

        In its place was a pink, brittle face!

        Ten times fairer and more beautiful than her old self!

        "Is this, really me?"

        Kaoru stroked her cheek in disbelief!


        Two lines of clear tears were sliding down her cheeks.

        "Big brother, thank you!"

        She knew that if it wasn't for Lin Fan, then she would have been an ugly bitch for the rest of her life!

        Just then!

        With a violent turn, her voice filled with endless fervour and adoration, Kaoru'er ordered the dozen or so clan masters.

        "Pass on the order that from now on, the clan will follow Lin Fan's lead!"

        "He lives and I live, he dies and I die!"