Today I Give Up Trying 1167-1168

 Chapter 1167


        The crowd in the room was stunned and then burst into complete laughter.

        This is his hospital?

        Are you kidding?

        They had never thought that Lin Fan would be so shameless as to say that this Evans Central Hospital was his?

        Was this treating them like idiots?

        At this time, Yan Zishan was already laughing so hard that he couldn't stand up straight, and said in a sarcastic tone.

        "You mean to say that you are the owner of the Ivan Central Hospital? Hahahaha, laughing my ass off, just because of this trash like you?"

        This guy, whose entire body didn't even add up to more than a thousand dollars, dared to impersonate the mysterious and powerful Lin Dong?

        What a joke!

        Johnny and the doctors and nurses at the hospital were also looking at Lin Fan with the same look of an idiot!

        This guy, how dare he impersonate Lin Dong?

        How dare he impersonate Lin Dong?

        To them, Lin Dong was a legendary figure at Ivan's Chinese and Western Hospital, a supreme being who had shaken China!

        It was rumoured a long time ago that Lin Dong of Ivan's Chinese and Western Hospital was in fact the divine doctor who had defeated the Western medicine world and revived Chinese medicine in China!


        The doctors and nurses at Ivan's Chinese and Western Hospital all have a deep-seated sense of superiority that they despise other hospitals!

        Because their boss was the most famous Chinese doctor in China today!

        At that moment, those doctors and nurses, as well as the patients of the hospital, all had a look of contempt on their faces and stared coldly at Lin Fan.

        "Just this poor man, how dare he impersonate Lin Dong?"

        "This little girl hasn't paid a single penny for her medical bills since she came in, this poor man can't even afford to pay for his own sister's medical bills, how can he be Lin Dong?"

        "What's the point of talking nonsense with him, if he dares to impersonate Lin Dong, he should be expelled from Evans Central and Western Hospital immediately!"

        The crowd was outraged, everyone's faces were filled with abhorrence!

        At that moment!

        On Yan Zishan's face, a thick, vicious look also surfaced as he shouted violently.

        "Security guards! These three poor bastards, stealing from Ivan's Chinese and Western Hospital Hospital and daring to impersonate Lin Dong!"

        "Break their legs and drive them out of the hospital!"



        At that very moment, a panicked and hurried sound of footsteps came rapidly from the end of the corridor.

        Under the terrified eyes of the crowd, Mike was seen walking with all the senior management of Ivan's Central and Western Hospital in tow.

        Their faces were all filled with fear and anxiety.

        It was as if a catastrophe was on the horizon!

        What was going on?

        For the first time, they saw Mike, who was the dean, so scared that he kept wiping the cold sweat from his forehead.

        When they saw Mike arrive, Yan Zishan's face was immediately filled with joy.

        Subconsciously, he thought that the news of Kaoru's theft had reached Mac's ears, so much so that Mac had personally brought him here to ask for punishment!

        Johnny was also instantly delighted and hurriedly said to Mike as if taking credit.

        "Teacher, these two people came to our hospital to steal and pretend to be Lin Dong, and the students are planning to kick them out!"


        Mike, however, didn't even look at him and led all the top brass to head straight for Lin Fan.


        Immediately after, it was under the terrified-to-the-core gaze of the crowd, the entire staff led by Mike, bowed violently towards Lin Fan.

        Following that, in unison, they shouted.

        "Mr. Lin, we're late!"

Chapter 1168


        As the words of Mike and the others fell, a neat sound of cold breath was heard in unison!

        In the ward, all the patients, doctors and nurses were in a state of shock, their brains thundering!

        What did they see?

        What did they see? President Mike, leading the senior management of the hospital, bowing to this poor man?

        Everyone looked at Lin Fan, who was dressed no better than a beggar, and then at Mike and the others, who were so respectful that they felt like they were dreaming!

        At the same time!

        That Johnny and Yan Zishan, who had been arrogant and proud, were both ashen after seeing this scene!

        There was a dense fear in those eyes!

        "This can't be!"

        Johnny's voice trembled as he screamed.

        "Teacher, this guy stole from our medicine and impersonated Lin Dong, how did you..."

        "Shut up!!!"

        Before he could finish his sentence, Mike roared with indignation, his eyes glowing with fury.

        He was furious!

        These damned fools had dared to offend this fury, and they were going to be dragged to death themselves now.

        "What do you think they stole, was it the Spring Return Pill?"

        Mike questioned angrily.


        As soon as they heard this, Yan Zishan and Johnny's expressions instantly changed wildly, their hearts fiercely having a bad premonition.

        How could Mike know that that thing was the Spring Return Pill?

        Mike could already tell everything from the two of them's expressions, and immediately gritted his teeth and said.

        "That Spring Return Pill, I gave it to Miss Kaoru'er!"


        Mike's words fell on the ears of Yan Zishan and the two of them, and they were instantly like five thunderstorms, causing their scalps to tingle!

        That Spring Return Pill was actually given by Mike?

        That was an elixir worth a billion dollars, and Mac had given it to a group of poor people, how was that possible?

        "Dean Mac, are you... Are you kidding?"

        At this time, even Yan Zishan was terrified to the core, with incredulity written all over his face.

        Mike snorted coldly at once and rebuked.

        "You two idiots! Miss Kaoru'er was brought here by Miss Bai Yi, and this medicine was also given at her command, yet you dare to insult the people she brought here, and you even dare to take the medicine given by Miss Bai Yi and keep it for yourselves!"

        "Damn you all!"

        No... This can't be!

        This, must have been a mishearing!

        Yan Zishan and Johnny, at once, went weak in both legs.

        Almost pissed themselves on the spot!

        Naturally, they were no strangers to Bai Yi!

        It was said that it was Divine Doctor Lin's confidante, and offending her was tantamount to offending Divine Doctor Lin.

        To them, this was simply terrible news!

        Not only them, but also all the patients and doctors present were petrified.

        They all couldn't believe that these poor bastards were actually brought in by Miss Bai Yi, and it turned out that the little girl, indeed, hadn't stolen anything.

        Rather, it was Yan Zishan and Johnny who were greedy and wanted to take that Spring Return Pill for themselves.

        If they dared to touch Miss Bai Yi's things, they would be provoking Divine Doctor Lin, these two were simply looking for death!

        Immediately, a roar of rage came out of Mike's mouth.

        "Johnny, you are a member of the medical staff, but you have corrupted your character and stolen the patients' belongings! So I have decided to expel you and you will no longer be a student of mine, and I will even notify the world of your misdeeds!"

        "From now on, no hospital will use you!"


        With these words, Johnny fell to the ground with a thud, his face completely bloodless!

        Global notification!

        This meant that his career was over!